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sterling protest. eight months since his friend was killed, he's coming to the decision makers directly demanding change. he is starting here, armed with this letter asking him the officer that killed his friend is booted off the force for violating policy twice. >> how come? we don't even have these officers just on disciplinary acting suspension with no paid. they should be fired because they did violate orders not one, not two, not three but four and five. >> we know they violated policy by chasing sterling. and then we also know that he violated policy by not turning on his body camera until after the shooting occurred. so two strikes. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: that we know of. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: and that you say is enough? >> that is enough. even using your car to barricade this man at the red light. >> reporter: so we went you have to the chief's office but were kicked
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floor. moments later. handed the letter tolt officer. >> we have suppressed this. this has been told not to let it go above water. keep it as low surface as possible. >> reporter: what if they say let's let the law kind of play out. we need to let internal investigation really play out and take time. we can't rush to judgment. what do you say about that? >> i will say this, we cannot confidently try to govern our community, our city and our people with people who don't have accountability. >> reporter: in downtown. >> we will not give up until justice has woken up. >> reporter: wusa 9. >> officer trainer chose not to testify in a civil suit filed by the sterling family seeking $50 mill ion. that case is back in court in july. he admitted to killing five people but now
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run. prince george's -- he pleaded guilty to killing two moms, two children, and another woman in a horrific 2014 drunken driving crash. relatives stormed out of a hearing today when he failed to show up for sentencing that could send them to prison for 50 years. he was supposed to be on a gps monitoring bracelet and police are trying to figure out why he wasn't. today is yellow weather alert day. now here is wusa 9 first alert weather. >> we're looking at yellow weather alert through noon tomorrow. here is the radar over the last hour. it's a miserable commute home. moderate rain across most of the metro area. if you are north of frederick, just a couple showers. we will zoom in a little bit. you see the area of yellow there. little flecks of yellow on i- 95. that is moderate rainfall. all the way down to charles county
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rainfall tonight but it will become heavy. in terms of heading the direction, you will have showers and rain everywhere. out toward fairfax, up toward frederick. by tonight rain and showers from gaithersburg south. look at the temperatures low 50s. and move it forward a little bit looking at temperatures still holding in the upper 40s and low 50s. most of the rain will continue over night rather heavy by 11:00. even heavier rain across the metro area up to 70 and out route 7. we'll come back and talk about when the best time to schedule mom's brunch will be. i talked to the president, the president has nothing further to add on that. >> refusing to comment on president trump's tweet this morning suggesting that his conversations with former fbi director james comey could have been taped. the president tweeted james comey better hope there are
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quote, tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. comey said the president pushed him to pledge his loyalty at a private dinner. people close to comey say he refused and promised to be honest. sources close to comey tell cbs news he is not worried about any tape that the president may or may not have. senate aids say the former fbi director has declined to testify before the intelligence committee. rob rosen sign has agreed to brief the full senate about comey's firing next week. >> the tweet reads as a very active president with lots of things happening, it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with perfect accuracy. maybe the best thing to do would be to cancel all future
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written responses for the sake of accuracy. white house press secretary spicer was asked today if the president was serious. >> i think he's a little dismayed as well as a lot of people that we come out here and try to do everything we can to provide you and the american people with what he's doing on their behalf. what he is doing to keep the nation safe. what he is doing to grow jobs. and yet we see time and time again to parse every word and make it more of a game of gotcha as opposed to figure out what the policies are. why something is being pursued. >> the white house correspondents association released a statement opposing the suggestion of canceling the press briefings. it reads in part, doing away with briefings would reduce accountability, transparency, and the opportunity for americans to see that in the u.s. political system no political figure is above being questioned. >> president trump threatening and making a lot of
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donna says bye bye first amendment. sharon pointed out the truth is always easier to keep safe. share your thoughts any time on the wusa 9 facebook page. when president trump move into the white house, his son baron stayed behind to finish elementary school in new york. now it appears the first couple have decided where the 11-year- old will go to middle school. according to the daily caller, baron will attend st. andrews eyepiece koa pal school in pa tomic starting next fall. it's a 30 minute drive from the white house. st. andrew's mission statement stresses diversity. it only had 58
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tuition runs $38, 500 for middle school. the trump's choice of school is a departure from recent past presidents. sasha and ah lee yeah went to sid well. and chelsea clinton graduated from saidwell friends. we're following a developing story on a cyber attack that has gone global. ransom ware hitting devices that use windows. it's exploiting a witness and then leaked to the web. now the malware is locking up computers and demanding a ransom sent welcome tonically through bit coin. it has hit 60 countries including the u.s.. fedex is just one of many companies targeted. europe seems to be getting the worst of it right now. some hospitals in britain have been forced to cancel procedures. pope francis is in portugal. canonized two children that claim they saw the virgin mary. today marks
