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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 20, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> ask me if i've smoked meth. >> we've been playing this interview all week and now meet the future mrs. aaron carter. >> welcome back, bonnie and clyde. >> the latest details on the death of lincoln park's lead singer. >> ryan seacrest on his "american idol" return. >> and think you know celion dion? think again. you've never seen the pop icon like this. for july 20th, 2017 this is
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"entertainment tonight." o.j. simpson going to be a free man. thanks so much for joining us, everybody. well today was like 1995 all over again, when america was glued to their tv sets. of course back then they were watching the trial of the century. >> today it was the parole hearing of the century and michele is in lovelock, nevada, where the juice learned his fate. >> the hearing certainly lived up to its bill, michele. >> yeah. his last parole hearing lasted 15 minutes. this one an hour and a half as o.j. pled his case. it worked. he will be a free man in october. >> mr. simpson i do vote to grant parole. when eligible. that will conclude this hearing. >> thank you. >> reporter: o.j. fought back tears as a nevada parole board voted unanimously to grant him his freedom. he'll be released on october 1st, that's 73 days from today. simpson who is 70 years old was wearing jeans and a blue button down and in better shape than his last parole hearing in 2013. >>
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years making no excuses about anything. i am sorry that things turned out the way they did and i would never ever pull a weapon on anybody. >> simpson, who was acquitted of double murder in 1995, was convicted in an armed robbery case involving sports memorabilia in nevada in 2008. this morning, o.j.'s mood went from calm to contentious when asked about it. >> so you believe that the property was yours? >> it's been ruled legally by stthe ate of california it was my property. >> i don't think you want to upset the parole guy. >> reporter: "e.t." watched the parole hearing with kato kaelin who testified in the criminal trial. >> knowing what i heard before i thought he would be paroled so it's not a shock to me or a surprise to me at all. it's strange to hear his voice, really is. it's that distinctive o.j. voice. sort of chilling. >> reporter: simpson will serve th
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33-year sentence. >> i've done my time. i would like to get back to my family and friends. believe it or not, i have real friends. >> as for what's next with o.j., cato hopes he will stay away from the spotlight. >> let's face it i think my opinion is he got the biggest break of his life because i thought he was guilty in the murder trial and i think he -- getting out of this he has to go down to florida and be with his family and never seen from again although i don't think that's what's going to happen. >> we shall see. now we also have some sad news to report. "e.t." has learned linkin park front man, chester bennington, has died of an apparent suicide. ♪ i tried so hard ♪ got so far ♪ in the end it doesn't even matter ♪ >> reporter: he reportedly hanged himself at his l.a. home. ther fammy award winner battled with drug and alcohol addiction throughout his life and smoke about his
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>> my whole life i felt off. this is a bad neighborhood, you know what i mean and i should not go walking alone. >> we love you. > >reporter: chester performed at his good friend chris cornell's funeral last may. today would have been chris's 53rd birthday. chester was married and survived by six children. he was 41 years old. >> so tragic. now ben affleck and the latest with his lady love they are together in new york city and check out ben as he returns to the place where the sparks first began to fly. >> ben. >> ben was playful with the paparazzi as he and lindsay shookus walked into the offices of 30 rock. "snl" is where they first met. ben hosted the show five times and she was the producer. then 8:30 last nigenht b and lindsay checked out of the hotel where they spent the last two days together. the new york hotel is the same place ben and jennifer garner stayed back in 2005 when jen was pregnant with their first
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ben flew home to california and this morning lindsay was seen with her ex, kevin miller. only we have the photos of the am mick kabul exes taking a walk with their daughter before dropping them off at school. the two got coffee, lindsey seen laughing and the 37-year-old producer went for a run. when it came to answering questions about ben lindsay might be using the old talk on the phone to avoid talking to the paparazzi trick that most celebs use. >> do you want to dispel any of the rumors about you and ben and when you started? no? >> have a lovely day. >> learning fast. our first stop in san diego, and kevin frazier has news about kevin hart has overshadowed comic con. was he caught cheating on his wife, and the internet is exploding over this. kev? >> it has everyone here buzzing too. the comedian stands accused of cheating on his pregnant wife after he was caught on camera allegedly with another woman. i talked to kevin about the allegation.
