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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 21, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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it is moving day for d.c.'s famous giant panda take a look she left her leaf behind at the national zoo about an hour ago and at dulles airport where she'll leave for china in less than two hours. good afternoon and thank you for joining us. i'm andrea roane. the time yes it
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bao bao left the national zoo where cheesilied for -- lived for almost four jeers this morning. -- years this morning. the unite panda was placed into a heavy metal crate this morning and then leaded into -- loaded into a customized fedex truck. the zoo was shut down to the public all morning long for preparations but just opened minutes ago. before the gates opened and she was sent off, mikea turner had the chance to get a final glimpse. >> reporter: she has had a pretty busy morning, she's had time to play, she's had time to sleep. and as you can see she's filling her belly now whether this bamboo -- with this bamboo. all before hours before taking off for her home in china that will be permanent. no shortage of love, attention and bamboo a plot of it during the final hours at the national zoo. after a fun filled day of ice cake and honey monday, the giant panda laid back in the hammock this morning and joined more of her favorite foods. since the zoo was closed to th
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outside could do was think about her. >> i'm so sorry that she is leaving but i know it's a great moment in diplomacy. >> the diversity that you know, that the zoo supports. it's amazing and i -- i'm glad that the children are out here get the opportunity to see these creatures. >> reporter: she has no idea yet but she has a long day ahead. after an early morning at the zoo, then driven to dulles airport, she'll board a customized fedex plane or panda expless as they call it for a 16 hour flight the china. a veterinarian trainer and more than 50-pound of bamboo along with some apples, pears and sweet potatoes go with her. >> you know what? more power to her, that's great. i wish i could get that kind of treatment when i travel. >> reporter: it's only right for one of d.c.'s biggest stars, she is leaving for china for it the breeding program. all cubs born at the zoo have to before they turn 4. as far as her family, she's leaving her parents and little brother behind but all for good on
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two countries. >> reporter: just a few weeks her younger brother will take over her enclosure. reporting from the national zoo, mikea turner, back to you. >> as you can imagine, the zoo has been flooded with fan mail from all over the world. and zoo officials gave them to the chinese ambassador this morning. bao bao's flight leaves this afternoon at 1:30 the wusa9 will be right there. many of you took to social media to wish the area's favorite panda a fond fare well. annie anderson tweets so cute. i'm going to miss her. so glad i got to spend new year's day with her, i always pop in to see her. jose wrote take a break of whatever is stressing you out and help us look for her. it's cute and fun exactly what you need. forget about politics. and finally, michael tweeted -- bao bao, bye bye you bring so much to our lives in the dmv, you will be missed but always be in our hearts. feel free to share your fondest memories, farewells and pictures of the panda and join the co
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wusa9 social media pages. and a little bit of a cooldown today. yesterday we were in the upper 60s and the other day 70. today? more clouds around and that's filtering the sunshine. so we're only going to make the upper 0s the way it's going now. but i point this out well there's still a chill in new england and we're 53 here in washington. lexington, kentucky near 70. the warm is not that far away and it will be coming back rather we cannily. upper 50s this afternoon. mostly cloudy and drop into the 40s tonight. quick look at the next three days? warmer with a stray shower tomorrow and youer 60s and back in the 70s with some isolated showers by thursday. hey if you don't have the wusa9 app, pleasant put it on your smart phone, it's a free download. latest weather, news and sports and even our live newscasts you can watch them all there.
