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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630 PM  CBS  July 30, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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air, there's enough wind to get the ball close to the green. feel like i've been swinging the clubs great all week. aggressive. that's my personality, the way i play and i was. enough to come out with a win. dottie: the presidents couple is on the horizon. how much does that play into you for the or rest of this season? >> obviously the presidents custom has been on my mind the and especially after winning here last year, putting myself in a good position to team.he it will be awesome. nick pricing is such a great guy. feelalways liked him and i like making that team would be my career. ecial in i feel i made a stem guard today so hopefully keep playing well and make the team. congratulations on a special weekend. >> thank you. amanda: you said i've been lot. a i have to be patient. do you
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>> i gave myself a chance. today. retty horribly left everything short. jhonattan played great today and the celled -- credit to him. amanda: with a really important hedule coming up, you have to feel good about your game moving forward. it's always touch when you don't close the deal after a lead but have some good momentum going. headsing into the pga championship and also does a lot standings. s couple what positives can you take from this week? process of going guard. obviously you want to finish these off. bittersweet but i'm happy with the way i splayed -- played. charley hoffman is de despondent at -- the moment. he knows he had a chance.
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moves up to 28th on the season standings. his third career time. . tonight on cbs, again, 60's "big brother," "ncis: los ," angeles." t's all tonight. one of the prettiest trophies in the sport is going to be in the jhonattan vegas yet again. that when he discovered the bunker shot from hoffman was and it's to go in vegas in toronto for the second straight year. to back. he mentioned nick price in that interview with dottie. captain of the international team. nick won here twice at glen and vegas has now done the very same thing in a
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when it comes to hitting prperfect drives,er. nobody does it better. he's also into oil painting. looking good. but when it comes to mortgages, he's less confident. fortunately for rickie, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so he can understand the details and be sure he's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently. jim: jhonattan vegas our winner here. action in the the final round. stages, the ninth home. under, first ve nine 30. the birdie at the ninth. then at 11,
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hoffman would both birdie that 11th hole. eyeing a birdie at the 1th. putted the nitely best today. jim: yes, he did. about arley chagrinned leaving so many opportunities short. 18 in regulation. ad to settle for a par, even though he came in here with a bedge wedge. the playoff, again, he high risk but big-reward play. with the jet stream if he got it in the air it would it bly have enough to get there, even though it grazed the top of that lip. didn't take much time with this. this was the soft touch that he in regulation. or a little tap-in birdie. that left hoffman with the
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to holet task of having a bunker shot to extend it. asn't to be. this was charley's attempt 6. t was a pretty good one too. ian: beautifully played. jim: how hard is it to defend ut here on the tour? ian: ridiculously hard. we've seen it three times with berger andas, daniel now jhonattan vegas. but it's hard to remember very the years. er ery difficult. jim: it has been a wonderful week here. open here innadian canada, celebrating its 150th anniversary. they have a champion they're very familiar with. indeed.ular one jhonattan vegas wins it for the se
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the all-new audi q5 is here. the greenside presentation is about to unfold. will honor , they jhonattan vegas as the champion canadian e r.b.c. open. good a very exciting stretch coming up. world golf championship bridgestone invitational next week. followed by the pga championship that. the wyndham championship at to sboro, the last chance get into the fedexcup playoffs and of course we'll have the orthern trust to get the playoffs started. now we're going from this event akron, the top 50 will be there. it's going to be quite a
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includes jordan spieth. ian: and so many of the top players in the world in really all form and they're competing against each other the next two weeks. hat's what i love. they reset at the wyndham. see who makes it through to the playoffs. an exciting time of the season. jim: as far as quail hollow goes n two weeks. there's going to be so much discussion about jordan spieth going for the career grand slam. we've covered so many events at came hollow. hat do you think it's going to take to win there? ian: i think a good driver of the ball. i think rory mcilroy. obviously jordan spieth in good form. fowler a good driver of the ball. has won there b. rory had his first win in the nited states here. it's going to be an exciting time. we'll be bringing it to you too. has a good track record there at quail hollow. y
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llow and by the way, congratulations to sergio and angela. they got married last night down texas. the masters champion. ian: another longhorn right there. jim: yeah. john than vegas, he'll be going back to augusta. the winner here at the r.b.c. canadian open. the kyrie crew. steve milton, lance barrow. long from aying so toronto and congratulations to jhonattan vegas.
