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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 23, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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we're following two breaking news stories this afternoon. first, d.c. has a new police chief today. mayor muriel bowser has passed inter-- asked peter newsome to lead the department indefinitely. the mayor made the announcement just moments ago. and bruce, was it a surprise?
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>> no, i would say not, andrea, not a surprise at all chief peter nushom had probably been the front runner. there had been hundreds and hundreds of applicants for this job. clearly d.c. police chief, nationwide profile, a very coveted job in the police ranks. but mayor bowser said she d. settled peter newsome, this thing about community policing and building trust in the neighborhoods. who is going to be best to drive down crimes in d.c.'s neighborhoods. and she felt peter nu nushom showed consistency. and when he was here, he talked a lot about building trust
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>> when you call us, we're not going to ask your race, religion, age, sexual orientation. when you call us, we will always come, and when we come, we're coming to help. >> so perhaps the biggest hurdle for the chief here. he's still going to have to be confirmed by the d.c. council. and he may have cost himself a vote or two here, when he talked about the fact that he still roots for his hometown, new england football team. he said it's been very hard to root for the washington football team for years. but we talked to the chairman of the d.c. council, and he really envisioned there would be no trouble getting chief peter peter nushom confirmed. >> and bruce, two different leads am
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patriots and the redskins until they meet in the super bowl. we'll wait for that. thanks. >> he said the skins won't be his nfc team. >> that's it. there it is. nice way to travel the line there. thank you, bruce. bruce leshan, reporting live from the wilson building. and police have made gang- related arrests in connection with a body found along the potomac river last month. five suspects have been arrested in connection with the murder of christian alexander sosas rivas. and the other two were arrested in baltimore. all of them will be extradited to prince williams county, virginia. police believe this was gang- related. as several of the suspects are believed to be members of the street gang, mara salva trucha. this comes only weeks after arrests were made in connection with a murder of a teenager in
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linked to a teen girl in the common wealth. we may have isolated showers going on. but right now, the weather is picture-perfect for anything outside. here's howard bernstein. >> unbelievable weather we had. this may end up being the warmest weather on record. a lot of sunshine at the moment here. there have been isolated sprinkles south of us. see them there in the mountains. but it's the temperatures, which are soaring. should only be 49, 50. we're 65 in town. the water, though, is going to be something we gotta battle at reagan national. you can see it on the chesapeake, with the lower 50s. but inland, not far inland, we've got 72 for rockville. leesburg, 73. the warm spot. while andrews and columbia, still in the lower 70s. so we'
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midcents this afternoon. best chance of isolated showers will be along i-81 and west. where we're seeing some of that for the late afternoon and evening hours. that will race up out of pennsylvania. tomorrow, clouds of sun mix another warm one, should once again be in the low to mid-70s. and perhaps an isolated shower southeast. once we get into friday afternoon. but the best chance of showers and storms will be on saturday, ahead of a cold front. this one means business. showers out towards harrisburg and laray. maybe storms. this afternoon, if you can get outside, get outside. it's fantastic. 73 at 3:00. we'll be in the 60s this evening. we'll come back in a few minutes, talk about the seven- day forecast. and a reminder, get the seven- day forecast, radar, sports, news, traffic, all on the free wusa 9 app. >> thank you, howard. developing this afternoon, police are still looking for the person rammed car into a park police cruiser
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early morning traffic stop. it happened just before 4:00 this morning at the corner of talbert street and talbert terrace. while the officer was getting out of the cruiser, the suspect drove into it and then sped off. when that happened, the officer fired at least one shot in the car. but it's not clear if it was hit. some neighbors heard everything that was going outside the window. >> i was going to the bathroom at the time when i heard it. so that mead me late back then. you see what i'm saying? because i know the gunshots were close. >> reporter: the officers suffered only minor injuries to the leg. as far as the suspect, still no description. but police say the driver was in an older model black dodge charger. anyone with information should contact u.s. park police. a videotape of an off-duty officer sparked violent protest overnight in anaheim, california. nearly two dozen
