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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  February 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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sanctions imposed by the obama administration. they said prumple has known since january 26th, when briefed by the department. >> reporter: general michael flynn is out as national security adviser. after admitting he gave incomplete information about a phone call he had, with russia's ambassador to the u.s., prior to president trump taking office. flynn reportedly was caught on u.s. surveillance, talking about u.s. sanctions. but he told vice president mike pence, he didn't discuss the topic. >> the level of trust between the president and general flynn had eroded to the point where he felt he had to make a change. >> reporter: the justice department first warned the white house on january 26th, that flynn had misled the white house about the phone call. but flynn was allowed to remain in his job until monday night. >> the president was informed of this. he asked the white house council to review the situation. the first matt
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we had to review whether there was a legal issue, which the white house council concluded there was not. >> reporter: democrats are calling for a full investigation into what exactly general flynn said to the russian ambassador, and why it took the president a month to fire him. >> we want to know by what authority did general flynn have these conversations and who did he report to after that? >> i think it's likely that general flynn will be at some point asked to come and talk to the committee about post election activities and any other activities he would be aware of. >> trump responded on twitter, saying the real story here is why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of washington. craig boswell, cbs, the white house. reports say they interviewed flynn after he became national security adviser, about his phone conversation with the russian ambassador. the news report says if he
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exposed to a felony charge. he was part of a routine taping. general keith kellogg. he's been named the national acting security adviser. they are asking the white house to investigate and possibly discipline president trump's senior adviser, kellyanne conway. the office says conway committed a clear violation of ethics rules when she went on fox news last week. can way gave what she herself called a free commercial for ivanka trump's clothing line, after nordstrom pulled the line from its rack. the ethics office is giving the white house two weeks to respond to the call for investigation. the house oversight committee is investigating. security protocols at the florida resort. that president trump calls his winter white house. mira lago. the committee is concerned guests were able to hear the president. and japan's prime minister. discussing last
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the committee wants to know if any clarified information was discussed. president trump said giving parents the power to choose children's schools is key to improving the nation's system. today, he held a hearing. with teachers of public, private and home-schooled children. >> i want every single disadvantaged child in america, no matter what their background or where they live, to have a choice about where they go to school. and it's worked out so well in communities, where it's been properly run and properly done. and it's a terrific thing. >> president trump was joined by his education secretary betsy duvas. the -- duvos. the president congratulated her and called her trial a very unfair trial she won. secretary duvos. her critics say she is too inexperienced to oversee the public school system. new
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the new chancellor said he talked to secretary duvos and will continue to be an advocate for strong public education. delia goncalves joins us now live at the white house with more. delia, what did he tell you? >> well, you know, anton wilson is charged with leading a school department here in the district of columbia, where many of its parents and teachers spend the weekend here at the white house, protesting president trump's policies, including the appointment of secretary duvos. now, while he appreciates and he says he even shares their passion for public education. he has a message tonight for parents. his message is clear that our fear should not stop us from working together. >> reporter: parents and teachers protest friday. say they fear that education secretary betsy duvos is a direct threat to public schools. >> do you
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>> well, first and foremost, i think it's extremely important that we have a really great relationship with the department of education. and with secretary of education duvos. there's tremendous choice in d.c. already. there's nothing that needs to be fixed there. and from the standpoint of choice. well, we want to make sure that there is fairness. >> it's important that we don't allow our fears to prevent us from engaging in dialogue. engaging in opportunity to explain what we do. in an opportunity to be advocates for public education. >> chancellor wilson, spending time, meeting parents and students, gauging what is working and what's not in the school system. his priority, teacher support, extra extracurricular activities. more action. and diversities. a recent school segregation report indicates 70% of d.c. students attend schools where 90 to 100% of their classmates are black or hisopinionic -- hispanic. how do you begin
