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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  July 4, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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from the storms there, they sometimes will be focal points for storms. a really chaotic environment. i can't tell you at 8:00 in your neighborhood it's going to be storming, but think about a pot of water on the stove. you know the bubbles are going to be there. this is what we were seeing just a moment ago downtown. this shower here, which is starting to weaken, so for arlington, north of that, it's dry. this will probably rain itself out in the next 20 minute it's or so. it looks a lot less intense over toward reagan national here. bailies crossroads. the temps right now, still 87 in town. we've been at least 91. guys, i'm coming back, we'll talk more about the severe weather and the storm chances we're looking at also for the next several days. see you in a few. >> howard, and of course as you just saw the rain is starting to fall around the
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prepare for the fireworks show. >> john, a lot of people excited, but probably running for cover right now as well. >> reporter: yeah, running a little bit. but it's not a lot of rain right now, down here on the national mall. you can see behind me, people are still filing in for security checkpoint here at the washington monument as well. police officers are sifting through backpacks for grills, alcohol, and personal fireworks. they want to make sure everyone has a safe time here on the national mall for the fourth. the cases came down to the mall from pennsylvania. it means a lot. mary officially became a u.s. citizen two years ago. she couldn't think of any better place to be than d.c. for the 4th. it looks like she'll be in for a good show tonight too. the fireworks are scheduled to kick off at 9:09. so far, heavy rain has backed off. >> it's kind
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obtrusive. >> reporter: multiple police agencies continue to roam the national mall nonstop. also around to make sure everyone enjoys the day. it looks like they've done a great job, according to the cases. >> i love the spirit of everybody, just wearing red, white, and blue. >> reporter: you can see right here behind me, there's some people hiding under the trees for cover right now. because we have this small shower that's coming through, but for the most part, once again, it hasn't been too bad on the national mall. hundreds of thousands of people are expected for later. rangers tell me, there have been a few heat related incidents, related to sunburns and dehydration. for the most part, things have been running smoothly right here on the national mall. >> john, thank you. metro is going to stay open for an extra half hour tonight to help people coming home from area celebrations. the rail system will
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the new operating hours that went into effect on sunday, would normally have metro closing at 11:30 tonight. if heading to the national mall for fireworks isn't quite your think, we've got you covered too. right now on we've got a a complete list of places in virginia and maryland where you can see some of the action with a little less hassle. ♪ [ music ] if you missed the independence day parade in d.c., you missed a lot. that marching band, of course. a little spice and drones. vintage cars. some real vintage bicycles. uncle sam on stilts. you don't see that every day. an inflatable bald eagle. i'm waiting for the video to catch up with me, all right. and the lovely miss district of columbia. there she is. that's a lovely parade. if you have a little too much patriotic fun tonight, a safe
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all you have to do is enter the promo code, sober july 4 in the app, that will get you a free ride in the d.c. area area up to $15. the service is for new and existing lyft users. they're still searching for three additional children who they believe may have been sexually abused by a former school employee. carlos bell is in jail facing serious charges right now, while michael quander explains, his neighbors have serious questions. >> my first thing would be to ask why. >> reporter: questions are swirls in this waldorf neighborhood about what led to one of their own being charged with second degree assault, and producing child porn. >> a lot of kids have been scared mentally, and maybe physically by all of this. and just, i don't know. >> reporter: carlos bell was a former
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charles county schools. he's accused of having sex with at least seven underage boys. investigators say bell later admitted he was hiv positive. >> it's hard to weed out somebody that's going to be doing something like that. you almost have to think about every school employee getting a psychological test i guess. >> reporter: the investigation started back in december and the school district barred him from school buildings that same month. it took investigators until just last week before an arrest was made. that information could be pulled from bell's home computer. >> can't even realize the trauma that the child goes through, much less the trauma that the parents will go through, knowing the trauma that the child had gone through. >> bell is being held without bond, at the charles county detention center, where he could face more charges. investigators main focus right now is talking to all the victims. asking parents to
