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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 27, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news of the potential threat averted at a high school in frederick county maryland. 18-year-old nicole threatened to carry out some sort of violent attack at the high school. they uncovered the plot late last week when one of her
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parents notified authorities. police say they did find explosive materials during their investigation of the teen's home but nothing was found on campus. we expect to learn more at a press conference scheduled for 2:00 this afternoon at the frederick county law enforcement center. right now savario is under going a mental evaluation. thank you for joining us at noon. the finger pointing over the failure to pass a plan to repeal and replace obama care has begun and as craig boswell reports, the white house the pointing them at conservative republicans. >> i think the president is disappointed in the number of people that he thought were loyal to them that weren't. >> president trump placed the blame on conservative republicans for failing to pass the gop plan to repeal and replace obama care. sunday he tweeted democrats are smiling in dc that the freedom caucus, with the health of flu for growth and heritage has saved obama care. >> i n
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been more self-critiquing than me. >> the chairman of the house freedom caucus says he still believes a deal can get done. >> conversations over the last 48 hours are about how we come together in the republican conference and try to get this over the finish line. >> but trump administration officials are signaling they may be willing to work with democrats to fix health care. >> i think it's time for our folks to come together. and i also think it's time to potentially get a few moderate democrats on board as well. democrats say they're willing to listen if the white house wants to work on a fix for obama care. not a repeal. >> we never said it was perfect. we said repeal was off the table. >> the freedom caucus looks forward to working with trump on this next big legislative agenda, tax reform. the president wants to cut tax for middle class families, lower corporate taxes by 15% and reduce the number of
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brackets. fred boswell, cbs news, the white house. chuck schumer says the democrats will work with trump on tax reform too. as long as cuts are aimed at the poor and middle class not the rich. the american israeli public affairs committee continues today with a speech from benjamin netanyahu. house speaker paul ryan also spoke today, last night it was vice president mike pence. he reaffirmed the u.s. and the commitment to israel. vowing the united states will no longer allow the united nations to take advantage of israel or the west. the white house is denying reports that president trump handed german chancellor angela merkel a bill for nato defenses estimated at $370 billion. that's according to the times of london. quoting an unnamed german government official. the president reportedly handed merkel the invoice during her trip to washington earlier this month. in the past, mr. trump has railed against the nato
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member countries to pay what they owe and to increase defense spending to support the organization. the senate judiciary committee is set to hold the mark up for neil gorsuch, president trump's pick to replace the late justice antonin skalia on the supreme court. his confirmation will have to wait out a democratic filibuster. 51 votes are needed for confirmation instead of 60. that would mean judge gorsuch could be confirmed with no democratic support. a guy stuck in a tree. the worker was trimming a tree when he got hurt and couldn't come down. fire crews had to cut several limbs to reach the worker, they brought him down safely in the bucket. this happened on
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not the prettiest weather to start off the workweek. when will things improve? melissa joins us with your first alert forecast. this has been a tough morning. tough forecast here. we have clouds, mist, drizzle, cool temperature, it was all day yesterday around here. and today we're starting to see improvements. especially south of town, 56 in dc. we got the south winds. but the warm front is what's going to be lifting north throughout the afternoon and bringing a rapid warm up for places that finally see the warm front lifting north of them. look at the 65 in fredericksburg. 56 in waldorf. 59 degrees in winchester. that's a front right there. that sharp division between the two temperatures. it's gradually lifting north. when it finally reaches dc. we'll see temperatures climbing from the 50s to the 60s in some spots, especially south of town in the 70s this afternoon. the rest of
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we're gradually going to see cloudy skies break up a bit. still over all, a little more clouds and sunshine through 3:00 p.m. but later in the day, we'll see a little more sunshine. we should make it to around either side of 70 degrees. now, not only are we tracking warmer temperatures, but along with the warmer temperatures, will also come some showers and thunderstorms. and they have issued a yellow weather alert for tomorrow coming up in minutes. we'll go hour by hour through the forecast for tomorrow afternoon. we'll talk about what you can expect. and help you plan out the rest of your week and the weekend coming up. get your seven-day forecast on our wusa 9 app. one person is believed dead in this huge apartment fire this morning in oakland california. firefighters spotted what looked like a body but flames forced them to pull back but they could confirm. several people were rescued from the burning building. conditions not known. crews were ordered off the roof for fear it would collapse. at this point, officials are working on putting out hot spbe