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arrested. investigators say the off-duty officer was upset about kids constantly stepping on his property. the unidentified officer and the 13-year-old got into a scuffle. one of his friend knocked down the officer. and that's when a cop pulled a gun from his waistband and fired. spoke to the media after he was released from the hospital, with minor injuries. >> i thought he was going to shoot me. i thought he was going to shoot me and i was scared. like i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: police arrested and released both teens, however, more charges could be filed against them. the officer is on administrative leave. as member of the trump administration are speaking today at the annual conservative political action conference. the president is focusing on the two topics that americans tell cbs news are the most important for the white house and congress to address. immigration and jobs. craig boswell is at the white house with more on the story. >> reporter: president trump
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thursday morning during a meeting at the white house. >> we'll return significant manufacturing jobs to our country. everything is going to be based on bringing our jobs back. the good jobs, the real jobs. they've left. >> reporter: the latest cbs news poll shows most americans are feeling good about the economy. republicans in particular approve with 61%. that's a 30-point boost since december. >> people are saying they've never seen so much happen in 30 days of a presidency. we've delivered a lot. >> reporter: trade is likely to be a key topic. as they talk with nasa trading partners, canada and mexico today. >> president trump will have a phone conversation with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. >> the united states lost one third of our manufacturing jobs since nafta. >> reporter: there
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intentions over a new memorandum. >> you have to understand that we are not going out and doing mass deportation. >> reporter: 39% of americans in the cbs news poll approve of president trump's handling. 55% disapprove. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. when when it comes to those already living in the united states. 60% say they should be allowed to stay and apply for citizenship. 13% say they should stay cannot get citizenship. and 33% say they shouldn't be allowed to stay. say -- a man fell to his death. and say it was suicide. it is unclear whether the man was connected to the event. u.s.-backed iraqis says
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was a key from isis. the advance is part of a major assault this week against extremist fighters in iraq's second largest city. an american commander says he won't hesitate to ask -- ask u.s. ground troops. billboard message on a highway in win ston salem in north carolina. it's not clear what the intended message is. but there is no shortage of speculation. some say it undermines women's work in the world. >> well, we know where it was sold. but who to remains a mystery. some woman in indiana is now more than $400 million richer. the jackpot jumped to $435 million. the odds of winning were only
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the jackpot now goes down to a measly $40 million. i could be happy with that. next, how a local tattoo shop is giving second chances
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from the south carolina state house in 2015. you did see what's happening right now. -- can see what's happening right now. looks like both sides of the crowd are fighting one another. >> a protest over the confederate flag quickly spun out of control in charles ton, south carolina. as you saw, it happened during a live newscast. one man jumps the barricade, snatches a flag out of a supporters hand. police charged the person with disorderly conduct. many see the flag as a sign of racism. while supporters claim it represents their southern heritage. it's no secret,
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but only some of us are reminded about them every single day. lucky for those, in a tattoo shop, it is on a mission to change this. the shop is removing racist and gang-related tattoos for free. >> reporter: here at south side tattoo, it's all about second chances, giving people who have made mistakes, a a fresh new start. the owner says it's about helping a community. >> reporter: it's the sight and sound of a new beginning for casey schaefer, who is having one tattoo on each arm, covered up. >> they had white on one arm and power on the other arm. i got them in jail. >> reporter: schaefer said he thought the tattoo white power would help him fit in, but he knew almost immediately after he got it that it want something he believed in or was proud of. >> i tried to keep them covered up. you know, be 100 degrees out and i'd be wearing long sleeves. >> so
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>> yeah. >> reporter: so now at south side tattoo in baltimore, he's doing something about it with the help of shop owner david cutlip. >> i just wanted to help people. >> they started the random acts of tattoo project. tuesday, cutlip offers services to people who want to erase their past. by having gang or racist- related tattoos removed. he said there is enough hate in the world, so the focus is to spread love. >> it makes me feel good. i sleep good at night. >> when the couple posted this, the postsent with viral. cutlass said he's received messages from hundreds of people around the world. and his schedule, that's booked up. >> it's life changing. really it's about making the community a better place.
