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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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amber alert 11 days after this baby girl went missing? >> a man guilty of manslaughter skipping his day in court. why police don't know where he is. >> we are verifying reports that a clinton foundation ship was raided in baltimore. >> a firsthand look at courage. >> from some first responders. >> a wounded warrior is defying the odds and telling his story after a double arm transplant. >> and will this rain stick around through mother's day? wusa9 at 11:00 starts now. the rain is here right now. here's a look at radar over the last hour. we're looking at rain across the board. right to moderate rain. it becomes heavier as we go through the nighttime hours. it is across the board. we'll zoom in a little bit. heavy rain toward fairfax and manassas and warrenton and down toward culpeper and the heaviest rain will develop after midnight. we'll talk about what is going to happen tomorrow morning. 6:00 in the morn
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yellow around la plata, prince georges county, anne arundel county. that's heavy rain. and it's going to feel like march. i'm going to keep saying it feels like march. 6:00 in the morning, by 8:00, heavy rain south of town. from fredericksburg across the river into charles county. and then by 9:30, 10:00, still some heavy rain in prince georges county. finally the back edge of the rain now out of leesburg, out of culpeper and i-81 corridor. it's moving off quickly. by lunchtime, a few left over showers in the immediate beltway area. we'll talk about mother's day forecast, rain might not be the problem. may be a different one. there is new information tonight on the breaking news we started with last night. it is the amber alert for a little girl less than a year old. that's her, chloe johnson. pictures coming up soon. she's in her mother's arms and police think her mother may have been kidnapped, too. that amber alert is
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tonight. 11 days after they went missing. wanda cruz is her mother. she made a plea for help even though she could -- >> help me anyway. please do. >> and the urgent search has touched a lot of you. you've been asking questions about this case, about that delay in sending the amber alert. we asked john henry to find some answers. >> all movant we've been telling you about the importance of bringing our missing children home. we know many of you have questions, too. especially about the amber alert system. we got some of them last night, after chloe johnson had an amber alert sent out for her. here's one from nicole. she was curious why an amber alert was going out now. police chief said today that was because amber alerts aren't for missing persons cases, rather abductions. he said it was last night,
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detectives said chloe may have been abducted. here's another question. she was curious as to who could have taken chloe. the chief told us that information, suspect information, was purposefully left out of the amber alert. he was worried it could have harmed the investigation to find her. >> it's important for the detectives to be able to control that information and to be able to deal with anyone who may come into contact with them. >> some of you are curious as to why you didn't receive an amber alert at all yesterday. the national center for missing and exploited children, it matters whether your cell phone is within range of a cell tower in the affected area where the amber alert went out. that said, there are some cell phones, which cannot receive alerts. from northwest, john henry, wusa9. a close eye on this and we're working on a bigger story about how those amber alerts work. it's part of our month long focus on missing children and our efforts to bring them home. >> a major man hunt in prince
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georges county is getting bigger by the hour. kenneth kelly is guilty of killing five people in drunken car wreck. he was supposed to face the music today, but he didn't show up in court. here live tonight with more. pete. >> i just found out u.s. marshals are on this. this is a top priority search. kelly was supposed to be sentenced earlier today, but tonight, the bigamistly is who was watching him up until now. >> he didn't show up. >> outside court, the family of three adults and two kids were killed when kenneth kelly crashed his car into another. now, 2 1/2 years after the oxen hill wreck, kelly was to be sentenced. >> turn himself in. you killed five people. you know, kids lost their mom. you know, mom lost kids. five people. who gives somebody bond for killing five people? turn yourself in. >> the 27-year-old has been on bail since november. a judge or
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gps monitor like this one. sheriffs tried to use it to find kelly, but kelly's lawyer said the monitor was removed this week. >> yes, they wouldn't have assigned it to us. >> prince georges county department of corrections says it is not responsible. since kelly lives in the district, a private contractor is. >> we have nothing indicating that we have responsibility to put him on a home detention status. >> prince georges county officials can't come up with specifics. they stress tonight is just about finding their man. live in upper marlboro, wusa9. one more law enforcement note for you tonight. peter raised his right hand and took an oath to keep you, me, and all of us safe. d.c.'s acting chief now has the job for real. he paid his dues, steady rise through the ranks after joining the force back in 1989. and he had good news at today's ceremony. violent crime is down 24%
