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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  April 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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that snapped was reinforced with steel support cable but patterson says that's not enough especially if the cables are outdated. >> that alone will not prevent. the cables need to be inspected periodically to make sure there's no decay where they connect the trunk. >> reporter: as for the branch that sat here killing the person who was working right there on that pipe, an investigation is still very much underway. as soon as we get an update we will bring it to you. reporting live tonight on capitol hill, stephanie galehart, wusa9. >> if you'd like to help the family go to the with a link to the gofundme page. montgomery county police arresting this man at his home. the eight and 9-year-olds were playing at a neighborhood park in white oak is sund
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that's when they say gatea grabbed them by the wrist and tried to take them to his apartment. he released the girls when they said they didn't want to go. officers say he exposed himself to a 13-year-old girl earlier that day. he's right now being held without bond. a murder conviction that aaron hernandez faced is expected to be dismissed following his suicide. a former new england patriots tight end was found hanged in his prison cell this morning. he was convicted of murdering odin lloyd in 2013 but the court expected to vacate that conviction because his appeal was pending. his suicide came five days after he was acquitted of murdering two women in 2012. >> mr. hernandez was wrongly accused of the crimes. >> most of the people are seeing tragedy, sadness, the end of really a four-year saga. >> reporter: prison officials say they are not aware of any suicide note. online the news of this suicide has left some peop
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mad. people are grieving. tased tweeted over 20 veterans kill themselves every day in this country and that's a real tragedy. aaron hernandez killing himself is not a sad event. and then there are conspiracies. this says i don't care what anybody says, the dude didn't kill himself. that was a cover-up for murder. coming up tonight at 6:00 we take a look at the previous incidents inside that maximum security prison where he ended his life. hernandez's death comes on the same day that super bowl winning patriots visited the white house. noticeably was absent tom brady. he said he couldn't make it because he had to attend his personal family matters. the future hall of famer and president trump are friends. bill o'reilly is out of the spin zone. the long time fox news host fired. this move came after the new york times revealed fox paid at least $13 million to women who accused o'reilly of inappropriate sexual behavior. w
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yesterday. fox commentator tucker carlson cast his his replacement. search underway for the robbers of an armored car. police were coiled out -- called out to the 5000 block of northwest fifth street yesterday. the driver said he got held up by two men with guns. the robbers got away. unclear how much money they got. the driver not hurricane. larry hogan announcing a plan today to ease congestion on i270. the governor's office says the project is designed to save drivers up to 30 minutes on the morning commute from frederick to the beltway. maryland provided $100 million for the improvement. the designers say the project that had -- will have 23 miles of road and automated signs to move traffic through the corridor more quickly. showers on their way out, warmer air on its way in. topper shutt is out on the weather terrace. good morning. bu a lot of clouds right now
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i tweeted this out, put it on facebook. remember april 6th, weather service confirmed seven tornados, that's on my facebook page and on my twitter page. let's talk about tonight. a lot of clouds, not going to be able to see anything in the sky. we are looking at quiet, just a lot of clouds. by morning couple of sprinkles possible, primarily predawn, primarily up near fredericks, leesburg. the 8:00 hour, couple showers still possible in frederick and leesburg. it's going to take a while, by the time we get to 10:00, now we have the showers through it and temperatures back in the 60s and check this out. by noon tomorrow we are back in the mid to upper 70s headed for 80 in some spots. we will come back, we will talk more about the weekend and we will talk what part
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weekend will be best for outdoor plans like cutting the grass and playing golf. in silver spring you will find a small white box no bigger than a fruit stand. over the years more than 8000 people have visited it. wusa9's janice park has the story behind that stop on new hampshire avenue. >> reporter: on the lonely stretch of new hampshire avenue. >> oh, yeah, constantly it was just stopped a second ago. they stop as they go by. >> i called it like an adultery house. >> curious. >> reporter: as cars and trucks zoomed by, thousands over the years have stopped by this tiny church of purple with thoughts and prayers. >> the only pray stop on new hampshire avenue. you don't see a lot of prayer stops. >> reporter: take one step de
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christian music. it was built 17 years ago by a man named dennis, a described alcoholic and charolette, he had -- cheater, he lost everything. he parade and says he never would drink again and turned the fruit stand into a prayer stop. today people from all over the country pray and leave messages in the notebook and this little box is so much meaning. >> as a believer god will find you anywhere so this is a great day. god found him 17 years ago and where he was and god gave him this, a prayer box to put here. >> reporter: he says miracles have happened here and religious or not, this world right now could use more prayer. >> happening in this world today is awful. >> allowing this place to be a blessing to a lot of people, follow god and we give you honor and praise, in your name, amen. >> reporter: in silver spring,
