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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 27, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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>>ni> to--ght b newachelor arrest bombshells. chris soules speaks out for the first time since the deadly accident. "e.t." in ioitwa wh a new twist in the investigation. >> sheriff's deputy located chris. >> who helped chris flee from the scene. then -- kim k.'s new interview breakdown. why she's in tears over his kids. plus, our exclusive with lvester stallone's three knockout daughters. so just how well do they know their famous dad. >> really? >> and johnny depp gives his fans a surprise of a lifetime. why he's dressing as jack sparrow on a disneyland ride. >> are you real? >> animatronnic? now for april 27th, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight."
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a surprising new twist tonight with bachelor chris soules and the car crash that took a man's life. >> it turns out that chris may not be the only one in legal trouble. we're on the ground in iowa the latest developments. the former "bachelor" is speaking out for the first time since the accident. in a statement he says, quote, my family and i are overwhelmed with this tragedy, but we are sticking together and we'll get through it. so, where is chris soules right now? well, he's been in hiding ever since posting bail on tuesday. no one appeared to be at his rural northeast iowa home today. but he's believed in the area. a court has ordered that his movements be monitored by an electronic ankle monitor. and you won't find any clues on instagram -- the reality star has deleted all of his social media accounts. >> we're taking this investigation very seriously. >> the county sheriff tells "e.t." the media attention has led to an unusually high number of tips and potential leads. he won't comment on specifics of the case. here's what sources tell us. deputies are looking inte
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scene. it's possible that person or persons could be charged with helping the reality star leave the accident site. we confirmed that alcohol containers were found at the scene. soules has been charged with a felony for leaving the scene of a fatal crash, but law enforcement authorities tell us it's possible he could face more charges. >> once the case is done, the county attorney reviews it. it will be up to him to decide. >> they are exploring the possibility of a gag order. >> all the prayers here are with kenny mozier his funeral is set for monday. as for chris soulee's, hs asking to be independently tested. >> chris is due in court on tuesday. kim kardashian is still seeking justice against the man accused of robbing her at gun
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she said the emotional order has completely transformed her in a way that will completely surprise you. i know this sounds crazy but i know this was meant to happen to me. i don't want to start crying but, like, i'm such a different person and like, i'm -- i don't want to start crying anymore but i really feel like things happen in your life to teach you things. i was definitely materialistic before but i'm so happy that the kids get this me. i don't care about that stuff anymore. >> look closely, you'll see that kim is wearing no jewelry. she found out those paris robbers had been stalking her every move. >> for two years. they had interviews i had done. getting excited about jewelry and saying it's real. i don't know if i'll ever wear real jewelry again. my whole life has changed. >> kim has upped her security detail especially surrounding north and saint.
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>> north eats him up all -- >> beat him up? >> it's just awful. she was so jealous i had to get a little note box and put it in the other bra with a straw. >> one day northwest is going to be so upset they told that story on national tv. meanwhile, new details about janet jackson's new life without her husband but with her baby. >> a source close to the family tells "e.t." that janet's been back in control of her life. clearly she's doing her own thing. mom's night out on monday. catching bruno mars' performance. we'rlde to she skipped the opening act, walked in with her baseball cap pulled down low and rocked out in the standing section with big brother randy while a security guard kept a watchful eye.
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encore of "uptown funk" was over. she's now spending a lot of time with her older brother, randy lives in london just like janet. they have an unbreakable bond and she trusts him mthore an anyone. ♪ >> meanwhile, 3-month-old eissa is his mother's pride and joy. look at that face. our source claims janet couldn't stay in the marriage because of wissam's controlling ways. >> listen to me, janet's going to be okay. just like michelle turner is okay. last night she had a date with a latin lover. >> easy there. that wouldn't have been a bad thing at all. we're talking about the premiere about how to be latin r.
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lot of ladies out there who have a thing for mr. rob lowe. apparently one of the most beautiful women in hollywood does, too. >> did you see this? >> i heard it was in 1988. >> kate just posted that she must have had a lot of time on her hands back then, composing a fake proposal acceptance from a hot young rob. >> this really happened. amazing. >> lowe just had his own trip down memory lane with his sons visiting the house in tulsa that was used in "the outsiders," the 1983 film which launched his career. >> it would be like going back to your college dorm and walking through the hallways and going, i remember what happened here. >> in his latest film he's vying for the affections of wealthy raquel welch. >> i'm really excited, nervous.