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children. and if anything seems shady, call the fbi. >> you should definitely bring this forward, so this person can be put away for as long as possible. >> reporter: michael quander, wusa9. >> if you have questions, dial 1-800-call-fbi. it happened in beltsville. investigators working to determine if the victim's truck stalled on the tracks before he was killed. no one else was hurt. north korea claims it successfully tested its first intercontinental ballistic missile capable of hitting the united states. all indications are they may have done that. this is north korea's 11th missile test this year. this one flew for nearly 40 minutes, reaching an
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of about 1500 miles. by comparison, the international space station orbits about 250 miles up. the north korean missile came down in the sea of japan, roughly 600 miles from its launch site with a potential range of 4,000 miles, it would be capable of reaching alaska. >> not much further than that, for the 10,000 miles or so, that it would need to reach new york or washington, d.c. so north korea is on pace to have a nuclear weapon capable of entering the united states. >> the u.s. has warned china they will act on its own. experts say a military strike would put south korea and others in danger. north korea is likely to come up at this week's annual summit of the g20 leaders in germany. president trump will meet with russian president vladimir
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sunday. the white house has been debating their eventually approach between the leaders, as the president expressed he was eager to meet with putin. many believe the u.s. need to maintain its distance from russia. we're just getting started here on wusa9 at 5:00. keeping a local mascot off of a local water tower. >> it's an important day for pet owners. keeping their animals safe. why fireworks pose a risk. >> and howard is back with the forecast, and the unsettled weather that is headed this way. >> right after the break, more rescues on the billy goat trail. what happened today, and why the montgomery county path can be so dangerous. up n
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an epidemic of hurt, and stranded hikers continues today on the billy goat trail. rescuers using everything from jet boats to the park police helicopter, eagle 1. it's been involved in at least 18 calls for help in the past 10 days. today, a woman with a broken ankle, and a a man who was suffering from heat exhaustion were brought out. according to montgomery county rescuer david devoir. >> folks tend to underestimate how strenuous it is. when you combine that with washington, d.c. humidity, it just makes for, you know, a very difficult trip for a lot of folks. >> hikers who used the most extreme section of the australia near great falls are urged to carry plenty of water, and keep a charged cell phone. alcohol and swimming are illegal, because the area averages 2 to 3 drownings per >>ar.
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county bureau. a homicide investigation on this 4th of july. let's zero in on the location. we're talking about the 800 block of kayak avenue. police were asked to check on someone there about 7:00 a.m., and they found a man suffering who later died. police need your help for this one. if you saw anything, if you heard anything, call prince george's county police. your tip could lead to a reward. straight ahead, new jersey governor chris christie coming to an agreement, that lets other people head to the beach this 4th of july. >> and why your pets could
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chickens on the run after a truck crashed in australia. thousands of birds had their freedom after a truck driver spilled the coops all over the highway. around 100 firemen spent hours collecting all the chickens. traffic there backed up for miles. new jersey, state run parks and beaches are now full of holiday revelers, now that lawmakers have finally reached a budget deal. governor chris christie declared state run parks and beaches open for independence day, moments after he and democratic lawmakers finally came to an agreement on a budget. the governor tweeted this photo of himself signing
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overnight. >> this bill is a long overdue significant reform, that will have a lasting impact on new jersey residents. >> it's a great day for the residents of the state of new jersey. i wish we would have done this on friday. >> pictures of governor christy relaxing at the beach over the weekend, where the public wasn't allowed didn't go over too well. new jersey was one of nine states that hadn't passed a budget, heading into the holiday weekend. another state? maine, also managed a last minute compromise overnight. here's a little known fact. more pets go missing on the night of the 4th of july than any other day of the year. >> reporter: it's not because they're getting into the spirit of independence, it's mostly because of all the noise and the crowds. we spoke to two experts today to help us help our pets enjoy the holiday. >> this is griffin, he is 1 years old. he's a rescue, and he's a mutt. >> reporter: he's always