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>> the prayer stop founder, dennis, now spends his time speaking at hospitals and prisons. tough talk from the trump administration today aimed at philly -- at north korea. >> we will be on our way and i will be there when she gets there and where she actually operates. >> reporter: moving another carrier group, uss vincent to the korean peninsula but that ship has not left yet. the white house says it will conduct a 90 day review of the nuclear deal with iran as well. the u.s. is considering more sanctions, although it concedes iran has complied with the agreement. so there's an effort underway to find the person or persons, the stick people out there, who tried to light a tat on fire. >> the humane rescue alliance responded to 28th street last night and found a domestic short haired cat someone tried to light on fire while it was caught in
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it's shaken up by all of this. the group is offering $5000 for information that leads to the person behind this horrific case of animal cruelty. after nearly 30 decades with d.c. police, assistant chief diane grooms is retiring. >> that's a whole lot of decades. will that be 30 years? yeah, 30 years. >> we know she has had a huge commitment to the district's residents and visitors and she has been one of d.c.'s most valuable assets in crime prevention and reduction. brooms thanked everyone at a news conference earlier today. according to the washington business journal, grooms has been hired to head up security at the wharf, which is on the waterfront in southwest d.c. many of us wouldn't think twice about a congressman from utah deciding to not run again. >> but tonight there are a lot of people who live in d.c. who are pretty excited that representative jason cavitt won't be seeking a new term. we will tell you -- yes. >>
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republican congressman jason chaifetz announced today he will not be running for reelection. he heads the house oversight committee and criticized by local lawmakers and people who live around here for interfering with d.c. home rule. here's a few examples. first he tried but ultimately failed to block d.c.'s death with dignity bill. in doing so, he says -- the guy from utah and not d.c. council. he also called for an investigation after mayor bowser announced plans to create a legal
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help undocumented workers. and his committee's agenda called for greater scrutiny of d.c. government including how the city handles gun control and health issues and res accidental portions -- residential portions of d.c. should be put into the state of maryland. tonight mcdonald's is applauding that employee who helped bring the nationwide manhunt for the cleveland facebook killer to an end in erie, pennsylvania. that fast food chain worker did the right thing by quickly alerting police. the worker recognized steve stephens at the drive-through yesterday and stalled him, told him it would take more time to get the fries ready to police would be ready to respond. online there's a national push to make sure that worker gets the $50,000 reward. on the wusa9 facebook page, donna wrote him paying attention and because of what they did, this man is no longer a danger to society. and daniel thinks in addition to the reward, the worker should get a paid vacation and a promotion. i kind of agree with that too. we have 1500 comments on
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this story. you can join the conversation on our wusa9 facebook page. >> you've got this crazy murderer that's now sitting in your parking lot instead of taking off. >> and they were thinking very fast and their actions did help police find this guy. >> give him the money. >> now. the supreme court justices heard arguments today about a church playground in what is seen as a key test -- a key case testing the limits of religious freedom. >> the case may have implications for school voucher programs. weijia jiang reports from the supreme court. >> reporter: amanda duffy brought her children to the supreme court wednesday to support trinity lutheran church in its case against the state of missouri. >> two kids growing up i would never want them to be treated on that based on what they believe, not being able to participate in a pretty basic government safety program. >> reporter: the church in columbia, missouri offering the preschool and day care. it was denied grant money to get a new rubb
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its playground, arguing the state violated its free exercise of religion and not honoring the law equally. >> it should want all kids to be safe. >> reporter: during oral arguments the majority of justices seemed sympathetic to the church's case with liberal justice eagan breyer if the state could refuse to provide release for five -- relief for fire services. missouri argues prevents aid to many churches and -- >> the fundamental principle is in this country the government does not find religious exercise. >> reporter: arguments for this case didn't make it on the high court's calendar and so a date has been set for justice neil gorsuch's confirmation hearing. he will help avoid a possible tie in a ruling that could impact how taxpayer money is used to pay for vouchers to
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weijia jiang, cbs news, washington. >> the high court had delayed in hearing the case for nearly a year following the death of justice antonin scalia. president trump is preparing to mark his historical morning in space. white house says the commander in chief will phone peggy whitson on the international space station next week. it will happen on her 535th day in space, the longest ever by an american astronaut. white house spokesperson sean spicer says this call is partly to call attention to the importance of encouraging women to pursue careers in the science, technology and math field. guys. we are running around all over the place. topper is here with the forecast. >> we are highly caffeinated, ready to go. >> yeah. i want to talk about the tropics first. it's weird because the hurricane season starts in june. we've got this thing in atlantic. right now it could become a subtropical storm and if that were the case, the