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>> put on a happy shirt. >> this is the video which we were told was taken at 5:00 a.m. outside a miami beach hotel on july 3rd and it's fueling the alleged cheating story. but look closely, kevin is sitting in the passenger seat inside a parked white lexus sedan turned around talking to a female who is in the back seat. at some point, another woman wearing a halter top does emerge from the front passenger seat as kevin stands outside the car. radar on-line claims that they were, quote, hooking up after partying together. i talked to kevin and he said it's absolutely not true. i asked him why was he out at 5:00 a.m.? he said it's miami, and the club closes at 6:00. so i was actually going home early. >> i'm a good husband. >> kevin has been accused of cheating by his first wife, that claimed eniko was his mistress, kevin has been very open and honest about the situation and about his part in their split. >> with
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i messed up. >> yesterday, the day the car video was released, eniko posted a baby bump shot hashtagging it, happy six months, and quote, i feel great. >> i have a good woman that makes me happy. >> he seems genuinely in love. >> he does. >> kevin has been called the hardest working man in show business, but i don't know. i think it might be ryan seacrest, because he has signed on to host a new "american idol." i don't think he sleeps. >> but he is making money, that man. he spoke about going back to his old gig while working his other tv job with kelly ripa. >> i don't know if you have ever been in a 15-year relationship and then for a reason that you really don't now, you break up, and i thought, gosh. it would be great to get back together at some point. >> after three months of negotiations, seacrest is finally returning to the show that made him a star. >> this is "american idol." >> today, katy perry, the only confirmed "idol" e
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ryan seacrest is seasoned. all the ingredients are coming together on "american idol." have you auditioned? ryan had reportedly been earning $15 million a season for hosting idol 1.0. no official word on his paycheck this time around. >>e mov"american idol." it would be easier. >> speculation that ryan will be flying from l.a. after the live "i doll" show back to new york to sit next to kelly every monday morning. >> man, oh, man. but if anybody can do it, ryan seacrest can. auditions for the new "american idol" start august 17th. mark that down, everybody. they're doing a bus store this time stopping at different cities across the nation. we are heading back to san diego now for more with kevin frazier. things are getting wild, kev. >> nancy, this is the way you kick off comic con. with the cast from the "kingsman" sequel including halle berry doing shots, and the party didn't stop when they hit the red carpet. >> i'm a little drunk right now.
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>> why do i have this much and they have that much. >> halle just downed a pint of bourbon. that was crazy. that's initiation. >> she stayed vertical longer than we would have imagined. >> was that really bourbon? did you really bang down all that bourbon? >> i never drink and tell. >> she's chugging bourbon but joining the cast as the smart and sexy ginger ale in the new movie. but here on the red carpet she was rocking mismatched heels. >> i saw on instagram you had on two different shoes but about you have on the same. >> they're different. >> i couldn't make up my mind this morning and said i'm going to wear one of each. >> i joke with her. you look like you drank a green juice right off the beach sun like dewy like her skin, she's bifeautul it's in.
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>> cannot argue with that. now this is just a taste of some of the craziness down here at comic-con but making headlines will smith bald, here promoting his sci-fi thriller. for netflix. >> i'm assuming that doesn't end well. >> tomorrow, big day here at comic-con, we will catch up with justin throw, the back eyed peas, cast from "game of thrones" and our friends from sharknado. so much happening down here at comic-con. nancy, cameron, we'll see you tomorrow. >> look forward to it. thank you very much, kevin. up next here, meet the woman who stood by aaron carter's side through his dui arrest. >> welcome back bonnie and clyde. >> oh. >> what they told us about their wedding plans. plus, is this the real celion? >> view. >> the fashionista showing the diva in a whole new light. >>
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oh, come on. nancy, you remember those days. at that age. >> oh, my. >> that is nick carter holding his son and i've hung out with both of them together. nick said that was right after bath before bedtime. >> nick loving his life as a father and a husband and that's what his brother aaron aspires to but sadly this is the image we have now of aaron and his girlfriend. so who is the woman that aaron says is the one? well, jennifer peros found out. >> aaron and i are completely attached at the hip since we met. >>re whe y didou meet? >> we met on instagram. >> she's a professional
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do a shoot with me and i thhtoug she was beautiful so we facetimed for three days. >> and i'm like, oh, my god facetime. who facetimes without even knowing each other? this is so awkward and then that facetime turned into, like, eight-hour facetime. >> every day. >> every day for three days straight, and then i told him i was like you're one of the o.j. guys that have ever courted me. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> aaron and madison parker want you to forget the mugshot image you have of them. instead, think of them as the future mr. and mrs carter. aaron plans to pop the question. the two have even started looking for rings. >> you get to pick it out which is kind of nice. >> of course she does. ladies come first. >> do you know what you want. >> just put it this way. it's going to be bvss and it's going to be over seven karats. >> what kind of wedding do you guys have in mind? big? small? >> no, huge. >> huge. >> really? >> massive. i'm talking about like, i'm bougie. >> yeah, you are bougie. >> i'm bad and bougie. >> would you ever do a reality show? would you p
