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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  May 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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d.c.'s leash laws. >> there's a drink called the pill cosby, too soon? >> facebook cloning, is it a thing? we'll verify. >> house of cards has a new connection to the real white house. >> and breaking news, an explosion at a pop nccoert turns deadly. wusa9 at 11:00 starts now. let's get you right to the latest on that breaking news at this hour. 19 people are dead after an explosion at an ariana grande concert. more than 50 people injured and police are investigating this as a terrorist incident, at least for now. >> i've been monitoring all the feeds and social media right now. hundreds of people are taking to twitter looking for missing family members. many of them young people, teenage girls, who went to the concert. the show was just wrapping up. the house lights turned on, and people were beginning to walk out when there was a blast just outside the arena.
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>> you heard it. that explosion was an a dash cam. chaos erupted. there are reports of people literally trampling each other as they try to run to safety. police were told, have identified a man on the scene as a suspected suicide bomber. emergency crews continue to treat the wounded and right now, are telling people to avoid the arena while they try to bring calm back to that area. as you can imagine, nerves are shot. as concert goers relive the horror. >> and then everyone decides with all the screaming and crying and didn't know, everyone was shouting over us. it's awful. >> people all around the world using the hashtag, pray for manchester right now to offer their condolences, including fellow performers, like
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investigators here at home with the department of homeland security, working closely with their counterpartings in england and while they say there is no credible threat against concert venues here in the u.s., people should expect increased security. delia delia. >> president trump asked two top intelligence officials to step up and say publicly that there was no evidence that his campaign coordinated with russia. they are director of national intelligence, and admiral, mike rogers, head of the national security agency. neither man agreed to do that. why? the post says fired fbi director, james comey's testimony on capitol hill set the president off. and that's when comey con confirmed that they were investigating the possibility of corp. nation. >> the investigation into a horrific attack. police say this is the man
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behind it. 22-year-old, sean irvansky. he is behind bars after a judge denied bond, calling him dangerous. investigators believe he walked up to another man at a bus stop, told him to move. when he didn't, he stabbed him once right in the chest. and this is the young man who ended up dying from those stab wounds. this is richard. just commissioned two days ago as a second lieutenant in the army. he was supposed to graduate from bowie state tomorrow. his campus gathering to honor his memory tonight. stephanie ramirez was there. >> monday's vigil started with him, his voice playing from a recorded video of the ceremony that looked like it took place last week. >> four years ago, i came to the university. >> hundreds of parents and students from both universities involved packed the mlk, jr., art center at bowie state university to remember second lieutenant, richard collins, iii. shock, anger, concern, fe
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was it a hate crime? these were all the emotions being felt. then lieutenant colonel, joel thomas, said these words. >> let's keep on working. let's celebrate being great every day. >> the 23-year-old lieutenant was supposedded to graduate tomorrow, bsu's commencement ceremony is taking place at the come pus where collins lost his life. umd. >> a lot of students say they will stand with pride tomorrow as they graduate from bowie state university at the maryland state university campus. stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> in addition to prince georges county police, the fbi is investigating this crime. if it turns out that it was racially motivated, he could face federal hate crime charges.