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ng what's the one defini quality of a good lover? >> oh. inventiveness. >> love, i guess, feelings. >> on my set visit i got a lesson on sex appeal the 9-year-old playing the nephew. can i take you home with me? listyoen, u know every time i see you know what i ask -- >> can you take me home? you have to check with my mom. like i always tell you. you have to check with my mom. >> he's so adorable. you know who else is totally adorable, tom hanks and rita wilson. they're relationship goals. big night out in new york at the tribeca film festival. >> is it date night? free movie andu , yo, knowe we'r g goin pto aarty afterwards. . ry glausmoro >>g pp
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tom's co-star emma watson in a custom burrberry gown. >> he lives up to his reputation. he's funny and kind and generous to work with and very hardworking and he's all the things. >> but in the circle, tom the nicest guy in hollywood shows a sinister side as a founder of a social media company. >> knowing is good. but knowing everything is better. >> this film is slightly terrifying. i remember reading the book and i like, i couldn't sleep. i was thinking about it for weeks. i actually love sleep. if i get it into double digits. but i love to sleep. >> tom hanks starred in a movie about a boy band. >> i didn't know anything about it.
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i thought it was the coolest thing in the world. they didn't even lip sync. they actually sang the songs themselves. so god bless them. coming up next -- what's the real johnny depp doing on a pirates of the caribbean disneyland ride. then, mary j. blij on her emotional divorce. what she only told "entertainment tonight" about ir. husband's alleged affa >> obviously i wasn't enough. and this is not scarlet johansson, really it's not. we'll tell you how the real scarlett is making her day. >> i'll see you at the bar. be there or be square.
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bruce willis goes on a
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e upon a time in venice. >> i want to get my dog back. you want to come? >> sounds like fun. when you type orlando bloom into google, first comes accent because of your brilliant accent. second thing -- number two in the world. >> fantastic. thank you. >> well, obviously, orlando's going to be paddling around those naked paddleboard photos for a long time. he has a good sense of humor about it. >> looking at those photos nothing for him to be embarrassed about. i want to look at this, johnny depp just gave some fans the unexpected thrill of a lifetime. >> are you real? >> no, that's the real deal. johnny's jack sparrow surprise shocked fans aboard disneyland's classic "pirates of the caribbean" ride yesterday.
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he interacted with fans in character. and in a bit of disney magic, called out to them by name. >> jessica? where is jessica? hello, jessica! >> johnny's building buzz for next month's fifth "pirates" movie, "dead men tell no tales" >> he's been jack sparrow for nearly 15 years. when he shot the first one his daughter lily rose was only 15 -- 3 years old. >> she asked me why i wasn't a pirate at home. >> he needs to wear that outfit at home. he wears it all the time. he's famous for visiting children's hospital as jack sparrow.
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installment to do just that. next, mary j. blige gives us the 411 on her ex, how she's moving on in the midst of her bitter divorce battle. then, what does it really take to win "dancing with the stars"? after maks aeand h'sther shocking exit. the judges share their secrets. then, our exclusive with the stallone sisters. >> we were pulling each other's hair in that shot. closed captioning provided by --
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if itu's usually because you were driving too fast or you didn't look before you turned or you didn't stop for someone in the crosswalk. always be alert. pedestrians don't come with airbags. are you guys ready? >> y
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>> sylvester stallone's three knockout daughters enjoying their moment in the spotlight. here in hollywood last night. celebrating their new magazine cover. but how well do they know their world-famous dad? our carly steele found out, putting the ladies to the test, playing a little stump the stallones. >> how many films has your dad played rocky balboa? >> six. >> seven. >> how many films has your dad played john rambo in? >> four. >> boom. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> how many oscar nominations has your dad received? >> he's won three. >> not winning. >> he's been nominated three times. >> you said four. sophia, 20, 14 scarlett stallone may not not know everything about dad's movie career but they know everything about dad's instagram history. they star in most of sylvester's wacky posts. >> your dad's instagram is awesome.
