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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 10, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EST

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tonight, j.lo's new man. >> i still do believe in love. >> her whirlwind romance, after drake and after ben affleck rumors. details on row moons romance with a-rod. >> you never give up on that fairy tale. >> where is richard simmons? hiding since 2014.
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his housekeeper, new details tonight. >> commented on the hostage crime scene. >> and from this -- >> my favorite thing is playing on tv. >> to this. >> the olsen twins all grown up, and giving a very adult interview. what mary-kate says about her life as a step mom. ♪ i can make your hands klatch >> remember this? >> nicole kidman explains her bizarre oscar night clapping. was she inspired by someone else? >> hercules, hercules. >> now, for march 9, 20916, this is "entertainment tonight." the most challenging job in entertainment news is keeping up with jennifer lopez's love life. just yesterday we shot down the reports she is back with ben affleck. >> before that she had everyone guessing about drake. that is why we have initial turner to set the record straight. we now know j.lo is dating the only guy with an even cooler
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>> are f youheor tke yanes this is. >> yankees, oh, my god, i'm a new yorker, all right? >> what makes the perfect man? >> a good smile and a lot of confidence. i like that. that's sexy to me. >> the buzz is j-rod have been dating for a few weeks all in secret just two players having fun. alex reportedly back stage at j.lo's vegas show recently and another report claims jennifer has always been the former yavese dream girl. >> i still believe in love in a very strong way. as al giryou never really give up on that fairy tale completely. >> the two first met in 2005 when j.lo watches yankees play the mets. she was married to marc anthony at the time. he was married to wife of five years cynthia. j-rod are instagram official. well -- sort of. she is one of his 5,500 followers. she liked thist posjust esterday anked li other shots in tashe pt. mostly in the ones of him and his two daughters.
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if you think about it, the whole j-rod thing makes sense. both are new yorkers. both are devoted parents to their two kids. >> 41-year-old a-rod has dated hollywood stars before. cameron diaz, kate hudson and madonna. >> are you going to get married again? >> i'm not sure. i'm just trying to be a good role model for my kids. >> would you be married? ever >> i don't know. you know what it is? it is getting happy with yourself, no matter what and getting whole right here and knowing if somebody comes along, great. if not, i'm fine. >> i like these two. >> i do. we're hearing they don't consider themselves exclusive but know it's just hard to date other people when you're that famous. >> yeah. >> that's what we've been telling you about. >> absolutely. >> a famous person disappears from theli
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seen richard simmons since 2014. accusations have been made that richard's housekeeper is keeping him hidden. well, that housekeeper was just asked to respond. >> how's richard? is he okay? any comment on the hostage claims that are made? >> richard's housekeeper ignored a paparazzo question yesterday. as for that hostage claim, richard flat out denied that us to after we tracked him down via phone a year ago. >> no, i'm not kidnapped. i'm just in my house right now. >> and richard denies other rumors surrounding his mysterious public absence, rumors like he's transitioning to a woman, suffering from depression, and hiding out after weight gain. >> i still weigh 150. >> richard said that he wants a break from the spotlight. so where is he and who is with him? there's been a lot of activity outside of his home in hollywood hills this week. we spotted a second housekeeper, a pool man and his longtime assistant michelle matte. that was tuesday and this is
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matte joking around with richard when we visited in 2013. >> hold on. >> in 2014 richard ended friendship with this man, richard's massage therapist. he asked to have his identity hidden for his sit down. >> he used to have friend over all the time. parties all the time. i know for fact he has stopped talking to many loving, longtime friends. >> richard's closest bond seems to be with housekeeper teresa. this morning the man behind the popular weekly podcast missing richard simmons sat down with wendy iawillms. >> as i was getting to know richard, y husband and i went over to his house for dinner. richard serves dinner. richard made the dinner. richard cleaned up and the teresa the housekeeper sat at the head of the table. >> what? >> it's true. >> well, his podcast captured the public's attention. it's actually number one on itunes right now. another story we're tracking, nick cannon
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"america's got talent." who will replace him? there appears to be a new front-runner. >> i am a wanted generation. a disruption. >> the front-runner is 27-year-old brandon mychal smith. starring in the fsx dramedy you're the worst about crazy unhealthy relationships in los angeles. and played singer little richard in the james brown biopic "get on up." a new report says smith shot to the top of nbc's list after talk with comedian and actor marlon wayans broke down over money. outgoing host nick cannon quit, because the show threatened to fire him for jokes he made during his recent showtime comedy special. >> america's got talent." certain things i want to do, but i can't! >> wayans expressing concern because his comedy is just as controversial as cannons. >> you got to be kidding me. >> meantime nick continues to work on projects with nickelodeon and his tv show "wild and out "e.