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that? desegregate our schools? >> i believe in exposing students to opportunities to mimic the world they're going to live in. >> this child of a teenage mother knows success lies in giving opportunities to all children. >> we're just trying to make sure that students feel like because of the neighborhood they grew up in, regardless of that neighborhood, that they are expected to be successful. and they're going to be supportive to be successful. >> the chancellor, about two weeks on the job. i asked him what he considers the biggest challenge, facing dcts. he said it's offering compelling options for parents and evolving the school systems to a city that is growing and expanding. we're live in northwest. delia don salves, wu -- delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> and recently served as school superintendent in oaklands, -- oakland california, before coming to
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d.c. earlier this month, the government threatened to withhold millions of dollars, unless local governments created a new metrooversight safety board. edtoday, they advanced a bill. the district has already committed to the oversight board. but virginia still needs to act. rory cooper is proposing what he calls a compromise. to repeal an lgbt law. current law blocks north carolina towns from passing their own legal protections for lgbt people. and it requires that transgender people use public rest rooms, corresponding to the gender on their birth certificates. under the proposal, the current law is repealed. and there will be tougher sentences for crimes committed in public rest rooms. and local governments would have to give state lawmakers, 30 days' notice for establishing their new anti- discrimination laws. the college of william and mary, trying to
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vandalized the statue of william and mary. someone wrote slave owners on the statue. the university is working to remove the graffiti, would you tell us damaging the statue the a spokesperson said the school encourages civil discourse, but it's never acceptable to deface property. so far, no response from north korea, after the company n. unanimously condemned their missile launch. >> they call it a dangerous step forward for the communist nation. the missile it tested uses solid fuel instead of liquid, which would make it easier for them to deliver one it would also potentially pit the trump administration against china, which is north korea's only ally. kim jong nom reportedly told medics two weem
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with a chemical spray. investigators say the attack happened at the airport in can youala -- co -- kuala lumpur. it's going to get a bit windy around here again tomorrow. topper shutt is on the weather terrace. >> winds are going to pick up after lunchtime now. right now, looking at highs, 51 downtown. may end up lowering that. 48 in gaithersburg. only 46 in frederick. foo 42 in cumberland. we'll talk about how much the rain gets tomorrow. and how cold it's going to
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in northern california, residents evacuated below a damage with a damaged spillway are being allowed to go home. but they are being put on notice to stay prepared. authorities say the water level behind the oroville dam has dropped low enough to handle more rain expected this week. meantime, crews continue to shore up the spillway with giant bags of rock and gravel. and royal caribbean says replacement life jackets have arrived at a cruise ship that failed safety inspection, which kept it from leaving fort conav ral -- canaveral, florida. >> gotta have life jackets, right? >> can't go anywhere without it. >> they were riding away. more than 2,000 passengers had already boarded
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the seas yesterday. when they found out they'd be stuck in port all night long. it's supposed to be a four- night trip. >> a fire has damaged more than a dozen boats in dry docks. the fire broke out early this afternoon. quickly spread from one to another. no word how this fire started. good news is -- a father -- coming up next police want to know if there is a connection be
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right now, in fairfax county, police issued a new alert about a teen girl missing for a month. 17-year-old venus ra mira left home january 15th. fairfax county police now think she may be connected to the murder of a teen found dead this weekend. police now think both girls knew each other. >> multiple different cases, with multiple different suspects overlapping. we can't say for sure yet who was a player in which case. we just know this is where the information came
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we are definitely trying to find venus to bring her home safely. >> right now, they fear she is in danger. they fear there may be gangs involved in all of this. anyone with information is asked to call police. child mystery has ended with a murder conviction. >> reaction to the guilty verdict in the 1979 disappearance of eton pates. >> 6-year-old eton pates disappeared from a manhattan street may 25th, 1979. now, almost 38 years later, a man has been convicted for his murder. pedro hernandez. eton's father was in court when the verdict was read. >> i am truly relieved and i tell you, it's about time. >> the boy's disappearance on the way to school sent shock waves across the nation and stumped investigators for decades. in 201
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hernandez confessed on videotape. then an 18-year-old deli clerk in the boy's neighborhood, hernandez told prosecutors he took eton to the basement and choked him to death. but defense lawyers argued hernandez was mentally ill. his 2015 trial ended with a hung jury. this time around, jurors deliberated for nine days before reaching a verdict. >> i needed to know what happened to my son. and this great prosecution team finally proved it. >> reporter: eton pates was one of the first missing children ever featured on milk cartons. the anniversary of his diss appearance is now -- disappearance is now national missing children's day. and all of these years later, eton's body was never found. the mother of a 21-year-old run over by an suv in prince george's county is sharing what she saw. sharenna jones said she was driving her son from his
