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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  April 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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regime responsible. >> president trump called on u.n. to stop north korea's nuclear program. >> the counsel council -- the council must be prepared for north korea sanctions for the nuclear weapons and missile program. >> a battle group is headed towards the korean peninsula. >> north korea is a big world problem and it's a problem that we have to finally solve. >> here in the u.s. the president is looking to make progress on issues he said that he would tackle during his first 100 days in office. one of his biggest item social security -- items is a wall along the mexican border. the white house wants it included in a spending package being debated in congress. >> money for our military and border, security and wall have been a part of that request and those are the president's priorities with respect to the cr and keeping the government open. >> democrats reject the notion that a border wall is needed for national security. >> building a wall is not
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>> if congress can't pass a spending bill they will shut down on friday, day 10 0 of the trump patsy. craig boz -- trump presidency. craig boswell. >> not so far not one lawmaker has expressed support to build that walsh there was an -- wall. there was an awkward moment when he made an undiplomatic comment about nikki haley. >> i want to thank ambassador nikki haley for her outstanding leadership and acting as my personal envoy. she's doing a good job. does anybody like nikki? >> [laughter] >> other wise she could easily be replaced. >> [laughter] >> no, we don't do that i promise we don't do that. she's doing a fantastic job. >> and on another front the president placed a long distance phone call to the
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the call was to congratulate peggy whitson on breaking a record for her time in space. the president has authorized funding for exploration of mars and during the call he sought whitson's opinion of that mission. >> unfortunately space flight takes a lot of time and money. getting there will require some international cooperation to get the -- it to be a planet wide approach in order to make it successful just because it is a very expensive endeavor. but it is so worthwhile doing. >> okay. let's stay stay on whitson's accomplish. -- accomplishments. the most total time in space for any american astronaut moving past jeff williams mark of 535 days, 2 hours and 45 minutes. when she returns to earth on september 3rd her total time in space will stand at 668 days moving her to 8th place among all s
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travelers. the world record is held by a russian. he's been on five missions for a total of 878 days. pormer president obama -- former president obama is urging the narrow the political divide separating red and blue states. he held a forum on civic engagement. his first public event since leaving the white house. he said that it's critical to listen to those with who we disagree when trying to solve big problems and you can't leave nidz a immediate r -- live inside a media bubble. >> you have all these news out lets that are offering one set of opinions. if there are two sets of opinions then they are just yelling at each other so crow don't get a -- so you don't get a sense that there's a conversation going on 67 when he -- going on. >> when he left office he said he would not publicly criticize his successor and today he
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trump. a wet day today. if you've listen outside you know that. another one on the -- if you've been outside today you know that. another one on the way for tomorrow. howard ber steen -- bernstein is tracking it. >> it's raining in northwest dc at the moment. look ing at first alert doppler, it's moving from the southeast to the northwest. we have a storm system to the south doing that. we are seeing plenty of breaks with occasionally moderate showers. notice here across prince george county, northern montgomery we are in a lull. i point out that batch of showers is a little bit heavier from la plat that towards quantico and stafford. that's moving north, northwest at 25 miles per hour. so restin at 6:55 and just after 7:00 in sterling we will likely see those batches of showers. temperatures on the cool side. 49 in haymarket while we are at 56 here in the district. one more cool soggy day and then
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i hope you -- drastically. i hope that you like summertime. a local healthy man has been stuck in a hospital for more than a month. peggy fox takes us inside alex scott's hospital room where his family feeds him and fighting to get him out of there. >> thank you, sweetheart. >> al ex scott greeted me with a big smile delighted to interact with anyone. >> do you see herself in the picture? do you see? wave. >> hi. >> al ex was born with cerebral palsy. he's not sick but been stuck in a hospital for 26 days. his family is desperately fighting to get him out. >> trying to find the shortest possible way to get him out of this hospital because there's -- it's so risky for him to be here. >> alex's human rights are being abused. you can't take a handicapped child
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basically leave him in a hospital. >> alex is 46 years old, 20 years ago he moved into this group home in sterling. 26 days ago a bout with bronchitis landed him in the hospital. now his family said that the group home won't take him back unless he gets a feeding tube but the family doesn't want it. >> care givers are concerned about him choking. they looked at the option of doing a feeding tube. we've explored it with doctors and in the end they said that it's the higher risk to do the surgery. >> alex's sister and mother bring him homemade food and feed him themselves because of a tongue thrust meals can take a while but he enjoys eating. >> one thing that gives him joy and to take that away from him what else would he have? >> with a grown son stuck in hospital limbo a mother makes sure he gets enough
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>> it's part of your life. that's all that it's about. that's our big fight. >> in landsdowne, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> peggy said that group home is run by louden county and although officials can't comment on individuals if -- in their program they must own sure that a person -- ensure that a person's medical needs can be met. a murder/suicide at the office. police in dallas, texas said that a man walked into the high rise, shot and killed his female supervisor and killed himself. the shooting drew a massive police response with officers carefully searching and clearing the 12-story building actually swat team found the two bodies inside aoc lked meeting room. no other employees were hurt. with their faces covered to hide their identity and with police standing by city workers in new orleans began removing confederate monuments today. this morning they took down a monument from the btl
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liberty place and the other three will soon come down. people opposing the removal said it's an insult to the heritage of all americans. they will be placed in storage. the states of mississippi and alabama still observe april 26th as con amphetamine fed rat memorial day -- confederate memorial day. coming up at 6:00, critics call out the state department for promoting president trump's resort. >> first, a top u.s. commander in afghanistan is suggesting that russian is arming the taliban.