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the membership and a white nationalist group that spread his message of hate before it was taken down. it's a reference to adolf hitler's third right, and the group trades in familiar hate things, antiimmigrant, and antiafrican american. you spend a lot of time on facebook, right? guess who else is on there, too. scammers. there's a name for them. face crooks, and they are at it again with a new twist on an old scam. i'm asking if people are hacked. they want to know if this scam is legit. >> i live in maryland. i had requested that you do a verification on the facebook text that i had received about facebook cloning our contacts and everything. >> so, this is actually happening. yes, there is a scam called facebook
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scammers pretend they are you. these pirates politement are prowling your public profile and posts. they pill for your pictures and pass themselves off as you. i'm going to tell you how they do it and how you can avoid it. >> this facebook page belongs to wusa 9 at 11:00 executive producer, roberta. what you see here is her public profile. what anybody would see if they searched her name on facebook. a scammer can see her work history. i down loaded her pictures here. that's all i need to create a new facebook page, and look, now i have pages and pages of her friends names that i can friend request and after they accept, i start sending them messages pretending to be roberta. messages that i'm in trouble and need money, or i won the lottery, but have to pay a fee before i can collect the winning. you're rolling your eyes, like who would be that dumb? people are falling for it. here's what you do to protect yourself. follow me here. first, go to your own profile page and click on the tab that
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you'll see a list of your friends come up. at the top, a little tab on the far right that says edit privacy. click there. this little box pops up, who can see your friends list? if it says public, change it immediately to friends. below that, change the other option to friends as well. unless the public can see, the better off you'll be. >> the last thing you'll want to do is send a juicy warning to all your friends like this one, do not accept a friend request that appears to be from me. don't worry if you didn't write all that down. we'll post this segment on our website, as soon as we hit the commercial break. if you see anything on tv or your social media feeds, and you're like, is this legit or not? let's have adam check this out for us. find me on twitter or facebook and send me an e-mail to verify at >> jury selection began for bill cosby today in philadelphia, but that is not the headline that had you
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comedian and the allegations of sexual abuse against him from a number of women and it is called, brace yourselves, the pill cosby. you heard me right. here's jon henry. >> sometimes businesses share ideas that don't hit the mark. just ask the skin care company, nivea, which put out an ad that controversially claimed white is purity. or pepsi, who unveiled an ad, some believed triflized civil rights protests. but big businesses right-hand businesses aren't the only ones that make questionable decisions. did something people are calling everything fromignorant and callous to downright stupid. this unfolded in a matter of hours. around 1:30, the washingtonian alerted the world to the pill cosby. a tequila based drink that includes empty pill capsules. fights allegations that used to drug women for sex. one of the owners told the washingtonian, the drink could
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drugging in bars. the backlash is split, it gets flooded are views. many stay the same. >> it's in poor taste. it's not very cool. >> i just don't think they realize, like what that could mean for other people. >> by 3:30, the popup bar announces it will remove the drink from its menu. while the national media grabs on to the story. around 6:00, the bar issues a full apology, saying the drink was in poor taste and it is sorry for any pain the incident has caused. john henry, wusa 9. >> a brand-new link between the netflix smash hit, house of cards, and the real white house. photograph president frank underwood as he made the rounds in d.c. earlier today, who is pete, you ask? he's the man behind the lens from the obama white house and he was a staff photographer for ronald reagan as well. a week from tomorrow is the new season. now to
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biggest mysteries. a little girl who we haven't seen since she was 8. >> this is never before seen video showing relisha rudd one month before she disappeared in 2014. relisha was one of several children film led ed for a video. now she should be 11, but no one knows where she is. tomorrow, you're going to hear part of my conversation with her mother, shamika young. >> i have been humiliated. i've been treated like a suspect. and because i am relisha's mother, and relisha is my daughter, we are both a victim. it's not like she was taken from me. >> in our special assignment unit report, where is relisha, find out who is responsible for her disappearance. that's form night. >>
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begin. tomorrow morning, these things are going to hit capitol hill. president trump's budget plan. here are some of the key points. tax cuts for the wealthy, more military spending and changes to antipoverty programs. among them, food stamps. >> this is a big deal. especially in the district. one in five people are on food stamps. better known as snap benefits. president trump wants to cut the program by $193 million. that's a cut of more than 1/5. that could drive millions of people f offood stamps. the feds are tight about how you can use food stamps, on breads and cereals, fruits and vegetables, meat products like fish and poultry and of course, dairy products. technically, things like candy and steak, alcohol is strictly off limits. president trump wants to put a work requirement on food stamp recipients. >> i'm a working mom, it's not
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sitting home not doing nothing. >> mary young gets $100 in food stamps a month. >> my tax money pays for my food stamps. and you don't even give me enough to feed my children. >> republicans tried to tweak snap requirements a couple years ago, senate democrat, chuck schumer thinks this will get shot down again. >> all of these are favored. these programs are favored by the american people. >> for now, groups in our area are refusing to comment. i called more than a dozen. they want to wait to see the official budget proposal before they react. pete wusa 9. >> the snap program is not alone on that list of likely cuts. also, their medicaid and social security supplemental security income. that's the cash benefit for people who are poor or disabled. the president told his budget director to keep his hands off medicare and the retirement program. the full plan goes public in the morning. >> the d.c. government set
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a big announcement tomorrow about leash laws for dogs. we have the details, we'll share them with you next. >> we're tracking more rain. by 8:00 in the morning, not bad. you're going to have a dry commute, at least through 8:00 a.m. in the morning. 59 in frederic, and 61 in fredericksburg. rain develops to the south. we'll tell you what that means for your evening commute. a look ahead to the holiday weekend. stay with us.