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>> oh. ard.o we've he >> please, come on. >> dad i made you dinner why don't you go eat it? >> i like his whole series of torturing his brother. >> it's very age inappropriate for me to have. i said letdo me in an stagram where i'm teasing yoguys. >> but that's you every day. >> sly's instagram spares no one. >> papa stallone hleas pnty to be proud of. since being named miss golden globes. the film and modeling offers have poured in and they're now featured on the cover of "harper" by harper's bazaar. >> it looked like you were having a great time. >> we actually were. we were laughing the whole time. >> we were pulling each other's hair in that shot. >> have you seen this yet? i said, boy, they look pretty. why don't they look like that every day? >> maybe dad giving out a litt
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this is the 25th information of superstar singer mary j. blige's first album with the 411. she has a new album out now. >> this one isn't pretty, this divorce isn't amicable at all. mary had said in the past she would never get a divorce. but the betrayal she faced is why she believes never say never. when i saw the headlines that mary j. blige and kindu isaacs were divorcing i didn't believe it. >> they want other selections. >> "other selections" that be code for mistress. and that's how mary describes her soon to be ex-husband's alleged affair. in court papers, the grammy winner claims isaacs spent more than $420,000 on travel expenses for his girlfriend, not her.
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>> infidelity was the reason why i left because that's the complete disrespect. >> that's my becky with the good hair. >> cheating, hurting, surviving -- mary lays it all out there in her new album. and even though it's called "strength of a woman," mary told me, her marriage made her feel "small." >> obviously i was not enough -- every day there was a question, why don't you do this, why aren't you this? why don't you know how to do this? when i started this album i was still married and i was writing these songs from a perspective of a woman who wanted to make it work. >> despite a prenup, mary j.'s ex is demanding close to $75,000 a month in spousal support. this includes $1,000 a month for clothing, 3200 for a personal trainer, almost 6100 for child support and 8,000 for a private chef. ♪
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>> now mary j. is using her pain and creating inspiration through song. >> it's okay to just not be okay. but, you know, don't stay there. there's always light at the end of the tunnel. ♪ >> well, the light at the end of this tunnel for mary could be grammy because this album, man, it is so good. the couple leaving right now is -- heather and maks. >> okay, nobody can believe that happened. dancer and partner maks, jaws dropped monday night when heather morris and her partner got the boot on "dancing with the stars." so what went wrong? cameron mathison went straight to the experts to see what it really takes to win the mirror ball trophy. >> when it comes to who stays and who goes, 50% of the decision comes from viewers' votes, the other half? it's all in how the judges rate the performances. so strategy number one -- know what they want.
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different things at the end of the day. len is always looking for that technique. >> madness on the floor. there was no control. >> carrie ann is looking for those lifts. >> no lifts in a ballroom dance. that's the number one concern. >> i deducted a point for the lift but i still love you. >> bruno is looking for the personality. >> you're like a tornado. the thing i really can't stand is people who don't put their passion in motion. go wrong but do it with passion. >> strategy number two -- know your partner's abilities when choreographing your dance. >> it was amazing, peta, so good. >> you have an idea of what you want when you walk into the room. if it doesn't look good on them you have to find another option. >> and then there's that hard to define quality called chemistry -- >> julie ann really likes the connection between the couple. >> do you feel that? we all do. >> another strategy -- if you want those viewer vote w
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>> do you think order affects the way people vote? >> absolutely. >> really? for sure you want to be closer to the end of the show so you're one of the last things people see. >> and finally, when it comes to that last dance, those viewer votes are all that really matter because the judges' scores don't count. >> the freestyle dance usually the one that gets the public. they get on the phone. that's what gets you the mirror ball. another key to surviving on the show, music selection. but the producers often pick the songs so the pros have to find a way to make it work when we come back -- look at this picture. looks like scarlett johansson. but it's not. the incredible story is on the way.
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travel consideration provided by -- okay, when i saw this photo i thought i was looking at scarlett johansson, right. >> me too, and everybody out there. >> i had to look at the photo myself, holy crap. >> scarlett was totally blown away. the woman in the photo was actually is a grandmother. >> i heard you were drunk as a skunk when taking that photo and i'd like to see your drunk face.
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night with me. >> just like that it's a date now. grandma will be going with scarlett to premiere of her new movie in june. >> scarlett gets to see what she looks like when she gets older, cool, right? >> yeah. >> good-bye, everybody. grit. some have it, some don't. when the odds are stacked against you, you either hide or stand up. at strayer university we've seen it in our students
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