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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  April 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and the host denies any wrongdoing. over the past few weeks more than 50 major advertisers pulled out of "the o'reilly factor" and protests outside fox news headquarters grew. >> fire bill o'reilly, fire bill o'reilly. >> reporter: last year fox newschannel promised a zero tolerance policy after chairman roger ailes resigned over similar allegations. o'reilly has been with fox for 21 years helping propel the network to its dominant position in cable news. he last appeared on air april 11th when he announced he was taking a preplanned vacation. fox subbed in a string of replacement hosts and ratings slipped. >> really has been a big voice in the culture and certainly on that network and it's not going to be easy for them to fill those shoes. >> reporter: 21st century fox says it's confident the network will continue to be a power house in cable news. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> the o'reilly factor averaged nearly 4 million viewers in the first
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fox news says anchor tucker carlton will move into o'reilly's time spot. bill o'reilly got started in television in local news. he reported for several stations in the '70s before being hired as a cbs news correspondent in 1982. by '86 o'reilly made the jump to abc news and in 1989 he became the anchor of a syndicated news program "inside edition." he left "inside edition" in 1995 and was hired by the then startup fox newschannel to host the o'reilly factor in 1996. right now o'reilly is trending online and in d.c. and in the entire country. art rivera wrote, another bigot gets what he deserves. in the end good trumps over evil. while melissa says o'reilly leaves fox and so do i, along with my support of his sponsors who refuse to give him due process. on twitter alison says don't get it twisted, bill o'reilly is only out because advertisers were pulling their ads. it's a money thing, not
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89 days into the trump presidency and the white house is diving head first into tricky international waters, not only is the white house dealing with the possibility of a nuclear north korea but the president is also considering new sanctions against iran while preparing to meet with the palestinian leader about peace in the middle east. vice president mike pence sent a stern warning to north korea during a visit to the uss ronald reagan in japan. >> we will defeat any attack and meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective american response. >> reporter: last week the trump administration announced it was moving another carrier group, the uss vinh sont carlson -- vincent carlson to the north korea but that ship has not left. north korea sent its own message releasing a video showing kim jong-un celebrating when a mock missile attack on the u.s. was used
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drop of a musical performance. the white house also says it will conduct a 90 day review of the nuclear deal with iran. u.s. is considering more sanctions against iran despite acknowledging that iran has complied with the agreement. >> an unchecked iran has potential to travel the same path as north korea and take the world along with it. >> reporter: and the president is hoping to broker peace in the middle east when palestinian leader mahmoud abbas comes to the white house. >> use the visit to reconfirm the commitment of united states and palestinian leadership to pursuing and ultimately concluding a conflict ending settlement between the palestinians and israel. >> reporter: every president in the last what century has tried and failed to broker a peace deal between the palestinians. today president trump signing a bill that keeps a va program in place that allows veterans to go see a private doctor if they live too far from a va
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wait to see a va doctor is too long. big news today on capitol hill, congressman jason chaffetz will not be running for reelection in 2018. the utah republican had been rumored as a possible candidate for senator or governor but in a statement on his facebook page the congress said after consult -- congressman said after consulting with his family he decided to not be a candidate for any office in 2018 adding that after more than 1500 nights away from home, it is time to step aside. he was first elected utah's third congressional district back in 2008. chaffetz has been the chairman of the house committee on oversight in government reform since 2015. that's the same committee that has been criticized by local lawmakers and residents for interfering with d.c. home rules and the congressman was also a vocal critic of how the obama administration handled the 2012
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he also led the house investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server during the presidential election. senator chris van hollen from maryland, his campaign denying allegations that it tried to suppress black voters in maryland. the book shattered inside hillary clinton's doomed campaign claims that van hollen wanted unions to not help black voters get to the polls during the june primary. at the time he was in a tough race with representative donna edwards. he won that race by 14 points. van hollen aide tells the baltimore sun that the campaign category denied the charge -- categorically denied the charge. the last time we had a democrat in congress way back in 1979. voters seem to be humming a different tune now. they said democrat john oseoff -- they sent democrat jon ossoff to the top of the charts. he's going to face republican karen handel in a runoff this june because neither of the
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for republicans this is a wake- up call. for democrats a chance to field test the stand up to trump campaign theme prior to next year's midterm election. a dispute over this playground in missouri could impact where you send your children to school. the supreme court heard arguments in the case today. a lutheran church applied for a safe grant for the safety surface on its preschool program. missouri said no because its constitution blocks it from giving taxpayer money to religious institutions so the church sued. >> when the government is engaging in safety benefit programs it should want all kids to be safe. it shouldn't matter what their status is or where they decide to attend school. >> and that gets us to this possibly affecting where you send your kids to school. it's about school vouchers and separation of church and state. right now most states ban vouchers to schools run by churches. but that ban could come under fire if the supreme court issues a broad ruling in favor
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of that missouri church and its playgrounds. after a cool day today, we are in for some warmer weather the rest of this workweek. chief meteorologist chief meteorologist topper shutt has more. >> eventually the warm air will win the battle in the meantime 6:00 tomorrow morning for showers, we will come back, track these and let you know if you're going to have a wet commute to work and maybe a stormy commute on the way home.