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his campaign promise to get tough along the u.s./mexico border. craig boswell is at the white house with more details on the immigration guidelines just announced this morning. >> reporter: president trump toured the smithsonian's national museum of african- american history and culture and gave remarks able african- american accomplishment. >> we now have a museum that honors the millions of african- american men and women who built our national heritage. >> reporter: he also denounced recent threats against several jewish community earns around the condition -- centers around the country. >> a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate and prejudice and evil. >> reporter: at the same time, the department of homeland security unveiled sweeping new guidelines that could lead to more deportations and detentions of undocumented immigrants. those guidelines include -- the immediate return of mexican immigrants apprehended at the border, hiring 15,000 more agents to ca
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enforcement for i.c.e. and the border patrol. parents can be prosecuted for paying snugglers to bring children across the border. president obama's program which allows people brought to the u.s. as children to obtain work visas will remain. the new dhs guidelines include a directive to shift money to begin the immediate design and construction of a wall along the mexican border. something president trump insists mexico will pay for. [ speaking foreign language ] >> mexico says it will not pay for the wall. and president pena nieto will get chance to reiterate that point tomorrow when he meets with secretary of state rex tillerson and homeland security secretary john kelly. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> and the state department says secretary tillerson and kelly will also talk about border security. law enforcement cooperation and trade when they arrive in mexico. british lawmakers have clashed in the fierce debate over whether president trump deserves the recognition of a formal state visit to th
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thousands of people who oppose the invitation protested outside parliament last night. many argue having the queen officially welcome mr. trump would be a royal embarrassment. budget watchdogs are criticizing the cost of president trump's visits to his private club in palm beach, florida. the president has been there the past three weekends and that's 1 of his first 33 dids in office. air force one accounted for abig chunk of the budget costing more than $180,000 an hour to operate. that means the roughly four hour round trip flight to his seaside estate costs more than $700,000. the travel has an estimated price tag of $10 million so far and counting. >> he's going down there every weekend, the costs are going to add up pretty quickly. he doesn't need to go to florida every weekend. he can work at the white house. or up at camp david. >> in his eight years in office, former president obama
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travel costs. president trump is on the pace to eclipse that by the end of his first year. police are investigating a fatal accident this morning near dulles airport. a woman was killed when the jeep she was in crossed into the median and struck a divider. the crash happened on route 28 just south of the dulles greenway toll road. a second woman who was thrown from the jeep will survive. the driver is charged with dui. no one was hurt but this subway train derailment west of philadelphia caused quite a conundrum for thousands of commuters this morning, it appears that one of the cars derailed and crashed sending more cars off the tracks. southeastern pennsylvania transit authority crews sent buses to shuttle passengers to a neighboring station where they caught trains into the city. four american tourists and their pilot were killed when their small plane slammed into an australian shopping center. as we report the group was on a dream vacation when the
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went down. >> reporter: dashcam video shows the moment a private plane rapidly descended on an australian shopping mall tuesday morning. another angle appears to show the impact. moments later, a smoldering wreck was all that remained. cell phone video from a nearby highway captured dark smoke billowing from the scene as firefighters rushed to put out the flames. >> he was -- on the airplane. and said -- no it looks like nobody survived the crash. >> reporter: an australian pilot and four americans were on board. greg reynolds dehaven was one of them. his sister remembered him on facebook -- him on facebook. she wrote -- >> the significant structural integrityishes yard -- integrity issues in regard to the building. >> reporter: the aircraft took off tuesday morning. police say it suffered catastrophic engine failure moments before crashing into the mall. >> i jus saw a plane -- just saw a plane come across d
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like that. and then i heard the bang and i looked around and it was just flames. and smoke everywhere. >> reporter: the plane was bound for king island near tasmania off the southern coast of australia. at least two of the men on board were reportedly planning to play golf on the island's famed courses. sad anywhere duet yay, cbs news, new york. >> the crash happened at about 9:00 a.m. australian time. that is an hour before the popular direct factory outlet mall was set to open. and police say that the ti ming may have saved many lives. a little girl is pulled aid live from rubble after air strikes in damascus, syria. at least seven people were killed when war planes bombed the region held by the opposition to the assad regime. no word on what happened to her family. all month long heart love and eating healthy is one way the take care of your heart. we teemed up with the pros at ca
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night. two strategies for success? replacing salt in your meals with spices and keeping an eye on those portions. planning ahead can help avoid ordering too much when dining out and also told us to look for colorful foods. and we're also teaming up with wal-mart to collect heart healthy nonperishable food for people who can't afford to buy it. donate at the following wal- mart locations. fort totten, prince frederick, landover, la plata and chantilly. this food drive runs through february 28th and i hope to see you this friday in prince frederick. one of the reasons behind our heart love campaign returned to work this morning. wusa9's photojournalist deon wiggins suffered a heart attack in january while on the job. he fortunately had the wherewithal to calm for help -- call for help. and today everyone from his wusa9 family welcomed him back with
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he looks great doesn't he? now here's something you don't see every day. find out why a coyote would follow a doctor into work and what happened when the physician realized he was being followed.
