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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 22, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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ccess coaches will be there to pick you up and work with you every day to put you on the right path. it's time. strayer university. let's get it, america. we are following breaking news of a double shooting in southeast washington. police are at the scene of a construction site at 9th and alabama avenues southeast. authorities believe the victims are construction workers. one of them is in serious condition. other is in critical condition. police are talking to witnesses to track down the motive and search for a gunman. good afternoon and thank you for joining us at noon. i'm andrea roane.
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secretary of state rex tillerson is being tasked with improving relationships with u.s. allies who may be upset about trump administration policies. and the secretary got down to business early this morning. craig boswell is at the white house with more details. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson kicked off the day meeting with australian foreign minister julie bishop. >> thank you guys. >> reporter: the meeting is expected to help ease tensions between the u.s. and australia after reports of a contentious phone call between president trump and prime minister malcolm turnbull earlier this month. president trump expressed his production ration about an obama administration deal that would allow up to 1500 muslim immigrants into the u.s. from australia. >> you know previous administration does -- something you have to respect that. but you can also say why are we doing this? that's why we're in the jams that we're in. >> reporter: secretary tillerson's had a closed door meeting with president trump here at the white house before he sets out
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tillerson will join john kelly in mexico to meet with the foreign minister tonight and mexican president enrique pena nieto tomorrow. it comes on the heels of new guidelines from secretary kelly which dramatically increases the number of undocumented immigrants at risk for deportation. and it orders the design and construction of a wall along the u.s./mexico border to begin immediately. mexico insists it will not pay for the wall no matter what president trump says. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> in announcing the tillerson can kelly visit -- and kelly visit. the mexican government said the point was to keep you have efforts to -- up efforts to develop a respectfullings close and cruxive -- respectful, close and constructive relationship between the two countries. members of congress are on recess but the debate shifted from capitol hill to their home districts. voters are crowding town hall meetings voicing their displeasure with the trump administration's agenda. much of those conversations centered around the republican push to repeal d
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affordable care act. and the president's travel ban. >> i am a person from a muslim trcouny and i'm a muslim who's going to take me here? >> last night, the president set out this -- sent out this tweet after hearing about the meetings. angry crowds in home districts of some republicans are actually in numerous cases planned out by liberal activists. sad. the administration rolled out changes immigration enforcement taking a harder line against people arrested for even minor offenses. like shoplifting or traffic violations. in miami, florida, no ra san diego dedicated her life to helping those living in the country illegally. she focuses on providing thousands of young people stability and a sanction chair but -- sanctuary but like them she's uncertain about the impact of the trump administration's immigration policy. winter isn't officially over for nearly a month
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already. meteorologist melissa nord has the first alert forecast. we haven't had much of a winter all winter lock. >> we have not -- long. >> we have not. in fact only three days so far this entire winter where the temperature didn't make it above freezing. i mean, what is up with this weather? and it looks like as we head towards the rest of the week, the temperatures will continue climbing slowly day by day. so yesterday we briefly got down into the 50s and 58 was our high. today? with the sunshine poking through the clouds already, we're going to see a pretty quick warm-up from here for the afternoon hours. 55 right now. south winds at 8 miles an hour. and you're starting to see as you pop out of the door to lunch, the clouds thinning out. little bit more sunshine peeking through the clouds. so the temperatures are going to end up climbing about another ten degrees throughout the afternoon. right now 57 leesburg and manassas. 55 in fredericksburg and 61 in front royal. we can weather disturbance -- weak weather disturbance a couple of little sprinkles depart south of d.c. and mainly cloudy skies this morning but this is go
