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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 27, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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russia. major garrett has details on today's revelation involving mr. trump's son-in-law. >> reporter: the previously undisclosed meeting took place during the trump transition, before jared kushner stepped down as head of his real estate firm. in december, kushner sat down with russian ambassador to the u.s. sergey kislyak at trump tower, a meeting the trump team had previously confirmed. but afterward kislyak asked kushner to meet the head of a russian bank known as veb, which has deep ties to president vladimir putin and russian intelligence agencies. the bank is run by sergey gorkov, who once trained at the russian spync fsb. in 2016, another veb official, used his jock to disguise efforts to recruit u.s. spice for russia.
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the veb was sanctioned by the government after the annexation of crimea. >> i had nothing to do with it. i have nothing to do with russia. i have to deals there. i have nothing there. >> reporter: the president has long denied ties to russia, but the kushner disclosure moved the russia enquiry even closer to the oval office. white house press secretary sean spicer said kushner acted as a conduit to foreign governments during the transition. >> he met with countless individuals. that was part of his job. that was part of his role. he executed it completely as he was supposed to. >> reporter: so he doesn't believe he owes the american public an explanation? >> for what, doing his job? >> i'm just asking. >> you're acting as though there is something nefarious. >> reporter: virginia's tom democrat on the committee. >> if there is nothing there, the administration should want us to get this right and we'll say nothing there. if there is something there, we'll follow the intel wherever it leads. >> reporter: senator warner told us no decisions have been made about whether kushner's testimony would be given in public or under
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scott, the senator offered no opinion on white house explanations that kushner's interactions with the russians were routine. >> pelley: major garrett at the white house tonight. major, thank you. well, the spy posing in new york as a veb bank officer, was arrested by the f.b.i. in 2015. he pleaded guilty to spying and was sentenced to 30 months, but we learned today that he is being released this saturday, having served ten months. the house intelligence committee is also investigating russian connections into the trump campaign. today the republican committee chairman revealed that he had a secret meeting on the investigation with a secret source on the white house grounds. we have more about that from jeff pegues. >> reporter: devin nunes, the chairman of the house intelligence committee, said he was at the white house grounds last tuesday to meet a source and look at highly classified
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location. >> i have been working this for a long time with many different sources and needed a place that i could actually finally go because i knew what i was looking for and i could actually get access to what i needed to see. >> reporter: tuesday's visit to the white house complex was the start of several days of unusual meetings and conflicting disclosures. on wednesday nunes revealed to the press that he had seen evidence that the obama administration had intercepted communications involving members of the trump transition team. nunes then returned to the white house to personally brief the president before disclosing the information to members of his own committee. on thursday he was forced to apologize for keeping them in the dark. by friday nunes seemed less certain of his claims. >> it's hard to know where the information came from until you get the reports and have time to go through them and see all the sourcing of the documents. >> reporter: nunes has denied that his source is from the white house. today white house spokesman sean spicer said e
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where the information came from. >> i can't say 100% that i know anything what he briefed him on. >> so it is possible, as far as you know right now... >> anything's possible. >> okay. >> reporter: democrats say nunes' behavior makes it impossible for him to continue the lead an impartial investigation into russian involvement with trump associates. senator chuck schumer. >> chairman nunes is falling down on the job and seems to be more interested in protecting the president than in seeking the truth. >> reporter: it is unclear why nunes chose to view the classified information at a secure location white house grounds. there are similar facilities in other government buildings. scott, nunes says that he needed access to a specific computer network that was not available on capitol hill. >> pelley: jeff pegues in the washington newsroom tonight. today attorney general jeff sessions warned that cities that
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don't help enforce immigration laws may lose federal grant money. ben tracy has more about the trump administration's enforcement efforts and who is being targeted. >> he stepped out and he never came back in. >> reporter: 19-year-old estefany ortiz says immigration and customs enforcement agents came to her house in pasadena last month looking for someone who did not live there. they arrested her father, carlos ortiz, instead. he was in the country illegally but had no criminal record. >> why did we open the door? nobody's going to want to open the door. everyone is scared. >> reporter: the los angeles police department says aggressive ice enforcement tactics are also having a chilling effect on latinos reporting crimes. since the beginning of the year, reports of sexual assault by latinos dropped 25%. domestic violence reports fell 10%. >> they start the clam up. they no longer come to court. >> reporter: california supreme