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anxious. she will give him natural pathic chill out treats about two hours before the fireworks start, and put him in a thunder coat. >> it puts pressure on their abdomen, like you're holding them, and you can tighten it as needed, it's comforcing. >> there are absolutely dogs that can handle it. i call them bomb proof. nothing phases them. what i would recommend, if your dog is anxious during thunderstorms, that's a pretty good indication they're not going to like the fireworks. >> reporter: pets, both cats and dogs bolt because they don't know what's going on. she recommends leaving them at home with the radio going to drown out the noise. >> they do have much more acute hearing than we do. they hear different frequencies than we do, and they hear better than we do. they will actually feel it. depending on how close they are, it can actually be painful. >> reporter: in extreme cases, there are drugs to help take the edge off. >> i think for these
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cats that really have a true fear and really get very anxious, i think it's excellent. >> reporter: animal control usually puts out extra crews for the holiday, so if your pet does go missing tonight, your local shelter is the best place to look. wusa9. >> so put the stereo on, and drug your dog. all right. >> if they need it. >> i don't have a pet at all. i didn't know that they actually feel it. >> that i didn't know. the winds will sometimes, blow the door closed, my dog is like, what's going on? >> it's a scary thing. >> it's going to be going on all night, so prepare yourself. the threat for some showers and storms is going to last overnight, and it just won't be as widespread. if it's raining on you, it's wide spread enough, i get that. we do have one severe thunderstorm up in the hagerstown area. we've seen the system percolating. kind of
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stove. diminishing, everything's moving off to the east- southeast. but when you see what's going on, you'll understand, a chaotic environment out there. the mountains of virginia. just west across junction and northern virginia there. this stuff, from hagerstown, to martinsberg, a couple of strong storms here. this guy, that produced a few wires in the hagerstown area. approaching five forks, a little bit of lightning there by maryland, 153. that's a severe storm for frederick and washington counties until 5:30. moving southeast at 35. the concern is it could have gusts up to 60 miles per hour. we think it's going to be lewis town at 5:36. mount pleasant at 5:49. fairmont will get some of it. northern frederick, consider that. look at what's happening. we've got showers popping up. showers diminishing. this one over d.c., this one is falling apart. that's a brand new one popping
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we see the shower near reagan national. light green now. this thing is dying. it will be gone probably in the next 10 or 15 minutes. look in the next hour. this guy's popped up, and not moving much. heavy downpours, probably will rain itself out in the next 20 or 30 minutes, and that's the case. right now, i can't tell you that it's going to be raining in your backyard at 7:02. i'll just tell you, there's going to be a few showers and storms here and there. maybe about a 30% coverage. that's what i'm thinking the odds are that we're going to see one at 9:00 downtown. 83, warm and muggy. a chance of a thunderstorm. might still go. keep an eye to the sky, get the wusa9 app if you don't have it. on the hour, it was 87. but the thunderstorm in progress that you saw just south a moment ago. that has weakened considerably. winds none to be reported. the dew points there in he very muggy upper 60s, and in some spots low 70s. a front to the north, this guy is going to drop south. it gets interesting toow
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a little less humid if you get up in pennsylvania. with this east and southeasterly flow, more clouds around. looking at some showers as the winds get lifted, as they hit the blue ridge and some of the mountains. a better chance west of town. we'll see showers and storms. not a yellow weather alert day. just a cooler day. on thursday, i think the activity will be more widespread in the afternoon. that's why thursday will be a yellow weather alert day, and that's also going to keep our temperatures in check. i think highs the next couple of days, low to mid-80s before we get back toward 90 something on friday. mostly cloudy, and muggy. a few showers and storms tonight. 68 to 76. tomorrow morning, we'll be in the 70s. any shower should be well west of d.c. the bulk of them will stay well west of us tomorrow. highs, i'm only going 80 to 85. the storms mainly west of d.c. yellow weather alert on thursday, for more widespread activity. 84. friday, isolated activity. 93. other the weekend, i'm thinking generally dry, could be
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is storm saturday, but mid-80s. sunday looks really nice, and back to the low 90s monday and tuesday. >> thanks howard. reenactors at the national archives droved some knowledge today. actors portrayed thomas jefferson, john adams and benjamin franklin. the pipe and drum corps rounded out the performances. >> >> some of that body performance, and there you see it. joey chestnut pumped up after winning his 10th title at the nathan's hot dog eating contest. thousands of people showed up to watch the excitement. chestnut ate 72 hot dogs when their buns of course, in 10 minutes. in the women's competition. miki o
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buns. now to florida and a different accomplishment. 185 people took a deep breath and recited their oath to the united states. >> i can finally participate in our democracy. it's a very happy day for me. >> ceremonies like this one took place all over the country today. more than 15,000 people saw a dream come true. a dream that maybe too many of us take for granted. raising a glass on the 4th of july. coming up, a boom in small distilleries in cities and states around the country.
