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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> i was just trying to come to my yoga class this morning. i have a day off and was really interested in attending my class. came across this terrible tragedy. i'm just -- i went to deep prayer the moment i saw it. just deep prayer because this shouldn't be happening. >> reporter: most of these businesses opened back up two hours ago. adam and leslie as you can imagine, people who work here are pretty shaken up as well as folks visiting businesses here tonight. reporting live in prince george's county. i'm stephanie wusa 9. >> understandable when you think of what they experienced. thank you. now to windy weather that brought real problems for homeowners in d.c. in one part of the southeast, the wind took the roof off a
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apartment building. >> this dangling power line tells the story. there's debris absolutely everywhere as the roof came tumbling down. looks like a war zone this morning. police tape flew die lentfully in the air and splintered woodpile add top foam from the roof. it had neighbors like derrick on edge. >> i'm saying gahlee. >> reporter: the sun start toed rise and damage became more clear -- started to rise, and damage became more clear. >> there was a big boom. a transformer blew up. >> reporter: the morning around 8:00 a.m., crews arrived on scene to clean it up. up on the roof, the d.c. housing authority assessed the damage. from their front porch, they did assessing of their own. >> we hop
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soon as possible. >> our blustery beginning to the week starting with a lot of power outages and other issues today. one issue, downed trees, scattered debris. dangerous gusts knocked a tree on a home in silver springs. this is the 10 ,000 block of brunette avenue. it doesn't appear there were injuries. 600 customers still in the dark tonight n. virginia, 2700 customers are waiting for lights to come back on. first alert chief meteorologist out on the weather chair. sounds like things are calming down a bit. >> they are. the wind advisory is cancelled. looking at breezy conditions tonight. there's good wind across the bay. up to new jersey, they're closer to that massive storm. i mean massive storm off the main coast. up here toward east and chester town, doer, winds gust 40 to --
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to 50 miles per hour. here's how high they gusted in the last hour. 24 fredrick, 22 martinsburg. they're brisk. compared to this morning and overnight, not a problem. however, they're driving low wind chills. feels like 39 downtown, 33 gaithersburg. 30 up in fredrick. feels like 40 in manas sus. we'll come back and talk about valentine's day. we'll let you know if everyone can deliver flowers and chocolates without problems. we're tracking one storm to the south wednesday that could produce a couple showers south of town. we'll talk about that as well. everything is much calmer today. power out for a few folks. that indeed is good news. thanks. returning to mcclain, virginia. utility crews had to work several hours to get power on to a bump of homes. thousands went dark last night when wind gusts of 60 miles per hour came sweeping through the neighborhood. things were
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fell on tangled power lines at the intersection of mcgarety road. >> i've never seen winds like this before. >> downed wires and debris slowed traffic on cedar lane. traffic is moving well through the area now. despite the swirling rumors, officials aren't saying much. northern virginia bureau chief peggy fox is live in alexandria at the high school. you learned a bit more information? >> reporter: we sure have. director of communications for fairfax county schools tells us the principal, alex case, was put on administrative leave last week. we've learned michelle little, assistant principal, is also on administrative leave. rumors have been flying about their absences. the school system says they can't give us details because it is
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matter. case is a popular, well liked principal with upbeat style. he calls the high school the world's greatest. he initiated high five fridays and motivated monday. he's out on leave, and students are wondering why. >> he's a great guy. i've heard and experienced nothing but good things. i think it's just a waiting thing. eventually something will get put out. people will believe what they want to believe. stick with the positives. >> he's the great principal, probably the best in all any my years. i sent him several e-mails throughout my time here. he's responded quickly and been informative. >> overall, he cares about everything, not just himself. it's the world's greatest high school. it's hard to see what happened to him. >> we don't know. we've heard rumors. we don't know any specific details other than h
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administrative leave. do you hope he comes back? >> i do hope he comes back. i feel everyone deserves a second chance. >> we reached out to a number of staff members here at the high school and none of them would comment. reporting live in alexandria, wusa 9. >> thank you. adam? nearly 200,000 remain under evacuation orders. repairs are made to the nation's tallest dam the water level in northern california is so high for the first time. water could be released. >> there's a boat. >> i just got a text message. there's fire trucks going up and down the street saying evacuate. >> crews are, working to
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the erosion in the spillway. >> here's a map of the area. the dam is located to the northwest of the population center. 70 feet high making it the tallest in the country. there's auxiliary next to that. the 30-foot wall of water could come rushing down towards the southwest towards that population center. right there is where most of the evacuees live. >> there's a real mess. thank you. president trump and justin trudeau met first time today. trade talk dominated their visit. president trump promised to renegotiate the trade
