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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 14, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon and thank you for joining us at noon, i'm andrea roane. a white house spokesman says president trump hopes to name a new national security adviser by the end of this week. now the man who had the job general michael flynn resigned unexpectedly last month after reports he lied to the vice
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with russian officials before inauguration day. as craig boswell reports from the white house, democrats are demanding answers. >> reporter: retired general michael flynn is out as the national security adviser. flynn had been caught on surveillance talking with russia's ambassador to the u.s. about sages against russia prior to trump taking office. he wrote -- >> reporter: white house counselor conway told nbc's today show that was what cost flynn his job. >> in the end it was misleading the vice president that made the situation unsustainable. >> reporter: the department of justice told the white house a month ago that general flynn hadn't been truthful about the phone calls and warned that could make him vulnerable to blackmail by moscow. >> at that moment, he still had the complete trust of the president? >> matt. i'm telling what you the president has said, which is that he
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flynn's resignation. and he wishes him well. >> reporter: on twitter this morning, president trump seemed more upset about the leak. saying that was the real story. president trump mealedly named retired -- immediately named keith kellogg to be the acting national security adviser until a permanent replacement is flamed. >> there's at least three strong candidates that will be considered here. >> reporter: general kellogg is one of the three full-timists for the part-time -- finalists for the full-time position along with former cia director david petraeus, craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> democrats and some republicans are calling for briefings and hearings to learn exactly what general flynn told the russian ambassador. and whether that was a possible violation of the law. the flynn fiasco is getting a lot of attention on social media. angry american is crestfallen over flynn's resignation, he writes -- this is very sad day in our nation. he was right choice, fire leaker who created
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meanwhile, lizzie thinks the resignation is just the tip of the iceberg, she tweets no flynn did not act alone. he's not going to oppose his goose who lays the golden egg. president trump knew and knows. and finally, nathan wrote -- as america rejected hillary rodham clinton corruption, if flynn lied, there was a reason. he must reject him as we did hrc. hashtag #flynnresignation. what do you think about general flynn's resignation? log on to any of the social media pages and join in the conversation. the united nations court council has anonymous -- security council has unanimously condemned north korea's new missile test. it's using solid fuel instead of liquid to eject from the mobile launcher. and analysts say the achievement is a dangerous step forward in north korea's pursuit of a deliverable nuclear weapon and it's a first test for president trump.
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months of silence from pyongyang. kim jong nam is dead. south korean news outlets are reporting that kim was killed in malaysia by two women with poisoned needles at the kuala lumpur airport. the suspects believed to be north korean operatives are still at large. another blow in the fight against the construction of the dakota access pipeline. a judge has declined to grant a restraining order to tribes seeking to stall construction. the controversial pipeline would tunnel under lake owahe. that lake is a water source located on the standing rock sioux tribe reservation. in january, president trump signed an executive order declaring the pipeline's completion a national priority. nearly 200,000 people evacuated from their homes in north california still can't go home. if an emergency spillway at the oroville da
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erode, their homes will be in the path of potentially calf involvic flooding. -- catastrophic flooding. harassments are -- helicopters are flying in boulders to shore up the dam. governor brown says he's unaware of a newly surfaced report from 2005. at that time, the motion filed with the federal energy regulatory commission urging federal officials to require that the dam's emergency spillway be armored with concrete rather than remain as an everyonen hillside which could erode. residents ordered out of their homes are demanding answers. >> i'm no engineer and i don't ever want to be, but i don't -- i don't think it was handled right at all. >> it was chaos. >> governor brown says he's sent a letter to the white house requesting direct federal assistance in the emergency. though some federal agencies have been helping already. fears of more rain on this already soaked area for them in california. for our area, warming up again. and any showers to