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determine what sparked the blaze. a prince georges county firefighter is hospitalized after getting hurt battling a house fire this morning. flames broke out just before 2:00 in this home on annapolis road north of forbes boulevard. the injured firefighter was rushed to the hospital. at this hour, his condition isn't known. he was conscious when medics put him in the ambulance. what caused the fire is still under investigation. and the trial has begun against a man charged with killing five people in a crash. jury selection began this morning in the case against kenneth kelly. kelly is charged with five counts of negligent manslaughter for the 2014 crash that killed two children and three adults. his blood alcohol level was above the legal limit at the time. relatives of the utah couple caught up in last week's terror attack in london are talking about their loss. jonathan has more
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family members flew in from utah to be with melissa cochrane who is in a london hospital. >> her health is steadily improving. and she's been strengthened by the presence of her family. she's so grateful for the out pouring of love and generosity. >> melissa is recovering from a broken leg and rib but her family says she's just coming to terms with the attack that took her husband's life. >> the circumstances under which he was killed, obviously are horrific. >> the cochrane's were on the last day of their dream european vacation, walking on westminster bridge when a speeding car struck them. curt went over the side of the bridge and fell to his death on the concrete below. melissa was thrown into a souvenir stand. >> her attitude is great right now. and i know that because of all the love and the prayers that have come from all over the world. >> in all, four people were killed when khalid masood
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the sidewalk of the bridge before crashing into a gate at parliament. relatives say despite this gut wrenching loss, they harbor no harsh feelings for the attacker. curt and melissa were here celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. they loved to take photos. their family said before returning home to utah, they want to come to westminster bridge to take a photo in front of big ben. cbs news, london. the new york city police officer who fatally shot an unarmed teen in 2012 is off the force. after two failed grand jury indictments, officer richard haste was never criminally charged with killing graham. he claims he fired when the 18- year-old refused to show his hands during a drug investigation in the victim's home. he was found guilty during an nypd disciplinary trial. and the judge recommended he be kicked off the force. before the commissioner could carry out the recommendation, he began filing pa
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resign. up in arms over leggings. why millions are taking to social media to give one airline an earful after it
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welcome back to the news at noon, uber paused its self- driving car program while it investigates a crash involving one of its driverless vehicles. a self-driving uber car flipped on its side after the driver of another car failed to yield and hit it. no one was seriously injured. but the accident comes as uber is dealing with a wave of over controversial issues. united airlines is coming under fire on social media all over a dress code. two girls were barred from their flight for wearing leggings. as chris van cleave reports, there's much more to the story. >> the ticket agen
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leggings on was following united airlines rules for friends and family who fly for free. >> we heard her say, i don't make the rules, i just enforce them. >> she was watching as it unfolded. she has four daughters and is a high profile gun control activist with 33,000 twitter followers. >> i don't think leggings are inappropriate for women or girls. and this young girl who was 10 or 11 looked like a normal little kid. >> since when does united police a woman's clothing. united communication staff went into crisis mode. the company revealed the effected passengers were flying under a special program for united employees. that program has a dress code banning form-fitting spandex tops and dresses. regular paying customers who
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the planes. pr's news editor thinks the airline waited too long to get the story out. other airlines have similar dress code policies for people flying on pass travel. the airlines view them as representatives of the airline. one of the girls was allowed to board the flight after they changed clothes. the other two were offered seats on a later flight provided they were in compliance with company policy. >> as you can imagine this story has everyone on social media talking. laugh out loud, you know what looks worse for your brand than kids dressing comfortably -- >> keep wearing sweat pants and yoga pants people. i'll enjoy my complimentary upgrades for first class at united. log on and join the conversation. the internet
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this parenting drone rights. done right rather. a father was spotted holding a huge sign calling out his son's bad grades. it reads thomas, get your grades back up, and next time you'll be here, love dad. pop took the show on the road and showed up to another game over the weekend. that one reads thomas, can you hear me now? trending now, a five-year- old in south carolina cries tears of joy after she found out she was going to see disney's beauty and the beast. but it didn't come without a scare. the girl's mom played a prank by telling her daughter they wouldn't get to see the movie. watch the reaction when she finds out she's going. >> after supper. >> i feel like my eyes are watering right now. because
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because i get to go see beauty and the beast. >> we're going to go tonight after supper. >> my heart is going very fast. >> we'll have to pick out our outfits and get a bath and all that. >> can i please have a dress to wear? nice. >> oh my goodness. tears of joy and we want to know what the dress looks like. how about this caught on camera. the moment an alleged burglar is caught getting his baggy pants stuck while trying to escape. police were called to miles elementary school after a lock smith allegedly spotted a man trying to force his way into classrooms on campus. this photo has since gone viral. it's beginning
