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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 28, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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chairman's ties to mr. trump's campaign conflict with his ability to conduct a proper investigation. they point to him viewing secret documents on white house grounds and briefing the president afterwards. >> given his role in the transition team and events of the past week, it has too much called into question whether he has objectivity necessary to oversee the investigation. >> the white house denied it pressured congressman nunez to prevent sally yates from testifying. >> i hope she testifies. i look forward to it. if they choose to move forward, great. we have no problem with her testifying. >> reporter: cbs news learned yates was prepared to contradict previous white house statements about firing of michael flynn. general flynn was forced to resign after the press revealed he misled mike pence and the american people about conversations he had
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russian ambassador to the u.s. >> the attorney for sally yates asked the white house for permission to testify. white house lawyers never responded before chairman nunez canceled the hearing. he says he canceled the hearing to recall james comey to testify before the committee again. president trump signed executive order that will roll back many of former president obama's efforts to slow climate change. the order calls for review of restriction on greenhouse gas emissions and coal fired power plants. the president says it's all about creating jobs while still protecting the environment. >> this will allow e.p.a. to focus on the primary mission of protecting our air and protecting our water. together, we are going to start a new energy revolution, one that celebrates american producti
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>> some measures of the executive order could take years to implement while facing legal challenges. maryland senators will vote against the nomination of neil gorsuch for supreme court. he says he is troubled by what he calls the judge's record of putting corporate interest before working americans. say he sides against the right of individuals. others have not said where they stand on the judge's nomination. mitch mcconnell set a date of april 7 for the senate to vote on the supreme court nominee. the education secretary betsy devos and ivanka trump hosted a feeling of hidden figures today. the film tells the story of african-american women who played key roles in nasa's first man launches. students from d.c.,
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the aim was to inspire young people to study science and math. new, a 21 year old marine killed in one of the most brutal battles of world war ii but his body is never found. that is until researchers finds his grave on a pacific island and brings him home. the burial was today at arlington national cemetery. >> my great uncle left a small town in west virginia as a very young marine, 20 years old. on november 20, 1943 he was in the battle of tarra. the marines still talk about it today as the one square mile of hell. harry lost his life
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remains were never recovered. my great grandfather and great grandmother without the remains to be able to provide closure held that hope until the day they passed. the few things i knew about my great uncle is there was one picture of him which my grandmother maintained over the fireplace and every christmas and year on his birthday she would talk about her brother and cry. my great great grandfather joined the peace corps after the war and went to japan for three years looking for his son, hoping to find his remains or hoping to find him alive if possible. the family didn't accept he was deceased.
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i do feel like i know part of him. he was a part of the greatest generation. they signed up and made a promise to the country and served in a way that i will never understand. the promise was fulfilled today that the country made to this marine. and he gave his life for this country. [ taps ] >> it is hard to imagine but there is still at least more than 73,000 service members still missing from world war ii. history flight is a nonprofit group that recovered the private's remains. chances of showers and storms diminishing as we head into the evening. topper shutt is tracking the wet weather on live first alert doppler. >> we are looking at a yellow weather alert for another few hours. not everyo
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and not everyone will have a wet ride home but a few of us will. this is the big picture over the last hour. another second line will cross over i-81. the atmosphere is not that unstable. showers are closer to home and down 95. this is just over 95 on the east side. it's going to continue to move to the south and east in about the next 12 minutes or so. in terms of what's ahead, by 10:00, this is futurecast. it's warm with 62 downtown. there will be a few light showers. it's all shades of green. that's light activity, no big boomers expected. that's going to lead to a clearer night as clouds dissipate and breezes pick up. we'll come back and talk about how cool it will be behind the front. we'll also look to another yellow weather alert day before the week is out. a young artist had come to d.c. to help a friend. she was heading home to north carolina last tuesday when she ran into a killer. he attacked
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hill apartment where she had been staying. >> a judge ordered a 28 year old homeless man held without bond for allegedly stabbing her to death. >> reporter: lead sources tell me that she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, that this was a crime of opportunity committed by a man who just did not care about human life. the attack described in these charging documents is incredibly violent. detectives say he sliced her jugular vein and carotid artery and then stabbed her four more times in her lung, spleen, and spine. then they say he used her atm cards to steal thousands of dollars from her bank account. detectives arrested him outside trojan labor, a few miles away, a of he allegedly bragged
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friends about killing meal. he allegedly told them he planned to rob her, not kill her. one of those friends turned him in. neighbors remember meal as a kind woman who only stayed in the apartment briefly while working on a friend's art project near the white house. >> i am glad they got him. i am so glad. >> reporter: neighbors in tears as they contemplate the terror meal must have faced. bound and stabbed repeatedly in her apartment just as she was getting ready to return home to north carolina. >> makes you really want to cry. it could be any of us. >> reporter: some of meal's relatives were here in the courtroom to see her killer. they held hands and tried to comfort one another but they were too shaken to talk publicly. bruce leshan, wusa9. >> police say it was tips from the community that helped them solve the case. the chief says he and meal's
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people called in to help. last night someone fired at least nine bullets into a metro bus. transit police called this guy a person of interest. they want to hear from anyone who recognizes had is face. police say a passenger got off a bus about 10:30 last night near regency lane in district heights. as the bus pulled away the man opened fire and ran. no one was hurt. a bride goes to great lengths so her grandmother can see her in her wedding gown. >> police identify the officer
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new information on a deadly shooting last night in montgomery village. police say officer matthew mcgallon was writing a report on a stolen bike when the man who reported the theft pulled out a knife and lunged at the officer. his body camera shows he defended himself and fell to the ground as the man continued to attack. richard tilley died at the hospital. fairfax police investigating a burglary and hate crime at the home of a local muslim family. >> the apartment next to the station was ransacked, all the jewelry and electronics stolen. police believed after the
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belonged to muslims they decided to inflict more pain. they wrote an ex mr. tim on a wall, a koran torn to pieces and paintings with islamic verses on them were damaged. >> this shows you that bad people are everywhere. fear and hate don't have boundaries. >> the couple has two small children and say they're thankful no one was hurt. they were in new york visiting relatives last weekend when this all happened. coming up, a mom goes all out to take her daughter to a father-daughter dance only to be told she's not welcome. >> coming up next, the story behind this special
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caught on camera, a 3 year old boy shows a police officer some love. this sweet moment was captured by the boy's mother over the weekend. the 3 year old boy saw the motorcycle cop. walking in, the two struck up a conversation. the officer gave t.j. a sticker and t.j. told his mom he wanted to give the officer a hug. this surprised her because
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really hug family. she wanted to capture the moment on video. she's now sharing it on social media. >> so sweet. video of a young girl talking to a water heater. >> stay with us on this one. >> the toddler saw the discarded water heater in the neighborhood and thinks it is a robot. >> hey robot. hi robot. hi robot. i love you robot. >> come on, robot, say something. as of this afternoon, this was the number two trending video on youtube. it's gotten over 900,000 views >>nce it was posted yesterday.