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incident witnessed by three young shepards. it's considered one of the most important events in the 20th century by the catholic church. thousands have made the pilgrimage. up next a shooting at a nursing home kills the
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this is a heartbreaking story out of ohio. a police chief and father of six was among the dead during an ambush at a nursing home. two employees at the home were also killed. investigators say kirkersville police chief had only been on the job just three weeks. his wife is pregnant with their seventh child. the gunman was also killed. >> that is a heartbreaker. explicit and emotional testimony in the case of michigan state sports doctor larry nassar. dr. that'ser moll lested her when she sought treatment for pain 17 years ago. >> were you concerned at all that he didn't prescribe for you be >> we were. and then we were concerned about the fact that he hadn't used gloves. but all we could fall back on he was a revered doctor. it was clearly something he
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very regularly. i was not a test case. and our presumption if he was not doing something legitimate, somebody would have stopped him. >> reporter: a michigan judge will determine if there is enough evidence to hold dr. nassar over for trial. he is charged with assaulting seven young gymnast at his clinic. he has pleaded not guilty. a high school student with a rare disease beats the odds and now he's graduating. >> but first the controversial new app that plays match maker for marijuana users. and your reaction.
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mother's day is coming sunday and the president and first lady hosted a white house luncheon to honor military moms. and president trump thanked those mothers who serve in the military and those that are married to service members. the first lady thanked them for the many sacrifices they made to their families and for the nation. and for a list of last minute mother's day gift ideas and places to take
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special day, download our free wusa 9 app. now a few choice words from former first lady michelle obama. she is lack -- rules that she championed while in the white house. at a health conference here in d.c., mrs. obama questioned whether the current white house cares about our kids' health. >> you have to stop and think why don't you want our kids to have good food at school? what is wrong with you? >> last week agricultural secretary sunny purdue went to elementary in leesburg. he announced the white house would let schools opt out of nutrition standards governing whole grains, sodium, and milk. we brought you the story of dating app aimed at those that like pot. >> 43% of you that voted in our poll says pot is a dating deal breaker while 57 sa
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big deal. >> reporter: >> i'm darren roberts. i'm the cofounder of high there. >> a lot of people say that smoking pot is a dating deal breaker. is that one for you? >> not at all. it's a turn on. >> reporter: call it match for people that like mary jane. it's called high there and it's connecting people who like pot. >> close to half a million people on the app right now. >> reporter: half a million people. >> around the world. >> reporter: one dating survey from 2015 says 70% of all singles say pot smoking is a turn off. >> moderation. >> my exgirlfriend. >> reporter: how did that girl? >> she's my exgirlfriend for a reason. >> you might wonder how high there makes it money, right now they are building a community and in time they hope to do
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where they can actually turn a profit eventually. john peck makes it look easy in the pool but with each stroke he is defying medical expectations. the marine veteran lost both of his arms and legs in an ied explosion in afghanistan. >> my right arm is moving. which is surprising everybody. >> john peck's incredible journey tonight at 11:00. trending online tonight the story of a determined high school senior. he has a very rare disease but he is beating the odds and soon he will graduate from high school. he has hunters syndrome. it's a genetic disorder that has no cure. the north carolina boy was only expected to live in hirsuteness. now he's about to tush 20 in less than two weeks. he lost his ability to talk and walk and eat but he didn't give up on his goal to finish
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>> my family everybody is really excited. i've met other families with younger kids that have the same disease and it's inspiration to them to see okay, there is a child that is still living and having life and going to graduate. >> his high school graduation is june 6th and he plans to be on stage that day to accept his diploma. i think you will like this one. this is the norwegian royal family. pay attention to the 11-year- old prince on the left. what is he doing? you saw him. yep, he did it. he did the popular dad dance move. the crowd gathered below. the prince is the younger child of the crowned prince and princess. he is third in line for the thrown. he emerged as the star of the show during last nights 80th birthday celebration. woulu
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presence of the easter bunny? she was like did it all slow. >> she's her daddy's daughter. that is for sure. all right so you are cooking up something good for mother's day. >> it will be windy and warmer. we have to get through tonight and tomorrow morning. it will be messy. soccer games. >> are going to be canceled. >> probably. the field may be too soggy. i know you are broken up about that. live look outside. it's our live weather cam. it's 54 right now. winds out of the east and southeast at 11. they will pick up a little bit tonight. here's the radar. you can see radar. it will show you the showers all the way back to cumberland and romney. we'll zoom in a little bit. we have moderate rain around the beltway. whole thing. heavier rain down to the south.
