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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 7, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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anti-secrecy web site, dumped thousands of pages of c.i.a. documents in a breech of national security that is being compared tonight to edward snowden's theft at the n.s.a. the c.i.a. is prohibited by law from operating in the united states, but jeff pegues reports the breech has seriously damaged the agency's work overseas.
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contractor code named vault 7. the disclosures reveal cyber espionage tools that can take over internet connected or smart tvs and record audio. the documents also cite the ability to hack iphone or google android smartphones. those hacks allow the c.i.a. to then monitor the communications of terrorist groups like isis, which have been using encrypted apps to communicate. critics have wondered why apps like what's app or telegram haven't been disabled, but the documents suggest analysts have the ability to exploit them. earlier this year u.s. intelligence officials accused wikileaks of being a propaganda arm of the russian government after it released damaging democratic party e-mails stolen through russian cyber attacks. when the e-mails were published during the presidential campaign, candidate donald trump praised the organization. >> wikileaks. i love wikileaks. >> reporter: but the latest disclosures now threaten u.s.
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wikileaks says it has more information than that revealed by n.s.a. leaker edward snowden, former c.i.a. acting director michael morrell. >> how would you compare this to snowden? >> this is c.i.a.'s edward snowden. >> that big? >> this is huge. in terms of what it will tell the adversaries, and we'll have to essentially start over in building tools to get information from our adversaries, just like we did with snowden. >> reporter: there is no suggestion in the documents that these tools were being used against americans. scott, the c.i.a. is not commenting on the data, nor would confirm its authenticity. >> pelley: jeff pegues for us tonight. thank you, jeff. firefighters tonight are attacking explosive wildfires that are tearing through kansas, oklahoma, texas, and colorado. at least six people have died. more than a million acres have burned, and thousands have been forced from their homes. david begnaud is on the fire line.
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wildfires are sweeping across four states in the southern plains. heavy winds and dry brush are making these fires harder to contain, even with help from the air. drew baily is with the u.s. forestry. what's making it so hard to contain? >> the extreme fire behavior and the dryness of the fuels. normal fire fighting tactics are proving to be unsuccessful. >> reporter: in the texas panhandle four people died, including two young ranch hand, sydney wallace and cody crockett were killed trying to save cat federal the raging fires. along the border of kansas and oklahoma, the wildfires have scorched hundreds of acres, destroyed dozens of structures, and killed truck driver cory holt. his truck jackknifed as he drove it into smoke. >> the heat from the fire will push into it. >> reporter: marty logan, a former firefighter-turned storm chaser, has been following these fires for fast 48 hours. what's the point of chasing this for you? >> saving lives. that's my whole objective is to get the word out and save
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of kansas line, and we ran up on a fire crew that's just come into this wide-open area to try and extinguish the flames that have reignited here. this was out about half hour ago. then the wind came and the fire started again. >> you can lose your job, but to watch it burn is another thing. >> reporter: jolyn easterwood is a 24-year-old rancher who had been helping to evacuate livestock. last night flames nearly engulfed her family's home. >> this is people's life that's on fire, it's not just land. it's people's life. >> reporter: one of the best resources right now, helicopters which are actively being used in the firefight. scott, those black plumes behind me indicate the fire is still ranging, -- raging, and we're hearing from firefighters that in some cases the wind is pushing the fire to jump a quarter of a mile as it continues to spread. >> pelley: david begnaud, thanks. today president trump praised the new republican replacement for obamacare as
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but it was a dead letter to conservative republicans who said that it broke promises that they made to the voters. mr. trump said last week nobody knew that health care could be so complicated. turns out the same is true about capitol hill, where we find nancy cordes tonight. >> it's called good health care. >> reporter: the president led a party-wide sales pitch today aimed at fellow republicans. >> i think really that we're going to have something that's going to be much more understood and much more popular than people can even imagine. >> reporter: conservative lawmakers understand it, but some of them just don't like it. >> obviously we have some serious concerns. >> reporter: they're balking at the bill's tax credits, which are designed to help low and middle-income americans buy insurance. the credits range from $2,000 to $14,000 a year depending on age and family size. kentucky's rand paul called it
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we are divided on replacement. >> reporter: republican leaders pushed back, noting that the plan meets party goals like scrapping the individual mandate and repealing taxes on the health care industry. >> it takes power out of washington. it takes power out of the bureaucracy, and puts it back with doctors and patients where itelongs. >> reporter: but some key details are still missing, like how much the new bill will cost. how are you telling your members that this bill will be paid for? >> well, it just got launched yesterday. >> but isn't that pretty integral? if you don't pay for the plan with taxes, what are the alternatives? >> as i said, we'll be looking at the whole proposal here. we'll have ample time to answer all the questions. >> reporter: republicans will need near unanimous g.o.p. support, so today vice president pence met with the sceptics. >> we're certainly open to improvements and to recommendations. >> reporter: there will be no sales pitch to democrats, who made it clear today where they
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you are going to hate it. >> reporter: democrats argue older, lower-income americans will hate it more than anyone. some of them could see their obamacare credit cut in half, scott, even as the wealthiest americans enjoy a series of tax cuts under this plan. >> pelley: nancy cordes, thanks. planned parenthood is saying no deal the a proposal from president trump. he said that he would keep funding the nation's largest family planning provider if it stopped providing abortions. we have more now from anna werner. >> reporter: planned parenthood clinics like this one in washington, d.c., provide reproductive health care services for women like nora franco. >> it does make me very angry when i hear about politicians sort of looking to defund an organization that does so much good for so many women. >> reporter: one in five women in the u.s. have visited a >>anned parenthood clinic.