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youtube but are slow to gain traction. >> we out. boom. >> successful youtubers make hundreds of thousands of dollars uploading videos watched by hundreds of viewers. millions of viewers. nick's first post three days ago, over 30,000 hits, and his post yesterday not hitting 5,000 views. >> oh, well nick likes to sound off. what does he know about the hunt to replace him and how does he feel about his decision to quit? make sure you join us tomorrow, because we have the first interview with nick since he shocked the tv world. >> brie larson giving her fiance a red carpet kiss last night. i was front and the center with the stars of "kong: skull island" for a premier that just had to be monster size. >> i never had a premier in l.a. like this before. so i'm still kind of trying to take it all in. >> looking red-hot in a
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black strap heels, giving the crowd something to cheer about. "kong" is the reason. >> more hiddleston fans there is more to see than kong. check out the wax figure in madame tussauds new attraction. >> you can see the abs through the tissue. oh, man i got get to the gym. come on. >> just get someone to paint them in like he has clearly done. >> come out! >> in the film, opening foam, tomorrow, tom plays an explorer and brie is a photojournalist. she has a new appreciation for photos, especially this one taken withhemma stone back stage at the oscars. >> emma stone a big actress she won. >> i didn't realize it would be photographed, but i'm so proud of her. and i'm grateful that there's a photo to prove that. >> we thought we would put her own picture-taking skills to the test. >> yes. >> let's just say, she is not bad. even catching our "e.t." camera man in the mix. >> now i'm telling you this also -- brie may be even more
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>> that's not possible. >> i'm telling you. brie told jimmy kimmel she throws bachelor parties and nick showed up to one. >> why did you photograph nick as if you were a paparazzi? hiding in the -- [ laughter ] >> because i was so shy. >> oh, really? >> i got freaked out and star struck. [ laughter ] >> okay. that is cute. by the way, she wins. linch, i would actually love to watch monday night's finale with you, brie. >> yes, come on, brie. how about an invite. >> you could join us, too. >> nice. >> would it help to show an exclusive sneak peek? topping the bachelor addition of "know and tell," here's the family. now we know where nick gets list sensitive side. producers have been promising an emotion-filled finale. this, on monday. >> i'm not sure i'm ready for that proposal. because things shifted for me. >> i just don't feel like i'm grog to get my answer.
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>> torn between vanessa and raven we are hoping nick's foresight is the charm but his dad isn't sure. >> there was fear like she was hurt. >> meantime, is one of nick's castoffs dating the guy that nearly got nick's gig? >> i'm excited about what the future hold. >> you may have seen that luke is dating stylist danielle. but we saw a quote -- i hung out with danielle twice with a lot of other bachelor events, so no we're not. could luke be looking for love in bachelor paradise? he said if he was asked he would entertain the idea. finally -- january jones throwing her hat in the bachelorette ring. >> that's my dream. >> your dream is to be on the "bachelorette"? >> "mad men" alum shocking james corden with that tidbit last night confessing she has a thing for ben higgins. >> ben gets kicked off. i'm like, oh, i'm the next
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"bacthatuy. >> we could make this whole thing happen. >> he is not even my favorite. you got to put it in the universe. >> well, nick is pretty cute. >> i think she's going to get some phone calls, yes. >> no doubt. >> unfortunately, january says her publicist told her she cannot be the next "bachelorette." >> no surprise there. why is nicole kidman kind of clapping like a seal at the -- >> easy, cam. >> it consent viral, i'm just saying, and she is explaining. and mama june, wait until you see what the reality star looks like now. we have a look at her weight loss journey. >> lisa kudrow shamed on the set of friend? only on "e.t." she clears up the mean guest star story which made headlines.
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it be is the clasp that captivated the world. nicole kidman, leave her alone! >> it's your friend but so funny and fun to do! >> actually, everybody was trying to figure out what would make nicole applaud like that at the oscars. well, wonder no more. here it is. nicole's clap confession. ♪ i can make your hands clap >> maybe she had fits in the tantrum in mind when no cicole t a little seaworld at the oscars. lighting up twitter and 11 days later finally fessed up to what was up on australia's kiss-fm show. >> clapping but really
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ring on that was not my own,absi was scared of damaging if. >> i would, too. a ring of nearly 14 carats. >> i was like, gosh, i want to clap. not be clapping, which would be worse. right? why isn't nicole clapping? >> it wasn't her first odd oscar clap. 2015. certainly not the first star dealt a bad hand, particular paula abdul's top the late joan rivers opening her set with her own standing o, the star's ability to mimic a sea mammal draw criticism and also made them akonic. >> hercules! still ahead, mama june's weight-loss, and looking so different. an
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total by transfoiormatn. >> then a rare exclusive with reclusive olsen twins at 30. what mary kate is saying about married life. and from fedex worker to the top of the music charts, meet country music's unexpected new star. ♪ the only way i know i can get you home ♪ closed captioning provided by --
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they carry your fans shpassions, hopes, and dreams.s. and maybe, a chance at greatness
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not dandruff.
