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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 15, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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ben affleck's rehab confession. new details about his sober strategy today. >> a relapse can be triggered by anything. a broken relationship is a very common reason. >> history of addiction, private coach to keep him away from alcohol and how jen is playing a key role in his sobriety. >> then, "this is us" fan disappointment? >> have to wait a little longer now. >> we're with the cast and how they're defending the season finale. >> plus mama june skinnier than ever. >> i'm too nervous to even look at scale. >> jaw-dropping price she paid out of her own pocket for plastic surgery to drop down to size 4. >> and from beyonce's backup dancer to "dancing with the stars" front-runner. we're inside heather and maks's first rehearsal where she is teaching him. >> slide your booty up. just like that. >> why do you have to make fun of l meike that? >> now march 15, 2017, this is "entertainment tot.
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about his struggles with alcohol in the past, but now that he just announced he is out of rehab again, how does ben plan to stay sober this time? >> in hindsight ben's admission explains a lot about what we've seen over the last 12 months. >> ben was candid in his facebook post, quote, i've compedlet treatment for alcohol addiction, something i battled in the past and continue to confront. he was not specific about his treatment, but here's what we learned. his last public appearance at the oscar two weeks pay go. affleck was sober and had a male sober coach go with him that night.ago. affleck was sober and had a male sober coach go with him that nighgo. affleck was sober and had a male sober coach go with him that nighago. affleck was sober and had a male sober coach go with him that night. affleck out with a different sober coach, this woman, in january. addiction expert dr. drew penski says hiring help like this is common for celebs struggling with sobriety. >> is that enough? no. they have to want to get better and actively participate. but the coach if they are with them all
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>> a source close to ben says marrying jen garner helps keeping his drinking under control. they split in june 2015, but neither has filed divorce papers. in a statement, ben thanked garner saying, quote, i'm lucky to have the love of my family and friend, including my co-parent jen, who has supported me and cared for our kids as i've done the work i set out to do. ben has been open about his struggle with alcoholism in the past. in 2001 he checked in promises treatment center in malibu. so what sparked the setback? >> relapse can be triggered by anything. things going too well, things going too badly. broken relationship is a common reason. >> affleck told barbara walters the disease ran in his family. >> my father was a real alcoholic and he drank all day, drank every day and to his credit, he got sober ultimately and has been sober for several decades which i think is pretty impressive. >> while ben has been struggling in private,e
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after-parties. >> i get up to take the kids to school. >> and co-parenting. >> how do you make it work with all that going on? >> we did our best. >> at one point he seemed annoyed by the barrage of batman questions. >> oh, my gosh, such a pain in the ass. batman, batman, batman. it is coming along great and we will make something special. >> shortly after that moment, ben dropped out of directing the next batman, but he is still writing and directing in it. >> by far the most disappointing moment last night, i'm talking about the finale of "this is us." >> we had our tissues ready. we were set to cry our eyes out over jack's death but instead, we got nothing, and that has a lot of fans upset. >> the build-up to this finale, we thall ought jack was going to die. >> have to wait a little longer now. >> some of the reaction? >> i feel cheated. first episode i haven't cried.
