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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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everything. >> the two are opposites in many ways. prime minister trudeau is a liberal who's country has taken in 40,000 syrian refugees while the president works to restore his travel ban. >> we cannot let the wrong people in. i will not allow that to happen during this administration. >> the last thing canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they choose to govern themselves. >> the two world leaders covered a lot of ground. trade talks dominated the conversation. the president has promised to renegotiate the trade agreement between the u.s., mexico, canada. >> we'll be tweaking it, doing certain things that are going to benefit both of our countries. it's a much less severe situation than what's taken place on the southern border. >> millions of good middle class jobs on both sides of the boa
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this crucial partnership. >> 20 say, canada and u.s. exchanged $575 billion worth of goods with each other. cbs news, the white house. >> president trump and prime minister trudeau announced the u.s. and canada would form a partnership to help grow female owned businesses on both sides of the border. >> michael flinn's job could be in jeopardy. flinn says he might have spoke ton russia's am was door about easing u.s. sanctions during talks he had before mr. trump took office. he says he can't be 100% certain. flinn originally said sanctions never came up. flinn's conflicting statements called his integrity into question. nancie pelosi and other democrats want him fired. the white house says president trump is evaluating the situation. korean television
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video of sunday's test launch of missiles. media reports say kim jong-un was on hand for the test and was pleased for results. the pentagon said the missile traveled 300 miles before landing in the sea of japan. the launch of the program poses a clear gray threat to u.s. security. mayor and d.c. residents are rallying on capitol hill tonight. they are urging congress to keep hands off d.c. the protests comes as a house committee votes on a bill that would overcome the death with dignity law that allows doctors to prescribe medication to end patient's lives if they have only months to live. ovarian cancer patient is among those urging congress to leave the law alone. >> i would like that control over my life and my body. i think that,
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fundamental right that everybody should have. >> now the bill is likely to pass the committee. congress has just 30 days to overturn a law approved by the d.c. council and signed by the mayor. that deadline is due to expire on february 17th which gives congressional opponents of that bill just four days to get it through the house and senate and signed by the president. at 6:00, much of social media flooded with self-ifif -- selfies. this is actually an instagram account started by people to show case the district's beauty that account skyrocketed to 307,000 follower ands hundreds of contributors. here's how it works. each day a new person posts pictures to that instagram page. nikki tagged with one contributor to see d.c. through her eyes >> d.c. gets a bad rap for being
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there's so much more. that's the purpose of this instagram account. >> trying to get between the cars is the tricky part. >> amy is not a tourist. >> i love these posts they still have around. so cool. >> today she might look like one. >> she's roaming around her city snapping pictures of what she finds beautiful. >> this is one of the areas i spend the most time in for sure. she started in dupont circle, a spot we've all been through countless times. her perspective is very different. that's why she's out here. amy is photographer for the day on the instagram account, we the people of d.c. during this 24 hour period, she can capture and post d.c. through her eyes. tomorrow, someone else will take over. >> there aren't that many rules. it's about showing your side. sometimes it can be controversial. sometimes it can be a brunch plate. >> she's one of the administrators of the account which has
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followers. it's filled with people who know d.c. isn't just about who you know. >> i think i was kind of in the same boat when i moved here. this city has so much beauty to it. for us, we really want to insure that people see that. >> the social media isn't just about yourself. >> to share your side of d.c. is something really special. >> everyday is different from food and coffee, monuments and buildings, dogs, people, size, neighborhoods. the point is whatever you find worthy or beautiful or important you share. >> especially our intersections of humanity of the city. it's a beautiful city. >> if you want to sign up to use the handle for a day, all you have to do is go to the instagram page and click the link in the bio. it's a 10 month wait. i'm wusa 9. >> the page started two years ago. wait for 10 months. you can apply to contribute when you want. d.c. was a sunny but windy place to be today. >> that's right. those winds we're told