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reaction to the death of former nhl star and convicted -- nfl star and convicted murderer aaron hernandez is dominating media today. he committed suicide early this morning. prison guards found him hanging by a bedsheet that he attached to the window of his prison cell. he was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. no suicide note found but wbz in boston is he had johns 316 written in his own blood on his forehead, a reference to the bible verse that mentions eternal life for those who belief in christ -- believe in cited. his death comes five days after he was acquitted of murdering two men in boston back in 2012. he was already serving a life sentence without parole for the 2013 murder of odin lloyd. hernandez's families say they are shocked and introduced by this suicide and they are promisin
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investigation. the maximum security prison where hernandez hanged himself as seen its share of trouble. >> calls app called the -- it's called the souza baranowski facility. it opened in 1998 and that $100 million prison was more than 1000 -- with more than 1000 cells was supposed to be the nation's most technologically advanced in the nation but since then there have been several other inmates who escaped, several attacks on the prison staff, inmate on inmate violence. the most famous one was strangulation of a pedophile priest by another prisoner in 2003. >> online there were conspiracies that he didn't hang himself after all, that he was murdered instead. sherrie wondered why kill yourself when not found guilty for a double murder and not kill se
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been convicted of murder. here's a brief time line of events in the aaron hernandez case. in 2010 the patriots drafted the university of florida star in the fourth round but his stock fell because of his off the field problems. two years later he signed a $41 million contract, the second largest for an nfl tight end. less than one year later hernandez was arrested for the murder of odin lloyd, who was dating the sister of his fiance. the pat released -- the pats released him the same day. in april of 2015 he was charged with first-degree murder which carries a mandatory sentence and that sentence was still under appeal. last week he was found not guilty in the 2012 murders of two men in boston's south end neighborhood and then this morning the 27-year-old was found hanging in his prison cell cell. president donald trump welcomed the 19th patriots. -- the new england patriots. he salute
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new england defeated the atlanta falcons back in february to win their fifth super bowl since 2002. trump made no mention of tom brady who was not at the white house today. he actually backed out at the last minute due to what he called a personal family matter. coming up the new museum not too far from d.c. that is dedicated to the birth of our nation. up next, new concerns about tree safety after a branch fell and killed a man on capitol hill.
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a gofundme became is raising for -- page is raising money for a father who was killed by a falling branch. >> reporter: today people are wondering why this happened and if it could have been prevented. the tree has been completely cleared out of here. all you see right now is that stump. meantime family and friends have set up a gofundme page for the victim's family. the goal is to raise $20,000. so far in just about one day, ma000 has been raised.
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father of two. family meant everything to him. on tuesday morning the seemingly unthinkable happened. a large tree branch fell from this elm tree about three stories. it pinned him and he died. the tree that snapped is one of dozens of old elm trees on the capitol grounds. this video wusa9 shot yesterday shows the tree was reinforced with steel support cables. certified arborist patranya bhoolsuwaner son says that's -- pat patterson says that's not enough. >> that alone won't prevent accidents. they need to be inspected periodically to make sure there's no decay where they connect the trunk and also pruning. >> reporter: he says regular pruning is also necessary to keep a branch from breaking. he's questioning if that's being done. the maintenance worker was working on this pipe you see right here when that branch snapped killing him. the investigation is l
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much underway. as soon as we get an update, we will bring it to you. reporting on capitol hill, stephanie galehart, wusa9. >> if you'd like to help their family, go to the wusa9 app and it will link to the gofundme page. a large iceberg has become an unwitting tourist attraction in a small canadian town. that massive ice mountain is visible from the shore off of canada's east coast. it's also one of many icebergs that have drifted into major shipping lanes off newfoundland forcing ships to go out of their way to steer clear of the danger. a new tourist attraction now open a short drive up i-95 from d.c. in philadelphia. the museum of the american revolution had its grand opening just this morning. the grand opening also coincides with the 242nd anniversary of the first shot that started the revolutionary war. speakers including former vice president joe biden with the keynote and
