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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  February 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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chaos in maryland live casino. police say this man's arrest is the reason. police captured 43-year-old larry brown of northeast d.c. and charged him in anne arundel county for drug possession. now, police initially believed brown was involved in a shooting and carjacking earlier that night earlier in d.c. they followed his car to the casino and arrested him in the crowd near the slot machines. after his arrest police discovered he wasn't a suspect. witnesses say the search for brown caused chaos and many people chose to leave the casino. eduardo villa posted this video. he said there were tense moments. >> people were running to get down. this is nothing to do with religion or anything. >> three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries they got while exiting the building. that carjacking suspect still out
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now, only on 9, every now and then a story takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions before it leaves you with a smile. this might be one of those stories. a 13-year-old boy has defeated cancerous brain tumor that could have certainly cut his life short, and to celebrate he watched his two favorite hockey teams face off. >> reporter: meet jimmy alverson. like every other kid, he loves sports. soccer, baseball, basketball, and hockey. he is big fan of justin williams. they are pals evidenced by the parenteau joying their time on ice together. also, alex ovechkin. did you meet them? >> i did. >> reporter: are they cool? >> they are great. they showed me around the locker room. >>
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anaheim ducks, if they did not mean so much to jimmy, he is buds with ducks personnel, too. >> i feel great. i can't wait to watch the hockey game. >> reporter: feeling great was not always a given for jimmy. in 2015 he suffered from nausea, double vision, and headaches. he was diagnosed with a brain cancer. he immediately underwent seven and a half hours of surgery followed by seven weeks of radiation and seven months of chemotherapy. the treatment has affected his walking and hearing. >> i never imagined it would happen to me. once it did, i just saw how lucky everyone else was and how, like, not to take for granted all of the playing outside or playing football with my friends. it's something really special. >> reporter: watching his favorite teams with his dad, older sister. >> so amazing. i couldn't ask for anything more. >> reporter: and younger brother absent cancer is
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dream come true. >> what a -- i mean, come on. what a sweet kid. >> really mature young man. i say a man. he is a 13-year-old boy. but he leaves you with a sense of motivation. i want to take advantage of every day. tonight was extra special because when he was really, really sick, the nhl does a hockey fights cancer night and he saw these two teams play in that same arena. now fast forward to tonight. he is healthy. he is a doing well. before you kick me out of here, a quick shout out -- >> you can stay here all night. a story like that, you can stay here. beautiful. >> a quick shout out to casey cares, a non-profit out of baltimore that made this happen. they gave the family the tickets. obviously, it was a dream come true for everybody involved. >> absolutely. and that little boy is giving other kids hope. thank you so much, matt. switching gears, 20 minutes ago president trump
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joint statement with the japanese prime minister. they condemned north korea's actions today when officials say the country launched a missile into the sea. >> most recent missile launch is absolutely intolerable. >> i want everybody to understand and full any know that the united states of america stands behind japan. a great ally. 100%. thank you. >> the two leaders also said they will promote further collaboration between the two nations and further reinforce the japanese and american alliance. several rallies in washington, d.c. today outside the white house. demonstrators wanted to protect immigrants and refugees. this was held in response to this week's immigration and customs enforcement raids arresting immigrants, many with criminal records. the feds called it a routine surge, but many
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trump administration. a teacher attended the rally. she is a teacher at northern virginia community college. >> not only am i affected by it, but my students are affected by it. i have students come to me worried and crying and that their families are affected and they felt the rhetoric in the classroom, in their communities, and even when doing simple things like grocery shopping. >> protesters waved signs with the hashtag here to stay. protesters on both sides of the debate over funding for planned parenthood held rallies across the country today. roxanna saberi has more on those demonstrations. >> reporter: from ohio to the nation's capitol thousands of people took part in dueling rallies for and against abortion rights. in st. paul barricades separated demonstrators as they faced off outside a