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an update on tonight's breaking news. 19 people killed in manchester, england. she says quote, broken from the bottom of my heart, i'm so sorry. i don't have words. it is dog versus people, parents versus pets. the d.c. government is about to crack down on a growing problem. people violating leash laws in the city. eric shows us in tonight's special assignment unit report, that is making some dog owners howling mad. >> at parks around d.c., the signs, well, they are
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the city says pet laws protect the grass, prevent the mess, and the potential danger when dogs are off leash in public areas. now one park in particular, this park, has become ground zero in the city's battle to get man's best friend on the right side of the law. some here say the laws are just dumb. >> which is why no one really seems to be paying attention to them. at mitchell park in northwest d.c. dogs off leash, yup. dogs on ball fields, which is also illegal, you bet. now, the d.c. parks and rec department, about to start laying down the law. ready to start handing out tickets. >> personally, i think that's crazy. >> you think they are also on the border. >> john stokes is the parks and rec deputy director. >> very clearly, a playing field. >> he's the guy who has the fun job of trying to explain all of this to neighbors who have long considered mitchell
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their dogs domain. >> they need to explain to people with children. the dogs are allowed in that area. >> watch what happens when stokes tells this woman whose dog is on a leash, that he shouldn't be on the ball field. >> oh, okay. so you know that dogs are not allowed on play fields. okay. >> this isn't the playing field. it's over there. >> oh. this is the edge. >> actually, it's called the outfield and it is still in play and off limits to dogs. but he gave her a pass, sort of like he gave one to me. >> check or credit card, i'm out of cash. >> i live in this neighborhood, too, and that black pug running around off leash and on the ball field -- >> guess what? no, because right now, again, what we are doing is we're not -- we want to give people fair warning. we want to give people the opportunity
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their wrongs. that's why we are doing this outreach campaign. >> that means no ticket, at least for now, while the city spreads the word. the city wants me to leave mitchell park and take pearl, the pug, this way. to this dog park half a mile away. let's be honest, pearl could probably use the walk anyway. at dog parks like this one on s street, dogs can run off leash and play without worrying about being an outlaw. some owners complain about the fake grass and lack of trees, although this guy doesn't really seem to mind. but back to mitchell park, if this reaction is any indication. >> i'm prepared to pushback, because there's a conflict in the neighborhood. the park service needs to know that. >> many here seem ready for a dog fight. the parks department tells me the city could start handing out tickets as early as june. for a complete rundown of the dog laws and a list of s
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neighborhood, head to wusa and our mobile app. eric, wusa 9. >> and if you go to the wusa 9 app or website, we have a complete list of the fines you could get if your dog is caught off the leash. that list includes d. c. and counties throughout maryland and virginia. plus, a look at dog parks where your pup can run for free. just search, special assignment unit. top. >> rain in the forecast, but a dry drive to work tomorrow. >> i think we'll be okay. we're not okay in the 3-degree guarantee. we went 78 today. we might see a little bit of sunshine. we topped out at 72. so, that is wrong. the good news is, we're going to send money to the national center for missing and exploited children. live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. some clouds, looking at winds out of the east at 5. and that wind direction is going to continue, east, northeast, and that will hold the clouds in