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down now. if you don't believe us, look at the weather terrace. >> pretty good shape. no advisories or warnings in effect. this is the last hour. strongest gusts we've had 17 miles per hour wind gusts. 18 in annapolis. >> it's going to be breezy tonight. the damaging winds are over with. it's driving down the wind chill and feels like 31 fredrick, 36 downtown. bundle up if you go out. look at the forecast by winds 9:00 winds 20 miles per hour to 17. these are top gusts now. we get into 6:00 hour, boom. top gusts. we talk about misdemeanors that threatn smarts -- talk about threatening the area. >> sandusky is behind bars facing similar charges. >> police near state college pennsylvania arrested jerry sandusky today and charged him with video taping sex acts with one teenage girl. police say one of the victim's fathers
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sandusky sent her an inappropriate text message in march. jeffrey sandusky's adopted father is form her penn state assistant coach serving 30 to 06 years in prison for sexual assaulting at least ten boys more than a decade. prosecutors say a man accused of killing the lion sisters in 1975 tried to abduct to other girls around the same time. lloyd welch jr. faces charges for murders of the sisters last seen walking to a shopping mall. if he's convicted, two women will testify at sentencing that they got into welch's car near the same mall that very same year. they had to roll down the windows to avoid abduction. prosecutors say others will testify he sexual assaulted them. a federal judge in d.c. rejected requests by two native american tribes to stop
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pipeline the standing river and rock laid the plans. that's the last big section of the pipeline the tribes say this destruction threatns their cultural site and water supply. another court hearing set for later this month. northern california is bracing for more rain even as crews try to make sure the world's tallest dam and energy backups don't collapse from weeks of heavy rain and erosion. nearly 200,000 people living down river were evacuated over the weekend. >> everybody literally threw everything in their cars and they were gone. it was like a ghost town. last week officials spotted a 200-foot gash in the main spillway of the oraville dam. crews are loading rocks into bags
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kill helicopter -- that helicopters dropped. 23,000 strong are on stand by to deploy if needed. coming up, the controversial bill to protect drivers the they hit a protestor who's blocking the roads. >> up next, the controversial reason police say they did not arrest the parents of a baby left alone in a locked car.
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caught on camera, viral video of a baby left alone inside a locked car is sparking conversation on social media. people walking by called police after they saw the baby strapped in the car seat in that parking lot of a movie theater saturday night. officers found the parents inside the movies with another child, their 4-year-old daughter. it's illegal to leave a child in a car unattended. the parents were not arrested. >> what they found out is the family is from saudi arabia. they said this is culturally acceptable for them. that's normal. >> no urge which as which -- no charges in this case. police say if the parents had grown up in the united states, the outcome might have been different meaning there could have been charges. drivers in tennessee could soon be protected if they hit a protestor who is blocking traffic. >> this bill is drawing a lot of support and disgust online. the measu
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they're following the routine traffic laws and hit a demonstrator standing in the streets blocking cars. drivers are not protected if they intentionally hit a protestor. this bill has drawn a lot of attention on wusa 9 facebook page today. one said blocking traffic is a violation and unsafe. blocking the road is a risk. you have been warned. >> another says i don't think it's a good idea. some genius will take this as a green light to mow through a crowd of people. not good. join this conversation on wusa 9 facebook page. coming up, a twist in the investigation in the klu klux klan leader found murdered after being reported missing by his wife. a woman forms a bond with man's best fri
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station road north of old brown pike. >> there's always three sides to every story. you know, his version, unfortunately the deceased version, and the$t truth. unfortunately we'll never know the deceased version. we'll only know cameras and what was told. >> pice say the driver is talking to investigators tonight. drivers stayed on the scene after this incident. there are witnesses that are also being questioned. how would you react if you saw somebody throw a dog out of a moving vehicle? >> that would be heartbreaking. that's what a florida woman witnessed over the weekend. it made her mad. 23-year-old gabrielle was driving in boca ran when she saw an suv slow down and someone shoved a dalmation out of a passenger door. >> my heart just broke. i started crying. i didn't know what to do. >> i can't imagine who in their right mind