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spring in the u.s. but in russia, ice sailing came to a close this weekend on the deepest fresh water lake in the world. the tournament brought together 80 sailors from russia, the united kingdom, germany, netherlands, switzerland, sweden and the united states. competitors raced across the lake's frozen surface, this year's winner, a man from chicago. they get a lot of practice in chicago during normal winters. not this winter. all right, oops. i am excited about the forecast. i will tell you, i couldn't go out with my husband on saturday. so we went out to play golf on sunday. my performance was as cold as the weather. it was awful. >> it must have been really bad then. >> yes, it was. >> it's a gradual process. but we'll make some improvements toward the afternoon. i think a
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still stuck in the 50s. but we have a warm front lifting north. we'll see spots getting into the 70s. that's something to cheer about. we have cloudy skies. dense fog this morning. fog advisory at 10:00 a.m. eventually we're going to see these clouds break up as well. once that happens, the south winds take us up into the 60s and 70s. right now we're at 56 in dc. the warm air is so close. charlotte is 67. we're so close. the warm front lifts north. it'll get warmer this afternoon. spots north of town, you'll likely be stuck shy of 70 degrees for a lot of spots. but it's going to be a warmer afternoon. a shower or thunderstorm possible. not everyone sees one. tomorrow there's a better coverage of showers and storms that pops up in the afternoon to early evening. i've issued a yellow weather alert tomorrow. not a huge severe weather day or a wash out. but a good day to keep that wusa 9 app on hand. the storms turning dryer
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cooler for midweek. this is the main weather featurer we've been tracking. severe weather to the southwest. we're waiting for this warm front to lift north. once it does, it feels like springtime outside. future cast is overly excited in the temperatures today. but i like what it shows for the cloud cover. we're eventually going to see thick over cast clouds breaking up a bit. more clouds than sunshine this afternoon. but at 4:00 p.m., there's that isolated to widely scattered shower or thunderstorm chance in the forecast. we go through the over night. we'll see a few more scattered showers. and then tomorrow we'll do it all over again. forecast highs, optimistic with the amount of sunshine and south winds we can get in here later today. more clouds than sunshine. but i'm banking on 70 in dc. fredericksburg, mid 60s. you're easily going to make it to the 70s this afternoon. tomorrow, more showers and storms. it's going to be warm. it's going to be muggy outside tomorrow. this will be fuel for the
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system arrives tomorrow afternoon. i have issued a yellow weather alert for afternoon and evening storms that could impact your evening commute. a little bit of heavy rain. most of the storms will be heavy. let's go through future cast. tomorrow morning, a stray shower, but it's mild. 50 to 60 degrees. quickly warming up in the afternoon into the 70s. and here come the showers and storms, scattered in nature. not a wash out. but they'll be there starting around lunch time and into your evening commute. they're clearing out, and watch the cool down that comes behind it. 70s tomorrow. 60s for wednesday. then we're dropping back in the 50s to round out the workweek. the next three days, today, some sunshine poking through the clouds this afternoon with a shower around. scattered showers and storms tomorrow turning cooler and showers will be likely friday. but drying out with southeast on the way for the weekend. -- drying out with 60s on the way for
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holy cow. it appears this bovine had a serious beef with a texas officer who tried to fence him in. the cow had been on the run for most of the weekend and officers in a town north of austin were finally able to corral the cow in a park . but it appears the animal wasn't having it. it charged the fence sending officers scrambling for cover and ran off into the sunset. we hear the cow is still on the loose. a restaurant in north carolina is receiving both praise and backlash after officially banning children five years old and younger. an upscale italian restaurant in north carolina, its
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too many incidents of young kids crying, screaming, and misbehaving, some parents call the decision discrimination. they express their thoughts on facebook but not every parent agrees. >> if they don't like the rule, find somewhere else that serves italian food. >> restaurant staff says the majority of customers agree with the policy. when we
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all right. weather has a case of the mondays. but it's going to warm up this afternoon. more scattered showers and storms tomorrow, the weekend
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a stray shower saturday morning. but we're in the 60s. we'll take it. that's it for wusa 9news at noon. we'll be back at 5:00. until then. enjoy the afternoon, we'll see you tomorrow.
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>> kevin: mikey! scott! >> lauren: what's going on? >> michael: kevin. >> kevin: i've got new. big news. important news. >> scott: okay, with a build-up like that, it better be earth-shaking. >> kevin: i'm getting married. >> michael: [ laughs ] >> kevin: chloe said yes! >> scott: congratulations, pal. >> kevin: thank you. >> michael: it happened quicker than i expected! oh! >> kevin: i told your advice, mikey, did it up right. top of the tower, flowers, champagne... >> lauren: wait a minute. you knew about this and you didn't say anything? >> kevin: hey, i thought you would be happy. >> lauren: well, i mean, don't get me wrong. i love chloe and i think it's remarkable how she has worked to turn her life around... >> michael: i get a heads up. lauren is surprised. huh? >> lauren: i'm just hoping you're not rushing into things. >> scott: mom. ma, they've been married before. >> lauren: i know. are you sure you're not just trying to recapture what you once had? >> k:


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