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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  April 23, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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days. this is the "cbs weekend news."
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day milestone. >> the president can be incredibly blunt. he was during the campaign. so i would like for him to bring that to his own evaluation of his own presidency and see if he can really be as blunt about washington and his role in it as he was as a candidate. >> reporter: today the president took along the mexican board tore twitter, it will stop drugs and very bads ms-13 gang members he wrote, and mexico will be paying in some form for the badly needed border wall. next week congress returns from its break with a possible government shutdown looming friday. democrats and republicans are expecting a few days of negotiations before passing a spending bill. trump's chief of staff says paying for border security is an issue but he's optimistic. >> i'm pretty kf debt we're going to get something that is sath factory so-- satis factory in terms of border security. >> it's political stunt. >> dik durbin. >> to think that he would
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government of the united states of america over this outlandish proposal of a border wall, that would be the height of irresponsibility. >> reporter: as the president suggests tax reform and another repeal of bamacare are also this the works, a new "washington post" abc news poll show mrs. trump with the lowest approval rating at this point in a presidency of any commander in chief in the modern era. and while his base still sees him favorably, he has yet to expand that appeal. >> normal leigh if your base is the only group that loves you, that is a problem. so for this president the solidity of his base may very well be something that pushes him on to he behave just as he's behaving. president trump is staging counterprogramming on saturday, instead of attending the annual white house correspondent's dinner, he will be holding a campaign-style rally in pennsylvania. he is the first president to skip the dinner since ronald reagan who was at the time recovering from an assassination
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elaine? >> quijano: errol barnett, thank you. in another important story it was election day in france, america's oldest ally. the vote took place just days after a paris police officer was killed in a terrorist attack. today voters narrowed down the field of 11 presidential candidate totion just two who will faceoff in a runoff election two weeks from now. they are independent sentist he manual macron and marine le pen. >> many french voters who turned out today didn't know who to cast a ballot for until they were actually in the booth it was a crowded field, 11 candidates to choose from ranging from the far right through the center to the committed left. but ann sophie parachamps wasn't one of the last minute deciders. she wouldn't tell us who she voted for except it was a centrist candidate whose priority was the economy. >> give me something that can help france out of the mes
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>> reporter: so unemployment is at the top of your list. >> yes. >> reporter: unemployment is top of the list for supporters of the right wing candidate marine le pen too, but they hope she will address it by closing france's borders and shutting down immigration. ♪ le pen's brand of flag-waving anti-islamic nationalism made her a front runner in this race, especially among young people in smaller towns who can't find work. analysts predicted that thursday's terrorist attack in central paris might give le pen an extra boost but that attack also galvanized voters determined to stop it. hatime is an engineer, a french citizen who emigrated from morocco, a muslim country. >> reporter: does the prospect of marine le pen in the runoff scare you in. >> i am worried. >> reporter: tonight's result is going to s
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outsiders head-to-head in the presidential runoff on the 7th of may. marine le pen right wing, pop list who only recently came into the mainstream and emmanuel macron a former investment banker with no official party backing but with wide appeal to the center and also to the establishment. elaine? >> quijano: elizabeth palmer, thank you. we learned today another american has been detained in north korea, his name is kim sang-duk, he also goes by tony kim, he is an accounting professor. he was detained at the airport in pyongyang as he was leaving the country. two other americans are known to be held by north korea. meanwhile the communist dictatorship is threatening to sink a u.s. aircraft carrier as theu ss carl vinson joins japanese navy ships for exercises in the pacific. israel is marking its annual holocaust remembrance day at yad vashem in swrers lem and at holocaust memorials around the
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descendants lit candles to remember the six million jews killed in hitler's genocide. after the war an estimated 136,000 survivors made their way to israel. here in the u.s. more than 100 wildfires continue to burn across florida. the governor declared a state of emergency almost two weeks ago. roxana saberi has the latest. >> for two days flames raged across florida's kollier county forcing thousands of residents including jack bersen to pack up and head for safety. >> this is my farm, my family farm that is burning down as we speak. >> reporter: rain is bringing some relieve to florida's army of firefighters. even the national guard is pitching in. >> take this time, make sure your home is safe. this won't be the last fire of the fire season. >> reporter: firefighters eventually got this fire under control allowing people to go home. >> our whole street, concernie avenue just engulfed as a fun elf flames.