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take ago look at story -- taking a look at stories making headlines around the world. head to head in a run off to become france's next president. it's the first time in six decades the main left wing or wing parties have not had a republican didn't in the -- candidate in the final round. protesters clark clashed with french police. the final vote will take place on may 7th. two of afghanistan's top military officials have resigned after taliban fighters disguised in military uniforms killed more than 100 afghan soldiers on friday. the u.s. secretary of defense jim mattis met with afghan officials and u.s. forces today. the top american general in afghanistan is suggesting that russia is now arming the tal been
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offer any specifics. [sirens ] >> today is holocaust remembrance day. sirens blaired blaered tw to minute -- blaired for two minutes. the country came to a stand still to commemorate the 6 million jews killed during world war ii. the israel prime minister laid a brief at the country's holocaust memorial in engineer lemm -- jerusalem. thousand ten -- tens of thousands of people marched through los angeles to mark the genocide. 1 preponderate -- 1.5 million people were killed by a cam -- campaign by the turkey government. they continue to doeny it -- to deny it. today president trump followed past administrations in noting the los angeles of so many
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of the most mass atrocities of the 20th century. the los angeles area is home to more than 200,00 people of armanian decent. a car backed by google takes to the skies. >> one of the largest fires forces the cancelation o
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in prince george's county firefighters still working to knockout this fire at an apartment building under construction in college park, maryland. flames broke out around 10:00 on berwyn house road right off route 1. nobody lived inside the building but its neighbors including the university of maryland students were effected by all that smoke. delia has the latest from the scene. >> more than l -- 8 hours after flames first broke out crews are still here on the scene dousing hot spots with water paying close attention to the rear of the building where the chief tells us that flames have rei nate -- reignited. >> tell me what the smoke smelled like. >> a terrible smell. if you opened your mouth that stuff goes right down your throat. >>
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housing facility a-- across the street. tenants were scheduled to move if by tend of the summer. -- by the end of the summer. now it's destroyed. >> flame s started on the fifth floor and went up to the roof. >> the smoke sin sane down there. -- the smoke is insane down there. >> the college president canceled classes due to poor air quality. students living in the dorms were told to stay inside and keep their windows close. >> i think that the lecture halls are smokey. >> even inside? >> yeah. i smelled it. it was getting hard to breathe. >> i said, oh, lord, i just see it. i'm very tender hearteded when things happen like that and my -- tender hearted when things like that. my heart goes out. i just hurt me. >> the chief said there's another major concern going into the night hours, that there could be portion
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building that -- of this building that sustain further collapse because of all the water they poured onto this structure all day. wusz 9 wusa 9. >> tw of those -- two of the firefighters suffered minor injuries. in all 200 firefighters from as far away as montgomery county, dc and northern virginia had to work to put that blaze out. a mansion from the dc mansion murders is now gone. a wrecking crew just knocked down the home where darren went murdered 10-year-old phillip, his parents and their housekeeper almost 2 years ago. the home had been worth $4.5 million before the killings and the fire. last year it sold for $3 million. the median price in the neighborhood near the national cathedral is said to be $7.6 million and the own -- neighbors expect the new owners to build a new home there. >> i can't imagine anybody moving in and renovg
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happened there. >> the lead detective in the case testified at darren exclusively in the -- -- darren wents first hearing and said he thought he had accomplices. his trial is not set to start for another year. the state department is coming under fire for promoting president donald trump's mara lago resort in florida. they called it the winter white house and it plays up the president's visit. the blog postalmost appears -- post appears on most u.s. especially baa si website -- embassy websites. now they are wondering why represents -- reporter: welcome back to eyewitness -- residents are from moting the club. we are getting a first look at the future of flying calls. the first video with 100% electric powered by eight roaders. it feels like a