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subtropical-tropical storm we had was anna back in 2003 which became tropical and then since then it's unusual to see this in april. so we have subtropical storm in 1992 and two tropical depressions in 1663 and 1967. it's way east of bermuda, moving off to the north. it may not become a subtropical-tropical storm but it is a first tropical depression of the season so we will see. winds could be 35 miles per hour and that's pretty darn close by late tonight. back to our area. we are looking at 3-degree guarantee. i think we are going to be okay today. tough call, southeast winds and clouds and maybe a little sun to finish. we went 65. the average high is 68 to went below average today. we will let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. a lot of clouds, pretty quiet, though. our michael & son cam, 62. that's a good thing. winds out of the south at 11 and the winds will continue
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southwesterly and that will drive up the warmer air tomorrow and also friday. so tonight clouds are hanging tough but staying dry and remain milder. bus stop temps 52 to 68. not too bad. warmer on thursday and friday, isolated storms, could see a predawn shower tomorrow morning, not a huge deal. the weekend, afternoon showers on saturday, sunday could be a washout, really could be a washout, even some heavy rain so if you want to cut the grass or play golf, saturday morning is your best bet right now. temperaturewise, with that weekend taking a dive, we go to 79 tomorrow, 84 on friday and then, boom, 68 on saturday, only 63 on sunday and 70 on monday. 70 looks nice on monday. 70s are pretty sweet and rain should be out of here on monday morning. 10:00 tonight, wow, 60 downtown. then by morning a couple of showers and futurecast been sort of
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and may be hog wild at this point but showers possible in hagerstown and martinsburg, temperatures in the mid-50s, upper 50s downtown. fairfax, leesburg, we are in the low 60s. and then once those go through, we sort of get the southwest wind and look what happens, 80 in culpeper at 1:00 and 78 in cumberland at 1:00. if we get into the warm sector of air, air gets unstable and we have showers and a few thunderstorms tomorrow evening at this time. temperatures well into the 70s. some folks might 80 tomorrow. tonight we are going to stay mostly cloudy, not as cool, temperatures in the 50s, winds will turn southwesterly at 10. so on the day planner, 50s to start, maybe a sprinkle at 7:00, maybe a shower by 1:00 and increasing sun but we are up to 76 by 1:00. and then on friday, isolated storms, 84, we raised that a bit, back to
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showers on saturday. we will monitor that for yellow alert day. only 63 on sunday. it could flat out rain on saturday but nice -- sunday, but nice, tuesday, wednesday, back in the upper 70s by next thursday. metro announcing the first wireless phone service in a tunnel. metro says it plans to have three wi-fi -- free wi-fi available in 30 underground stations by the end of the year, currently available in six stops right now. wireless service on metro funded operated and maintained jointly by the cellular phone calls. lawmakers approved a bill requiring at least 50% of the items in those vending machines in government buildings would need to meet nutrition standards set by the american heart association. the county council approved the measure by a unanimous vote on tuesday. those new rules go into effect in july. cbs makes another
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adidas is apologizing for that said -- for what it said about the boston marathon runners. more in our consumer
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arrangements a new video out of korea shows a missile attack on the u.s. it marks the birthday of kim jong-un's grandfather. the video emerges as tensions continue to rise between the u.s. and north korea. as we told you earlier, the new england patriots were in town today for the white house victory ceremony. ron gronkowski made a surprise appearance during the daily press briefing. >> see what pans out in the negotiations. can i just -- [ laughter ] >> i think i got this. but thank you. maybe. [ laughter ] >> thanks. i'll see you in a minute. [ laughter ] >> hold on. >> gronk there popping in. he joins the rest of his teammates a
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joined the rest of his teammates a short time later. cbs is taking another step forward to present itself as a healthy bran. the pharmacy chain says it's reducing the amount of space it gives to junk food. cvs says the new format will be seen at hundreds of stores by the end of 2018. lower gas prices have not put the brakes on those electric powered vehicles. aaa says 15% of americans they surveyed are likely to buy electric vehicles as their next car. aaa ranked tesla's model x suv as the top 2017 green car. adidas is apologizing for a poorly worded marketing e-mail sent to marathoners. it read, congrats, you survived the boston marathon. customers went to social media to remind the company about the real survivors of the 2013 boston marathon bombing. caught on camera,
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skateboarding pug. >> the three wheeling dog spotted in east located in a park on -- london in a park on easter sunday. gathering up speed as well. the dog seems to be pretty stoked as it performs before a small but appreciative audience. the military takes action after that new photo swapping scandal involving hundreds of marines. >> the bittersweet story of a father who took his child and her friend to a daddy-daughter dance. plus a hit rap song strikes a sour note with officials at a local college but it may have been all just a big mistake. we will explain.