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parenthood clinic. anti-abortion rights groups are calling on congress and president trump to stop funding the health provider because it offers abortions. >> clearly, momentum is on our side. the majority of americans agree into taxpayer dollars should not be funding abortion. >> reporter: president trump in the past mentioned taking federal dollars away from planned parenthood. a movie his vice president and new health secretary support. >> [ crowd chanting ]. >> reporter: in new york supporters of planned parenthood rallied. >> so many people do equate planned parenthood with abortion. in fact, abortion is a tiny, tiny percentage of the services they offer. >> reporter: they say defunding the group could make it harder for many women to get access to birth control, cancer screening, and testing for sexually transmitted diseases. what do you think about the argument that the federal funding should be diverted to centers that help women but don't provide abortions? >> there aren't enough of those health centers to take the patients that we provid
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says none of the federal money it receives is used towards abortions, but anti-abortion rights supporters want those dollars taken away. roxanna saberi for cbs news, new york. >> dozens of parents, students, and teachers protested in front of the department of education this afternoon. they expressed their concerns about new secretary of education betsy devos. >> it's absolutely necessary that the people at the top know what's going on in the classroom. when you have somebody at the very top that has never even been a student in a public school. >> these students here who are public school educated are our future. >> supporters say devos' lack of experience will be an asset. they say she will bring fresh new ideas to the table that will help the public school system thrive. a grandmother is under arrest tonight charged with assault
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this after police say her 1- year-old grandson suffered a methadone overdose. detectives say she had been caring for him and later the boy's mom picked him up and noticed he was lethargic and appeared to have been poisoned. she rushed him to the hospital. that little boy is now in critical condition. in the last few hours we learned the name of the man shot and killed in montgomery village yesterday. police say 20-year-old wossie young agreed to meet with the suspect on hawk run terrace. that's when he was gunned down. a 23-year-old man was shot and injured. there are no arrests tonight. police are offering up to $10,000 for information that leads them to the suspect. we are tracking metro tonight. metro is continuing their maintenance project and this time it expects thousands of riders on the blue line. the line shut down this morning from roslyn
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that has gonna last for 18 days. all right. we are in for high winds tomorrow. howard says that's not all. howard, we may see some rain? >> yeah, looks like we could have showers in the morning especially, and then tomorrow might into monday morning. monday morning could be the worst where winds could gust 50 miles an hour. right now temps in the 40, some cases the lower 40s, but the winds are fairly light. the winter watch covers the metro and some of the mountains. not everybody. still a lot of winds towards the shenandoah valley. for the wind watches we are expecting temps 45 to 55, possibly 50 miles per hour. so on the futurecast you see the showers approaching by daybreak tomorrow. with us mostly through the lunch hour. in the afternoon some sun becoming breezy, but if this deepens off new england this is when the winds are really gonna start to howl sunday night into monday morning. showers mainly threatening during the morning to midday on sunday. so possibly damaging winds
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things will settle down as we head towards tuesday. we will see you in a few with the rest of the 7-day forecast. tomorrow night the reigning queens of pop beyonce and adele go head to head for the top honors at the 59th annual grammy awards. lady gaga and bruno mars are among the artists expected to perform. they will be sharing the stage with that guy right there. "late late show" host james corden. it's his first time hosting the grammys. >> just be part of it, to be around it, to be in it for a moment is really, really not lost on me how lucky i am. st you can watch the red carpet arting at 7:30 right here on wusa9 and the grammys kick off at 8. welcome back will be on social media all night during the grammys. we are gonna be talking music, talking fashion, and just about anything else that comes up. then of course join us for a wrap-up on wusa9 news at 11.