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japan. >> we'll tweak it, do certain things to benefit both our countries. it's much less severe situation than what's taken place on the border. >> millions of middle class jobs on both sides of the border depend on this crucial partnership. >> the u.s. and canada exchanged $575 billion worth of goods for each other in 2015. prime minister trudeau is scheduled to hold separate meetings with senate majority leader mitch mcconnel and paul ryan. national security adviser flinn is finding little support among the trump administration. his job is in jeopardy following reports he deceived officials including vice president pence saying u.s. sanctions were not discussed during conversations with the russian ambassador. u.s. intelligence agencies intercepted flint's context with russia before i
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apologize, says reports. passengers can forget blue line trains the rest of the month. today was the first work day impacted by safe track phase 12. crews are working non stop on a segment of the rail line between the pentagon and rosland. the arlington cemetery stop is shut down. how to get around this, in virginia passengers should use yellow line. commuters that use the blue line in maryland should use silver line. we're just getting started at 5:00. parents say they're risking their lives to cross a street near a local daycare. what's done to keep everyone safe in a bit. what adele did after winning her grammys last night. we didn't see it during the show, but we're going to find out more about that. a fib forecast we think will make -- february forecast we think will make most of you
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rallying against congress because they overturned a law in the district that brought out a lot of emotions on bo
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the big push in the house to intervene. >> d.c. residents are pushing back. there's a live on capitol hill. bruce, what are they doing? >> they're gathering here scores of them. there's a single message here, hands
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d.c. >> my doctor said there's no cure. >> the retired artist and journalist has terminal ovarian cancer. she's hoping to survive long enough to get her four and a half month puppy trained. the cancer spread to her diaphragm, limp nodes and uterus -- lymph nodes and uterus. >> it allows doctors to describe medication to terminally ill parents so they can decide whether to end their lives. >> i would rather be on death's doorstep than to take the medication. >> you want that control? >> i think that is a human right. >> congressman, utah republican and chair of the committee that oversees d.c. calls the
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guided and immoral. he's pushing an unusual effort to squash it. >> it's bullying at its worst. people in the district, so it's not just me, are beginning to stand up to them. >> it's not suicide. >> i i'm slowly dying of ovarian cancer. no matter what i do, i'm going to die from it. >> knowing it's advanced, she can decide when it's over. it will allow her to enjoy the brief time she has left. >> i like how reflection of light hits trees and houses. it's an intense experience. >> congress has 30 days if it wants to invalidate any law passed by the district for the death with dignity law that deadline expires on february 17th. so that means they have four days, opponents of the death with dignity law, four
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house, through the senate, and signed by president trump. seems unlikely. these folks fear this is the start. live on capitol hill. wusa 9. >> thank you. there are 24 republican members of congress from states that have already passed death with dignity laws. norton thinks that's one glitch that's held up the disapproval resolution to laws that the deadline has almost passed. we've got a new feature here that allows us to ask you a question. then you immediately give us your answer. to vote, all you need is your cell phone, tablet or computer. >> today's question, what was your favorite part of last night's grammy show. dell's -- adele's speech, beyonce fashion? go to our website and vote. >> also find it on our mobile
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app. saying beyonce deserved to share the award, adele broke hers into two last night. being recognized for song of the year, the british singer said she felt beyonce was more deserving. there was photos of the moment. cbs cut away from shots before it happened. cox, an actress and transgender activist urged grammy viewers last night to google grim. >> he's the teen that came out as a transgender during his sophomore year in virginia. he sued the board arguing the policy banning him from using the boy's bathroom violates the federal law against sex discrimination in schools. that case is headed to u.s. supreme court. parts of the northeast are getting hit again by winter weather. a major nor'easter slammed into northern new york and new england on sunday. blizzard conditions made roads treacherous. highway workers put in overtime
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storms. all flights to portland, maine's airport are cancelled until tonight. the bulk of the storm is expected to move into the ocean. >> we put stories in the newscast to see if topper can hold back the tears. >> i friends in portland. they say the airport is closed wednesday. they drove home today. they had three feet. it was a monster storm. not so much for boston but north of the mass pike. they got hammered. >> they got the punch and got the punch again. >> and the winds. that's what brought us incredible winds last night. a lot of comments on facebook. the winds last night kind of a gust front that moved through. be thankful the trees don't have canopy in winter. a lot more trees would have gone down. we'll talk about the three degrees guarantee. i may have outsmarted myself last night. it was 55 at 11:00.