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welcome back to the news at noon. it's a scary time for homeowners about 20 miles outside of denver. a brush fire has already destroyed some buildings and now is leading to evacuations in boulder. the winds got to about 70 miles an hour in some locations this morning. making the flames very difficult to fight. so far, no homes have been torched and 75 families were evacuated as a precaution. water, not fire is the problem in california. powerful storms are battering northern california for a third straight day. the heavy rain is filling creeks and rivers and triggering mudslides. john blackstone reports from morgan hill, california where the water level at
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>> reporter: the threat of flooding continues across northern california. the water rushing out of the overflowing arnolderson reservoir is -- anderson reservoir is swelling creeks in its path and those downstream wait ask worry. >> if the creek were to overflow the flood pattern is just going to come tight to this whole neighborhood. >> reporter: it's not the only reservoir filled to capacity by recent rains. the first time in 20 years officials monday were forced to open the spillway at the don fay doe reservoir. about two hours south of sacramento. the last time that happened it contributed to the flooding in areas in and around the town of modesto. >> we're going to keep the spillway open for four days we're going to release enough water so that we can accommodate the storms that are coming in. >> reporter: in oroville engineers say the dam spillway is stable and able to handle the rain. >> occasionally you see some erosion here and there. but nothing that's of concern at this time. >> reporter: nearly 200,000 residents who live below it are still under an evacuation warninto
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meanwhile, hundreds were forced to evacuate quickly in san joaquin county south of sacramento late monday. officials say they were able to halt a developing breach in the levy that could have impacted dozens of rural homes. the rain is also creating headaches in the santa cruz mountains two hours south of san francisco. where mudslides have blocked roads and toppled trees. when this giant fir tree fell near santa cruz, commuters with chainsaws helped to clear the road before firefighters arrived. it will county's public works superintendent says this winter season has been relentless. >> we're tired. our crews have one day a week off. if they're lucky. >> reporter: water running out of the anderson reservoir continues to create quite a torrent here. in fact, nine of california's 12 major reservoirs are above their water averages for this time of year. the highest totals since 2011. january black stone
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blackstone, cbs news, morgan hill, california. you know, usually we're talking about california needing rain. >> yeah. >> too much. >> no for years and years, they were in a bad drought. but now the drought is pretty much over for them. we'll find out thursday when the drought update comes whether or not that little sliver of southern california is still in extreme drought. but i doubt it. around here, with all the warmth we've had, the trees are starting to bud out. in fact i'm seeing some cherry sees depending on the -- trees depending on the variety which have flowered. i've seen some bushes that are leaving out. >> some watery eyes and little tickle in the throat. >> i started but it's a battle for me and many of you as you know at this time of year. tree pollen high and mold spores are low. how about this afternoon? we'll get a little break from the very warm weather to only have unseasonably mild day. average high is 49 and upper 50s. sunset just before 6:00. by the way, you know it was that weekend coming up that
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that's when we spring forward and we lose the hour of sleep and daylight saving time returns. we'll be in the uner 40s by 9:00 and going to hold in the 40s tonight. good day for coming in to reagan national. been watching the planes flying down the potomac. some filtered sunshine out there. officially it's a thin overcast. so it looks sunnier but it's a cloudy report from national. and a very dry day. dew point 30 is the relative humidity is only 41% and we look at some cooler temperatures up in northern northeastern maryland still in the 40s and look at the naval academy. those bay temperatures only in the low 40s right now and anybody right on the bay, yeah you know how much colder it is there. meanwhile, we're sitting at 53 and out west, petersburg and elkins topped the 60-degree mark and i showed you at the first of the brad cast 60s not that far awaif. it is cool today and mostly 50s for highs the 60s and even 70s will be back here wednesday through saturday with thursday and friday being the days we shoot into the 70s. best chance for showers is going to be saturday. we'll have a few chances of
