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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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you. what's up with the warm winter? >> i was expecting it to be warm, but not this warm. >> reporter: winter storm warnings tonight. what can you expect when you wake up? we have got you covered. here's what we are thinking, the storm will not be huge in terms of snowfall accumulations. high freakout factor. after 70s today, periods of snow early tomorrow morning, and we have tweaked it a bit. i moved it up a bit. dc south a trace to maybe half an inch, and north of that gaithersburg 1-2 inches, and every one of the storms, the gradient is tight. you don't have to go far to get into the 4-inch ban. up along the border, 4-6 inches, and then, again this is going to be the bull's-eye, elevation driven. back in the panhandle of west virginia,
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see more accumulations and also more snow with the accumulations getting there quicker. northern and western loudon county, winter weather advisory. it's really tricky as you go across the divide, and winter storm warnings for oakland, and i guess good news for the ski resorts. skiers a look at where the resort is now. snow breaking out into pennsylvania, and rain is on the doorstep, and it will move in, and then it will kick heavy snow. we will give you the city-by- city break down of the snowfall by noon. >> topper, we have got the morning commute covered. wake up washington is kicking off half an hour early tomorrow, and join jan, mike, and the team starting at 4:00 a.m. you have probably seen this face splashed across your twitter or facebook feed today. this is matthew stagger. he went missing
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released from prison. investigators caught him blocks away from the dc police headquarters. a 60-year-old woman locked up the restaurant she owns and started to head home, and that's when criminals truck. one shot her four times as she tried to fight them off, and tonight she is fighting to recover in the hospital. john henry spoke with her daughters. >> reporter: the sedman daughters call their mother, pinky, a fighter, but when she was shot 2 weeks ago, even they worried about her safety. >> when you get that phone call, i don't wish that on anybody. >> reporter: a masked gunman shooting her. the video shows the gunman running away with a lookout man, just after the incident. >> reporter: but pinky was able to get a good look at the person who shot her, and what she saw disappointed her. it was a young man
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a person she had even once offered a job to. >> she was trying to help him because she saw potential in him, and she was very, very shocked when she realized he was the one robbing her. >> reporter: one of the suspects is a 25-year-old named chaval reid. he was shot to death in northeast. police have not said if he was the person who shot pinky. in the meantime, she continues to recover in the hospital. >> i'm very, very happy to say she is doing well. >> reporter: all of this as the community continues to rally around her. a gofundme with family and friends raising close to $5,000 to pay for her medical expenses. >> you never know if anyone will care about your mother as much as you do, but to see how much everyone loves her, it's very, very humbling. >> reporter: we learned about the death of the suspect around the same time as the family, and they said they are in
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complete shock. with the latest from the bloomingdale neighborhood, john henry, wusa 9. darren winn is the man accused of torturing a child in front of his family and then murdering them all and their housekeeper. investigators were not sure if it was the work of one person or more from the beginning. kathy laneer was back and ready to talk. you will see it only on wusa 9. >> reporter: i'm curious if you think someone is still related to the case, another suspect, who is still out there 2 years later. >> i think there's probably be a lot more developments since i left, but i think everyone initially wanted to think how could this possibly be done by one person, but in reality, it could be. are there the possibilities someone else may have
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either before or after being involved, sure, but i think it is entirely possible that he carried out the crime by himself, without any help. >> reporter: is that just confidence in your detectives? if there was something else out there, you would have found it by now? >> from when i left, that's confidence in the detectives and the information i have and evidence we gathered, not to say new evidence could not pop up 5 years for now, but from where we were when i left, i feel comfortable with what we know, it could have been carried out by a single person. >> that's not all they discussed. tomorrow night they will talk about kathy's replacement for the chief of police. tonight the senate
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vote that ran along party lines. the confirmation has cleared the way for the senate to take up more of the president's nominations, and tonight at least nine major cabinet posts are empty. they are waiting to sign off on president trump's choices. it's more challenging to know what's true, what's not, and what's slanted when you scroll through your twitter and facebook. we will help you get to the truth. >> reporter: melissa mcknight said i heard about verify last night. i'm not sure if you are verifying all stories, but i'm curious if the following link is true. >> reporter: we will
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story. it's for a b.e.t. article claiming that donald trump changed the name of black history month to african american history month. is that true? >> reporter: the b.e.t. article is quoting a t.m.z. article published last thursday morning with the headline reading "donald trump, it's now african american history month". and here's trump is proclaiming february as national african american history. tmz says that every president has called it black history month, wrong. confused? me, too. i dug deep into the archives of the
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found in 1986 congress passed public law 99-224 which designated the national black history month. every president going back to george h.w. bush in 1992 has issued a proclamation about fran black history month, but based on the congressional law and african american month, they have been used interchangeably since 1986, so, no, donald trump did not change the name of black history month. everything is the same as it has been for 31 years. you will see our verify segments soon. when you are checking out facebook or twitter and you don't know about the story, send us the
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facebook or on a landlord and a tenant are locked in a dispute that involves a messy situation. the question here, who is respone siblfor the repairs? we asked our stephanie ramirez to find out. >> reporter: it's like a baby using the bathroom a million times. >> reporter: that's what the family found on sunday, and 4 days later, some went down but not the frustration. >> reporter: this mother of four has been fighting her landlord because they refuse to clean up the mess from a sewage backup, and she's not touching it. >> i don't know where it came from. >> reporter: a receipt says a pair of plumber pulled out a pair of underwear.