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member caught our eye. charles allen from ward 6 posted, i know we're all focused on trump, but jeff sessions made some massive shifts that will mean more jail and less diversion here in d.c. so what was he talking about? here's the deal. attorney general, jeff sessions, gave government prosecutors new marching orders today. they have to charge defendants with the most severe crime possible in their case as long as there is evidence to back it up. >> this is a key part of president trump's promise to keep america safe. we are seeing an increase in violent crime in our cities particularly, in baltimore, chicago, memphis, and milwaukee. st. louis, and many others. >> this policy throws out the one that was put in place by eric holder four years ago. he told his prosecutors not to charge certain defendants with drug offenses that could trigger those long mandatory sentences. and council member
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concerned that gray area about marijuana use and possession in the district might not be gray much longer. >> whether you live in maryland, d.c., or virginia, metro's next is going to affect you. so here's what's happening. they are shutting down five stations on the orange line. from stadium armory to new carollton. this starts on tuesday. this tuesday. and goes through june 16. it's like a month. a couple fast facts if r you. shuttle buses will run every 30 minutes from each of those closed stations taking riders to open stations. the work means even if you're on an open section of the orange line, you'll see fewer trains and riders on the silver line, you're going to see trains every 20 minutes. so adam was talking about the new carolton station. a popular park and ride spot. one of the parking lots there is closing for good on may 29. here is the station platform. and this is the lot that is closing. pretty big. it's the park and ride lot number 3 an
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of the past after memorial day. and metro suggests you use one of the nearby garages or switch up your commute and park at the landover station and that's on the blue line. breaking news they tease. what's the big story being shared all over twitter and facebook? clinton foundation cargo ship raided at port of baltimore and it reveals a sick secret. the story posted on a number of websites, including the last line of sounds legit. not. but before i even get into this story, i just want to show you how much traction it's getting on twitter and facebook. people are sharing it audiotape over all over the place and saying where is this news? lock them up. why are the clintons allowed to stay out of prison? people are reading it, not checking to see if it's true and sharing it with their friends. big surprise, i can verify that
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this story, whammo, false, literally. if you take five seconds and do a google search for clinton foundation baltimore, five articles come up that this is fake news. but allow me to indulge you for a second. see the name of the boat? the chelsea? first of all, that's fake. second of all, there's no record that the clinton foundation owns a cargo ship, much less one that was shuttling undocumented syrian refugees and other contraband aboard. then the article claims that bpa harbor master jake cummings told the story to cnn. yeah, no such person. and cnn didn't do any kind of story about anything remotely close to this. in fact, take a look at this guy. that's james white. he's executive director of the maryland department of transportation support administration. he's the guy in charge of the port of baltimore. so if you see this story, tell the people who posted it, what are you doing? you're spreading fake news. but you know, it
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spot. be skeptical of the things you are reading if it doesn't come from a site trustworthy. if you don't know. if you just don't know if something is legit or not, send me a message on twitter or facebook. or send me a big old juicy e- mail, and we'll hook you up. here's a story you can trust. we'd like to introduce you to a young man named gavin. produce his own star wars film in spite of being born with a hole in his heart. tonight, that happened thanks to talented folks in maryland and the make a wish foundation. we asked our photo journalist to check out the premier. >> one of the characters goes crazy because of how much time he spent in exile. >> his first surgery is when he was eight days old. i found out when he was three days old that he has the same condition that his sister had. we have been thro
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going through school and everything. i just -- with his dad passing away. it just meant a lot to me to have all of us here. what kind of role do you want? do you want to be an actor? just be on camera. he's like no, no, i just want to make a film. >> we felt that it wasn't gavin's wish to make a forgettable film. you don't need any explanation that it is gavin's make a wish film. anybody can sit down and watch this and enjoy it. >> some of the scenes i didn't get to see in production and it was really good. just stick with your dreams and don't let a condition get in the way of it. >> i bet gavin didn't even notice the rain on his big night, but will his mom feel the same way on sunday? topper is back with a mother's day forecast in just a minute. and we're going to introduce you to a wounded warrior
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hectors. d haa double arm transplant after he lost both s hiarms and both of s hilegs in combat. his incredible story is still ahead. but first, you knew we wouldn't leave this out. are you ready for it? take it away. any time. >> melissa mccarthy is showing spicer taking that motorized podium for a spin in manhattan. this video was all over social media. of course, that's good news for the folks at snl, because she is hosting tomorrow. just rolling right down the street there in midtown manhattan. there was one twitter take that we loved. check it out. ♪[ music ] >> taylor macon is making it happen. he's the social media editor at usa today. got you there, didn't i? we tip our hats to you, you have won the internet for today. we're on our way coming right back.