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the museum in the historic old city part of philadelphia which is no more than two hours drive. within walking to independence hall, the liberty bell and betsy ross house. >> interesting. >> yes. >> old relative too young to fight in the war but he was a fight -- >> pictures and all that? >> i've got pictures of him. back then, you know, average lifespan 40. he lived to 85. >> that's the last job that you want, forcing into battle because you're going first. he was 16 years old. we are looking at some unsettled weather this weekend. i might be able to deliver a rain-free saturday morning. >> that would be a gift. >> maybe even rain-free part of the afternoon. >> that would be a gift. >> and then all bets are off after that. it's still 62 but sitting on 62 the last couple of hours. dew point is coming up and the winds out of the south at seven. helping bring up milder to warmer
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clouds hang out tonight, milder, stays dry. bus stop temps 62 to 68. then warmer thursday and friday with isolated storms and then the weekend, afternoon showers saturday, washout it looks like on sunday. so you might have until 1:00, 2:00, hard to get that granular right now sitting on a wednesday talking about saturday. we do know temperatures, 79 tomorrow, 84 on friday, then back to the 60s on saturday, low 60s sunday, we will clear out monday and go back to about 70 which will be about average. tonight at 10:00, a lot of clouds, 59 la plata. futurecast over the last few hours has picked up on this, couple showers hagerstown. right now we are not thinking yellow weather alert. 63 by 9:00 and it's all, you know, light activity, leesburg
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and manassas around 60, light activity. then break into the warm sector, by 1:00 in the 70s, 76 now downtown, 79 in culpeper, 80 in fredericksburg and with that will come the threat of afternoon showers and thunderstorms and by that time temperatures will be near 80 degrees, potentially d.c. and south. 50s to start, a couple of sprinkles early and then 69 by 11:00 and check this out, 76 by 1:00, maybe a sprinkle by then. friday, isolated storms up to 84, afternoon showers on saturday 68, there's a slight, slight chance that could hold off until evening on saturday. sunday looks wet, rain and showers, 63 and then back to the 70s monday, tuesday, wednesday, in fact, back to the upper 70s next wednesday. >> thank you, sir. just ahead, there's going to be a ton of reporters at the verizon center for the wizards whme tonight. ouat y might not know is there's a sports journalist in the dmv who would have bedtime to worry about if he
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now wusa9 game on sports with diane roberts, brought to you by xfinity. >> reporter: pregame warmup just wrapped you have here for wizards, game 2. wizards head coach scott brooks, he took the team from a pinnacle start to postseason play. one of the reporters who has interviewed him and is following this series, he can't vote, he can't drink and he can't even drive a car. there he is, aden murphy, wizards head coach scott brooks, the youngster recently sat down
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>> he's turn the wizards from a good team into a great team. >> reporter: aden a is kid reporter for sports illustrated and scored some amazing interviews. capitol's captain alexander owe ovechkin was one of aden's favorites even though he was not confident about the task at hand. >> he looked at me and said you're going to be great. you're going to be great. >> we play physical. >> reporter: the 13-year-old has an observation about the dmv's favorite russian. >> ovechkin, a lot of people think you can't understand him because of his russian accent. i wouldn't say -- it's hard to understand him because of his limited amount of teeth. >> reporter: baseball is aiden's favorite sport. he loves playing catch with brother caleb in his back yard. sometimes his interviews turn into a family affair. >> it has been so much fun for all of us to learn
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different aspects of sports and go on the stories with him. >> reporter: fun might not be the word aden would use. the first time his mom took him to an interview with his favorite player, anthony randon randonne. >> my mom made me late for the biggest interview of my career. >> reporter: aden's sports illustrated editor says the seventh graders has blossomed into a very good writer and that he pitches more stories to her than any of the other kid reporters. his mom has a feeling she knows what makes him good at this gig. >> he is fearless, he's not scared to ask anyone anything and he is not scared to push to get what he needs. so that sore of tenacity and perseverance has turned him -- served him well. >> reporter: it took aden two tries to be hired as an s.i. reporter. he said he would like to
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sports journalism thing for a living. >> that was a beauty. >> reporter: kind of hard to hear you guys because it's getting loud here in the verizon center. i asked him today, i tweeted to him, what are your predictions for tonight's game? he said the wizards are going to win 105-92, they are going to win the series in five and he thinks the caps are going to get out of their rough spot. back to you guys in the studio. >> hope the predictions are right. >> positive thinking. >> i like his thinking. we are looking at the warm sector of air tomorrow, near 80 tomorrow, then low 80s to mid- 80s on friday, a few thunderstorms is the price to pay for that, the weekend, yeah, your best bet is saturday morning, sunday not so good. cbs evening news is next. >> adam you will be back with
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