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hey, what are you doing? >> cleaning my money. >> fixing to go do my workout. i'll be gone for a couple of hours. >> hold on. can we run that clip back for a minute? take a look at that. mama june is definitely a lot thinner in this scene from "not to hot" which will air tomorrow on we tv. compare it to when she was more than 400 pounds. mama june is supposed to get all way down to a size 4. we'll be watching. here is another amazing number. can you believe the olsen twins are 30. for the first time, mary-kate is opening up about her marriage to a much older man. mary-kate's married 17 years older olivier sarkozy in 2015. in a rare interview she said she balances hard work and home saying "i have a husband,
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stepkids and i'm a wife. i have to go home and cook dinner. i ride horses on the weekend. you find the thing that helps you relax." heading up their own fashion empire, the twins say they don't dive isonto mcialedia. no facebook or instagram for them saying "we've stayed quite sheltered." of course "e.t." has been with the twins since they became household names on the sitcom "full house." >> my favorite thing is playing on tv. >> at just 6 years old they signed a recording contract and at 12 were promoting education. >> well, we think school is very important. and education and everything. >> launching their first clothing line as teenagers they had creative control. >> we don't like it, the'sn it not going to be out there. >> their hard work paid off. today together they're estimated to be worth $400 million. >> wow. that is what you call a full house. we remember when lisa kudr
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"friends." they wrote it into the story line. that's 20 years ago. so we have an update on what lisa's family life is like today. >> so who is the boss in your household? >> my husband. >> is he? >> and some days me. and when our son was an infant, that is what determined the schedule of the household. >> today 18-year-old julian doesn't iseemmpressed by mom's career. >> hey. you might want to check out a movie i was in. he likes me fine, but he's not a fan. and he doesn't need to be. >> what's all rathe cket? >> maybe julian can catch lisa's voice where she is a mom to a covert spy hiding in an infant's body. >> how's mommy's little cutie? >> alec baldwin is the boss baby and my husband is jimmy kimmel, which is really fun. >> rise and shine! >> take your kid to work day. >> lisa recently made headlines on an appearance on "watch what happens live" revealing a guest star rudely
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>> i rehearsed without make-up most of the week op on show night i'm in hair and make-up. i was told, oh, wow, now you're -- can i say it? >> yeah. >> now you're [ bleep ]. >> oh my gosh. >> who was that? >> there is a climate right new that's very -- you know -- oh, my god. this hideous like this hate crime occurred. and i just don't feel like that is what happened. i feel like someone was trying to be funny, and then three minutes later i was fine. >> i don't know, that sounds pretty horrible to me. moving on from a rags to riches tale. how dp kane brown go from homeless to landing a number one on billboard charts and now up for a country music academy award. kevin frazier met up with kane brown to hear this incredible success story. ♪ at the harvest >> an unexpected voice from an unexpected package.
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24-year-old biracial georgia-born country singer kane brown is covered in tattoos and has his ears and eyebrows pierc pierced, and, ladies love those eyes and, of course, those abs. but the way kane found fame is by posting videos of himself singing in the bathroom on facebook. >> i put it on facebook. went to sleep. woke up, check my phone and i had like 800 phone requests. then 700 more. of that week passed i ended up with like 200,000 followers. >> you're still going to work at fedex. >> yeah. i'm not at work any more. i'm just on my phone going, like, what's going on? >> and your boss? >> he's actually a fan. ♪ the only way i know i can get you off my mind ♪ >> now with more than 3 million social media followers, kane quit fedex in 2015 to follow his dreams. pretty inspiring for the boy raised by a single mom and his grandma. >> life wasn't easy for you growing up. even at some point you and your
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>> we didn't have anywhere to stay. s ♪ the way you knew >> kane's album debuted at number one in the billboard top country album's chart and nominated for the atm's new male vocalist of the year, but country's next billing thing is hoping he can give something back to the two ladies who always stood by him. >> what is the first cool thing you got yourself when you started doing well? >> well, a truck. >> okay. >> and then i got a car. about to get a house next hopefully. i grew up on nothing. i'm just glad that i can support myself now and support my mom and my nana if they need anything. ♪ >> love hearing stories like that. >> yeah. >> right? here is a fun fact. kane went to high school with american idol runner up lauren alana. she the one who actually encouraged him to sing and now she's singing with him on his latest single "what if." you can catch kane on tour right pow. >> what happens when she's back?
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>> good job, ssndra. >> that's what you get for plotting against me. >> more on >> travel consideration provided by --
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>> what's that? >> a housewarming gift barrage. >> a bunch of fake snakes better not spring out of it, because that was lousy anniversary present. >> an exclusive, and meanwhile, no joke. that was painful. >> right. giant red circles caused by a medical procedure called cupping used to alleviate pain or stress and kangsed the photo, hurts so good. >> i'll take her word for it. >> you and me both. >> bye, everybody.
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said assange was not a bastion of truth and integrity. the agency said the disclosures, jeopardize personnel and operations. the cia was aware weeks before tuesday's disclosure, that valuable information may have been stolen. the fbi is now working with the cia to determine not only two stole the information but whether a confree lountry like was involved. jim lewis consults about cybersecurity. >> there is good data, suggests ties between assan ge and there is very strong data that wikileaks has a powerful anti-american agenda. >> wikileaks says it is reaching out to companies, microsoft, apple, google so they can fix hacking vulnerabilities. they all are working to close loopholes they know about. >> jeff pegue.


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