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it was 52 at the midnight observation. we'll let you know if that held. live look outside at our weather cam. brisk out there, 45. dew points in the teens. winds going -- winds gusting to 23. these are all storm reports of trees down. these are gusty winds. winds gusted as high as 58 miles per hour. again last night, 56 miles per hour wind gusts at the national airport. look at all trees that fell and reports of all kinds of damage. good news is no reports of injuries anywhere. just breezy tonight. colder. bus stop temperatures 26 to 42. terrific tuesday with light winds. clouds around but for valentine's day, february pretty nice. morning clouds for wednesday. storms we're watching over a week now. going to produce showers to the south. the bulk of the
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passes to the south. 10:00 tonight, areas close to freezing. 32 manasus. 23 fredrick. morning hours, few clouds north and west. temperatures now 20s. 29 in manasus. 29-28 damascus. morning hours, temperatures in the 30s, maybe a flake toward orange and la ray. probably not going to reach the ground. late morning and afternoon hours, sun returns to the north. we have 45 downtown. 42 gaithersburg, 44 buoy. we 6:00 p.m., partly cloudy. few clouds linger tomorrow in the southern maryland area. you folks have clouds tomorrow and wednesday. get ready for that. temperatures by tomorrow evening 26. tomorrow night, cold tonight night at 10:30. temperatures hover around 40 downtown. 38 up in fredrick. winds forecast tonight could
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to 22 miles per hour. again the advisories have been canceled. look what happens by morning. winds gust by 6. really a nice day tomorrow wind wise. also good news winds to the northwest. they turn southwest, warmer wind. tonight, clear, breezy, colder. winds northwest 10 to 20. few gusts over 20. our day planner goes like this 30s to start. you'll remain above freezing downtown. 43 at 11:00. 47 at 1:00 p.m. clouds especially in the morning. morning clouds wednesday and showers to the south, 53. thursday, back to mid and low 40s. doesn't last long. friday maybe a shower. look at the weekend. 50 saturday, upper 50s sunday. maybe a shower back to 60 next monday. >> that's pretty nice. we like that. >> just a few minutes ago, we asked what was a few
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night. >> i'm going to look at this other monitor to the side. it's bigger. >> adele sweeps 55%. beyonce 37%. the fashion 8%. adele it is. >> nobody really went crazy with the fashion. there wasn't big talker except for the 21 pilot singers that took off their pants to accept the award. >> they were rocking them. >> plenty of time to get on and vote. a smart phone carrier brings back unlimited data plans. another company cuts ties with trump brands. i'll tell you more in my consumer alert.
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that will cost you $80 a month. veryson resurrected this deal after -- verizon residencer recollected this deal after competitors started doing the same thing.
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kmart made a move to focus on most profitable items. nordstrom dropped ivanka trump brands earlier this month because of poor sales. seven prepackaged cheeses were recalled because they could be contaminated with listeria. >> the fda is working with working with companies to trace the source of the contamination. some heart attacks are sudden and intense. most start slowly. that's why it's important to know the early warning signs. that's why here at wusa 9, we're sponsoring month long initiative called heart love. we want to arm you with as much information as possible to save your life or that of a loved one.
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here's wusa 9 anchor with her own story of early detection and heart love. >> with heart disease, it is important to know your numbers. your cholesterol level, bmi, glucose levels and blood pressure. i have a problem with blood pressure. i take medication. everything is under control. a few years back, i went to my doctor for the regular ekg. he spotted something. did i have a heart attack and not know it? he said maybe. i went to cardiologists and everything was fine. it shows the importance of screening for heart disease. early detection can save a life. >> now andrea mentioned the test she underwent to make sure her heart was okay. we want to offer a free heart health screening. >> blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and bmi tests, plus doctors on hand to answer questions you may have screenings take place this wednesday february 15th. you'll s
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and learning center in high yachtsville 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. the prince george's county health department and partners are helping to administer the screenings. >> come here to wusa 9 studios. it will be given by partners by med star heart and vascular institute. i'm going to get in on one myself. wusa 9. we're here on wisconsin avenue in upper northwest in tinnily town. more specifics on screenings and addresses. it can be found on our app or website. again, the whole thing is free. come on by. showing love for seniors in d.c. how valentine's day cards are given to some folks who could use a little love. real talk from local students about their experiences with bullies. if my parents only knew. that's in just a few minutes. right after the break, parents are dodging cars. moms and
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young children. we look into traffic trouble at a local daycare.
