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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 31, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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to the teeth was arrested at trump international hotel in downtown washington. authorities give an update on how they were tipped off and made the arrest overnight. we are joined from the police headquarters with what investigators are saying. >> reporter: we are trying to figure out what this guy had in mind. police say that he, quote, made remarks that were of great concern to us. now, here's how it went down. apparently someone called the pennsylvania state police and said this guy, bryan moles, 43 from edinboro pennsylvania had made some kind of threat and we don't know what kind of threat. that happened at about 12:30 this morning and pennsylvania state police notified mpd and the u.s. secret service. the rest over to the trump hotel and when they got there, they apparently found in plain view in his vehicle, a bushmaster ar-15
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rifle and when they search the vehicle, they said they found, in addition, a glock 23 handgun in his glove compartment and 90 rounds of ammunition for both of those weapons. they had notified the hotel and believed they went inside the hotel where he had checked in and arrested him in his hotel room on a charge of carrying a firearm in dc without a license and having unregistered ammunition. the u.s. secret service said that at no time were any of the people being protected in danger. >> we do a thorough examination and we will get to the motive as to why he was coming armed with these weapons to the district of columbia. i
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very concerned about this circumstance, a very peculiar circumstance. i believe that the officers and our federal partners -- in particular those coming forward -- averted a potential disaster in our nation's capitol. >> reporter: the arrest happen very early this morning but officials tell us that he did not make what was called the tunnel up, his paperwork wasn't processed in time to go before a judge. it will likely be tomorrow before he goes before the judge. it might be tomorrow before we get more details on those threats. live it dc police headquarters, bruce leonard chan, wusa9 news. is the u.s. going it alone for climate agreement? nearly 200 countries
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on their core to reduce greenhouse gases but now president trump is expected to withdraw from the agreement. why the president thinks climate change is just a hoax. >> reporter: president donald trump is ready to make good on another campaign promise. >> we are going to cancel the paris climate agreement. >> reporter: he tweeted, i will announce my decision for the paris accord over the next few days. he plans to pull the u.s. out of the landmark global agreement between almost 200 nations. former president obama played a large role to negotiate that to cut carbon emissions. >> history may well judge it as a turning point for our planet. >> reporter: president donald trump has been working on reversing u.s. chime in -- climate change policies but some of the top aides have been divided on the issue. the president met with the epa administrator, scott pruitt, on tuesday. he asked if humans are to blame for global warning. mitch mcconnell and 21 other gop senators
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was urged to ditch the agreement. democrats say it will be an historic misstep. >> it will damage our standing on the world stage and allow china to take the moral high ground. >> reporter: in italy last week, g7 leaders pressed president donald trump to stick to the agreement. exactly how the u.s. will pull out and whether the president may try to negotiate part of the deal is not yet clear. kelly o'hara, cbs news at the white house. a panel of climate experts said there are three major reasons why this is a big deal. first, it could worsen an already bad problem and likely make it far more difficult to prevent -- prevent processing a dangerous global threshold and could result in emissions of up to 1 billion tons of carbon monoxide in the air and that could lead to ice sheets and lead to the high extreme weather.
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mcauliffe didn't waste any time voicing concerns. he released a statement, the president's dangerous action will have a devastating impact on our environment, economy and health. the u.s. economy is dependent on leadership in the world and the president seems inclined to sit back and let other nations pass us by. climate change is a threat to our way of life. president donald trump may not like the response. >> sally tweet it, donald trump, if you care about your children and grandchildren, you would commit -- commit to a healthy environment. james tweeted, global warming is a hoax. stop wasting money and leave the paris agreement. jobs, make america great again. views may be mixed but liberals
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comedian kathy griffin crossed the line went to tweeted this video. she holds what looks like president donald trump is bloody severed head as a backlash on social media and she has since apologized. >> i went too far and i made a mistake and was wrong. the image is disturbing and i understand how it will offend. build. it wasn't funny. i get it. >> comedian kathy griffin apologized after appearing in the video with what looked like president trump's bloody and severed head. cnn anchor anderson cooper was appalled by the photo, clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate. some of you asked if griffin's photo broke a federal law and we asked larry miller with are a verify team to look into it and he came back with an answer. >> reporter: kathy griffin's photo appearing to show the severed bloody head of president donald trump may be in poor taste but is not a crime according to
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the supreme court ruled on a similar case in which a person made what some called a threat to the president. to be clear, if there are willful threats against the president, president-elect or vice president-elect, and in the case of watts versus the u.s., there was a protester who rallied on the grounds of the the washington monument. he said if they ever make me carry a rifle, the first man i wanted my sites is lbj. the pros tested -- he protested the vietnam draft and was charged and convicted of making threats to the president but the conviction was later overturned by the supreme court. the court rules that it was protected speech. for kathy griffin, according to his -- according to a law professor, it did not threaten the president or urge people to
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people are allowed to wish the president at up to the point where they express a will and intent to do him harm. did griffin break federal law? no. did you cross the line of human decency, that is for you to decide. i'm larry miller. >> there is a high priority with threats against those protected and they will be investigated. send us an email @vera scott send us the name -- send us an email at verify @wusa9. now, wusa9 first alert weather rated dc's most accurate forecast. a little bit of clouds in spots and that is broken out to sunshine and partly sunny skies and with that sunshine, temperatures warming up above the high temperature from yesterday. a little bit muggy but there is a light breeze and for your lunchtime outside, if you are planning on eating outside, not bad. 75 in culpepper -- culpepper and winds will move through over the next several hours to spark off isolated
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yesterday. futurecast at 5:00 is struggling to pop up anything. there may be storms between the hour of 4:00 and 8:00 this evening clearing out tomorrow and it will be much nicer with sunshine, lower humidity and it won't last long. i'm tracking storms for the weekend and we will break those down and have the forecast in our wusa9 app. here's something you don't want to do. what happened to this woman after she sucker punched a cop? first, like something out of a science fiction movie. a probe of the sun looks
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reminder that
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should be left to professionals. video shows kids how to make their own things. you may have a list of ingredients. then, have added, dip and poke. it appears fun and easy but this pressed this can have lifelong consequences. >> you can get infections from using the equipment and infections from sharing needles with other people. >> why risk it? if you want to tattoo, go to a professional. unlike your home, reputable tattoo shops are regulated by the tap -- by the health department. a new test measures the last traces of hiv in the blood of a patient. the virus can lie dormant in immune cells undetectable and now it is a test that is sensitive enough to detect hidd h
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expensive and labor intensive than current testing. it can determine if someone is no longer showing signs of the virus. it's not often history and nature intercept but it is truly a beautiful sight when it happens. evan koslof has the story of a ship graveyard in our backyard. it's not often you can reach out and touch something roughly 100 years old and that is what we are doing today. we are kayaking now and exploring the largest graveyard in the entire western hemisphere. really spectacular. >> it begins on the banks of the potomac. it's a beautiful serene day and we are traveling by kayak. amen one and the photographer is in another. judy brought her dogs along, as well.
