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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  February 27, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good afternoon and thanks for joining us.
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president donald trump is focusing on healthcare this afternoon. earlier this morning, he met with ceos of the nations top insurance company and as weijia jiang reports, president donald trump is asking them what they want to see in his proposed replacement for obamacare. >> you are the biggest of the big. >> reporter: president donald trump met with ceos of major insurance companies working to replace obamacare. >> the new plan will be great for the patients, the people, and hopefully for the companies. >> reporter: the president has released few details on how he plans to replace the affordable care act but says he will tackle during his upcoming joint address to congress on tuesday. >> i'm going to have a speech on tuesday night and we're going to be speaking very specifically about a very complicated subject. >> reporter: while the fight -- while the white house finalizes the president's speech, there are growing calls for an independent investigation into claims trump campaign officials had ties to russian intelligence. >> i think we all need answers, whether or not
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prosecutor is the right way to go, you are talking to the wrong guy. >> reporter: republican congressman darrell issa was more blunt. >> we cannot have a friend of mine, jeff sessions, who was on the campaign and an appointee. you are going to need to use the special prosecutor's statute in office. >> reporter: commerce mon devin nunes is a strong supporter and rebuffing calls for the house intelligence community to conduct its own investigation. weijia jiang, cbs news the white house. >> president donald trump has repeatedly denied ties between his campaign and russia but reiterated that point again sunday, tweeting that russia talk is fake news. many on social media are talking about the week -- leak from the white house about a crackdown on staffers about leaks to the media. take a listen. andrew triggs" press secretary so when you have to confiscate people's phones? what's next? full body cavity search? o'keefe stephanie rice "dear brave white house staff,
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america loves you. you are strong and hilarious. keep up the good work." do you think press secretary sean spicer is doing the wrong thing or -- writing or going to for? join the conversation on our social media pages. the father of the navy seal killed in an anti-terrorism raid in yemen is demanding an investigation into the operation. chief petty officer william ryan owens was the first u.s. servicemen killed in a trump administration combat mission. his father, bill owens told the miami herald he turned down a meeting with the president when the navy seal's body was returned home. owens acknowledged he didn't vote for trump the strongly denied this is about politics. a white house spokesperson said yesterday she imagines the president is open to an investigation. the department of defense routinely conducts reviews of miss t
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bedbugs and rodents played a southeast elementary school for months but today it's back to business for hundreds of kids and teachers. dc public schools sealed off parts of the school since the beginning of the month but now, our own like valeria takes a look inside the grand reopening. >> it's rick day. months ago, kids stted filling the building after three weeks of scrubbing all the halls and classrooms. it's a small problem that invaded classrooms from the outside in. bedbugs like the ones here, reported since the fall. but now kids are running back to school. on precocious kindergarten described how she feels in one word. >> are you ready to be back? >> yes. >> reporter: upperclassman telling us what she's looking forward to. >> being back in my classroom. >> reporter: dc public schools toured the media through the script down building today. a preview before students got started. but after weeks that i school 5 miles way, most people have a single sentiment in mind. >> i don't
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>> reporter: the turn around describe the biggest challenge of the operation. >> we replaced soft materials like carpet to make sure out of an abundance of caution that there is no more concern about the unwanted pets in the building.>> reporter: parents were mixed about the process but stephen gave the school an a+ when it came to acting fast. >> when i heard about it, it was already being taken care of. >> reporter: it's not just back to class, but also for many back home. >> i'm looking forward to the special day. >> reporter: to make sure this doesn't happen again, there will be regular inspections going forward to make sure all 349 kids remain safe. that's the leafs -- latest here. we have breaking news from montgomery county. police are at the charles djou is state school upper campus on montrose road. it was evacuated after someone called in a bomb
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after every building was evacuated but no device was found. we will keep you updated on our mobile apps. the trial of lloyd welsch will be delayed until september. welsh is the man accused in the 1975 killings of the lion sisters. his attorney requested the delay for april 18. welsh has been charged with two counts of murder. catherine m sheila disappeared from the plaza shopping mall. they believe the 10 and 12-year- old girls were sexually assaulted and killed in bedford county, virginia. it already cost a lot to park in dc. now it's going to cost even more. the price hike is part of the district's pilot planned for demand -- plan for demand-based pricing covering spaces between the red boundary. the increase will range from $1.52 up to three dollars,