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and wedding on tv? >> absolutely. >> are there any plans for that? >> we've had a couple offers so far so but, we haven't. maybe we should call it, "welcome back bonnie and clyde"? >> oh, that's a good one, that's a good one. we've gotta do some kind of bonnie and clyde something. put our mugshots right next to each other. >> don't put mine. >> don't put mine either. it's so bad. >> god. i feel like they edited it to make me look worse. >> i think they did too! >> i have to say it's interesting they're just having fun with their mugshots. >> i know. we certainly wish them the best. >> of course we do. >> still ahead, celion's world of fashion. >> how she is taking her paris style tour to the next level while dancing, snacking and singing. ♪ p--lus ha micel phelps versus a shark. >> i had a 13-foot hammer head swim within 6 inches of my face. >> the olympic legend tells "e.t." what it was like racing a eat white. >> i'm fighting. closed captioning provided by --
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>> would you look at that? i mean, baby eissa smiling for the camera. absolutely adorable. >> cute. >> mom janet jackson took him to a high end gift shop, and said she didn't buy anything. but he was happy shopper, never cried, not one bit. from one fabulous woman to another, celion dion in paris rocking a checkered pants suit. but every day has been a fashion extravaganza. >> this is my favorite, and i don't know how she'll top what we're about to show you. it is a celion fashion dream. ♪ ♪ bring me the stuff bring me
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>> celine goes big in sky high wigs and flower headpieces in a new video from "vogue." ♪ she's crazy like a fool >> snacking on french fries, spinning on a pastry cart, boogying on a boat. ♪ and of course, the singing. ♪ >> dior, no. >> decked out in designers like dior,chanel, valentino and giambattista valli, celine's taking a bite out of couture fashion, literally. ♪ it's clear the 49-year-old is total having a moment, unafraid and unfiltered. earlier this mo snthhe stripped down, played in dirt and turned the streets of paris into her own personal catwalk rocking . this new video is a collaboration between "vogue" and instagram and was shot inside the paris ritz carlton and around the city. ♪ she's crazy like a fool >> she's been spending the summer in the city of
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performing on her european tour and this weekend she heads to germany where we can expect to see even more fierce fashions. ♪ >> just keep it coming, celine. we can't get enough. >> looking good. now nancy, you know how challenging it can be for an actor to land a role even for a golden globe winner like kevin bacon but we've got the inside track on his new movie, "story of girl" because his wife, kyra sedgwick is calling the shots in vancouver. >> very tough for her to keep her mouth shut when it comes to, you know, things she thinks could be done better. >> kevin means that as a compliment to his wife of 28 years. he has been pushing kyra to direct for a long time. she finally took his advice and then cast him in her debut project. >> action. >> are you see a different side to her? >> somebody came up to me after the first day and said, you know, we're so relieved because it has gone so well, and with a first time director you never knew. i said i knew. i just knew. >> i love the ways you do that.
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that's what i'm seeing anyway. kevin is amazing. he is a great collaborator. we have been working together in every way since we have been together, and i worked with him as an actor. i have never been his director, but i often, you know, i have notes. i just sometimes keep quiet about them. >> but making this a true family affair, kyra and kevin's 25-year-old daughter has a supporting role in the lifetime tv movie about a teenage girl whose life changes forever after a compromising video on social media. >> i lost my phone. i feel really bad. >> how cool is it having your daughter part of the film? >> she's here because she's the best person for the wart. -- for the part. that's why kyra cast her. >> it's the first time these three have worked together since 2005's "loverboy." that's sosie playing a younger version of mom. >> what do you feel like has been the secret of your staying power, especially being able to work together? >> we like each other, we respect each other. we're obviously deeply in love. >> how beautiful is it? that's what i
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>> if you have seen my can cam challenges on the show you've seen me do some pretty crazy things. well, i am just sorry that michael phelps beat me to the next one because he is racing a shark. how awesome is that? of course let's be honest, michael a haset bter shot at winning. >> this is going to be awesome. this has honestly been something i wanted to do my whole entire life. >> really? >> i have an infatuation with sharks. >> it's the ultimate man versus beast competition. >> there had to have been for a couple seconds going through your mind what am i doing, what did i sign up for. >> i had a 13 foot hammerhead swim within 6 inches of my face over top of me. >> we're all wondering why the 23-time olympic gold medalist is swimming with sharks. in south africa. >> that was the shark. >>ha micel will face his fiercest competitor yet, a great white, in a 100-meter race to kick off discovery's shark week. >> 53 degrees in the water. that was the biggest challenge i had to overcome.
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i was trying to get somehow focused to prepare myself for the shock i was going to go through when i jumped in 53 degree water. we wanted it to make sure it was safe and it was. we had divers underneath us. the shark and i were not side by side. >> phelps in the water swims around 6 miles per hour, and the sharks, close to 25. to help even the odds, he was fitted with a custom made fin. >> this will make me the fastest. just putting on this fin. it will make me the fastest. >> yeah. >> should have done this all alongp what the hell was i thinking? >> michael needs to be faster in the water. >> when racing a shark you will take all the help you can get. we'll see michael at the end of shark week in shark school with michael phelps learning all there is to know about sharks. >> and maybe he should have learned that before he raced
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travel consideration provided by -- taylor's baby brother austin has his eyes set on acting and tuesday night he guest stars on "still the king." >> when the show starts billy ray cyrus is a a washed up elvis impersonator and he tries to get a gig in austin's show.
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>> i promised my band we're playing here tonight no you promised them? what am i thinking. what am i thinking? you know what i was thinking? that's a bummer. you got to wait your turn like everybody else. >> all right. austin is on his way. look out for that young guy. >> congratulations. bye, everybody.
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