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shifting off towards the east in the afternoon. so that allows for more sunshine to poke through the clouds. still overall, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. but temperatures will be climbing from the upper 50s at 1:00 p.m. into the mid 60s pretty big jump there between 1:00 and 3:00 and they know we'll go from the 6 -- then we'll go from the 60s into the 70s as we look towards the rest of the workweek, close to my records and what does this mean for not only allergies but also the cherry blossoms? the big cherry blossom peak bloom, will we see it early this year? that potential coming up in a few minutes and of course you can always catch that full seven day forecast breaking down which days will be the warmest the weekend on our wusa9 -- this weekend on our wusa9 app. thanks melissa. it was down they thought was obviously not out. sky 9 was over the scene of the brush fire on sugar loaf mountain after it rekindled. authorities knocked down the fire yesterday but apparently it flared up again overnight. no one was hurt. and everyone got out of the
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virginia safely. flames broke out just after 9:00 this morning on the first floor and quickly spread. right now, crews are working on putting out hot spots so investigators can go in and find out what touched off the blaze. fairfax county officials are investigating after a fire in lorton killed a little boy last night. four people were injured including a retired firefighter and an off-duty firefighter who lived nearby and was first to head to the scene. as the off-duty firefighter told our hilary lane, running towards the home was simply instinct. >> i was working in the garage and a neighbor across the street yelled. so i looked out and he pointed. he said the house was on fire. >> reporter: so neighbor ty hairington did what he did hundreds of times over the past 20 years, he started running towards the smoke and flames. >> it's what you do. you have to -- to help out your neighbor. >> reporter: hearington isn't just a neighbor, he's retired fairfax county firefighter. without any hesitation, d
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without any equipment, he made his way into the smoke filled home on arcade street putting his life on the line after talking to the distraught mom who lives here. >> my child is definitely in the house. >> reporter: harrington says the mom and two of her children escaped the home but one young boy in the collage was trapped. harrington and an off-duty firefighter who lives across the street did everything they could on the scene until the fairfax county fire department arrived. >> they were fast. they did you know they did everything by the book that i could see. and it's just -- couple of minutes too late for everybody. >> reporter: and while harrington did all that he could, hearsays the pain of -- he says the pain of losing his little neighbor will always burn inside him. >> just disappointed we couldn't get him yeah. it's -- you have -- oh you're a hero, the hero that's usually when you get the kid out. it's because we didn't get him just disappointing. >> reporter: neighbors say the boy was just 5 or 6 years old and four pe
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hospital. they're all expected to be okay. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. in lorton, hilary lane, wusa9. >> and the cause of this fire is still under investigation. fairfax county police are investigating an armed robbery in alexandria this morning. they say two men broke into a house on bow regard street near battlement way this morning. however they say there are some inconsistencies with the victims' story. governor terry mcauliffe vetoed a bill that would have tapped the state from funding any -- stopped the state from funding any clinic that covers abortions not covered by medicaid. the bill would harm tens of thousands of virginians who rely on planned parenthood he says. he vetoed the same measure last year. also in virginia, the commonwealth's growing opioid epidemic means new rules for doctors. the state's
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now regulates how many opioids doctors can prescribe. new rules also mean doctors will have to consider other pain treatments before turning to opioids. doctors will now need to do a physical and talk about the patient's history with drugs. patients will also be given the overdose reversing drug naloxone. bao bao is now at her new home in china. she got there just before 7:00 local time. her handlers say the three weeks of preparation paid off. bao bao slept for most of the 16 hour flight that took off from dulles international yesterday. she's in quarantine right now but eventually introduced to clean's giant panda breeding program. a young woman knew something was up when she discovered a shirt tied to a wiper on her windshield. what she did next and why you may want to do the same. first, learning how to use an automated external defibrillator is simple and could save a life. xt
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they are to operate.