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head's up, that's intense music. sunday is the day, mother's day. you're a little behind the 8 ball. our digital squad, they got you covered. head to, last minute gift ideas, the works. you're getting hooked up. check out these salutes. to the mothers who raise the folks who work here on tv. and behind the scenes, including this lovely lady. oh, that's my mom, and me, way back in the day. so anyway, you're looking for those last minute gift ideas. you want to share photos of your mom as well, look at her, giving me the bunny ears. i don't know what's going on with my hair. let's get past that. >> all right, now to a remarkable story you'll
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see on wusa 9. it's about a marine corps veteran from virginia. he is defying the odds. making an amazing recovery at walter reid. andrea mccarren and photo journalist has been following his journey and that is tonight's report from our special assignment unit. >> it's hard to put into words what it's like to meet sergeant john peck. he is funny, determined, and incredibly positive. as you're about to see, his story isn't about what he's lost, but the new perspective he's gained. a group of school children ntreceasly joked hn peckif he had any regrets about serving our country. >> they asked me, how do you woel if you could go back, uld you do it again? and it's like, i tell everybody i would. i still would to this day. >> he would still go to
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despite what he's lost. both arms, and both legs. >> peck stepped on an explosive device in afghanistan in 2010. but this marine wasn't giving up. he's returned to the swimming pool with a new set of arms. >> he needs the arms, it's great. >> one determined stroke at a time. >> very motivated. >> all this just nine months after undergoing a double arm transplant in boston. peck knows his arm donor, chris, will never glide through the water again and never have the chance to realize his dreams. >> let's work on our rotations. my right arm is moving,
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is surprising everybody. >> he has defied all medical expectations. >> to see my progress, starting to get stronger. >> it's unbelievable. >> he is very funny and it helps a lot. >> i don't now about the towel. >> when you dream, do you have limbs in your dreams? >> i don't dream. it's my mind protecting myself. >> peck understands what it's like to emerge from the darkness. a stranger shared the depth of his despair. >> he was like, i was ready to pull the trigger. >> then he checked out john peck's journey, a facebook page. >> he's like, all right. this dude has lost four limbs. went through x, y, z, and came back, got an arm transplant, he's still smiling. if he can do it, i can smile. >> and that has strengthened peck's resolve and confidence. >> i take strength from that. >> but knowing
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life. >> that's cool. >> if a stranger can push through the pain, so can john peck. right after the transplant surgery, the arm donor's parents contacted sergeant peck through facebook. they said they would like to meet him in person, just as soon as peck can hold a beer. that may be much sooner than anyone expected. andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> remarkable. and to think sergeant peck would do it all again. he wants to become a professional chef. nobody here doubts that he will accomplish that. if you want to follow his journey, we put a link to his facebook page on our website and the wusa 9 app. >> andrea put it perfectly earlier today. she's like, if you are having a bad day and you want to put things in perspective, think about this man and what he's done and what he's gone through and then that will help bring it home for you. >> and he can still smile as he pushes through the pain. really
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>> amazing person. >> absolutely. >> let's talk about march, people have been yelling at me. stop feeling like it's march and may. when the pattern changes, i'll stop changing it. the pattern will gechan on mother's day. we went for a high today of 60. thought we might have a bulls eye. no, we didn't. made it to 59. it's hard to keep temperatures under 60 in may. we're going to go 61 tomorrow. all right. let's talk about may for a minute. you think it's been raining a lot? it has. rain on the 1st. rain on the 4th, 5th, 6th. 10th, 11th, and 12th. eight of the first 13 days oche the month. we'll see a much dryer week next week. by next week, temperatures more like july. live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. winds are easterly and we have rain pretty much everywhere. here's a look at the radar. notice the yellows. back up toward winchester and down to the ut