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they say crossing the street is like taking your own life into your hands. >> parents at one d.c. daycare are speaking out about a dangerous road they say is a tragedy waiting to happen. live along alabama avenue to tell us about problems
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done about them. >> they're not new problems. neighbors have been plaining about alabama avenue here especially in hill crest area for a number of years. finally cdot is conducting a traffic study. there are two big problems. speed is one. i just saw a car doing a second problem which is crossing through a do not enter sign on a side street. a third problem, you're looking at it. rush hour bumper to bumper traffic. they say it's a bad combination. there are no worries at the daycare. clark's dad and mom are concerned. they say getting the kids here is -- >> unfortunately i believe if someone gets hit, that's the only way that would make d.c. government even pay attention. >> wright grew up in hill crest and said alabama avenue has always been a
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whether middle of the day -- >> at the other end, you think people would slow down for the camera. they're going 45-50. >> or the evening rush. >> backed up everyday. people are doing all sorts of dangerous things to get to the light. >> we also see a lot of kids that get off the bus stops we're looking to go to respective neighborhoods. we're going to get life and limb to get across the street to get home >> they could fix the lights. on pen, branch, alabama. they all work together in a big box. also they need flashing lights for pedestrians. unfortunately they need more camera tickets. >> in the meantime, mom and dad make sure their little ones know how to keep themselves safe. >> i let them know many cars hold my hand. >> we cross the street, we look both ways. we stop, i hold them, and we run. >> you run? >> we run. you never know. >> reporter:ll
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traffic problem that i just saw on that last live shot. see the sign says do not enter 4:00 to 6:30. we counted four or five cars that cut through doing this breaking the traffic laws here to get out of the traffic congestion on alabama avenue. now i can tell you the daycare has been around 20 years. we're told thankfully no parent or child has ever been hurt. ddot holding a series of public hearings before making a final recommendation in july. we'll have information on our wusa 9 mobile app. we're live in hill crest southeast wusa 9. >> according to ddot, alabama avenue was chosen because it's one of 15 corridors in the district that has more than one traffic related death between 2010-2014. tonight, a direct message to parents about bullying as told by children in their own words. we call i
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>> the u.s. department of health and human services found about half of all children have been bullied. our panel discovered a number that's much more alarming. >> it was unanimous. every child admitted to being bullied. tonight they explained what that's really like. >> if only my parents knew. >> if only my parents knew. >> how it feels to be bullied. >> to be bullied. >> if only my parents knew what it was like to be bullied in 2017. >> with a show of hands, tell us how many of you have been bullied. wow. >> they created another instagram account. >> i've been called fat, ugly. >> just one liners. >> this one girl kept saying these racist jokes to me. >> i don't think
5:35 pm
understands. even though he's a high school principal, he knows about this stuff. >> these days, kids will like make up jokes about how you need to kill yourself.. >> these days, kids will like make up jokes about how you need to like kill yourself, go die. it just doesn't make sense. it's a lot to handle. i think if only they could see what was going on in my head. >> when it comes to social media, it doesn't go away. it follows you everywhere you go. there's always som
5:36 pm
wrong. >> this is really, really, really painful because so much of it i have control over. there's also so much of it i just don't. >> i feel my main fear is i don't want to make a big deal out of it. it's fine. i brush it off when sometimes it's not. >> if you could share the situations a little sooner so that the pain is still there and still felt. it doesn't sting for as long. >> you're killing me smalls. >> going to hear from teens trying to outsmart moms and dads on social media. >> oh boy. 60% of young people say they pulled a fast one on facebook to hide things from their parents. watch the story with us tonight at 11:00. police are
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and killed today. police say the victim was found in a car on st. mary's road before 8:00 this morning. we still have a lot to learn about this case. we don't know the name of the victim and we don't know who shot this man or why. for the third time in two weeks, a dead whale washed shore in the virginia beach area. it was young, male, discovered over the weekend. today, scientists performed autopsy on the mammal. investigators believe it was a propeller that killed third whale. it's possible propellers killed the other two whales too. the mayor took on role of cupid today. >> she helped hand out valentine cards to home bound d.c. seniors. public schools in the district created the greetings to demonstrate the importance of city's youngest residents spreading kindness and reaching out to isolated and
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>> children from our schools. we had kinly elementary, atoon, murder, helple of others. you can see how excited the people here were to get them. >> she was beaming. >> really excited. >> the official goal of the cupid kids initiative was to create 2,000 cards. because of overwhelming response, more than 4,000 valentine's day cards were delivered to city's seniors. >> bringing smiles to everybody. >> what everybody needs on valentine's day. >> are you a netflix cheater? >> we're going to tell you what it is. we're going to tell you what it is. plus cnn jake tapper responds to snl skit featuring him and kelly anne conway. temperatures tomorrow a bit above average. 54 downtown, 50
5:39 pm
50 leesburg. we'll talk about who has clouds tomorrow and who could have showers on wednesday.