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time and day of week. cdot says since october, this is the second quarterly parking meter increase for the neighborhood and it reflects the high demand for parking. a wild week of weather ahead. what else is new in february? meteorologist melissa nord joins us with the first alert forecast. ups and downs again. and at least today is monday and one of the quietest days of the work week. us would go to the middle and end of the week, we are tracking thunderstorms and the potential for flurries, or a few snow showers before things are down. we've got a cloudy sky, mostly cloudy with hints of sunshine coming in. today is turning into a comfortable day. if a sunny yesterday but brisk and breezy. 53 in dc, leading into our warming trend. all the way to the middle of the workweek
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upper 40s in frederick, 52 in waldorf. with mainly cloudy skies, there is a weak weather disturbance moving through. the chance of a sprinkle as possible but in general, today unzipping cloudy and dry and a big contrast versus what we saw this weekend. national weather service has confirmed an ef-1 tornado touched down in charles county saturday afternoon just after 3:00, lasting for just over 10 minutes. it touched down and continued southeast of waldorf. right there near st. peter's church road. max sustained winds 90 miles per hour. there is another risk into this week of severe thunderstorms. this one is going to happen on wednesday. in a few minutes, i'm going to pinpoint the timing. always catch the latest forecast and severe weather outlook on our few -- our free w usa app. >> we have love your feedback
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back to host the actors -- oscars? what stores and movie goers are shaking their fans over is the biggest mix up an academy award history. >> i'm sorry, another is mistake. moonlight, you guys won best picture.>> this is not a joke. i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. this is not a joke. moonlight has won is picture.>> [ cheering and applause ] >> moonlight, best picture. >> amazing. warren beatty and faye dunaway were given the wrong envelope and announced the best picture oscar for la la land when it should have gone to moonlight. the oscars best picture fumble may have been embarrassing for the academy but it was social media gold online. larry miller has a look at some of the most creative posts. >> there's mistake.
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>> reporter: the flip seen around the world. la la land announced as this year's best picture but it was actually moonlight that clinched the top award. >> even in my dreams this could not be true but i'm done with dreams.>> reporter: people got to work. joseph tweeted out this picture of what was wind rustling and emma storm -- emma stone, their heads replaced with michael jordan to demonstrate his appointment. then there was this epic battle using a fight scene from star wars the force awakens. it seems la la land look at the trophy only to have moonlight lab -- grabbed the statue at the last possible minute. the ultimate upset by the film. and then on user rights, using a photo, why couldn't the election have ended this way? the treats and posts continue. you can check them out or respond to some on our w usa -- w usa
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here are the results of our impromptu role on weatherd jimmy kimmel should host again. it looks as if pretty much even. going back and forth. tied just now. a little more in favor of him not coming back but he really didn't have anything to do with the oscar flub. continue to let us know how you feel about him returning as oscar hosts -- host next year or following his. this week, a 150-year-old milestone. lesli foster is a graduate hand on her recent trip back, she learns some things about her alma mater she never knew. leslie shares a little-kno
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police continue to search for a girl who went missing over the weekend. this is what angelica looks like . she is the cousin of a 15- year-old girl who was allegedly murdered by e-mist 13 gang members last week. she was less seen leaving work. michaela turner has more on what we know so far.>> reporter: angelica ivania barahona-rivas was last seen leaving work here. the last time she was seen, angelica ivania barahona-rivas was wearing black boots and tim pants. where she went for who she met up with remains a mystery. montgomery county police are trying to solve it. this isn't the first time her family has dealt with loved ones going missing. in the summer 2016, her younger cousin, 16-year-old deri
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she was abducted and tortured in fairfax county. she was allegedly killed by gang members. her body was discovered just a few weeks ago. 10 people including six teenagers have been charged but as for angelica ivania barahona- rivas, everyone is remaining hopeful she is still alive and safe. mike murray police believe she could be as far as new jersey so anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to contact police. mikea turner, wusa 9. angelica left work before her shift was over saturday night. investigators are still looking for any clues about what may have happened next. a california police sergeant closer job that hates eating lunch alone so pittsburgh police sergeant kathy simental has taken to social media searching for lunch buddies. she posted a picture to her personal
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department tweeted out as an invitation to anyone who sees her to break bread. she hopes the simple gesture will help change the somewhat unfavorable image of police officers >> there's a mistrust of police right now. it's heartbreaking for me, someone who has really got the best intentions in what i do and for people not to trust me. >> the surgeon says she has gotten so many invitations, she is buying a calendar to pencil in her lunch mates. eating the right things can be expensive. we are teaming up with walmart to offer a little help to those in need. we are collecting heart healthy, nonperishable food at area walmarts through tomorrow, february 28. the stores where you can drop off donations are in taunton, la plata, and chantilly. everything you give will go to area food banks. it was so great meeting all the people who came out to pe