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county, back down toward almost fredericksburg. we'll zoom in a little bit and have an area of heavy rain. fairfax and burke. everything is pushing off to the east. so, it's going to be a great night for sleeping, no doubt about that. it will be. heavy rain ends by noon tomorrow. not before we get 1 to 2 inches. drying out saturday afternoon. doesn't mean it's going to clear. we might see a couple breaks by evening. the rain shuts off by noon. windy and warmer for mom. mainly dry. hot by next wednesday. temperatures near 90 next wednesday. look at the temperatures. 61 tomorrow. 77 on sunday. down to 75 on monday. then boom, 84 on tuesday. 89 on wednesday. all right, early in the morning. 7:00, you see the yellow. andrew is back, that is the heaviest rain. rain extends all the way back to i-81. good news, by 10:00, it's pretty much clear of leesburg. still heavy rain in prince georges county, down into la
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plata. by 1:00, pretty much gone. left over showers, howard county and anne arundel county and prince georges county. that's about it. stays cloudy and by 6:00, you see a couple breaks out toward culpeper. temperatures in the upper 50s and then by 10:00 tomorrow, we are generally clear and by mom's day, look at this. 70 by 1:00. but the thing about mom's day, if you are trying to have brunch outside. wipe the napkins down. look at the wind gusts to 31 miles per hour early in the afternoon on sunday. it will be dry though. 50s across the board to start. 55, a left over shower by 1:00. monday, great. 75, pleasant, fantastic start to the week. and then next seven days, 84 on tuesday. near 90 wednesday and thursday, and mid 80s with sunshine next friday. >> right now, three things happened since you left work. body cam video out of texas is compelling. we see what the officers saw as they search a house filling with fire. the upstairs blocked by a wall of flames. that's where they later
11:23 pm
children. >> new video from billionaire, elan. he is digging a tunnel under l. a. he is electric sled who will carry cars under the city. and a giant creepy dead thing washed ashore. what is it? a squid or a whale? who knows. the web has been buzzing. whatever it is, they could use some help getting rid of
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now, wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by exfinty. we are live at verison center and it wasn't supposed to be this difficult. we all have a feeling the wizards get to a game seven against the celtics. they got there in dramatic fashion. trying to stay alive. game six of the second round divisional playoff as the wizards and scotty brooks looking to force a game seven. he was the story. blows by the defense for the lay in. and if you thought that was nice, how about the 360 move for two points to make it a three point game. the wizards were down five. bradley beale, big night. huge 3 to make it a
11:27 pm
possession game. time winding down, and this is the biggest shot in his career so far. john wahl, it's a go ahead 3. and the wizards take a one point lead. one last chance for isaiah thomas with a shot, does not get the lucky bounce and the wizards are headed back to boston for a game seven on monday night. >> john, he has had two games in the series. one game is 0 for 9 and tonight he was 1 for 9. he ended up 8 for 16 in the half. not too many guys can do that. >> you know, when i played, i missed two shots. i didn't think i was going to make the next shot. he's a winner. he plays to win. he's not worried about his stats. he's worried about winning the game. >> what a dramatic win here for the wizards. they were down 5. everybody was saying, what were the wizards. they found a way to get it done and the streamers come down and we are headed to a game seven on monday night.
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looking forward to a beautiful saturday morning. psych. >> it will be dry, 3/4 of the weekend. it will rain tomorrow until noon and kind of dry out tomorrow afternoon. stays cloudy. and great on sunday for mom. upper 70s. slight chance of a shower north and windy. check this out. are you ready for near 90 next week? >> ready. >> i thank you for the early mother's day gift on behalf of all of
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