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planned parenthood for just one reason -- >> the flu shot. >> controlling asthma. >> reporter: the vast majority of health service, 97%, range from preventing unintended pregnancies and cancer screenings to s.t.d. testing, and planned parenthood does get $500 million from the federal government for clinics nationwide, most of which comes from medicaid reimbursement, but none of that money goes for abortion. yet the republican's plan the overhaul the affordable care act would stop any patient with coverage with medicaid or another provider from using planned parenthood. the organization says cutting off 1.5 million primarily poor or minority women from their planned parenthood health services and taking a huge bite out of the non-profit's funding. planned parenthood executive dawn lagin. >> it's really defunding women from being able to use their medicaid insurance to come to planned parenthood for care. >> reporter: donald trump
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acknowledged planned parenthood's services during the presidential campaign but said when it came to federal subsidies... >> i would defund it because i'm pro-life, but millions of women are helped by planned parenthood. >> reporter: now in a statement to cbs news, mr. trump said, "i am pro-life and i am deeply committed to investing in women's health and plan to significantly increase federal funding in support of non-abortion services such as cancer screenings." scott? >> pelley: anna werner for us tonight. anna, thank you. well, for the third day, the president did not take questions and the white house did not provide evidence for his claim that president obama tapped his phones during the presidential campaign. over the weekend mr. trump described this as a fact. the f.b.i. director has asked the justice department to deny mr. trump's claim. white house officials have struggled for days to justify the charge, which appears to have no basis.
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margaret brennan has the latest. >> obamacare is collapsing. >> reporter: president trump criticized his predecessor's signature achievement today but did not repeat the unsubstantiated claim that president obama wiretapped his phones during the 2016 campaign. >> it's not that he's walking anything back or regretting it. >> reporter: white house spokesman sean spicer said president trump stands by the allegations he made saturday when he wrote on twitter that mr. obama is a "bad or sick guy." spicer said a taxpayer-funded conditional investigation should now look into the claim. >> i think the smartest, the most deliberative way to address the situation is to ask the house and the senate intelligence committees who are already in the process of looking into this. >> i have not seen that evidence. >> reporter: republican devin nunes, chair of the house intelligence committee, said he would explore the allegations but suggested that the president might have misspoken. >> as you all know, the president is a
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politics. he's been doing this a little over a year, and i think a lot of the things that he says you guys sometimes take literally. >> reporter: and senate intelligence committee chair richard burr, a republican, said his committee has not found anything to investigate. >> we don't have anything that would send us in that direction but that's not to say we might not find something. >> reporter: now nunes did announce the first hearing on russian interference in the election will take place on march 20th. scott, also today, we heard president trump's nominee to be deputy attorney general rod rosenstein testify he has not any reason to believe there has been any wiretapping. >> pelley: margaret brennan at the white house. president trump pressed his attack on his predecessor today with this tweet, which we can confirm is erroneous, "122 vicious prisoners released by
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the obama administration from gitmo," that's guantanamo bay, "have returned to the battlefield. just another terrible decision." well, the truth is the office of the director of national intelligence says that nine of those prisoners were released by president obama. 113 by president george w. bush. today china warned the u.s. of an arms race in the pacific after the pentagon delivered parts of a new missile defense system to south korea. earlier this week north korea launched missiles in what it called a rehearsal for an attack on u.s. military bases. david martin is learning more about that test. >> reporter: the missiles lifted off simultaneously, so close together an infrared satellite looking down from space initially identified those rocket plumes as coming from a single missile. the four flew toward japan in a
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ba iraq -- barrage intended to overwhelm anti-missile defense systems. north korea said the launch was conducted by a unit whose mission it is to attack u.s. bases in japan. had the missiles been launched from the east coast, they could have reached japan. patriot anti-missile batteries already stationed in japan and south korea should have been able to shoot them down if necessary. and the u.s. is now beefing up those defenses by adding a high-altitude system known as thad, which began arriving in korea monday night, although it will be months before it becomes operational. the missiles launched on monday date back to the 1990s. north korea is developing more modern missiles like this one tested last month. and u.s. intelligence has detected signs it may be preparing to test it again. a u.n. report obtained by cbs news concluded north korea has demonstrated major technological progress within a short period of time. among other
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significantly increasing the range of its missiles. north korea is expected to launch several more missiles in the coming weeks to show its anger over u.s. military exercises going on in south korea. the north korea news agency accused president trump of creating a nuclear confrontational his teara. secretary of state tillerson will travel to japan, south korea, and china next week. china is the one country with the ability to rein in north korea, but is far, scott, that has not happened. >> pelley: david martin, thank you. still ahead on the "cbs evening news," someone stole her identity and turned her into a fake blogger.