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cantil-sakauye says lawyers are telling her latinos are now afraid to show up at courthouses, so she wrote a letter to attorney general jeff sessions, accusing federal agents of stalking undocumented immigrants in our courthouses to make arrests. >> those are strong words. >> i feel that the courthouses are being targeted by ice for arrests in a way that's unprecedented. >> reporter: what is your concern if ice agents are in courthouses? >> victims aren't going to come to court. witnesses aren't going to come to testify against bad guys in violent communities because they're afraid that they're going to get arrested in court. >> reporter: in a statement, ice said, "while ice does arrest targets at courthouse, generally it's only after investigating officers have exhausted other options." but in response to ice actions, a proposed bill in california would bar state and local police from aiding federal immigration enforcement, including turning over criminals when they're released from jail. l.a. county sheriff jim
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idea. >> by not allowing them access to the jails, the likelihood is they're going to go into the communities looking for the individual, and they're not going to limit themselves to that individual. >> reporter: and to give you an idea of just how much federal money is now at stake here, san francisco and new york could lose nearly $25 billion combined, scott, if the trump white house follows through and cuts off funding for sanctuary cities. >> pelley: ben tracy for us tonight. ben, thank you. the president's failure to repeal and replace the affordable care act, at least on his first try, has been a disappointment to many who support mr. trump, but it is a relief to the folks who depend on obamacare. don dahler has been looking into that. >> reporter: jennifer winters' two-year-old son is in the hospital a lot these days. he is covered under the aca, but winter voted for donald trump. >> i'm a republican. i stayed true to my party and p. r
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problems with the aca, she's grateful for some of the benefits. >> the main thing for the aca for me is, of course, the preexisting condition. that is huge. i mean, he has two major life-altering conditions that if i had to go and shop for it, i wouldn't be able to afford it. >> reporter: winter lives in quakertown, pennsylvania. congressman brian fits pallet rick was one of dozens who planned to vote no on the new health care bill before it got pulled. a moderate republican, fitzpatrick opposed the bill because it didn't do enough to address opioid addiction treatment. pennsylvania has over 700,000 enrolled in medicaid expansion and more than 426,000 in the aca marketplace. had the aca been repealed, the pennsylvania budget and policy center estimated over one million pennsylvanians would lose their coverage, like brian kline, who was diagnosed with cancer last year. >> the aca saved my life and saved me from medical bankruptcy.
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democrat who voted for clint, but he and winter have one thing in common, their message to congress on health care: >> stop fighting. stop arguing. stop folding your arms and being, i'm a democrat, i'm a republican. come together. that's why we elected you. >> reporter: scott, both winter and kline say they want the democrats to cooperate with the president in order to make the problems with obamacare better. >> pelley: don dahler, thanks. today the white house condemned the mass arrests in moscow during rallies against vladimir putin's government. the protests were organized by one of putin's fiercest political opponents. and elizabeth palmer is following this. >> reporter: united in angser, russians from across the country marched to protest against official corruption. in moscow, it was the biggest demonstration since the anti-kremlin rallies of 2012.
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but without a permit, authorities called the gathering illegal and soon the police had moved in. hundreds were arrested. including alexander navalny, an opposition leader and ferocious critic of president putin and his famously corrupt administration. earlier this month navalny released a video alleging that russia's prime minister had amassed a fortune in mash shun, yachts and vineyards, all through corrupt deals. the video went viral. and here's the reaction. [chanting] the protesters message to the government: shame on you. navalny is now an opposition icon. after his arrest, supporters surrounded the police van shouting, "don't let them through." and police were forced to lift
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the way. navalny appeared in court today and was handed a fine and a short jail sentence. scott, these arrests have raised eyebrows in washington. they're seen as more heavy handed stifling of any opposition to president putin, but alexander navalny is not going anywhere. in fact, he says he's going to run against mr. putin next year for the presidency. >> pelley: liz palmer in our london newsroom. liz, thank you. the nfl is betting on las vegas. today owners approved the oakland raiders' move to the gambling capital that it had shunned for decades. but football won't happen in vegas until a domed stadium is built. the raiders intend to play at least two more seasons as lame ducks in oakland. coming up next on the "cbs evening news," we'll take you to the border where the president is getting ready to build a wall.