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let's get to breaking news right now. police have made an arrest in connection with a robbery on board a metro train. connor malley was held up and beaten sunday afternoon. he was to a red light train at the wheaton station. the man was arrested shortly after. right now being held in d.c. and sent to maryland where he will face a host of charges. police still looking for other suspects. a hit rap song is sparking a bit of controversy tonight on a college campus. a fraternity at american university used a song title bad and badgey to promote a fundraiser but wusa9's michael michael canned quander said the school put the brakes. >> reporter: this coming after
5:29 pm
the school leaders used the word badgey being perceived as someone stealing. >> reporter: the song topping the chart. blowing up across the country. this song by meek co-so -- peeko, so popular this fraternity organized an event around it. >> i think in 24 hours we had 100 people rsvped and after that we got shut down. >> reporter: he says the university refused to approve their space for the fundraiser and this e-mail from an administrator outlines why. they had groups getting reamed in the past for appropriate rate -- appropriating culture. >> reporter: he was afraid -- >> he was afraid that the way we were going to use it is. >> reporter: bourgeois to describe someone in the
5:30 pm
class. >> the use of boojie ended with a title. we weren't going to be dressing up or mimicking anyone. a way to advertise it. >> reporter: the event was never given a green light. a spokesperson says regardless of how controversial, it is the from personality's right to make its own decision on the event. >> is there a conscience intent to take something and use it and dis tart it? in this case, i don't think so. >> reporter: this is a literary activist and while he doesn't think this particular instance is defined as cultural appropriation, he says we have to be aware of what we say and why we say it. >> can you explain it? did you do your research? who is going to be offended. but if i'm white do i have to know all of that? i think you have to especially if you're on a college campus. >> students say this was all
5:31 pm
word originated in the black community and they said they didn't mean harm. >> the school, it was like they dropped the ball on this one, are they doing anything and stepping up and trying to make it right? >> they are meeting with the fraternity right now talking to them about the whole thing. it was supposed to raise money for veterans that have presidential candidate and not -- have ptsd and now it's not happening anymore. now a crime in the navy and the marine corps. this comes after a scandal involving hundreds of marines. they swapped naked pictures of their female colleagues and other women in a private facebook group. these new regulations go into effect immediately. former president george h.w. bush is said to be in good spirits as he is back in the hospital in houston and we are wishing him a speedy recovery. doctors say the 41st president being treated for a mild case of pneumonia. the spikes rs
5:32 pm
admitted last friday after he couldn't shake this cough. he's going to stay in the hospital until he gets, of course. at 92, george h.w. bush is the oldest former u.s. president. the stage is set now for a high stakes election in georgia. democrats spent millions of dollars in volunteers to help john ossoff win a seat in a heavily -- fell short of the 50% mark required to avoid a runoff. he will noise karen handel in the june election. the district in suburban atlanta has been in republican hands since 1979. members of the british parliament approved plans to hold an early election. the prime minister says the vote is necessary to gain a stronger mandate for england's exit from the european union. the announcement marked a u- turn for may that she wouldn't seek an early election. it will mark the third general election in britain over the last ve
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father-daughter dances always make unforgettable memories for their girls and dads. cbs's danielle kennedy, brings us the story. >> reporter: 10-year-old angelina and elsie miller have been friends since they were in kindergarten. >> blessing. >> reporter: angelina's dad says he remembers when the girls first met because elsie's smile is so bright. >> i cannot get over that smile. >> reporter: tomorrow marks a sad day for elsie, the one-year anniversary of her father's death. >> it made me sad too thinking how sad she was. >> reporter: that's why the family wanted to do everything they could to keep elsie smiling. >> last month angelina had a daddy-daughter dance at trinity schools. ross showed up with two dates. >> they decided she