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but the giant panda cub has a loyal following. he was given a warm send-off by friends of the national zoo. the cub goes back to china at the end of the month. an agreement requires that all panda cubs born at the zoo have to move to china by the time they are four years old. bao bao turns four in augment he is the first surviving cub born at the national zoo since coming up, how many metro rides do you think you can take with 10,000 metro cards? a local mother's small idea is making a big difference for people who can't afford a trip on the train. and the smile on this face says a thousand words. we were there when brayden got his chance to skate, and his story
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the market.redict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. for the next three minutes we have got nothing but good news. firefighter mark hadden had no idea that an emergency call in the middle of a slow day would change his life. >> he helped a pregnant mom
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two decadessed of firefighting in south carolina. >> hadden overheard the nurses at the hospital say that the mom wanted to give up that newborn for adoption. turns out he and his wife couldn't have any more children. within 48 hours little gracie completed their family. she has two brothers she loves to play with. he says he and his wife love her more than like. kevin bruno loves basketball, and he loves his friend cameron. >> now, this week pomona high school in colorado, and that's where they attend, he asked him, who has down's syndrome to play. he would have understood if the coachesaid no. >> well, did you see that right there? watch it again. we're gonna play it again. he played and in the last few
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downcourt, yeah, he makes the shot moments before the final buzzer and the crowd goes nuts. let's see if we can watch this one more time because it's an awesome, awesome shot. it's coming! it's coming! everyone goes wild. come on. >> it's nice to see the sportsmanship here when these guys realize kevin's playing is far more important than what's going on on the scoreboard. a germantown mom is helping people she doesn't even know. hilary moore came up with the idea to use unused cards from women who traveled into town to attend last month's women's march and she donates them to charity. >> she posted it on facebook. others shared it. in the past three weeks people have donated, get this, 10,000 cards. >> they went to local charities, including martha's table. guess what? they keep coming in the mail. >> since i talked with you earlier y
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to the mailbox i ended up getting another 48 cards here. there is this many. so i'm getting about this many every single day. >> wow. she says if you have got any of those cards, pick a charity and send it to them. they can use them. the power of a simple idea and social media exploding. >> yeah. and it proves one person can make a huge difference. >> yeah. it's fantastic. lastly, yesterday i met 5- year-old brayden segal. he is autistic and has muscle issues and brayden has a smile that can light up a room. >> his mom took him to a specialized hockey clinic put on through a local non-profit called brains for kids. they put on special events like this for free for children with intellectual and other disabilities. he gets to feel like any other kid on the ice. since he attended the first clinic last year, he has been taking lessons. >> he absolutely loves
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his goal is to be able to hold a hockey stick in his hands and hit the puck. >> i am a hockey coach. when i see kids of any ability getting on the ice and loving this game that i love, that's exciting. >> look at his face. that is what joy looks like. >> yes. great to see that. i have a feeling he is gonna be holding a hockey stick before long. >> hope we're there when he does. call us. talk to me about the weather. >> winds will be potentially damaging tomorrow night and monday morning. monday morning, no yellow weather alerts, but i have a feeling we will have to raise them. when we're talking winds that could gust over 50, 60 miles per hour that means power outages and that means potentially trees may come down, too. we got to watch out for that, especially if it's got like a compromised root structure or something going on. that could be a big problem. this is tomorrow night to monday morning. three degree guarantee time. today was a tough day. we forecast 60. got to 53. that's a 7-de
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but this is why it was tough. there was warm out out there. look at the blueridge. upper 60s. yeah, that's not a mistake. they hit 70, right? this side of the blueridge we had the clouds, lower to mid- 50s. that's all we could muster. fredericksburg 62. tonight you see the difference. low-to-mid 40s in many of the areas east of the blueridge except for downtown where we are 48. 54 front royal. 54 hagerstown. there is mild air out there. tomorrow we're gonna get closer to the 60-degree mark if not above it. right now 48, the winds dead calm, humidity at 61% and we have got cloudy skies. a cold air mass in canada dipping to maine. 8 below in caribou. cold up north. mangum, oklahoma, southwest part of the state right about there 99. 99 in february? got a big storm system developing. lots of upper level energy sweeping out of the southwest ro