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>> pelley: a deadline is fast approaching for one of mr. trump's pet projects, the wall on the mexican border. bids from perspective builders are due on wednesday, and david begnaud is in brownsville, texas, tonight. david? >> reporter: scott, the border is roughly 2,000 miles long, and for about 654 miles, there is this fence. it cost about $2.3 billion to build, and i want to show you that it drops off in some places, like where we are in brownsville, it stops here before you get to a retirement community. president trump wants a wall that would be 30 feet, 30 feet is twice the height of this fence. more than 600 companies have put in bids to work on the wall. president trump says the cost of the wall will be $12 billion. but many analysts and researchers say it will be much higher, between $15 and $40 billion. here's what the president wants: aside from it being 30 feet, the wall has to prevent diggin
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of six feet. a person must not be able to climb to the top of the wall or access the top of the wall from either side unassisted. the wall has to be so tough that it would take someone an hour to break through it if they're using a sledgehammer, pickax or chisel. and on top of that, it must be astetically pleasing. mr. trump wants a beautiful wall. now, one of president trump's most recent tweets trumpeted the figure that border crossings, people coming across illegally, are down. that's a fact. it's true. but, scott, border patrol says the figure is down because it usually is this time of the year. they expect it to go back up as the weather gets warmer. >> pelley: david begnaud for us along the southern border. david, thank you. up next, doctors tell us what they would do to opioid epidemic.
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long-lasting or severe constipation, or a blockage of your bowel or gallbladder. if you are taking viberzi, you should not take medicines that cause constipation. the most common side effects of viberzi include constipation, nausea, and abdominal pain. stay ahead of ibs-d... with viberzi. >> pelley: today an influential group of dock torsion demanded a top-to-bottom change in the way america handles addiction.
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22.5 million americans need treatment for drugs or alcohol, but just 18% are getting it. here's doctor jon lapook. >> reporter: 51-year-old anthony davis has spent his entire dumb life fighting substance abuse. >> i was given alcohol at a young age. i was maybe like four or five years old. >> reporter: he graduated to marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and pain pills. but he's been off drugs for more than three years, one of the lucky few to get treatment. with less than 20% of those needing treatment getting it, today the american college of physicians published broad new recommendations including requiring health insurers to cover addiction. in one survey, only about half covered the prescription drugs needed for treatment. improving the training of clinicians when it comes to pain management to reduce prescription drugs abuse and treatment and expanding access to the opioid antidote
6:52 pm
which can save lives. labeling substance abuse a moral failing has led to harmful stigma. the medical community now understands that addiction involves changes in the brain requiring medical treatment. >> if you call it a disease, now you have to help me out, you know what i'm saying? now you have to not just throw me away. >> reporter: for davis, treatment includes counseling and medication. dr. nalen ward of massachusetts general hospital is his physician. she supports the new recommendations, including a comprehensive approach to care. >> the old traditional model of sanitation and detox and hope they will get better is really we know that it doesn't work. there is no evidence. >> reporter: and we were struck by this: more than 70% of people with hypertension, diabetes or major depression get treatment for substance abuse, it's less than 20%. >> pelley: and yet treatment works. dr. jon lapook, thank you, doctor. in new york city, the
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6:57 pm
song called "overcomer." it's a bold choice for a little girl who has spent more time in the children's hospital than she has outside. ♪ you're an overcomer some of her closest playmates are the nurses treating her for severe congenital neutropenia, a rare blood disorder where bone marrow is unable to make normal white blood cells. dr. allison method was one of the first to treat her. >> reporter: to distract leah from boredom and sometimes pain, her mother looked for songs on the internet. that's how leah weymouth a fan of gospel singer mandisa. it was this one video of leah singing "overcomer" that transformed the pint-sized patient into an internet sensation with more than 37 million views. lindsay is leah's mother. what is it about that video that you think resonates with people? >> the world needed some joy
6:58 pm
states. i think leah just has this pure joy about her. >> reporter: leah has survived two bone marrow transplants and numerous side effects. >> and the song itself is just really fitting for her life. ♪ you're an overcomer >> reporter: little leah's voice have inspired the sick and healthy, who have posted comments from around the world, evn ispiring mandisa herself. >> this is mandisa. >> one, two, three... we love you, leah! >> reporter: doctors say leah's neutropenia is being closed to cured, earning her the nickname "leah the overcomer." mireya villarreal, oakland, california. >> pelley: and that's the "cbs evening news" for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night.
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tonight an off script, we remember go-gomusic pioneer, max kid. but first, there is no crisis, that is what dc mayor bowser tells me today, when it comes to missing children here in the nation's capitol. so why all the alarm about the issue? lets start with the social media post that recently claimed 14 black girls had gone missing in a 24-hour period. that post was retweeted 47,000 times. dc police began increasing use of social media to help find those who are missing, even if youth were only gone a short period of time and in no apparent danger. there has been so much attention paid to this issue over the last few days, a congressional black caucus wrote a letter asking the


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