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welcome back to the news at noon. just imagine. you're sitting in the office can your colleague collapses to the floor with a heart attack. what to do? the experts say the worst thing you can do is wait. wusa9's evan koslof spoke with firefighters and he has the details. >> reporter: well, with it being heart love, we've been talking about aeds a lot. but how do they actually work? to answer that we have the experts here, we've got bob and mike, montgomery county fire and ms, thanks for being here. how does it work? >> all right. these are machines and a little different but all of them basically you open them up. there's a little picture here. shows you step one. step two. and step three. so we can take out the electrodes here. >> reporter: so you don't have to be an expert. >> not at all. and if you listen anymore here, i've -- in a minute here i've turned it on and it will tell me what to
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>> connect electrodes. >> reporter: you don't have to read. it will tell you what to do. >> exactly. and there's a little picture on this. to show exactly where they go on the mannequin. >> reporter: so at lo of people might be psyched out by this. they say we want to wait for you guys the first responders. why is that not necessarily a good idea? >> not good idea because a person can do cpr they can keep the individual alive enough long enough for us to get there and hopefully if they're in a rhythm we can bring them back a lot quicker. >> reporter: now minutes count right? >> shock advised. >> all right, this has gone through and it said hey there's a rhythm i can defibrillate. it's charging up now right and we're going to go -- that's step two. now we're at step three. we'll lead to shock. i can make sure nobody is in contact with it and push the shock button and the electricity now goes through the patient. >> reporter: just like that you get to save a life. thank you for all you do. but -- you don't have to be a first responder to help
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life. there you go. >> and here's an important statistic. the experts tell us aeds increase your chances of surviving by at%. if you don't -- 59%. if you don't know where the closest one is, go find it right now. heart smart eating can be downright expensive sometimes. so we're teaming up with wal- mart to offer help to those in need. we are collecting heart healthy nonperishable foods in fort totten, prince frederick, the landover, la plata and channel tillly. i'll -- chantilly. i'll be in calvert county friday so i hope to see you there. more than 29 million americans live with diabetes. for millions of patients insulin and a life or death medication. in the last decade or so the price of insulin has more than tripled to more than $700 a patient. a federal lawsuit accuses the three insulin manufacturers of conspiring to is
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the drug makers deny the allegations. caught on a d.c. police body camera, the moment officers put their lives on the line to save someone. police tweeted out this video of a crash monday in northeast. a car caught on fire after a driver crashed into a light pole on the side of bladensburg road. he was close to passing out as the car inside filled with smoke. that's when officer steven heinz punched out a window to get the plan some air and -- man some air and then other officers came. the man has already been released from the hospital. good job. listen really closely to the next story. this picture of a flannel shirt on a windshield is going viral because of the warning that comes with it. a 19-year-old girl in michigan says this is what she saw when she got into her car after a late night at work. instead of getting out to anmove it, she locked the doors
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human trafficking and how this was something that they could use to lure you in. >> ashley says there were two cars nearby, one was running. now the part that concerns her the most is that someone actually took the time to unbutton the flannel and tie it into her windshield wiper. now ashley is encouraging others in similar situations to follow her example and drive to a safe place and do not get out of the car. her warning is already been shared more than 97,000 times on facebook. officials in san jose, california issued new evacuation orders for people living near and overflowing creek. crews are working in chest deep water to rescue dozens of people who were stranded. the flooding was partially the result of overflow of a dam upstream which also shut down a busy freeway. all right. this has been a crazy weather time out west. on the east coast. here, we
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lucking out. we really are. unless you like winter? winter weather. it has been a nice winter. now with that being said, we can introduce you to warmer temperatures and dry conditions. not much rain. so we're really entering into a moderate drought across some parts of the area. so we need rain. we also -- well, it looks like we're not going to see any cold weather coming. >> hopefully we don't vault right into summer. >> we will have to see but it seems like spring is certainly started early. as we look outside right now -- >> meteorologists -- >> it is. meteorological spring starts march 1st that's next wednesday. and right behind it we talk about cherry blossoms starting. we'll have to see. all right, so it is going to be another warm day outside. very much above average. we're starting off. we had a cloudy sky the morning with some spotty sprinkles but now that weather disturbance is kind of fading away to the east. so we're going to see some sunshine poking through the clouds this afternoon.