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for awhile. 56 to 65. dry at the bus stop. the morning commute is dry. mainly south, especially in southern maryland, and maybe even as far north as i-66 and route 50. much better on wednesday. hey, we'll see some sun and it will be warmer, too. all right, temperatures, well near average this week. once we get through tomorrow. 70 tomorrow, 76 on wednesday, thursday, 78 friday. 81 on saturday. our average high is 77. what terms of chances for showers those days? well, tomorrow scattered. just isolated on wednesday. dry mainly the whole day. almost a washout on thursday and just isolated activity on friday and saturday. warmer over the weekend. that's good news. it looks like all three days will be in the 80s. isolated thunderstorm on saturday. 81. you can cook out. sunday, some scattered storms. look at that, mid 80s. you can cook out. on monday, memorial day, the stormiest day, showers and storms on and off all day. temperatures in the low 80s. okay, 9:00, a few showers
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of town. by lunchtime, showers gathering down to the south, fredericksburg, temperatures in the 60s, and then by 6:00, right now, future cast has the activities spreading up to baltimore and frederic. some of the models don't bring it further north than i-66 and route 50. that's why we'll hold off for now for a yellow weather alert. 60s across the board. maybe a sprinkle, 67 at 1:00. again, maybe a sprinkle. wednesday, some sun. how about that. 76. then showers and thunderstorms on thursday. probably yellow weather alert. friday okay. isolated storm, isolated storm saturday. some storms on sunday, and there's the stormy memorial day with temperatures back into the 80s. >> click bait, propaganda, it is nearly impossible to avoid. we did a survey with emery university to get a closer look at why even smart people people are getting tricked. can you spot fathe ke? >> fake news something
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totally false, quite often, created with an economic incentive in mind, in order to attract eyeballs. so many people don't believe anything they see. that didn't happen, that was fake. people will take that stuff, share it with other people, believe it, and vote based on it. if you believe it and it's false, that's a problem. >> what was the real and what was the fake one?
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bacteria possibly. i wasn't sure at all. there was the one about a guy trying to kill zombies. i was like, got to be that one, but this doesn't seem to be the fake news i imagined. i found out that i have a lot of friends who are nasty people. >> we deactivated our facebook account. >> the thing that gets in your head and thinks that this is what i have to do. that's propaganda.
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you might be better asp treating all news as potentially fake. look at it skeptically. don't simply ingest what you're being told. >> find out if you can spot the fake headline by taking our news quiz. right now, it's on our app and our website,
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now, wusa9 game on sports brought to you by exfinty. >> nats with the day off for a six-game home stand. so, that leaves us with the orioles tonight. a game behind the yankees taking on the twins, and the o's came out swinging. let's go to the video tape. it's coming, they tell me. here we are in the bottom of the 2nd, already up 2-0. when adam jones, ready to cash in, three-run home run to left field, and you're like, dude, they got this one. until they blew it. minnesota is going to chip away. they tie it up 6-6 in the 5th. right there on that play. line drive to right field. ties up the game. then, the flood gates open. six runs in the 6th inning, including on this error that
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made it 9-6. two-run blast will make it 14-7. yikes, o's lose big. the indy 500, six days away, scott won the pole position. him and the team super stoked. he takes a ride down to taco bell, got robbed. at gunpoint. by two teenagers in the drive through. they weren't hurt,
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ssault weapons ban and close the gun show loophole, i took on the fight. i saw what those weapons can do as an army doctor during the gulf war. now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia.
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