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>> that is the most recent one. that's the miss world crown. >> reporter: meet laura hunter, photographer, beauty queen, and as for politics... >> i would lean a bit more to the liberal side. >> reporter: so it might seem laura hunter was living a secret double life, far-right blogger, anti-muslim, anti-immigrant, and very pro trump. this looks like you. >> it's a picture of me. that's my name. >> reporter: are these your beliefs? >> no. it's negative. it's racist. i'm not those things. >> reporter: you wouldn't write anything like that? >> no, never. >> reporter: but fake laura hunter has since august attracted nearly a million followers on facebook through a site called the conservative daily post. >> i started googling my name, and wow. >> reporter: fake laura even had a madeup bio, living with her dog in eastern tennessee, but real laura is a professional photographer in seattle. she's filed a $50,000 lawsuit against those behind the site whose business address is a post office box. have you heard anything from them? >> no,
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>> reporter: neither did we have we reached outing but since the filing laura's picture has become an avatar, an something bizarre happened, fake laura's fans got angry at real laura. >> they think i'm the fake. >> they think you're impersonating someone else. >> yeah. they think, she's a wonderful woman. how dare you? you're trying to ride her coattails. >> reporter: fake news sites can generate thousands in ad revenue but operates in the shadows. laura isn't sure she'll receive damages. she just wants to restore her damaged reputation. >> very simple: if you can't confirm something, don't post it. >> reporter: carter evan, seattle. >> pelley: coming up next, a freight train slams into a casino bus.
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do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges. >> pelley: finally tonight a restoration is under way at the virginia estate of america's third president. workers are restoring not only a building, but also sally heming's rightsful place in our history. >> reporter: monticello is a popular tourist destination, but only in recent years have tour guides been allowed to give the
6:57 pm
>> we believe jefferson fathered sally hemings' children. >> reporter: sally hmmings was one of jefferson's slaves. they had six children, and some of their names are found with their mothers in jefferson's meticulous expense records, but for decades their relationship was rarely mentioned here out of fear it would taint jefferson's reputation. that started to change in the 1990s. and now a transformation is in the works. hallock is monticello's director of restoration. >> she lived right here? >> we believe she lived right here. >> reporter: hemmings room was once a public rest room. now it's being restored so visitors can see how she lived. >> you can imagine sally building fires here and her children and sally huddled around here in the wintertime staying warm at this very hearth. >> his entire life depended upon savory. >> niya bates is historian of atrican american life
6:58 pm
she said hemmings room is part of one life that will accurately portray daily life here, including stories of some of the 600 slaves jefferson owned over the course of his life. what exactly are you trying the change about the narrative of sally hemings. >> understanding sally hemings as a woman, as a mother, as an aunt, as a sister and as an ancestor. >> that makes me the great, great, great, great, great, great grand isn't of thomas jefferson and sally hemings. >> shannon lanier is a descendant. >> for so many years that whole store rir was swept under the rug. >> reporter: a story that will now be front and center at the home of thomas jefferson and sally hemings. chip reid, cbs news, monticello. > pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night.
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>> we are going to start off tonight off script with breaking news from prince george's county. police arrested a burglary suspect who climbed onto the roof of the cinema at the meltway plaza in green belt. police say officers were chasing the suspect when he ran into the mall. then, climbed scaffolding behind a movie screen. and hid in the ceiling. what was the movie playing? he made his way to the roof and surrendered and was arrested. now, we are going to healthcare, and president trump. he says he is behind the plan to repeal and replace obama care. >> this will be a plan where you can choose your doctor and plan. you know what the plan is. this is the plan. and we will have a tremendous, i think we will have a tremendous success. we will do something really, really


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