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motorcycle we are told. controls are built like the handlebars and work star to joy statistic of a video game controller. the project is backed by the google cofounder. >> i want one. >> you can only operate over water. the company has not set a price for the vehicle but you can pay $100 now for a $2,000 discount. >> interested? >> you know, if you live in a river or north shore long island you can use it that way. >> let me know if it's good. it's wet out there. my grass is loving this. >> it's going to love it when it heats up for the second half of the week. water it now, fertilize it. your grass is going to explode here when temperatures go into the 80s later on in the week. we are dealing with rain on this monday evening. a big storm down to the south, coastal flooding down in the charleston area in south carolina. a lot of heavy rain. those green boxes are flood warnings for the carolinas even in towardsth
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steadier rain from earlier in the afternoon break up a lisht. you see -- a little bit. see how the heavier stuff lifting out of pennsylvania. we have quite a few breaks across prince george and calvert county, down into parts of dc and southern maryland. to the south from charles county across the river back and towards prince william now you can see coming out of quantity -- quantico a batch of moderate to heavy showers. in warrenton around 6:36, leesburg 7:36 and perryville just before 8:00. we are going to be in and out of the showers for the rest of tonight and then more batches of rain on tuesday before things change. near 60 on the bay in annapolis. 39 on the high country, in davis, west virginia. we are in the upper 40s to around 50 in the valley. we sit at 56. looking at the future cast the waves of shower will diminish over night. temperatures not
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another batch of rain. this could be enough to mess up the commute tomorrow. we will hold the yellow weather alert all day on tuesday. on tuesday afternoon another batch of rain. by tuesday night things are going to settle down some. showers will be diminishing and by wednesday morning isolated left over showers before the sun comes out on wednesday afternoon. that's going to push temperatures into the 70s and then we are off to the races. the upper 40s to mid 50s tonight with periods of rain or showers, northeast winds 10 to 20. kind of raw and nasty. that's how it will be tomorrow morning with temperatures in the 50s. a slow commute, even slower than usual i'm thinking. numerous showers during the day. on wednesday some afternoon sunshine, 75. a taste of summer and through the weekend. the nats come back in town. look at the temperatures, bruce, the mid tourp 80s be -- to upper 80s. it's going to feel more like july than late april. >> we'll take it. hock ey players are known for being fast on the
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caps player got into trouble for going too fast. that as they clench the win.
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the washington red skin have the 17th pick in the nfl draft and the team needs help on the defensive side of the ball. no matter who they pick the red skins are looking for a player to make an immediate impact. >> i told the guys upstairs i'm
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better. i know there's going to be a guy sitting there at 17 or if we want to move back there's enough thickness of the group in the several different positions. sometimes it's just maybe deep in some line or outside backers or corners. across the board on defense i'm really excited about the class and the guys that we are going to bring in are going to help us. the washington nashs slugger -- nationals slugger bryce harper has been named the national player of the week. he went 11-20 from the plate with four doubles, three homeruns and seven rbi's. the highest point of the week was his third career grand slam in a two-homerun game against atlantic on wednesday. -- in atlantic on wednesday. -- in atlanta on wednesday. tip off for the wizards set for just after 8:00 in atlanta. wiz address lead -- wizards lead this series two games to win. a win to tonight w
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a chance to wrap it up on wednesday. >> this was justin williams at 10:06 with the assist that led to marcus johanson's series winning over time goal. this was justin wilson just houring later back in virginia with a big fat speeding ticket. early this morning he tweeted justin welcome back to washington dc, here's your speeding at ing ticket. we have no idea how fast the officer said he was driving but he was anxious to get home. >> not a hockey fan obviously. raining cats and dogs,that's what it says. >> on and off showers through tomorrow and then hello summer, we will see you thursday and through the weekend. >> was that a gift? >> i don't remember. i think that i bought this one. cbs is next.
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