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>> allyson take it away. >> good afternoon and happy valentine's day andrea, just a couple of showers here. these are very light. just one area where this is actually coming down near dale city. around alexandria and d.c., these are going to be sprinkles and earlier today there were just a couple of flurries normal big deal here, these aren't going to last for too long but along 95 just south of the beltway we have a few showers, extends through southern maryland but these are on the way out. the second half of your valentine's day is looking drier with increasing sunshine. so it is going to be more pleasant if you have maybe outdoor plans something special planned for valentine's day. the weather will cooperate. so take a look at your futurecast. and indicating maybe a few flurries out there but temperatures are doing a good job of warming up if they're just coming down in rain drops and melt right away anyway. this is your futurecast at 3:00. yeah, not much. actually skies begin to clear. so we know that those showers are not going to last for too long by any means, ju
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temperatures are then going to head to the upper 40s. and it's going to be nice afternoon. little breezy right now and won't be so breezy this evening. 7:00 if you have dinner plans, yeah jacket will be in order but not going to be unbearably cold and temperatures 42 for gaithersburg and 41 for manassas. and maybe on the way home we'll still be into the 40s. currently, we're at 39 for frederick and 43 for cull pupper and we'll add -- culpeper and we'll add another couple of degrees to this and yeah a warm-up by the weekend. so if you are looking for warmer weather, we'll get you those details coming up and you can always get our latest forecast on our wusa9 app. take a look at this. sky 9 is live over the scene of this tractor-trailer crash in frederick county, maryland. it appears the truck was traveling on route 15 north when the driver lost control and the tractor rolled down an embankment on to 7th street. at this point there are no reports of injuries. but authorities do suggest drivers avoid the area until the
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well, taking fill her up it almost ray listened action 4 thong -- literally. around 4:00 this morning a white van filled with three men one of them with a mask backed into this exxon station in laurel and they broke through the glass knocking over an atm machine inside. the guys got out, took the machine, then sped off toward route 295. no injuries to the cashier behind the counter. but thousands of dollars worth of damage is left behind. the owner who didn't want to speak on camera spent hours cleaning up the mess after having the side of the store boarded up. and anne arundel county police are looking at surveillance video to help find the suspects. anyone with information is asked to contact police right away. this is the busiest day for florists all across the country. and as wusa9's hilary lane tells us the 86-year-old own over a local family owned shop is keeping up with the demand. >> i want some red rose for
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blue daydy. >> reporter: at carew sew florist on m street northwest. a fresh set fills your nose. and a sweet song fills your ears. ♪ >> reporter: the man behind the music and the flowers is owner phil caruso. ♪ sugar is sweet my dear but not as sweet as you ♪ >> i've been working here 71. >> reporter: he's 86 years young. >> well, like i always said -- attack is ahead. >> reporter: his father started up the flower shop over a century ago when he came over from italy. >> he had no education and couldn't speak english so he started selling real bunches to have flowers. >> reporter: they opened up a store front on 14th street northwest in the 1940s can then moved to m street in the early 2000s. for over 100 years, the business has bloomed. >> everybody loves flowers. >> reporter: and
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mr. caruso. >> ' key deck. >> all right mr. c. be back. >> i give her a free bouquet every week. then her boyfriend got mat and i got kind of scared. its really scared. i had to put a bulletproof vest on. >> reporter: what's the secret for staying so sharp at 86 years old? >> i don't know what it is. it must be the flowers. [ laughter ] must be the flowers, you keep them perked up all the time. something about flowers. >> reporter: and while flowers have a short shelf life, mr. caruso certainly does not. >> i don't think i'll ever retire. i mean, i just like to be here. workingment talking to people. -- working, talking the people and it's very interesting and it keeps you alert. how'd you like that? >> reporter: hilary lane, wusa9. >> at age 86, phillip works from 4:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. six days a week. it's one of my favorite places. america's favorite panda is getting ready to head home
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china next week. millions of devoted fans have watched bao bao grow up. but now the young bear is learning a new first. she's getting used to the crate that will take her to her new home. her trainer is using honey water to train her to like the crate. part of the deal when china loaned her parents to the national zoo was that any cubs would be sent to china to breed before they turned 4. a family donates a shirt with a small fortune stashed in one of the pockets. coming up, find out what happens when they try to get it back.