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moderate rain also from mcclain gardens to howard university. so it's not going to let up. it will become a little heavier as we go through the night. heavy rain tonight. street flooding is possible. heavy rain ends before noon tomorrow. not before we get an additional 1-2 inches. windy and warm for mom. and then by the middle of next week we are talking july temperatures by next wednesday and thursday. 62 for tomorrow. and 77 on sunday. 75 monday. 84 on tuesday. and near 90, near 90 on wednesday. that is quite a 27-degree increase in about five days. for mom, on sunday 77. partly cloudy. windy and warmer. slight chance of a shower mainly north of town. look at the model projections. nearly an inch over
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10:00 tonight rain and showers. temperatures low 50s. and by 7:00 the heaviest rain begins to cross over i-95. some big time rain though over night. that is when the heaviest rain will fall over midnight. low 50s to start with rain. and 54 with just showers by 1:00. heavy rain will cut off by noon. windy and warmer for mom 77. next seven days. tuesday 84. slight chance of a thunderstorm. and then 89, almost 90 wednesday and thursday. 86 next friday with sunshine. all right let's get to this breaking news. it's all about a noose found hanging outside of the middle school earlier this week. police say they have arrested this person connor trout and a second person is about to turn himself in. police say the school surveillance video caught them on camera. now we will check
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frank hanrahan who is out there at the verizon center with the wizards. they've got to do it tonight. >> do or die. >> you have to. or else this will be another long off season. wizards and the celtics game six like you said today we're gonna be comparing the roll-formed steel bed of the chevy silverado to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck. awesome. yeah! first, let's check out the aluminum bed of this truck.
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big night here in d.c.. game six for the wizards and their second round play off seri
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pretty simple stuff. they have to win tonight or their season is history. they got to defend home court against the celtics. which is something they have done all season long here at verizon center. they have defended the home court. 5-0 in the post season. they have to go to 6-0 tonight to keep things alive in this best of seven series. >> just another game. i mean only thing i see. i understand it's a very important game. you don't want to put too much pressure on guys and have these guys hanging too much during the game. >> we know what is at stake. we know that we are capable of winning. we know that is our goal. but we know we want to view our chance to get back in boston. that is our goal get back to bust ton. whatever it takes. >> and of course on unfortunately the talk around town today is the caps inability to advance far in the playoffs yet again. another second round exit. this 19 saddest day for the caps when they have to clear
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out their lockers. >> when something doesn't go your way, you can curl up in a ball and feel sorry for yourself. i don't. i get angry and try to fix the problem. i'm going to try to get better. if i don't, then we're not going to get better. >> so many questions. but the question here tonight is, can the wizards just get one win to push things to a game seven on monday night? we're live at verizon center frank hanrahan. wusa 9 sports. heavy rain tonight. heavy rain ends tomorrow by noon. and then nice for mom. it will be windy and warmer. mid to upper 70s. >> you'll be back
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