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would ever think of such a horrific act to take a dog and throw the dog out of a car. >> lisa scooped up the dog. she's now calling it buster. she took him home the next day she brought him to a local animal rescue where he's nourished back to health. police are searching for the driver who dumped the dalmation. the naacp is asking nashville authorities to speed up the investigation into the deadly police shooting. 31-year-old clemons was armed and refused to drop his weapon during a confrontation with police on friday. he was shot in the back and died at the hospital. the family says the shooting was not necessary. side from that expedited investigation, the naacp wants police to begin wearing body cameras. we've got new development this is the story that caught a lot of attention on social media over the weekend. the wife of a missouri klu klux klan leader expected of his murder. frank was found shot
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vehicle was found on the side of the road in the mark twain national forest. his wife, 44-year-old melissa, is held in police custody on suspicion of murder. she had reported him missing. here's what she said after her husband's body was found. >> i don't know why this happened. i don't know what's going on. >> you know who would want to hurt your husband? >> no. i mean, i know, you know he's with a certain organization, and there's been a lot of things along the lines of threats. i don't know. >> now ancona called himself imperial wizard of the clan. police have not released a motive for his murder. a check up to look at heart problems made the difference for one family. >> m
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bill fox was outdoorsman and scientist, could tell you what not to seat and identify every tree in the woods he was a renaissance guy ahead of his time. he had a video camera and computer before anyone else d. he was just a great dad and grandfather. in 1999, he had open heart surgery to replace a hydro valve and also had atro fib. in 2009 he died at 82. he had a very long life. we had ten extra years because he took care of himself. there's a lesson here. take care of your heart not just for yourself but the people you love. >> well said. >> absolutely. >> we are offering free heart health screenings, free, no charge, to all of you out there blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol screenings.
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hours of 4:00 and 8:00 in the evening at two locations. one is wayne curry sports and learning center in high atville, maryland. or you can come here. wusa 9 studio on wednesday. fellow wusa 89 anchor -- wusa 9 anchor and myself hosting this one. more found on our app or website. everything is free. >> is your heartbeating slower now that the winds died down? >> it was crazy between 10:30 and 11:30. we had a gust front coming through. a lot of people said it sounded like a derecho. that's impressive winds. 55 degrees at 11:00. in my infinite wisdom, i changed high 48 to 52 thinking
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we shall see tonight at 11:00. live look outside at our weather cam. it's blustery outside. really for mid february, still not bad. 43, winds in the teens. we'll call it breezy tonight and colder. a bus stop temperature 26 to 42. good news, no wind chills to worry about. few clouds, light winds tomorrow. clouds in the south could produce showers and light rain in southern maryland. this tells ther to. look at temperatures. there's no arctic err anywhere. 40 meadow lakes. look at temperatures in the lower 48. still 40 bismark. 41 chicago. the coldest air by far is up into maine. that area had the blizzard over the past couple of days. as far as we're concerned tonight, temperatures in the 30s by tomorrow morning. few clouds return. temperatures
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upper 20s and low 30s. on the day planner, stays above freezing downtown tomorrow. we've got clouds. they'll thin out towards the afternoon. 47 by 1:00 p.m. wednesday morning clouds, maybe a shower again south of town 53. freezing and colder thursday, 44. doesn't last long. back to 50 on friday. maybe a sprinkle. back to 60 saturday. upper 50s on sunday. maybe a shower. that's a good trade off. 60 with sunshine again next monday. coming up next, you know the wizards play the oklahoma city thunder tonight. two of oklahoma's players from the senior high school here. coming up t high school coach d
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for the third time in eight days, wizards play a nationally televised game tonight when oklahoma city thunder visit the verizon center one and only time this season. this game is homecoming of sorts for thunder players. they were greeted this morning by their former coach mike jones. >> it was pretty cool to remanence and see familiar faces like i said. they had a lot to do with our success and what kind of men we are today. you know, the model is gentlemen and scholars. we took that saying and ran with hit. >> any time you get to see young men grow
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dreams and them able to achieve dreams, it's something they always spoke about, they wanted to play at the highest level top see their hard work and dedication. >> now oklahoma city is coming in hungry. they're off an emotional loss saturday night at home to former thunder star kevin durant and his team the golden state warriors. the wizards won two straight since the winning streak was snapped by the cavaliers in overtime last monday night. that game will still go down as one of the legendary ones. >> oklahoma going to come in hungry and leave starving. they lose tonight. >> i like your thinking. >> around 50 tomorrow with sunshine. >> cbs is
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