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tomorrow with some stray showers. and then strong front, we could have some thunder saturday and cool us down later saturday into sunday. but all of the warmth here middle of the country, look at these 70s and expand that warmth at least 60s making it through pennsylvania and maybe up to new york tomorrow. little bit of a cooldown in the northwest. so while they're cooling down jet stream rises here and boom. still looking at 70s in st. louis and back here by thursday. west coast, we're just watching what was going on. you can see how the moisture continues just to pour on into california. washington, oregon turns into snow in the mountain areas and you know, again, it's going to be good for the water season. they'll have all that snow pack up in the sierras. but just intense with the damage. upper storms spinelling for louisiana and -- spinning for louisiana and arkansas bringing a ton of moisture off the gulf in alabama and you think hey that's moving our way but it's kind of falling apart some. the glow off cloudiness from that, rain chances ono
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south of interstate 64. will be few and far between around here. maybe tomorrow night, we get a couple of showers in southern maryland and same story on thursday. and this front never quite makes it. next front is going to be here later saturday. three day forecast. cooler today 58. mostly cloudy. 40s tonight for lows. we may see one or two spots upper 30s. 68 tomorrow. a stray shower. isolated showers but 73 on thursday. that's almost 25 above average. friday, 75. that's over 25 above average. and there's that front saturday with some showers and storms upper 60s and then back close to just average by sunday and monday. we'll see you on the other side of the break.
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, why would oaky yet follow a doctor to work? there's the coyote following a south carolina doctor into his office. it happened last week near charleston, dr. steve poletti first thought it was a dog he said. >> when it brushed by my leg and turned around, you could see clearly it was a coyote. or a wolf. it -- kind of bared its teeth and started growling and then right then obviously i knew it was a coyote. >> the doctor first called police they told him to call animal control and he called animal control. they told him to call a trapper. so far, it's still out there. there's a mass crusader on patrol in virginia. he calls himself black widow and he's on a mission to keep the streets safe in norfolk. he sa
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experience -- he's a martial arts expert and has been chasing down crooks for two years. he kept a woman from being assaulted by her husband before police arrived. he's received a few warnings about his mask as community events. he says he's just a regular guy in an outfit being himself. one final look at the forecast when we come back. stick around. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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you know we're looking coolish today but back spring- like the next few days. best chance of showers will be saturday maybe some storms with a front. and then we finally cool down to more average. that's it sunday and monday. and i think -- spring has sprung. rg
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noon. we'll be back at 5:00. until then have a great day and keep the tissue handy. we'll see you tomorrow. >> bye bye bao bao. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 150 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 40 songs, and jan can upload 180 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. only fios lets you upload as fast as you can download. get this amazing offer: 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month for the first year.
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>> phyllis: good morning! >> ravi: oh, hey. good morning, phyllis. >> phyllis: hey. i really had a nice time last night. thank you for keeping a lonely divorcee company on valentine's day. >> ravi: oh, no problem. you can see why my escort services are in such high demand. >> phyllis: [ chuckles ] >> ravi: not that i would ever use -- or that you would ever -- look, i was just joking. >> phyllis: i know. >> ravi: i'm sorry. i had fun. >> phyllis: so where'd you run off to? >> ravi: uh, back to work, actually. >> phyllis: you came back here? >> ravi: yeah, to debug a few thousand lines of code. >> phyllis: i respect your work ethic. i do. you just promise me once every couple of months, you take a night away from all of this, okay? >> ravi: yeah, i promise. thanks. >> ashley: [ sighs ] >> devon: oh, man. hey, man. how you doing? doing good? >> mariah: guys, guys! we have a code d! everybody, we have ae


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