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theirs, otherwise they would have cleaned it, but when they texted the landlord they got the response, not our responsibility to clean up feces off your floor. common sense. >> my 5-year-old is asthmatic and can't be in this kind of environment at all. >> reporter: they called the county for help. >> government says wait for 7 days. >> reporter: we called asking what the family's rights were here, a spokesperson was sent, and it's absolutely on the landlord to maintain the property, especially with a threat to health and safety according to maryland law. the county investigating the claims, and the county of six is now down to one bathroom. >> for him to treat me and my kids and my husband like this, it's truly unfair, and i would not wish it on anyone. >> reporter: stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> that's a mess! we go a response from the landlord's property, just half an hour ago, and they claim the cleanup job was not on
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because the problem was not faulty plumbing, but the family is looking into rent escrow options, and we will keep you updated on that story. all month long we are focusing on cardiac health in a segment we call heart love, and tonight we are sending a little love to our cbs colleague, charlie rose. a few hours from now, surgeons will replace his aorta valve. he had a replacement valve put in 15 years ago, and has chosen to replace it. >> we will miss him in the mornings. we are encouraging folks to get free screenings. today the focus was northern virginia, and there a great turnout with people taking advantage of the free test thacked save -- that
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>> my cholesterol is elevated. i need to have it checked again. i am checking more frequently to lower it. >> we don't take advantage of all given to us. it's very important we check our vital signs all the time. >> nt week will be free careenings in prince -- screenings in prince george's county and the district. it's a tale of two cities, well, sort of, more like a tale of two outfit as our warm wednesday gave away to qa cool night. >> reporter: earlier today people wearing shorts filled dupont circle, and everyone out here is now wearing a jacket like me. most of the people play chess every week. >> it's a way to relax energy, and it's a proud thing to be someone else. >> reporter: when the seasons change, they don't stop. >> reporter: sometimes the cold is too much, and it
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>> we feel the most we can do, and then we decide to go. >> reporter: today they stayed put, playing game after game after game after game after game. >> it's crazy. >> it's crazy the weather, it's beautiful. >> reporter: they were not the only ones enjoying it. >> i tried not to call in to work, but it's tempting. don't tell my boss. >> reporter: the fun was short lived. >> snow tonight? >> reporter: yeah, are you ready for it? >> no, i'm not. >> i think tomorrow morning i will start with winter gloves and end with a raincoat. >> it will happen like this all the time it will be nice in january, and then 2 feet of snow in march. >> it's crazy to realize what will happen in the future in dc. will i tell my kids, i remember
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when winter came? >> i'm ellison barber, wusa 9. winter is coming tonight, and topper will break down his snow predictions city-by-city. this father is accused of having 36 kids
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dozens of parents have to accept the truth. the bilogical father of their children was at one time convicted of a felony and most alarming, diagnosed with schizophrenia. their children were conceived with donated sperm, and he lied. >> reporter: the lies went unreported for a decade. >> do you care? >> reporter: the tale of deceit started in metro atlanta, but the impact is felt thousands of miles away in canada. according to a lawsuit, jeles is the bilogical
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-- biological father of this 9- year-old boy. they have never met, but they both love to read, and they are are good with numbers, and then the music. his biological father plays in a band, but those are a not the similarities that have his mother, angie collins so concerned. >> never did i imagine i would have paid to have a felon with multiple debilitating mental health issues. >> reporter: she had no idea the sperm she purchased was donated 2 month was a he got out of jail. >> the health stuff is obviously alarming. >> reporter: according to court records, in 2005, the donor, angeles said yes, he had been
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patient in a mental institution, diagnosed biopolar with schizophrenic disorder. that's not what he told the sperm bank where he donated for 14 years, and here he told perspective parents he had no mental health issues. >> he lied about pretty important things, but the companies don't sift out the lies. >> reporter: this donor profile is the only medical information parents can access. the donor remains anonymous until his offspring is 18, but his e-mail address was accidently posted in an e-mail chain. >> if you're savvy, you can learn a lot. >> reporter: parents said what they learned, expecting the company to warn other families they purchased his sperm and to