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>> reporter: anthony's backyard was completely torched. >> four boats and about nine vehicles. but the house is still there, all the animals are safe and we are safe. >> reporter. >> i know it's very toxic and then it's kind of hard for me to breathe. >> reporter: 100 -- 125 fires are blazing across nearly 85,000 acres of florida. firefighters have contained another massive fire in polk county. >> it's amazing what they can do. >> reporter: so far no homes or lives have been lost there. polk county officials think the cause was arson and they had a warning for whoever is responsible. >> don't sleep, don't relax, because we are on you, and will be hotter than this fire until you are locked up in jail. >> reporter: county authorities say a cigarette sparked a 400 acre blaze. >> local authorities say the wildfires are the worst they've seen in years. and follow one of florida's dryest winters.
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forward to more rain, but they are also worried that strong winds could spread the flames. >> quijano: dangerous situation, roxana saberi, thanks so much. fans are morn mourning the death of a beloved happy days star erin morean found dead in harrison county this weekend. she was 56 years old, chris martinez looks back on her life and career. sunday monday happy days. ♪. >> reporter: at just 13 years olderin moran was launched to stardom on happy days as joanie, the lovable kid sister of ron howard's richie kunningham. >> if i get my head chopped off, richie kunningham, i'm going tell mom on you. born in burbank, her acting career began at age six appearing on films like family affair and gun smoke. >> you didn't hurt my folks, did you. >> reporter: but it was her role on happy days that made her a household name. >> how do i look? >> morean joanie kunningham also the focus of a short
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spinoff, joanie loves chachi. >> welcome back. >> she would go on to guest star on popular shows like the love boat and murder she wrote. but as her star began to fade, she fell on hard times, reportedly struggling with depression and homelessness. on saturday, her body was discovered in southern indiana. dispatchers receiving a 911 call about an unresponsive female. upon arrival the first responders, it was determined that erin moran flieshman was deceased. some of her former costars are expresessing their grief on twitter. ron howard tweeting, i will always issues to remember you on our show making scenes better, getting laughs and lighting up tv scenes, henry winkler saying oh herin, will you finally have the peace you wanted so badly you wanted on earth, rest in it certificate eny lieu, too soon and scott baio, wrote i always hoped she could find peace in had her life. god has you now. she was 56
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authorities authorities have far have not released her cause of death,ance autopsy is pending. >> quijano: thank you. former president george h-w bush is spending another night in the hospital. he has been at houston methodist hospital being treated for pneumonia. he spent two weeks in the hospital in january for pneumonia. mr. bush is 92 years old. >> this year london marathon got a royal boost. the duke and duchess of cambridge william and kate handed out water to runners before the race along with prince harry. they also stuck around to watch the marathon and hand out metals after. >> coming up, ivanka trump's brand is is booming in china but her overseas success is raising ethics concerns. that's next.
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within the president's daughter ivanka trump made headlines last week when it was revealed her bin
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china the same day she met the chinese president at her father's mar-a-lago resort. adriana diaz has more on this from beijing. >> reporter: april 6th was a busy day for ivanka trump. she helped host a dinner for chinese president xi jinping at mar-a-lago and looked on as her daughter charmed him with a chinese folksong. but what happened that day in china is what is grabbing headlines. her lifestyle brand won provisional approval for three potentially lucrative trademarks. the timing raises ethics questions about whether ms. trump who remains the owner of her company is personally profiting from her white house role. but according to four independent china-based trademark experts interviewed by cbs news, the approvals were standard. dan plane is an intellectual property consultant in hong kong. >> there certainly isn't any indication that these marks shouldn't have been approved. and if you t
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other application by any other applicant, i don't think there is a smoking gun here. >> reporter: a cbs new as fall sis says ms. trump has been applying for trademarks in china since 2008 including one of her name in mandarin while her father was running for president in 2016, she filed for 34. nearly twice the amount she applied for in the previous eight years. so far six of those trademarks were rejected. four have been approved. >> the three green litton april 6th for ivanka trump's spa services, jewelry and handbags took nearly 11 months to process, falling within the typical time frame. in addition, rulings only come out on certain days. including the 6th of every month. in a statement, the company's president said the trademark filings are part of the normal course of business, especially in regions where trademark infringement is rampant. china is a major abuser. we found more than 300 chinese trademark applications for iv
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not filed by her. other applicants may be trying to profit from her growing celebrity like the weesman who trademarked michael jordan's chinese name and sold sports gear. the legal practice is known as trademark squatting. under chinese law trademarks are reviewed on a first come first serve basis. miss trump won't profit from the trademarks unless she sells those trademarked items here in china, a kri with nearly 1.4 billion potential customers. adriana diaz, cbs news, beijing. >> still ahead, we go townhall hopping with the republican congressman from all lamb ba. voters weigh in on the trump administration's plans.