5:34 pm
should go with us. we got to dance and play games. >> reporter: memories elsie says that reminded her of the times she spent with her dad. >> because he always makes me laugh. >> reporter: even when she and ross had to do the silly father-daughter dances. >> there's a -- >> takes me out of my element because i think the last time i danced was with my wife 21 years ago at my wedding. >> seeing her smile made me happy. >> reporter: it's a memory none of them would trade for a while, an act of kindness that ross hopes will make someone else pay it forward. >> treating each other how we want to be treated. >> reporter: a lesson in friendship and love. >> don't be mean to your veterans and hope they will be your best friend forever. >> reporter: reminding us. trending now, a
5:35 pm
face won people's most beautiful woman award and not everybody happy about that. starbucks selling its unicorn frapucchino and you're not going to be shocked at what's inside. we are going to tell you about that anyway. after more than two full days, finally a winner in that viral car kissing contest. topper. >> it's on my facebook page. this is cool. this is the snowpack in the sierra. lake tahoe had 47 feet of snow this year, it's four times the snowpack of the last four years combined. asparagus and grapes are going to be cheaper because all this snow and melt will feed the central joaquin valley. we will talk about the weekend, lots of rain heading our way.
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show you what's trending tonight for a record fifth time, julia roberts has been named people's most beautiful woman of the world. >> she was first on the cover of "people" 26 years ago. she tells people at 49 her best is yet to come and thinks she is currently peaking. roberts of course has been a top trend on twitter today with a lot
5:39 pm
with people's selection. >> one user writes i love julia roberts, she is beautiful but the world's most beautiful woman? that's a stretch. another writes why are they giving it to her for a fifth time and we diverse -- can we diversify? it's one of the -- is one of the world's best ever tennis stars pregnant. check out serena williams posing saying -- seeming to suggest she is carrying a little one. so far no confirmation from williams or her reps. if this is true she won the australia open and beat her sister while pregnant. >> we don't think it could be anything else? >> i don't think so. we were waiting for the official confirmation but everybody is speculating that she said what she said. >> stay tuned. we got this confirmed, the unicorn frapucchino has been one of the top frnd
5:40 pm
twitter today. >> from now until april 23rd, the coffee giant is selling this blended drink. it's got pink powder, blended into a cream frapucchino with mango syrup and layered with a sour blue drizzle. here's an early review from one of our newscast directors liz rivera brown. she says it tastes like candy and it's tangy. she tells us the smallest size may be too big. >> it's horrifying commentary on american culture. that's what it is. that's what its title should be. you might be wondering what is the nutritional value? here's what's in it, the 16- ounce version has 410 calories, 140 calories from fat, only 59 grams of sugar and works out to about 16 teaspoons. if you're going to get the venti, that will send you to an early grave, 500 calories, 76 grams of sugar. we are talking more about that tonight to verify. >> put the sugar cup right next
5:41 pm
to the cup so you can see how much you're drinking. >> more carbs in that thing than a burgers and fries from phi guys -- five guys. and no caffeine in it either. don't think you're going to get some sort of added hit. on friday prince fans treated to six previously unreleased pratts. >> april 21st will mark one year since the world lost the beloved musician. the album is called deliverance . the contest -- this morning there were still seven people puckering up for the kiss a kia contest in round rock, texas after 50 hours. can you do that? >> i sort of envisioned their lips would be stuck in the pucker position but maybe not. organizers said if there was no winner by this morning they would choose one from a hat and that's what happened. this woman right here gets the
5:42 pm
vehicle. six other people won smaller prizes. >> kiss that car goodbye. >> literally. i would be disappointed if i had been there all the time and all i got was a small fry. >> i think i would go from kissing to slapping. a big night for d.c. sports. playoff games tonight and going at it at the same time. you're going set your remote control on fire. we will be live from the verizon center ahead as the wiz talks game 2 coming up. a gamble at a storage auction pays off for a couple. we will tell you about the treasure they found inside that