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saturday night live taking aim at the trump strike. >> the travel ban ended up in people's court. kelly anne conway. shaking down jake tapper. >> we can't have you on tv if you're going to keep lying. >> fine. i'll do something else. i'll do something really crazy. what if i do a free commercial for ivanka's shoes. >> that was a creepy skit. >> she falls out the window. you think she's dead. then she just -- it was creepy. >> way out in left field. that's what makes the show interesting. >> left and wide. >> one person on twitter writes, the jack tapper brah, what did they do to your hairline? you should sue. >> jake tapper said they may have been going
5:43 pm
enormous forehead. it's an eight head. >> he's got a sense of humor. >> absolutely. do you cheat? does your partner cheat? >> talking about netflix cheating. what is that? i'm sure a lot of you have heard of it. it's when are you agree to watch a show together with your significant other but oh, somebody watches the show without the other one there. brutal. according to a netflix survey, 46% admits to cheating. not only that, 61% say they'd cheat more if they knew they wouldn't get caught. 81% cheated more than once. this is valentine's day. we're talking about all this cheating. netflix says the top temptations are stranger things, orange is new black. moving on. no players from washington wizards were in danger of winning grammy awards last night. ♪ >> nothing
5:44 pm
how did they agree to that? that didn't stop them to trying. more of this video you won't be able to unhear or unsee after the break. how does the panda pack for an international trip? we go inside the international zoo. they get ready to say bye bye. >> maybe they got bamboozled.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 150 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 40 songs, and jan can upload 180 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. get 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds,
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cable can't offer speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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we all new this day would come. we say good-bye to our panda pal. >> the chinese zoo sends the bear back over seas before they turns four. we have her final days in the zoo. >> over the past few weeks, she has been getting use to the crate that will carry her to china. >> by giving her hundred water while she's sitting in the crate, it continues to build this space where she wants to be. >> the trainer will be traveling with her. >> i'm someone she knows really well. she gets nervous or looking for something to do, i'm going to be that person. >> you
5:48 pm
>> exactly. not literally, but yes. >> she's been building a relationship since her first days. like most of the rest of the country, he witnessed her birth. he was there for her first check up as a squealing and squirming cub. days of tumbling in the snow and chomping on bamboo. >> we load this up with treats. >> now she'll have to teach her new trainers in china how to interact with her. >> i'll help her with the transition from life in china to life here. >> she returned to china in 20 so. like bowbow he was flown in a crate. the 16 hour flight will be direct from washington to china. there will be an inflight service of 55 pounds of bamboo. two pounds of apples and pears, sweet potatoes and
5:49 pm
of water. >> i've been thinking about the moment she was little. >> the associate director for animal care sciences at the national zoo. >> sounds like you're talking about your child. >> reminds me of my daughter. >> the separation of her mother in 2015, since then he's become more solitaire. >> they don't like to see each other. mothers and daughters don't always get along. >> she has another cub that keeps her occupied. bow bow, all grown up, will hopefully have her own cub soon. >> like your kids go off to college. it's hard to do. little sad, a lot worried, but in tend we know it's the right thing to do and best thing for her. >> in the end, that's all that matters. >> zoo has a series of events leading up to bow bow's bye bye. it starts thursday when the panda teen takes
5:50 pm
account. a look at the day of a panda keeper. it's beautiful outside. just a little on the blustery side. down to 45. dew points in the teens. winds gusting up to 23. that's okay. all the advisories cancelled. we have winds gusting 20 to 25 overnight. we can handle that. we'll say breezy tonight and colder. bus stop temperatures, 26 to 42. good news, no wind chills tomorrow morning. winds come down and are calm by tomorrow morning. clouds and winds light. morning clouds again wednesday. this time showers are possible south into southern maryland. i don't think we'll get as far north as d.c. probably stay well south of route 50 and 66. again, showers in southern maryland. maybe as far north as charles county. 10:00 tonight, no worries. temperatures chilly want to walk the dog or walk out to dinner. 37 downtown.