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immediately stop selling it. schizophrenia can run in families. he has 17 girls and 19 boys. >> i told them about the discovery in august of 2014. >> reporter: when parents say zytech did not alert them, several filed lawsuit. nancy hersh is representing many of them. >> they continued to represent after that time there was nothing wrong, and they were "unsubstantiated allegations." not true. all documents. >> reporter: and he even went to the police to say he had falsified the paperwork for the sperm bank. will you answer any questions or talk to us? we went to his apartment hoping to talk to him about it, but he refused to answer our questions. >> do you feel like you play know role in this? >> i feel your part to play in
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>> reporter: we showed our conversation to collins. >> we are all human and make mistakes. he has made many, were the company made more. >> reporter: the parents are told up front they do not verify the accuracy of the informatiogiven by patients but they boast that aonly -- that they only accept 5% of donors. in a video angeles speaks of why he became a donor. it brings us back to the building block. >> what kept me coming is the fact i'm helping people. i'm helping to give parents who are very eager to have a child, one of the greatest gifts in the world, and it's their child. i just cannot deny the power of that. >> reporter: rebecca lindstrom, wusa 9. >> the police ruled it was
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charged with a crime. his offspring range in age from 2 to 12. yellow weather alert for tomorrow, snow. here's topper. >> reporter: we tweaked it a bit. i brought the trace to nothing further north, and just past the district, and again, it's a storm where we will be called, it's a compressed storm and the further north you go, the more snow you get. you don't have to go very far for a big difference of snow. gaithersburg to across the border. you have to go from 2-3 inches to 8-9 inches. it's mainly on grassy surfaces, and it will have a hard time overcoming the two days in the 70s. the best chance of the heavy snow is the elevation out into west virginia, and i think if we had any school delays or cancellations, it's for our friends in jefferson county, and we are starting tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m. with any delays or cancellations. gaithersburg, an inch and a half. fredericksburg, i do
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anything. a trace,er a come of flakes, and again, on grassy surfaces, and inside of the beltway, i want to emphasize, looking at simply wet roads, and it's not impactmeter worthy. i would allow extra time tomorrow, if you're coming in from southern maryland, fighting rain. model and snow projections, everything is coming in line less, and i think that's the case. the gfs is bullish, but i think we are looking at an inch or less inside of the district, and certainly points south, and heaviest precip, it does not change. after 7:00 a.m. it will shut off quickly, and service temperatures above 32, and what does that mean? roads will be wet. rain to snow, and the transition. 3:00a.m. to 5:00 a.m., and in town, you should be seeing snow by 5:00 a.m., kids. if you're at hagerstown, like 2:30 to 4:00 m.
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developing all day. i mentioned it earlier, and it's true. you folks in southern maryland have a belter chance of seeing snow in the evening, and not because of the big storm on thursday morning. the 3-degree guarantee, going 68, and it was 74. we will go with 50 tomorrow, and i'm feeling good. it's 53 right now, and a midnight high. i will dress for the 30s. 53 right now, and winds are east, north east at 11. dew points are kind of high at about 41. the cold air is not here yet, and in fact, 30s across the board with snow, but above freezing, and not causing any problems downtown. milder on saturday, and 57, and perhaps a shower, and look at this, near 70 on sunday, and are you kidding me. on the 50s
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tonight. the wizards hoping to get rest, but that didn't happen. tied late in regulation, and john wall will end up with the ball. going for the win, but he got blocked and a charging foul, and we are headed into o.t., and the wiz are trailing, missing the shot, and automatic there with the putback, and washington would hang on, and it was an ugly win, but a win nonetheless, 114-110. this month the national hockey league is promoting the hockey is for everyone campaign. a viral sensation, and petina al circumstances known for her amazing stick handling skills and got to see the wiz-cavs's game, and she took in the caps today, and she got a stick from ovhk
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