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many of us have seen the show storage wars on a&e. that's where people on the show bid on storage lockers, they don't know what's inside. a north texas took a gamble at a storage auction that is not part of the store and boy did it pay off: here's more. >> reporter: what you will find in this home is an acquired taste, truly. everything you see including the frame
5:46 pm
a gamble at some point. >> it's like you're moving into a different house every month. >> reporter: this month was a reminder that gam balls pay off -- gambles pay off allen is not a gambler, a treasure hunter for three years, and then three weeks this happened. an auction for old storage units is random, they only have $400 budgeted. it took 330 to get it. >> never really paid to them. >> reporter: now it's all they think about, hundreds of sports illustrated magazines. >> there's 67 boxes. >> reporter: going back to 1953, back when an issue went for 35 cents. now all this appraises for close to $100,000 has them thinking. >> i'm thinking car payment. >> yeah, she is thinking bills, i am thinking vacation. >> joe fresh, pete rose -- frasier, pete rose again, joe dimaggio. >> reporter: names iconic to th
5:47 pm
sport, they are most excited about this. >> hasn't hit us here. >> reporter: he takes interviews by sports illustrated, names like muhammad ali, nolan ryan, quarter inch reel to reel tapes. >> especially the donald trump. i want to hear that one. who knows what he said. >> reporter: back when president trump owned a pro football team who do you think had a bigger reaction to all of this, the risk taking treasure hunter or the well reasoned calm wife? >> probably me. >> reporter: the tapes have not been appraised yet. all of this treasure will soon leave their living room because there's always the next one. >> we will be there. a little bit higher of a budget next week. >> cool stuff. live look outside through our michael & son weather cam. cloudy, couple of sprinkles. right now 62, winds out of the south at 11 and radar is quiet. want to take tonight you ca
5:48 pm
is a good idea. clouds laying tough tonight, staying dry, remaining milder but as winds turn more south- southwesterly, bus stop temps 52 to 68, could be a predawn shower tomorrow. otherwise just warmer thursday and friday with isolated thunderstorms. the weekend will be -- it looks like afternoon showers on saturday, you might have until noon on saturday, maybe. and sunday looks like a washout. we will try to get you to noon on saturday. going to be a tough thing. if you want to cut the grass, cut it early on saturday morning, bottom line. because of the rain, the clouds, temps take a fall, they go 79 tomorrow, up to 84 on friday and then, boom, upper 60s saturday, low 60s on sunday and then sunshine returns monday with highs pretty close to average, around 70. 10:00 tonight mostly cloudy, 60 downtown, 58 in frederick, the temps are not going to fall as quickly as they did last night. we had a cool, dry air mass last night. showers at 6:00 a.m., this may be a wee
5:49 pm
currently the best chance for showers pre dawn will be along the border, and then 9:00 sprinkles roll through parts of the metro area. still upper 50s, low 60s, we are not in the warm sector yet but at 1:00 winds now out of the southwest, boom, we are sitting 76. 78 in cumberland, 79 in raleigh. so everybody should make it into the 70s tomorrow, even annapolis eventually. and because of that we will see instability and a few showers, a couple thunderstorms develop so by this time tomorrow we will see showers primarily east of i-95 and prince george's county around buoy. by 11:00 we begin to clear out and a pretty mild night actually as we get into thursday night. so tonight mostly cloudy, not as cool, temperatures in the 50s, winds out of the southwest at about 10, so actually not a bad night except for the clouds. now, tomorrow morning, day planner, couple of sprinkles before 7:00, upper 50s and then 69 at 11:00, maybe a sprinkle by 1:0
5:50 pm
the mid-70s. afternoon showers and rain on saturday, 68, next seven days looks like a washout right now on sunday, 63. 70, though, with sunshine returning monday, low 70s tuesday and back to near 80 next wednesday. now wusa9 game on sports, brought to you by xfinity. >> electric guitar can only mean one thing, get stoked. big sports tonight, the wizards and cavs have got their playoff games. which game are you going to be watching game 2 of the wizards or game for for the caps and maple leaves. >> vote now on or go to our app. one person whose answer we know is our donny roberts who has a front seat for tonight's wizard >>me.