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when an suv started following them. she says her son, nathaniel mckenon, recognized his friend in the passenger's seat. they pulled over in a parking lot. and nathaniel got out to ask her if everything was okay. that's when the driver of the suv hit and killed him. first, he hit him. and my baby's whole body went limp and fell on the ground. then he drove over him. [ indiscernible ] >> prince george's county police are investigating whether the driver acted in self-defense. officers found an assault rifle on mckinon. jones blames a case of mistaken identity for her son's death. eating healthy. next, the keys to finding good heart health. traffic reporter, ellen brian, became especially motivated for all the right reasons, after learn being her own father's t
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exercise. it was all about an outward number. what size dress i could wear. for me, a daily meal was a pint of ice cream, washed down by another pint of sher bet. and diet coke. and i got a dog. he was a puppy and he needed to be run. i wore a size 2 dress and i couldn't run with him. my dad had high blood pressure. we've never had a heart attack in the family, but i don't want to be the first one. to help you get on the track to good heart health, we're sponsoring two screening sessions. they're free, of course. >> everything from pressure to cholesterol. bruce will be here. andrea will be out at the wayne curry sports and learning center in prince george's county. you can say hi to her there. and come on by the station. again, bruce is going to
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there. along with our colleague, adam longo. these heart health screenings go from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. and they are free. so come out and see us. and the weather won't stop you. it's going to be nice. >> no. nothing this winter is going to stop anybody here. that's for sure. >> he's disappointed. >> i am looking ahead, though, to california. they're going to get hammered again with a big storm. thatted whichs northern -- that includes northern california into the dam and southern california, into friday. as far as we're concerned. when they get hammered, we get warm. that's what's going to happen t. live look outside. we're kind of holding steady here at 45. winds out of the south/southwest at 8. it will pick up a little tomorrow. southwest 10 to 15. that should drive in some warmer air. but i'm concerned by the time we clear out tomorrow, cold air is going to be moving in. i may lower temperatures again. not as cold tonight. your valentine's day plans are safe. bus stop temps, 32 to 44. mainly dry. and less. unless you're in places like st. mary's county, calvert
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light rains south and east tomorrow. blustery, but mostly sunny on thursday. it's going to feel like it's in the 30s. all right. temperaturewise, the next five days. colder briefly. but then a warm weekend. 51 tomorrow. i may have to lower that. 43 on thursday. back to 50 on friday. then boom. we are 60 saturday. and 62 sunday. and primarily dry. primarily dry. 10:00 tonight, we clear out. 44 downtown. 44 in fredericksburg. some 30s. i mean, upper 30s in manassas, and also up into frederick. by morning. here is the rain and showers. i think the models, last couple of hours have pushed this further north. you can even see a shower downtown tomorrow. in the late morning, before it begins to clear out. by 8:30, 9:00. everyone is cloudy. and there's a couple of sprinkles here and there. even a wet snowflake possible near frederick. and temperatures upper 30s, low 40s. going to clear out. bite the time -- by the time we clear out. might make 49 or 50. but i think that's going to
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to hold in the 40s tomorrow. then tomorrow evening. again mid-40s. but it's going to feel like it's in the 30s. good news, we have snow showers for our friends across the divide for the ski resorts. day planner goes like this. 45 at 9:00. kind of holding steady. increasing sun. blustery on thursday. low 40s. pleasant on friday. about 50. pretty good end to the week really. low 60s saturday, sunday. president's day, 63. 65 on tuesday. got a sprinkle in on sunday. but do not plan around it. coming up, yukon's domination of women's college basketball reaches a wh
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>> as time kicks off the clock. >> the yukon huskies have beaten south carolina. >> the yukon women sail into sports history. the 11-point victory against south carolina capped a win streak over two years in the making. >> yukon make its 100. >> joann swanson has won over 10,000 huskies fans to see the 100th straight win. >> the legacy lives on. they don't want to be that team. they want to be the team that carries it on. >> this is special. this crowd was amazing. >> reporter: the huskies' 100- game winning streak, eclipses any team in women's and men's professional sports. placing them among the greatest in history. including the new york giants, the l.a. lakers, the pittsburgh penguins. and yes, the new england patriots. after the game, fake $100 bills were the
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souvenir. >> nothing phony about this. >> 100 is 100. in the big picture, it's so different than 99. but everybody is really excited about the number. >> the yukon women have amassed 11ncaa titles, winning the last four in a row. but consider this. more than half of this team doesn't each know the -- even know the agony of defeat. they simply weren't around, the last time the lady huskies lost the game. michelle miller, cbs news. connecticut. >> get this. they lost three starters. >> they are amazing. >> talk about loading. >> keep them away. >> terps would have the same streak probably. >> that's the news at 6:00. cbs is next. >> all right. bruc
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