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the northern plains anyway coming to our north. this is gonna help activate an area of low pressure once it gets towards new england. that low is gonna bring some rain showers towards us by morning and in the morning we have got a few rain showers. i did not go with the yellow weather alert because, you know, it's february and it's not terribly widespread. will there goes the low. when it hits new england, boom, this thing is gonna explode. they will have a tremendous snowstorm east of new england, maine 2 feet of snow. these winds are gonna start to howl. we have the concerns for the winds gusting 50 plus in spots. in fact, here is a look at some of the forecast out there. really pick up tomorrow night and you'll notice by midnight we are gusting in the 40s to 50 in the mountains, even by 5 a.m. this to could be the worst time for winds. so do stay up on that because monday morning could be rough just from the wind. 40s tonight. some showers late. light easterly winds. tomorrow morning 40s and 50s with a few
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an isolated shower. upper 50s to low 60s. winds turn to the northwest 10 to 20. windy monday, 48. probably have a wind warning going into effect at some point. tuesday 52. looking good for valentine's day. perhaps a few flurries on thursday. >> get right back up again? >> yeah. it's been one of those winters. >> all right. it has not been a rollercoaster for the cavs trying to make a run at a little history tonight to keep on cruising. could they do it and scor
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now wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> you know, it's not a matter of if the caps win at home, but how many goals they score these days at verizon center. caps looking to score five goals for the 11th straight time which would tie a record mark. alexander ovechkin, the caps are chasing history. nikki backstrom scores on the rebound. 2-0 caps. 2nd period
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caps shorthanded. no problem. the red beam rocks. capitals lead 4. in the bag, right? no. in the ducks rally to tie the game. sanford scores his first career goal. five plus goals staying alive. caps win 6-4. very nice ceremony for the former maryland hoops coach before the ohio state game today. of course, he helped shape the terps into a national power in the 1970s. players on hand to see a banner unveiled honoring the former coach for his wins, his innovation, and what his presence meant to the university of maryland. when you think about it, very impressive number of basketball legends that lefty coached during his time at maryland, including len elmore. >> he cared about us in many ways that he even provided tough love, and it was all about being the best that you possibly could, working as hard as you could to achieve those
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perseverance even when you hit it. he taught us in his best salesman qualities, he taught us that there was hope and that you can continue to work hard, as he used to say. >> lefty was at practice yesterday. perhaps his speech got the terps fired up because they needed a win after losing two straight in big 10 play. fist pumps for the left- hander right before the start of the game between the terps and buckeyes. up 12. jaylen brantley lob to michael for the slam dunk. terps up 14 at halftime. second half maryland trying to maintain the lead. cowan buries a triple from deep three. 19 points. terps up five late in the second half. shot clock winding down. the freshman a three-pointer. he finished with 18. terps win 86-77. after the game the coach
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honoring lefty. >> a great day. got to honor lefty and a great 24 hours with him. he was at practice yesterday, spoke to the team. i told a lot of stories to my team about him. it's great to see him. gave the guys a lot of advice. the ceremony went great. more importantly, we are undefeated when he is in the building. i felt good going into the game. big one for the georgetown hoyas. second half pulling away. 26 litter hoyas in transition. rodney pryor with the baseline jam. gewngeto rolls over marquette 80-62. they needed that one. gw hosting st. bonaventure. a big game for tyler cavanaugh. he finishes with 43 points. they beat the bonnies. otis livingston led the patriots with 19
11:27 pm
george mason wins 73-67. third straight victory. west virginia hosting kansas city state. big second half for the mountaineers. west virginia was tied up at 34 apiece. turned that into a 85-66 victory over kansas city state. finally, justin rose, first, let me take a selfie. watching justin timberlake on the 7th hole. timberlake nearly a hole in one. there is something going around, like winning at life. justin timberlake is winning at life. everything is going his way. >> like a quadruple threat. he sings, dances. >> acts. >> acts. >> plays golf. married to a beautiful woman. >> branch. >> beautiful killed. >> trolls. >> good to be justin. >> he is winning. >> we need him here. a look at the seven-day forecast
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and rain. higher temperatures tomorrow, too? >> right. 61. showers mainly in the morning. should be okay in the afternoon. monday morning winds could gusty over 50. i think we will have problems there. much better valentine's day. a sweet day. then some flurries potentially thursday with the colder air. next weekend back in the upper 50s. a crazy month. >> a crazy but good month. get updates any time on our wusa9 app and of course see you tomorrow morning for welcome back news at 7. thanks for
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>> i don't need to know what it's like to live in hell because if you're a drug addict off of any type of opiate, especially heroin, you know exactly what it's like to live in hell. she really socked it to me. she really made me look at myself to make me understand that i was not a victim. >> november 21st was when i woke up like without a during drink inside of me. >> breaking heroin's grip: road to recovery. >> jeff: good evening and welcome to our special presentation breaking heroin grip road to recovery. i'm jeff salkin for maryland public television.


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