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under there. >> reporter: and what will soon be his late father's favorite word. >> not every tattoo is easy to cover-up. so the cutlips are using donations from their gofund me page to pay for laser removal for some. to find out how you can help, visit wusa 9. eating well can be quite expensive. so wusa 9 is teaming up with wal-mart to offer a little help to those in need. we're collecting heart-healthy, nonperishable food at the wal- mart stores in fort to then, and chantily. everything donated will go to area food banks. i'll be at the prince frederick wal-mart in calvert county tomorrow. accepting your donations. so come out and say hello. it is mission accomplished
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aboard the international space station. the second time around proved the charm when the orbiter drag the the cargo vehicle this morning. the robotic arm snagged the shipment after a navigation era forced engineers to abort the capture wednesday. there was a problem with the gps system, which prevented the capsule from coming too close. >> and eventually, spacex is likely to be doing not just the dry goods stuff. >> i was doing transportation for an international women's group i belong to. we were talking about, 25 years from now, mission to mars, with humans. >> could be. >> that soon am. >> i have a teenager who wants to go into neuroengineering. maybe he'll be a part of that. i don't know if you have been looking closely at the buds or some of the trees that have already started to blossom. i fear for some of the farmers. because once these things bloom, if you have a tender peach tree or apple tree, that can do a
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right now, allergy index. it's actually better than yesterday. the grass was absent. yesterday, we had a little grass. and the mold spores are low. it's going to be a great afternoon. you can see lots of sunshine. just a few high, thin, wispy clouds out there. temperatures in the low to mid- 70s. if you were on the bay, you might say 50s to 60s. but the vast majority of us are going to enjoy a spring-like day here. and we'll see a few clouds from time to time. looking good here at the reagan national. that's the mgm in the distance. planes taking off. just a great day, right? 65 at national. south winds at 16. and keeping those winds off the water. that's what's keeping things cool right now. you see annapolis, it's 52. but when you're not getting the breeze off the water. leesburg, culpepper. a lot of folks in the upper 60s. it's going to be
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afternoon. and we're going to see this warm weather through saturday. we're on pace potentially to have the warmest february on record with isolated showers today and tomorrow. i-81. we'll look at it in a minute. that's probably the best spot or west to see showers today. maybe southern maryland. saturday, area wide. cold fronts coming across. showers and storms. saturday is going to be a yellow weather alert day. and temperatures close to 50s for high. which is really where we should be. here's what's coming. you see the cold, up across the central northern rockies. northern plains today. that's going to move south and east tomorrow. we're still in the cents here. but we're down to the 20s in minneapolis. 30s in kansas city. and only in the 40s in nashville. there's that colder air moving in saturday. and by sunday, or even saturday evening, that colder air is going to start to move in. with that cold, we've got quite a snowstorm brewing in here, in the central and
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also southern missouri, iowa, let's get a snow out of this. meanwhile, florida getting much- needed rain. nontropical low. and we are sitting in a good spot for the moment. isolated showers. you see them dotting the i-81 corridor here. tomorrow, mix of clouds and sunshine. there's that isolated shower tomorrow afternoon. down to our south and east. and on saturday, here comes the cold front. only an isolated shower. but by midday, into the afternoon, this is when showers and potentially a few gusty thunderstorms will roll through, with the colder air to follow. your three-day forecast, today, 72. we'll have some spot the make the mid-70s away from the river. 75 tomorrow. 50s tomorrow night. scattered showers and storms coming through. pay attention if you have any outdoor plans. monday could see a few late showers. better chance in the evening or monday night. and back to
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dramatic video from china, where two men saved a little girl, hanging from a fourth story window. she was crying frantically, while her head was trapped in a grill. two workers climbed over the handrails and came to her aid. one of the men cut the wire with pliers. she's going to be all right. a woman suspected of drunk driving picked a strange time to show off her gymnastics skills. she was found
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her wheel. after she was awakened, officers asked her to perform bros so breat tests. -- sobriety tests. she did
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tonight on wusa 9 at 5:00 p.m., we'll learn more about d.c. police chief peter newshome. and why a department store is pulling this walking dead t- shirt from its store shelves. >> wow. wow, wow. for saturday. temperatures way above average. look at that. we'll have
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saturday. back to reality sunday. then back to springtime. >> wow. that's it for wusa 9news. we'll be back at 5:00. until then, have a great day. we'll see you tomorrow.
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>> colin: token of my affection. >> jill: these things are as dead as our marriage. >> colin: well, they just, uh, maybe need a bit of water. they'll blossom again. >> jill: hmm. >> colin: just like our love. >> jill: yeah. actually, they do remind me of our relationship. like something you dug out of a dumpster. >> colin: that was an expensive bouquet. >> jill: you bought them with my money? >> colin: [ sighs ] look. i realize that i've messed things up. >> jill: hmm. >> colin: but, well, we can start again with a clean slate. >> jill: you mean an empty bank account. >> colin: i can nurse you and your finances back to health.


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