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welcome back to the news at noon. you know, even though you know what's best for you, sometimes you don't always do what's best for you. that was the case for our mike hydeck when it came to heart health. with the serious family history of heart disease, mike had avoided a trip to the doctor. this wusa9 heart love campaign pushed him over the edge to do it and he says he's glad he did.
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coming for any dad. he's up to five. and i worry they're going to hit me too. after his quintuple bypass the heart surgeon told me to get checked. and for three years, i've been scared to learn the truth. until now. >> watch this. down quickly. >> chief cardiology dr. allen taylor is doing my stress test at med star heart vascular institute. >> the better people's outlook is for avoiding future heart disease. >> they tracked my heart rate, the rhythm, they also take my blood pressure. >> coyou do it? >> you sure. >> yeah? >> positive. >> they also did a special ct scan while i was there. >> so first thing you need to do is put both hands over your head. we want to hook you up to the ekg. >> you slide into the big ring you hold your breath and the machine takes x-rays of your heart. it looks for a buildup of calcium in the arteries. what are we
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tell me exactly. >> this is your chest and your heart in the middle and that's the main blood vessel and the little gray things are the blood vessel. because they're gray they don't have calcium in them. >> as far as the strength of my heart. my initial fears dissolved into plain old sweat. >> that last-minute was rough. >> when i learned the numbers were strong. i can't wait to tell dad. >> good news for mike and tomorrow we are holding two heart love screenings. one will take place tomorrow. wednesday, at the wayne curry sports and learning center in hyattsville. i'll be there with our partners from the health department of prince george's county. there will also be one right here at wusa9 on wisconsin avenue and anchors bruce johnson and adam luongo will be joined by doctors from med star heart and vascular institute. the free screening hours at both locations tomorrow run from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. so come get heart healthy with us
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or in prince george's county. maybe the reason why interest is declining for red roses is because gifts like these are available. introducing the kfc fried chicken pew co. it -- chicken bouquet. the chain launched a give away on facebook for 20 lucky people to win. sorry to burst your bubble though. only available in new zealand. but online, there's demand that kfc bring it home to the usa. so if you're unlucky in love. how about getting a new dog to celebrate valentine's day? the website pawslikeme calls itself the eharmony for pets and people. it matches people with pooches based on personality and lifestyle. the quiz takes five minutes and it looks at four components, energy, confidence, focus, and independence. once you're done with the quiz, an algorithm matches you with combatable dogs in the area that are available r
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homes. it may be winter here, but they're in the midst of a heat wave down under. an australian police officer fried an egg on the hood of his patrol car and it's got more than three million views since friday. he fried the egg while he was parked in the simpson desert. weather experts there say the temperature hasn't dipped below 105 degrees since january 26th. wow. nasa has released a rare spectacular photo of a dying star. the hubble space telescope took this. it happens so quickly. the gas and dust are spit out and opposite directions with immense speed. the gas shown in yellow is moving at more than get this -- 621,000 miles per hour. and allyson is looking like holy moly. >> i am such a little space nerd. i just love that stuff. i mean so cool. that the -- >> beautiful. >> yeah it really is. and just kind of
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to think what's all out there? >> what's still out there that we haven't seen too. that's amazing. >> a lot. >> all right we're seeing a lot happening in weather in just the span of a week. >> absolutely. yeah. and today it's cloudy it's cool. we have a couple of showers out there. nothing too heavy. not going to last even for a few hours. things will clear up we're going to see some sunshine today. we're going to cool off and we're going to heat up this week. yeah a little bit of something for everybody except snow. sorry. just no snow in the forecast. i just can't see anything. so it's cloudy and it's chilly out and we're going to head to the upper 40s today and with more sunshine heads our way might not feel as chilly out there. 35 degrees is that feels-like temperature. little bit of a breeze but the winds will relax later this afternoon and they're out of the southwest. upper 40s and low 50s today so either side of 50 degrees. 52 for washington and 54 for fredericksburg and