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>> quijano: as we mentioned earlier congress is back in session this week. during their two week break many congress members got an earful from angry constituents at townhall meetings in their districts. our chief congressional correspondent nancy cordes rolled along with a republican congressman from alabama. >> this is awe thennic rural alabama rtd we traveled with congressman bradley byrne to three townhalls. >> why are you guys trying to do away with president obama health-care bill. >> health care was the number one topic.
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>> we're down to one carrier on the exchange in alabama. >> franie james drove two hours. >> she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. sor hee. >> reporter: to tell him about her daughter. >> are you willing to commit to opposing any bill that allows the insurance companies to discriminate against preexisting conditions? >> the bill that i support today has the exact same wording that we have in the law today with regard to preexisting conditions. >> reporter: some constituents noted that the new traft supposedly gaining steam does eliminate some protections for the sick. >> there are some fresh reports out today that there is a new compromise. don't be so quick to believe that. >> this is republican country. >> we had very few democrats that showed up at townhalls before the election. >> even now the confrontation is often served with a side of cordiality. >> i think you've been pretty thoughtful about things on this issue. >> reporter: y
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lot of people who seem to have concerns that their republican replacement plans for obama care will not be better for them than what they have now. >> yes, and you heard me respond to that i disagree with them but i do think we have to listen to what they are saying. >> that is why he held 11 townhall this week a alone, even when some of his colleagues are steering clear. >> nancy cordes, cbs news, grove hill, alabama. >> up next, staying a float in one the world's most expensive cities. the new housing friend in london.
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>> quijano: we end tonight in london, one of the most expensive places in the world to live, home prices and rents are so high that thousands of londoners have been forced out of street addresses into floating homes on the city's historic canal. here's jonathan vigliotti. >> reporter: london's me anderring canals look like an oasis on a sunny spring afternoon but increasingly they ray last resort for many who say the city has left them nowhere else to go. >> i just thought the only way i will ever earn any property is by buying a boat because you can't afford to buy a flat for a million pounds it is way out of my reach, you know, especially when you are earning. >> andy winter is among hundreds of people who unable to make ends meet in the capitol gave up life in an apartment to live on a narrow boat.
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five feet wide and 20 feet long with enough space for up to two beds. but starting at around $25,000, they're a steal compared to property prices. and record has kawtd on. in the past five years, the number of boats on the canals has jumped 64%. more than 10,000 people live on the water, a combination of economics and desire ability, driving those numbers. in fact, the canals are so popular, increasingly there is not enough room. soar with the river trust says the canal's 100 miles of waterways are packed. >> we are finding there is a conflict where people want to have more space but obviously the numbers are based on-- they are genuinely very busy. >> there are two kinds of boat people. those who have their own fixed mooring or parking space and those who only have much cheaper cruising longses which mean this he have to move t
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two weeks. >> we were hoping to stop just before reg ent's park but there wasn't a mooring so we had to go through london. >> david and juliette are new converts to narrow boat life and live on theirs part time. >> i think the main logistical thing that the boat that i have learned is, and it's a good lesson for life, really s you can't have a deadline. you can't have to be somewhere at 2 p.m. >> life on a narrow boat is nothing new. bargeies as they are known have lived on u.k. canals for centuries. they used to be a rather primitive lifestyle style but sometimes have changed. >> this is, i suppose, the living area. i haven't got a dishwasher and that really sucks because i love a dishwasher. >> you have a washing machine. >> lynnar has lived on her boat and worked in the city for 18 years. >> you look at the canal and it's packed with boats, not a single space. what wt
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>> oh, there was hardly anything 18 years ago. there were boats around but you could travel for a couple of hours and you wouldn't see another boat. >> she owns her own mooring so doesn't mind the company of new boaters. people like andy winter who have been priced off the land but have found a way of life on the water. >> can own somewhere that you can call your home, it's perfectly reasonable to live in without having to finder millions and millions of pounds a and go into debt for the rest of your life. >> jonathan vigliotti, cbs news, london. >>s that he's the cbs weekend new force this sunday. later on cbs is, "60 minutes." i'm elaine quijano in new york, we leave you with a look at our-- it is based on the world map from the walter cronkite era of the cbs evening news. for all of us at cbs news, thank
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this is what's going on this morning. >> a baby is saved from this burning building thanks to neighbors who simply kept their cool. good evening. i am debra alfarone. 30 people out of their home in prince george's county tonight. mike valerio tells the story of the man who captured this video and the stranger who helped him save that child. >> reporter: the man lives in the home behind me. as we swing the camera around here, he was telling me it seemed like an hour for him to just cross the street and take a look at the fire scene right here when he sees a family with flames behind them. >> this is what's going on this morning. my neighborhood, man, everybody's out. >> reporter: this is how kent boone's morning begins. flames feet from families who just esca


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