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>> you can see this is just below the surface. >> and just minutes, we see the remnants of what was to come. more than 100 ships are abandoned from world war i. >> we can look closely at them and it becomes powerful. >> it didn't take long before ships were found. look at these, a century has gone by but the shape is there. >> it will punctuate the size of the fall. >> an entire ship transformed into a makeshift island in the habitat for wildlife. >> it was built on one of the wrecks and they used this 100- year-old ship as a platform. >> one question, how do the boats get here in the fi
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it may have been too expensive to remove the ships from the water so they chose to dump them and they have been looted and pillaged several times. first during the depression and then world war ii but the ships remain. >> there are about 150 wrecks here. and we continued our journey through mallows bay not only looking to the past but reflecting on the present. >> that is what it is all about. touching it and thinking about it. it is for the birds and the osprey. think about what this is a hundred years ago. >> with no plans to quit my job anytime soon, evan koslof, wusa9. getting too close
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nasa announces the first mission directly into the atmosphere of the sun. it's scheduled to launch in 2018. it will hurtle around the sun at about 450,000 miles per hour and at that stage you could travel from philadelphia to dc in just one second. they have to build this spacecraft to withstand it. >> exactly. you could see this if it's not done properly. >> technology has come a long way. >> 2018 is not that far away. >> it's very important because the sun drives the solar system. we can see aurora borealis. turning to the weather,
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have sun shining and clouds earlier and we have a cruise ship, one of those on the water and here is the deal. we will keep the sunshine going, partly sunny but there will be some hit or miss thunderstorms that may pop up around 4:00 today and they are hit or miss so not everybody will get one. temperature-wise, we will top out in dc around 82 but that is possible through the evening commute and then we see the sunset moving in. gorgeous weather for tomorrow, lower humidity and we have a nice day tomorrow with sunder storm chances on friday and toward the weekend, chances will ramp up with showers and storms in the way. coming our way for tomorrow, this is
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completely rain free with high pressure building in and it will be refreshing outside and the day planner, into the afternoon, just shy of 80 degrees for a lot of us with a little bit of a breeze and lots of sunshine. rain chances go up and friday we will be isolated but saturday and sunday, they are increasing day by day because the next weather system is coming in over the area. for saturday and sunday, we have futurecast it looks like the afternoon time frame. it will be most prevalent west of town versus southern maryland. the front will stall out over the area. in the
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will increase. there will be a higher resolution, so it is not really like hdtv. you are seeing a lot on the map and it won't be a washout, but you need to have an alternate backup plan in the back of your mind and getting closer to it, you have a better idea of what time of day on sunday things will be around. tomorrow will be nice with lower humidity very pleasant and storm chances will continue through the weekend
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caught on camera, a woman punches a cop in the face and gets zapped with a taser in detroit. a passenger was asked to get out of a vehicle and the cop said she got mouthy and then walked away when the officer tried to restrain her. the fist started flying and campbell finally complied after she was zapped three times with a laser. >> this photo caused an uproar on social media. a dad in texas taking a toddler for a ride on the motorcycle and the data is now behind bars. he was arrested on an outstanding traffic warren. police were on the lookout for him after that pictures surfaced on facebook. you can see the child hunched over and the kid wasn't wearing a helmet and neither was dad. police ask anyone who witnessed
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this joyride to notify them and based on their findings, he could face serious charges. one fina
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n making progress every day. and he won't let donald trump stop us. tonight on wusa9 news at 5, an investigation is under way in northern virginia after a dog was found hanged your school. new details on the man who had guns in his cars at dc's trump international hotel. a 3d printer will be investigated. thunderstorms this
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have showers and storms and sunday looks like the wetter of the two days. that's it for wusa9 news. we can't
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>> victor: do you realize what you have done? when this comes out, son, your mother will be devastated. >> nick: we're all gonna be hurt by this once the truth comes out. but chelsea -- >> victor: do you honestly think you're doing chelsea a favor by finding chloe? when you do find her, it'll create a rift. >> nick: all right, just stop trying to pretend you care about anyone being hurt by this but yourself. >> victor: we just agreed as a family not to let the story come out! you don't mind betraying your family, do you? [ receiver slams ] >> nikki: they found chloe, didn't they? >> chelsea: oh, no! chloe! chloe, wake up! chloe, wake up. chloe! oh, god. oh, my god. no. oh, god, no! chloe, wake up! chloe, wake up!


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