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underwhelming. no death scene, just a big fight that had one fan post, i'm just hoping when jack walked out, it's not the last time rebecca sees him alive. >> i have zero life, jack. i am a housewife to three teenagers who do not need me anymore. >> i think they needed a break. i think things got heated. >> i'm supporting this family financially and emotionally. and i'm attacked for not being supportive. >> i'm really satisfied with the note that leaves people on. i think it's impactful. >> if you don't feel a reason to cry or get emotional, seek help. >> at the cast wrap party last night we did learn there was an easter egg hidden in the finale. >> singing moon shadow, he gave me the moon necklace to signify our song that is moon shadow the song i was singing when we first locked eyes and met each other. ♪ ♪ >> a 19-year-old mandy actually record a moon shadow music video back in 2003. ♪ ♪
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do fans feel with six months of, "this is us" withdrawals. >> you can tweet us. you can instagram us. we will help with that. >> you can go back and rewatch. see what you missed. >> rewatch? >> yes, that's what i was going to say. >> go back. have you 18 episodes to watch again. >> if bingeing the whole season makes you feel the feel all over again, milo wrote another, it's okay to skip work note, here it is. >> milo and mandy said i could go home. bye and thank you. >> mandy told us she might start singing and recording again just like her character. the show relit the fire inside of her. >> meanwhile, the wait is almost over for kichl kardashian, the tell-all about being robbed at gun point in paris. keeping up with the kardashians has been promoting this forever. it is finally happening this sunday. >> definitely watching. i turned the lights off and went upstairs. >> this new clip comesea nrly ten weeks af
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charged ten people in connection with the heist of more than $5 million worth of kim's jewelry. >> there was probably a group of guys that were following us the entire trip. >> some on-line commenters are taking aim at the show's continued teasing of kim's dramatic story as a ploy for ratings. >> i saw the gun as clear as day. >> last season, viewership dropped by half and "e.t." learned this upcoming episode won't be the only one focussing on the robbery. it will play out through several episodes. >> we started filming. >> on ellen, kris jenner defending her daughter's decision to film after the incident. >> what was coming out of that was very therapeutic, i think, to explain and walk us through. >> while kim took a three-month social media break following her scare, her social promotion is back on. this past weekend she plugged her show's season premiere while presenting her keeping up executive producer with an award. kim knows how constantly posting whereabouts can have consnc
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home and everyone was going out. i think they knew i was there by myself. they had this window of opportunity and just went for it. >> that is called learning a lesson the hard way. well, two more stars who attract a lot of attention, blake shelton and gwen stefani. they seem like such an unlikely couple at first, right? we just found out that even theelir fvolow coice ach adam levine could b notelieve it. ♪ ♪ >> if you had told me that blake shelton would be with gwen stefani, i would have told you -- >> yeah, i didn't see that coming. >> but it is so wrong, but it's ghrit. >> adam didn't hold back in detailing his surprise over blake and gwen hooking up. today on howard stern serious xm radio shehow r gotight to the nitty-gritty. >> it is super crazy. you think we you're sitting in the chairs and they're having sex -- >> it is weird. >> i don't think you can control those types of matters of the t hearand i see it as a beautiful thing. ♪ ♪
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>> the couple went public in october 2015. they haven't tried to hide anything when they are together on the voice. >> hey, so will you give me a spankin'? > >both have said they began as friends who were both going through painful divorces. once they were officially out as a twosome, they poured on the pd and seemed very happy with a special relationship. >> blake shelton? >> yeah. that fellow. >> it is incredible to have a best friend like that guy. he is an amazing person. >> i love you, blake. kinda. ish. >> i love you too, blake,ish. >> up next, mama june weight loss update, after a tummy tuck and skin removal she'll reveal how much she paid for all these surgeries. >> then dancing's parents maks and peta making a comeback to the ballroom after a baby. >> permission to come back is a big deal. >> inside the first rehearsal. >> and -- >> oprah is giving away gifts again. nd not a car this time. but pretty good.
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>> you all will have -- >> but first, scarlett johansson is kicking butt in a skin tight body suit. >> it wouldn't be the ghost in the shell without the crazy fight sequins. >> scarlett wears a flesh colored costume in her new movie "ghost in a shell." it was especially made to fit her every curve. >> the suit is really sort of like a second skin. and it allows her to become invisible. >> eight of the exact same silicone suits were made to keep up with the intense action sequences. >> it's been empowering.
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the train spotting cast braved the
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>> a blinding trip. i went from not to hot. i went from not to hot. >> mama june has everybody hooked on following her life again. this time because of the incredible amount of weight she is losing on her new tv show. it's really remarkable. the journey has not een easy and mama june says it's not free, either. >> i have to pay just like everybody else.