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be warmer than they were yesterday. but still, as we look noontime today we're running in the 50s to near 60 across the mid- atlantic. by tomorrow, everybody soaring into the 70s. so it's a warming trend that we're looking at. this weather disturbance moves out we're going to get a break for about two and a half days and then that break time frame before we get to the weekend when we have the next round of showers moving in just going to keep warming, day by day by day. this afternoon, with a partly to mostly cloudy sky, temperatures running well about 15 to 20 degrees above average. about mid 60s here in d.c.. some spots getting into the upper 60s. but it is certainly going to be feeling like springtime outside. but is it going to be warm enough the next few days to make it to the records? well, our forecast highs go up into the 70s, 72 tomorrow. 74 for friday. that is really warm. and 70 degrees for saturday. we've got a streak of four days here where we're going to have temperatures that are running in the 60s or 70s if we happen to
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would reach the february record for number of consecutive days in the 60s and 70s. but looks like we're not going to reach that record or record highs either. because these are going to be several degrees warmer than the forecast highs. now friday we'll have to watch out. 74 here and 78 is the record and we could be watching some of the records out at dulles that could be closer to that and then saturday nowhere near it. but with the warm temperatures, and the trend the next few days, we're going to continue to see the side effects of a warm second half of winter. what that means we're already starting to see pollen levels really increasing. lot of people congested from that high number and high level of tree pollen. and also when we think about tree pollen you think about the cherry blossoms and we are heading into that time frame where we're starting to go on cherry blossom watch. and we've already seen some photos circulating on social media of little bit of green showing up in the bloods -- buds rather of the cherry blossoms down at the tidal basin. the earliest peak bloom we've ever seen that
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1990. in the 15th of march. but the average peak bloom is april 4th through 5th. which really going to determine how early we see that peak bloom this year? it's going to be the weather. and the next two, three, four weeks. as we're leading up to the peak bloom and that will be the determining factor of whether we end up seeing near one of the -- the soonest cherry blossom peaks or if it ends up being closer to the average. all right next three days, we're rolling from the 60s into the 70s for thursday and friday. there is a big dropoff in temperatures. look at this. showers maybe even a thunderstorm late on saturday. 70 degrees dropping down to 50 for sunday. and staying in the 50s next week. there's more wusa9 news at noon after this.
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apparently ethan turn bell and bennett jonas are model citizens and fashion models. at least six teenagers were taking selfies on the off- limits frozen pond in central park when the ice cracked and they all fell in. now here you can see folks struggling do help them get out but among them good looking samaritans professional models ethan and bennett. they stopped and jumped into action. >> like 12 submerged in the water. the guys -- just on top of one another. yeah. wasn't that -- [ inaudible ] i just did pretty much -- under the hill and over the bench. so yeah. >> you feel like heros? >> not at all. >> wow. and of course twitter went nuts users spent most of the day looking
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profiles which they quickly found. both models have well over 100,000 followers and one may get a job with ralph lauren. one final look at the forecast when we come back.
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tonight on wusa9 news at 5:00, new details on the fire that claimed the life of a young boy in fairfax county. a warning for metro riders about being careful on escalators and the warning that's being shared around the country tonight after a woman found a shirt on her windshield. and weather-wise, enjoy the warm-up the next few days into th
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but we will have even a thunderstorm chance and colder by sunday. >> that's it for us at noon, we'll be back at 5:00 with more. until then have a great afternoon. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we are a 100% fiber optic network, and fiber optics can do amazing things. which is why over the last 10 years, we have received 6 times more awards than cable,
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>> victoria: [ sighs ] >> hilary: oh, okay. that look works. it'll read great on camera. >> victoria: thanks. i thought -- >> hilary: did mariah grab you for the pre-interview? >> victoria: um, all the questions that she -- >> hilary: okay, great, great. um, i have to go, but i will see you on set, okay? >> victoria: uh -- >> lily: hi. i'll be ready in time, i promise. >> victoria: no, it's okay. i wasn't expecting you for 10 more minutes. >> lily: the babysitter called, said that she found her keys, but thank you for understanding. >> victoria: oh, no, that's okay. us moms have to stick together. i'll see you on set. >> lily: okay. >> victoria: okay. >> mariah: hey, do you want to take a closer look at the product display before we get started? >> victoria: uh, no, no, no. cane's great at that. however he positioned things is fine. >> mariah: wait, cane's not here. we just kind of set things up. >> victoria: what? well, okay, um... >> mariah: do you need help or...? >> victoria: so the camera's over here, i'm here, so that works for the wide shot. and if you move thte


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