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we even had people from prince george's county who saw me on air and made a point to come to prince frederick>> i saw that. they were filling up the baskets. >> they bring out more bins, more baskets. they are ready to take it all. >> great news. can we take anymore changes in the forecast? >> unfortunately we will have to. march comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. it's going to come in like a lion, but not necessarily a big winter storm. we're going to sees severe weather possible on wednesday followed by maybe snow showers for the first time in a while heading into your friday. not a big chance but there is nonetheless a small chance. we've got a little more cloud cover than sunshine this noontime. 53 degrees but despite the cloud cover this afternoon, we've got these south winds, which are going to take comes up much more than they were yesterday afternoon. we will continue climbing through the 50s today. most places topp
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shy of 60 degrees. overnight, we start to see clouds sending out. we're going to be warming through midweek. wednesday will be the warmest day but we will have the most unsettled weather with the potential for stronger storms. it comes crashing down by friday. even a few flurries are possible. look at this temperature jump. 75 saturday, back down to around 50 degrees. we are climbing right back up again into the mid and upper 70s by wednesday. with this rapid warming trend, this is going to open the door for another big weather system to coming here. we will be on the mormon side of the system talking about showers and storms, not winter weather. but by friday, that's one temperatures are well back below average for one. here is futurecast, showing you the big picture
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there will be a few hit or miss showers around this afternoon. it's warming and that's the big trend. by wednesday, here comes the next big weather system. this is going to bring a multi- day risk of severe storms in the eastern half of the u.s. a multi-day risk of severe storms in the eastern half of the u.s. by late wednesday evening, that's the primary timeframe where we could see strong storms in our area. late wednesday afternoon, wednesday evening, this is a slight risk of severe weather from the storm prediction center. thoughts on this category here, a few storms that we will see firing upon went day could become strong are severe. we have put out a yellow weather alert for thursday breaking on the threat. we will see thunderstorms throughout the day and showers but the stronger storms that will be possible will happen later in the day with some gusty, damaging winds being the main threat with pockets of moderate to heavy rainfall. wednesday in the morning through midday on re
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there will be showers around. otherwise, it's turning windy and warm. here we go into wednesday evening. that's when we watch a line of showers and thunderstorms ahead of the next cold front moving through. 9:00 right on top of the metro, continuing to track into southern maryland as we go into wednesday. 11 pm is when we will see the risk of a few stronger wind gusts and moderate to heavy rainfall. this all miss out toward thursday and then we focus on the colder temperatures returning as we get toward the end of the workweek. 60 tomorrow. 50s today. 77, windy and warm with thunderstorms wednesday. friday, a few isolated snow showers, mainly north of town with 43 degrees for our high. back in the 60s and a wild roller coaster for the end of
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welcome back. we have just learned that the driver who mowed down a crowd watching a mardi gras parade was drunk behind the wheel. investigators say nelson rizzuto's blood-alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit. they say he struck a near 20 people including a one-year-old child in the police officer. the two victims aren't still in the hospital and he remains behind bars. free float conductors in rio de janeiro are being questioned by police after 20 people were hurt. three of the victims have been hospitalized in serious condition. investigators say rain may have been a factor in the crash. one final look at the forecast when we come back.
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tonight on wusa 9 at 9:00, the 18-year-old call -- cousin of a teenager killed by a gang disappears. after this weekend's tornado in la plata, we try to find out if southern maryland is more susceptible to twisters. we are live with entertainment tonight talking about last night's oscar gaffe so here is another look at our poll and whether jimmy kimmel -- let's go to whether first. >> weatherwise, highs an active week and just as exciting as the oscars last week. 77 with storms on wednesday and then turning colder for friday. may be some flurries. >>
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poll on whether you think jimmy kimmel should host the oscars next year. >> 23% now. >> okay, we will keep it going through the rest of the day. have a good afternoon. we will see you tomorrow.
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>> jack: [ sighing ] oh, yes. right there. >> gloria: uh-huh. [ knock on door ] >> michael: excuse me. >> gloria: back so soon? >> jack: i thought we covered everything. >> michael: we did. i...i have the new amendments we talked about typed up for you. >> jack: well, i appreciate that. thank you. >> gloria: thank you, michael. may i show you out? >> michael: no, that's all right. i'm sorry. am i supposed to pretend i didn't just see what i just saw? >> lauren: [ sobs ] scott.


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