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>> okay, yeah, because some people think the tv networks and the production company paid for this -- >> no. >> the reality tv mom insisting in a new radio interview that she paid for her own surgeries to help transform her 460-pound figure into size 4. >> with or without cameras i was willing to do this journey, you know, no matter what. >> nevertheless, mama june is paid to have her weight loss journey documented for television and her show from "not to hot" is bringing in big ratings. >> there you go. put your chin down. >> mama june worked with a trainer and changed her diet, but going under the knife played a major role and it didn't come cheap. gastric surgery, breast lift, tummy tuck and skin removal surgery on arms and neck add up to over $50,000. >> did you wear a fat suit and prosthetics before the premier so you didn't spoil the reveal? >> definitely did not wear a fat suit. i was fat. >> the 37-y
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say her main motivation was getting a revenge body after breaking up with sugar bear? >> if sugar bear's marriage wouldn't get without, would you consider getting back together with him? >> i know we're on radio, but hell no. >> she said her new look had an impact on honey boo boo. >> would you encourage them to go through the same journey? >> if it helps them, yes. do your research, definitely. >> still ahead, inside the first dancing rehearsals. maxs and pita, returning two months after giving birth. >> she has a much harder job than i do. it's insane. behind the scenes secrets and shooting in canada and how they make it look like the capital. plus "sister ersist's" tia mowry then and now, and the extreme measure she took to stay skinny and her fashion regrets. >> tia, what were you thinking?
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hi. little shai alexander schper kof had his mom and dad all to himself, but now maks and peta have to get back to work because "dancing with the stars" starts monday. >> you know what it's like as a dad after the baby is born, having to go to work for the first time, it's so hard. >> you can sleep. >> that's true. but not easy for maks, partnering up with heather morris and it's daddy duties before dancing. >> we were sitting around waiting for maks to show up. but you toll me why and all is forgiven. >> i was like one foot out the door. and then, hey, bath time. and then stay for two minutes. then 45 minutes later he is sitting there playing with his feet.
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>> the don't doting dad has baby shai dancing, but maks and peta have to focus on the battle for the mirror ball trophy. >> i want to do right by heather. and pita is very responsible with her partnership with nick. because she is a mom and what women go through with pregnancy and -- >> she just had a baby two months ago. >> it is insane. >> so far maks and heather are the early front-runners and heather, former back-up dancer for beyonce has proven she can shake it, but can she do the cha cha? >> heather for you with the dance back ground, what's the hardest part about this experience, about learning ballroom, and working with the -- >> yeah, yeah -- >> is it that -- >> oh my biggest thing is just having to squeeze these muscles. i think that's so hard. >> a seeming unfair advantage has brought out the haters which maks says is unfair.
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>> a spokesperson to everyone who has been in and then it is like what the hell is this. >> it is completely different. you think you're doing one thing and you're not doing that thing. >> maks knows ballroom, but heather has a few tricks of her own. >> have you taught maks the single ladies dance? >> no. >> you haven't? >> no. >> should we do a little right now? ♪ ♪ >> then you go down. go down to your knees. >> yeah. >> and then you're going to go -- ♪ >> then side. yeah, just like that. >> thanks. >> maks, you don't know single ladies? come on, man! come on! >> throwing it down. maks says look out for val. arm any and wouldn't it be something if it came down to a maks and val showdown? >> they always do well in the competition. >> good point. >> kiefer sutherland plays
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president in "designated survivor," as fans of the show it really does look like they shoot it in the white house or the capitol. how do they make it look so realistic? we find out. >> the sets incredible and technology allows us to shoot on the street in toronto and put the backdrop in that would be georgetown or kind of capital area. >> yeah. that's the digitally created background. here is what the set really looks like and this is a pretty darn replica of the oval office. >> anything you can do to help root it in something that is real is going to help the audience kind of make that leap with you to suspend their disbelief. >> it took production designers three weeks to plan and three weeks to build the fake oval office on the toronto sound stage. part of the research included one-hour rarely-granted visit to the real thing. no photos allowed. producers had to sketch every detail. like the moulding they re-created and the rug? set decorators found it in an antique shop and added the presidential seal.