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change after she was told she couldn't take her daughter to the school's father daughter dance. the mom even worked hard to dress the part. >> i watched tutorials on how to do beards. i went out and did the west i could putting together an outfit. i even had cologne on. >> her 6 year old daughter was excited about the dance. she didn't have a dad so mom decided to take her. an hour before peterson got a call from the school principal. >> she caught rumor that her mother was bringing her and she forbid us to come. if we showed up, we would be turned away. she screamed "no, why, why does this happen to me" this is my baby. i am not going to watch her go through this. if i have to fight tooth and nail to be sure this does not happen to another child, i will. >>
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later apologized and refunded the money for the tickets. she plans to home school her daughter next year. a heart attack kept a grandmother from seeing her granddaughter walk down the isle. >> this bride was not about to let her grandmother miss seeing her in her gown. just hours after they tied the knott a photographer captured this moment between the bride and her grandmother at the hospital. the photos have gone viral. >> when we got there, it was priceless. her mom and dad went in first. it was a surprise. tyler and my brother in law walked in jessica and she was absolutely in awe, super excited and crying, really emotional. it's been an emotional week. for her grandmother to have the heart attack, it was really rough. >> the wedding took place days after a wildfire forced evacuations
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hometown. as for jessica's grandmother, she is expected to be okay. a lot of heart strings being pulled in the last couple stories. >> i am still stuck on the principal who wouldn't let the mom take the daughter. you know how many single parents do an incredible job with their children. >> and for the child to be turned away. >> then they say oh, we'll refund the money for your ticket. >> most of the showers are moving out. by midnight we'll be mostly done. it's pretty warm, 72 even though the winds have picked up out of the northwest at 13. we are looking at breezes picking up tonight. here is the radar. we are looking at showers to the west, especially at 66. nothing terribly heavy at this hour. this is the heaviest activity we can find. this little storm to the
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of warren ton, notice the red. that's pretty heavy rain, about an inch per hour. it will not sit over you for an hour. it will move to the south and east headed to turn bull about 6:21. i think it will make it to 28 before 7:00. the heaviest rain is close to cliff mills, 211, back toward calvin road and water loo road, moderate rain now. this will move southeast and we will get heavier rain later on. all the showers end before midnight. behind the front it is not that cold yet. bus stop temps tomorrow 48 to 60. it will stay breezy with lots of sunshine. a wonderful wednesday. try to get out of the wind if you want to eat lunch outside. it will be cooler thursday and then rain and down right chilly friday. here are temps. we will still make it to 57 tomorrow, 59 thursday, 58 friday. that's our next yellow
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sunday. by 10:00 tonight, most of the showers are gone. by daybreak we are looking at clearing skies, upper 40s to low 50s. on the day planner, low 50s, 57 by 11:00, 61 by 1:00, north northwest winds at 10 to 15 with occasional higher gusts. the next seven days, saturday morning showers and nice sunday. right now it's still a ways away, nats on 9, they're home, season opener monday. up next, final four by the numbers. we'll look at what it
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wusa9 game on sports, brought to you by xfinity. >> the count down is on this saturday for the ncaa men's final four in phoenix. the weekend isn't just about the game. it's become a complete fan experience. >> reporter: ncaa men's final four court is installed and ready to go at the university of phoenix stadium. the executive director and ceo of the phoenix final four says 75,000 people are expected to cheer on their favorite athletes. they'll come with 120 jerseys, 120 pairs of shoes. each team will probably
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>> we will have six food trucks, pizza hut. >> more outside the park. >> we are blowing up about 5000 basketballs that will be given away. >> at the fan fest, 90,000 are expected for youth clinic, manager games, autograph signing. there is a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes to make this giant production come to life like setting up
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volunteers. >> i'm ready. >> ronnie perez is one of the more than 3000 volunteers. >> i love it. it is so cool. it is amazing. >> every volunteer gets a final four shirt and some really cool swag. >> they get a bag that says final four on it. they get a red cap. >> they have been busy volunteering at different events all over the valley promoting final four since it was announced. now it's almost game town. >> you are talking music fest, the basketball game. it is a lot of stuff. it's going to be fun. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> saturday's final four will see gonzaga take on south carolina followed by north carolina and oregon. topper and i have south carolina. tip
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