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let's talk consumer news now. go home nasdaq, you're drunk. that's what one stock watcher tweeted after some big names were all listed at the same price. apple,
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amazon appeared to have dropped more than $800. >> buy, buy, buy. >> turns out it was a problem with nasdaq testing data, sent out to sites like yahoo, and google finance. an expert david ray warns investors don't act impullsively. >> don't go sell anything. if you hear apple has tanked 75%, something has probably gone wrong. >> the stock market is closed today, but everything does appear to be back to normal. millions will be raising a glass today to celebrate the 4th of july and a growing number of americans are drinking spirits like whisky. >> that's led to a nationwide boom in a no, ma'am of small distilleries. one is right in the middle of wine country. >> just beyond the vine covered hills of california country, something else is
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>> we make two types of rye whisky, and two types of bourbon. >> we were in the first 200 distilleries in the united states. now there's 1600. >> reporter: industry experts don't see that trend slowing down. every state in the u.s. is now home to at least one craft distillery, with new permits issued daily. >> people are enjoying spirits much more than they once did. >> reporter: david says smaller distilleries are responding to the demand of consumers, and while most have typically focused on making vodka, and gin, whisky is fast becoming the drink of choice. >> using new aging techniques. aging them in different kinds of barrels. it's really led to a lot of variety. >> super salty, super different. >> reporter: he says his product's popularity now has him expanding his distillery. >> this is about
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80,000-gallons worth of product. >> reporter: allowing him to make more of his traditional whisky in this untraditional place. chris martinez, cbs news. that's wusa9 news at 5:00. the news at 5:30 starts now. >> happy 4th of july, here's a live look at national mall. >> the music is going to start in about a half hour. >> the capital 4th concert is at 8:00 on the west lawn of the capital, and the fireworks get popping at 9:00. there is still plenty of time to head over. >> metro is going to stay open until midnight. that's a half hour later than normal to help people get home. the big question is will the weather cooperate. >> probably. ca
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because if you look right behind me, we do have some widely scattered showers and storms. what's working in our favor is they're not everywhere. once we get past sunset, this activity will lose a little energy from the daytime heat. we're tracking one severe thunderstorm. no longer severe. that severe warning has expired in the meyersville area, coming out of hagerstown, but a strong thunderstorm here, from the southeast to five forks approaching lewis town right now. this is moving southeast at 35. could have some gusty winds. a little bit of lightning showing up as well. watch out for that. frederick, 5:49. woodville, just after 6:00. we have a heavy shower earlier push through downtown. what's left of it, moving east. this guy between fairland, and silver spring, a little lightning there. isolated storms, and only about a 30% chance we'll have a problem this evening. all right now, if you weren't a georgia tech fan before, you're probably not going to be one before this next story. today we learned this


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