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tonight's episode finds president kirkman is still in the hospital after an assassination attempt and kiefer tells us we will get answers to big questions. >> i think one of the thing we will resolve in this first season is who is behind the conspiracy, all the way up the chain. >> when he is not solving conspiracy theories, kiefer is also a country music singer. bet you didn't know that. he just announced his tour is extended to europe this summer and he will end in canada. >> nearly 25 years since "sister sister" hit the air. making teen superstars out of tia and tamara mowry, and nischelle turner joins tia at her home where she cooked up a whole new life after her '90s sitcom fame. >> hey," e.t." here we are in new york. >> when we first met tia and her twin, tamara, they were 13 with their own sitcom "sister sister" and tia is revealing that she felt pressure to look good on the show and that led her to taking diet pills. she said quote, i'm not proud of
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race and i knew in my gut i was hurting myself. she gave up the pills in college and never took them again. she now looks back at the series fondly, kind of. >> you guys really have your place in television history. >> yeah. you know, they still air that show. >> they do. >> it is still on the air, "sister sister." and when i look back at the show -- oh, my gosh, what are you wearing? oh, tia, what were you thinking? now at 38 she's been married to actor corey hardrick since 2008. >> is it true you met him at the bus stop? >> oh, my gosh. i see this story on-line. >> they actually met on the set of a low-budget movie. >> i did see my husband at the bus stop. he is like, i'm going home. i was, like, i can go ahead and take you home. and he was like, well, it's in the hood. and i was like, i don't care. like, so? like --
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so i took him home. that the real story. >> after tying the knot, tia learned she had a medical condition and had trouble conceiving a baby. >> when i was diagnosed with end meet ries onnis, and it was a very miserable time. >> so she ditched dairy, refined sugars and processed foods and she claims it changed her life. >> i ended up getting pregnant with my son cree. when i told my doctor i was pregnant, first thing she told me is it was because of that diet. >> would you call him a miracle baby? >> i would. >> she shares her struggles and recipes in her new book "whole new you." her tip is oatmeal instead of bread crumbs and zucchini strips instead of carb-heavy pasta. >> tell me if that is not good. >> i'm hungry now. >> why didn't nischelle bring us back some food?
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>> and if you want to know what tia's sister tamara is up to, she cohost "the real" and she has two children of her own and she says their kids all love to play together. >> you know who i want to hang with? oprah because she just surprised a whole lot ♪ peop leave it to the pros? i am a pro. i made this lawn from seed pride, and less water than you'd think. to those who'd say the grass is greener on the other side.. i politely disagree. pennington smart seed. guaranteed to grow with 30% less water. reclaim your turf.
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after is like. i'm still pinching myself that this is t. >> see it all at primal consideration provided by -- here's to -- >> oprah took center stage for the wrap party of the movie "a wrinkle in time," and she gave everybody her high-tech user. >> i have one and now you all will have one.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> when juice comes out, think of "a wrinkle in time." >> you get a juicer. you get a juicer. >> i want one. it runs about 400 bucks. it is not a car but a whole lot better for you. lord knows i need one. >> oprah, i can't imagine you need
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>> jeff: previously on "survivor"... go! 20 of the biggest game change centers "survivor" history were battling it out. the mana tribe was on a losing streak. nuku wins their second challenge in a row. facing tribal council, it was a battle between "survivor" royalty. and only one could keep their crown. >> you know that saying, "you're only the king until the queen arrives? i'm here. >> jeff: at tribal council, nobility took a back seat. >> to tony everything is paranoia. >> jeff: as sandra slayed her nemesis and kept her title. >> that's what you get for plotting against me. >> good job. >> that's what you get, and the queen stays queen. >> jeff: tony, the tribe has


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