5:51 pm
other people here who are going to be watching the game 2 series are going to be watching to see how physical tonight's game is. physicality is the name of the game. you know just like siblings, players are going to test each other, especially after the players said after sunday's game it was like an mma match. the wiz wears were playing and -- wizards were playing and they were just playing basketball. it's going to be double mma. as for who is the physical team, would be thompson, he used to be teammates with dwight howard and going up against him in practice, that was physical. >> made me believe every day in practice that i need to play top basketball. he made me who i am today. imagine going up three times harder in practice wh
5:52 pm
and things like that. >> reporter: like i said, pushing and shoving, we will see how the refs call those pushes and shoves. it's like a family, it's like siblings and, of course, another family here in the dmv will be the nationals. what are they doing with the caps? frank hanrahan has our story in inside dish. >> reporter: here to see a local team supporting one another, especially the case of the nationals who after playing a game saturday afternoon headed over to the verizon to support monday night. they tried to root the caps onto the victory. the nats have been supportive in the past. scherzer ascended -- aextended -- attended the season opener aday after that tough season loss to the dodgers. that's your inside pitch. frank hanrahan. the d.c. family, wizards, caps are all one. we are going to send it back
5:53 pm
you from verizon center. we will see you next hour. >> diane, we are hoping that the wi-fi there in the verizon center has the capacity for people to be able to watch the caps on their phone while they are watching the wizards game. >> reporter: that is true, wi- fi has to be strong but the pr here for the wizards tell me that they are going to put all the stuff you need up on the jumbotron so fans be will be able to keep up to date. >> hope the game is strong as well. thank you. get you the results of our poll. we asked which game are you going to be watching tonight. >> a lot of people say caps, some say wizards, some say neither. this is moving really, really fast. most say, though, the cap game. we will see what happens. >> and when both of them are over, check us out at 11:00. >> please do. coming up, the biggest star in cable tv news is out. we will have reaction to the firing of fox news host bill o'reilly. up next a stray dog looking for a new home after being rescued from
5:54 pm
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this is the dog rescue like no other, all right? for days a carrier mix wandered about in a ft. worth texas neighborhood with a big plastic jug stuck to its head. todd unger shows us how he finally got help. >> reporter: the pace is slow so when something quick happens. >> it was very fast and didn't want anybody to get near him. i was the one that found him. >> reporter: you take a photo. >> we figured that he had to have been hungry and trying to fish something out of the bottom of it. >> reporter: one week ago this is what greeted stacy on her morning walk, a young dog with his head stuck in an enormous jug. >> all i could think about is what if that happened to one of mine. >> reporter: she posted about it hoping other neighbors would keep an eye out. >> no matter and lack of oxygen was a great concern. >> reporter: mike is a full- time pet
5:58 pm
he couldn't believe it. >> oh, my gosh. it's a pretty good sized jug. >> reporter: he called animal control and eventually the pitbull mix was tracked down later in the day. officers were able to contain him and finally safely remove the plastic. >> the dog almost passed out so it was pretty intense. >> reporter: the ft. worth animal shelter says figureels, as he is being called was likely without food or water for several days. they are hopeful after rehab adoption might be next, with perhaps a name change. >> pickle jar and ended up being one of those containers that you buy -- >> reporter: stacy is thankful there is a future for the ft. worth stray. >> now he has a chance for a
5:59 pm
>> reporter: that got way in over his pet. >> chill out on the cheese balls there in texas, don't they? staff says pickles is still a bit traumatized but he is doing better and will soon be ready to go to a new home. right now at 6:00, fox newschannel cut ties with its biggest star, host bill role after -- bill o'reilly after increasing accusations of sexual harassment against women. fox's biggest rating star bill o'reilly is out after increasing allegations with sexual harassment. 21st century fox made the announcement in a statement saying after a thorough and careful review of allegations against him, the company and bill o'reilly agreed mr. o'reilly will not return to the fox newschannel. the new york times reported that five women had been paid a total of $13 million in hush money. o'reilly's attorney called the allegations a smear
6:00 pm
and the host denies any wrongdoing. over the past few weeks more than 50 major advertisers pulled out of "the o'reilly factor" and protests outside fox news headquarters grew. >> fire bill o'reilly, fire bill o'reilly. >> reporter: last year fox newschannel promised a zero tolerance policy after chairman roger ailes resigned over similar allegations. o'reilly has been with fox for 21 years helping propel the network to its dominant position in cable news. he last appeared on air april 11th when he announced he was taking a preplanned vacation. fox subbed in a string of replacement hosts and ratings slipped. >> really has been a big voice in the culture and certainly on that network and it's not going to be easy for them to fill those shoes. >> reporter: 21st century fox says it's confident the network will continue to be a power house in cable news. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> the o'reilly factor averaged nearly 4 million viewers in the first


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