5:51 pm
they're small indicates not much wind. 33 fredrick. by morning, future cast trying to develop clouds far north. i don't know if they'll go that far north. clouds tomorrow, no doubt. temperatures upper 20s low 30s to start. we're looking at temperatures almost 40 tomorrow. 35 in hagerstown. clouds begin to recede north to south by lunchtime. south wind is good. warm air up here. by 6:00 p.m., clouds gone. temperatures still 50 in fredricksburg and 47 downtown. not that cold for valentine's day. actually a nice valentine's day. by 11:00, upper 30s, low 40s. persisting down to the south. these clouds eventually work northward as another system comes in as we go to wednesday. on the day planner, temperatures in the 30s. 43 by 1 1:00. 47 by 1:00. yes, there will be clo
5:52 pm
next three days, wednesday morning clouds, 53. blustery on thursday. 44. doesn't last long. friday back to 50. couple of sprinkles possible. near 60 on saturday. upper 50s on sunday with showers. near 60 again on monday with sunshine. see red hot washington wizards hoping to widen their lead in the southeast conference with a home game. washington won nine of last ten games. frank with more on the wizards magic in tonight's inside the paint. >> oklahoma city may have russell westbrook averaging a triple double. john walton is posting career best numbers. not a triple double. he's getting up there. averaging 23 points, 10 assists, four reboundeds a game. mvp chants the other night with the
5:53 pm
we shall see at the end of the season where he fairs the rest of his league. wizards at 8:00 in chinatown. inside the paint, i'm frank hanrahan. nobody is questioning the wizards ability to ball with the big boys. musical stylings might leave a little to be desired. teens sent out a tweet last night. hey d.c. families, who wins best performance by a wizard? grudgingly now, we go to tape. >> born and raised on the playground where i spend most of my days. >> i was to dance with somebody. i want to feel the groove with somebody. >> my fire, the one desire. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i see a writer
5:54 pm
don't have to do stuff like this. >> none ya. coming up at 6:00, the instagram account that lets a new person show case the beauty of d.c. each day. up next, we're going backstage at
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it's music's biggest night of the year. last night, the share of grammy moments. nancie odell live from hollywood with the buzz going on backstage. hi nancie. >> hey adam. >> everybody is talking about the facts grammys are billed as a battle as two of the biggest stars of the planet, adele and beyonce. music's biggest night had a bad hello. ♪ ♪ >> adele opened the grammy's and swept the major award. >> hello, adele. >> 25, adele. >> hello. >> only artist to win song of the year twice. it was the emotional restart that
5:58 pm
stunned the audience. ♪ ♪ >> almost one year to the day of her last grammy performance derailed when a microphone fell into the piano, adele began a tribute to late george michael and stopped herself. >> can you start it again? i can't mess it up for him. >> she confirmed a secret wedding to long time love. the couple's status has been long time speculation. >> my husband and my son, you're the only reason i do it. >> forget the rivalry talk, cell posed with jay-z. she -- adele posed with jay-z. >> she mouthed at beyonce and mouthed i love her. >> the artist of my life is beyonce. the lemonade album was monumental. >> so beautiful. >> well tonight on e.t. how beyonce's daughter
5:59 pm
a jaw dropping price tag. >> so many were talking about that today. nancie, thanks. catch e.t. at 7:30 after off script with bruce johnson. now at 6:00, national security adviser michael flinn sits in on talks with president trump and canadian prime minister amid reports his job may be in jeopardy. good evening. i'm leslie. >> i'm bruce. donald trump hosted a world leader at white house. this time it was justin trudeau, prime minister of canada. while the president and prime minister disagree on immigration and trade issues, they seemed to find common ground during their visit. >> president trump welcomed canada's prime minister, justin true do trudeau to white house for their first face to face meeting. >> relationships between
6:00 pm
everything. >> the two are opposites in many ways. prime minister trudeau is a liberal who's country has taken in 40,000 syrian refugees while the president works to restore his travel ban. >> we cannot let the wrong people in. i will not allow that to happen during this administration. >> the last thing canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they choose to govern themselves. >> the two world leaders covered a lot of ground. trade talks dominated the conversation. the president has promised to renegotiate the trade agreement between the u.s., mexico, canada. >> we'll be tweaking it, doing certain things that are going to benefit both of our countries. it's a much less severe situation than what's taken place on the southern border. >> millions of good middle class jobs on both sides of the boa


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