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hagerstown this afternoon. if you have tea valentine's day plans -- valentine's day plans, 46 by 8:00. dress for the 40s and the winds will be light out of the southwest. little bit of a disturbance look back off to the south and west, more showers through places like arkansas that's going to slide to the south of us tomorrow. so most areas will remain dry tomorrow. i'll show you who can key some showers first thing in the morning. couple of showers right here through alexandria and just north of dale city. and even through haymarket. showing returns of snow but by the time it reaches the surface, it's either going to evaporate or just melt. we're not going to see too many snow showers anymore with those southwesterly winds. these are on their way out. even just a few sprinkles along 301. it's the darker shades of green with the setup that are actually reaching the ground. so how long does it stick around? not long. by 1:30 a lot of it is already drying up. the clouds will linger for southern maryland and parts of virginia. little bit longer than areas in maryland. as we they had through the middle of -- head through the middle of the afternoon that's looking lot better than what 'r
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some sunshine winds are staying out of the south so we will see temperatures the head to that either side of 50-degree range. 7:30 dinner time. valentine's day time. we're looking at temperatures into the low 0s. 47 -- 40s. 47 for washington and we'll stay into the 40s for most places just before the midnight hour. upper 30s for some of our usual colder spots. martinsburg and up through frederick. tomorrow morning that system i said is going to slide down further to the south? it is going to head down through st. mary's county and reedville the northern neck and most areas just dry and cloudy to start your wednesday. becoming sunny once again and windy for the afternoon. those winds out of the west- northwest will keep a couple of snow showers for the mountains. and that will carry on for thursday. thursday will be our coldest day of the week. into the low 40s. but by february standards low 40s not too bad but it will be windy. highs today in the low 50s and same goes for tomorrow. 42 our coldest day on thursday. and how about 60 degrees on saturday. and upper 50s fo
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monday. we'll be right back after this. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 150 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 40 songs,
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it appears goodwill is more than just the name. it's also an attitude shown by those who give and receive at the famous charity. a plain white envelope with linda hoffman's husband's savings, $8,000 worse: unknowingly was carted off with the stack of dress shirts to the goodwill in california. the rust colored button down ended up in a bin filled with donations, now that was last tuesday. but the hoffmans didn't realize the mistake until two days later. it took an hour and the shirt still on the hanger with the envelope full of cash was found.
12:24 pm
yesterday, looking for this money that they accidentally donated. and we just -- we got to find it. >> it wasn't like the money. it was the principle of the fact that how hard he earn -- he saved it. and then the people there just caring so much for us. >> you may wonder why someone would have that much money around. bob's wife says he had planned to give the money to a family member who had fallen on hard times. now he can still do that. we'll have one final look at the forecast when we come back.
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okay, a couple of leftover showers this morning. not going to last much longer. we'll see some sunshine this afternoon. upper 40s low 50
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the weekend, how about 60- degree? >> unbelievable. that's it for wusa9 news at noon. we'll be back at 5:00. have a great day and i'll see you tomorrow at the heart screening at the curry sports and learning center.
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>> billy: what is wrong with you, huh? you gonna beat your chest and demand that victoria gives up her company because you feel like you're owed something? you're not owed anything, cane, so back off. >> victoria: i can handle this, billy. >> billy: you got a job, okay? you got a paycheck. that is all you are owed! >> cane: so when i was making things happen here 'cause you were too busy doing whatever else you do to bother -- >> billy: when was that, exactly? >> cane: every day! every day i've done more for this company than you've ever done for anything in your entire life! >> billy: you think you're such a hero, don't you, for doing a job that you were hired to do! >> victoria: i just said i can handle this. you're not helping. >> cane: i'm not gonna stand here and listen to this, okay? >> billy: so hand in your resignation, 'cause those are the options. get on board or get out! >> jack: you have an offer for me? i think i have everything i need. >> jill: come on, jack. you don't want fenmore's. >> jack: i worked my tail off to get fenmore's. i'm not about to walk away from it now. >> jill: yeah, but you got 49%, which is less than half, which


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