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thanks for joining us. i'm debra alfarone. it's been exactly one year since water came rushing into ellicott city bringing death and destruction. three people lost their lives. janice parks said the area continues to rebuild brick by brick teaching us the true meaning of the word resilience. >> i remember everything from that night. it was basically burned in my brain. >> reporter: for kali harris the night of june 30th last year is as unforgettable as it is vivid. she shot this video from her third floor apartment watching helplessly as the water got higher and higher. >> all of a sudden i got a call from my friend saying my car was being swept away and i just ran downstairs and i remember seeing the water coming up faster than anything i've ever seen. >> the markings for the flood, they would come in and make sure the buildings were structurally sound. >> reporter: memories of that night still remain on main street both outside and
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her apartment. >> so my water was probably i would say came up to about here, maybe even a little bit higher. >> reporter: that's almost as tall as you. >> yeah. >> reporter: that's scary. >> yeah, definitely. >> reporter: is it hard to believe it's been a year? >> yes. it actually is incredibly hard to believe it's been a year. it felt like 10 if i'm being honest with you. >> reporter: here at this window watching the floodwaters, tell me about that. >> i just had popped this window open leaning out my window just to kind of see what was going on because i had my camera and started filming. so i knew temps going to be something life changing -- it was going to be something life changing for everyone involved. >> reporter: the month of businesses have reopened on main street, -- most of the businesses have reopened on main street, but much is left to be done. damage is estimated in the tens of millions of dollars. harris was displaced for four months. this weekend was
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reflect and remembering of the people lost in the disaster and how people became heros that night becoming a human chain to pull jamie knight from her car. this will always be home. >> i'm glad that it could bring us closer together with my neighbors and my family, you know, just have all the support of the people around me. so that was worth living through it. >> reporter: in old ellicott city janice parks, wusa9. >> recovering from the floods is still not done. 15million bucks is being put into more flood control and recovery projects according to howard county. >> reporter: the other story to come out from that night of floods was a story of heroism that played out right on this very street when the all time toy store owner jason barnes and a few neighbors formed a human chain in those floodwaters to pull a woman out of her car. these are the same water that took cars down -- waters that took cars down the st
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tried to get to that woman. from at night coming up at 11:00. in ellicott city stephanie ramirez, wusa9. >> you don't want to miss that. one person is dead tonight after a fire at a home in wood bridge, virginia. the fire started just after 6 a.m. today on walnut street. neighbors called 911. firefighters arrived and found the victim inside the home right near the front door. he was pronounced dead. they haven't released his name. investigators are still trying to determine what caused this. in the district one man is dead and another is injured after a double shooting in d.c.'s petworth neighborhood. this all happened just before 2:30 this morning near fifth street and kansas avenue northwest. officers found one man dead on a busy stretch of kansas right near sherman circle. another man was taken to the hospital, no word on his condition. police want to hear from anyone with info about the shooting. that was one of six shootings from saturday night into sunday morning
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caused d.c. police chief peter newsham to tweet very disheartened with the senseless shootings over night including a home -- overnight including a homicide on kansas avenue northwest. help us prevent more from happening. you have probably heard the game 6 degrees of separation from kevin bacon. there was just 1 degree in alexandria last night and we'll explain. >> a spectacular day today, sunshine, low humidity, but quickly we'll see the 90s
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a 1-year-old boy is dead after being left in a hot car in phoenix, arizona. the boy's father told police he pulled into a church parking lot and noticed his son was unresponsive. police say the child was left in that hot car elsewhere for at least two hours. police say the boy's parents are cooperating with investigators. so far no charges have been filed in the case. switching gears now after a taspeccu
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it's not easy to take the alexandria police by surprise, but that's exactly what actor kevin bacon did when he showed up at a police event this weekend. bacon who plays in a band with his brother jumped on stage with alexandria police chief
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fundraiser called karaoke with cops saturday. he always looks the same this. guy never ages. the event was hosted by the alexandria police foundation and which bacon founded based on the game 6 degrees of separation from kevin bacon. the group connects hollywood celebrities to people with causes through social networking. so i think he should come here. kevin bacon, let's have 1 degree of separation. come to wusa9. we'll be here at 11:00. we are inviting you. >> exactly. we'll dive into weather. we're a little short on time here. beautiful weather today, spectacular. the reason why is it's not humid and sunny. it's one of those crisp cool rare days you get in the summertime. it's going to be a nice evening out there, 83 degrees. humidity, look at this, 37%. this does not happen very often at the end of july. we've got 81 in culpeper and even 70s in
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look at this. this is what we're looking at. it's called water vapor. we're looking at how humid versus how dry the air is. this big blob of orange and red is dry air. it sticks around a couple more days, so long humidity hangs on a little bit longer, but we're quickly returning to the 90s. by the finish of the week we're talking about some storms that will be around. tomorrow suburbs will be waking up in the 50s to low 60s, 57 at 6:00 in d.c., lots of sunshine, lunchtime good day to eat outside, 83 degrees which was about our high temperature for today. then we'll warm to the upper 80s tomorrow. by the time we get towards tuesday we have got 90 degrees and we'll bring in some storm chances by the latter half of the workweek by thursday and friday. 88 tomorrow. enjoy the start to the week. it's not overly hot or humid outside this week, but it will just feel typical summer-like with storms returning for friday and also for saturday. frank?
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now wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> it is pretty incredible where the nationals are right now and we are not even to august. start of the day, 13 game lead in the nl east hosting colorado, first of a day night double dip in nats park. the debut of eric fetty on the mound for the nationals, the 24- year-old getting the call up for the day, not the day he wanted, but it was a day for ryan zimmerman, three run blast in the 3rd to tie the game 4-4. that's history, folks, zimmerman now the all time home run king in d.c. with 238 passing frank howard. he gets the curtain call right after he runs the bases, 13 seasons here in the nation's capital. the fans loving what the z man has done. there is the curtain call. as for the debut, it was not
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the day afedi wanted giving up three runs in the top half of the 4th. speaking of history in texas made at the expense of the orioles, adrian beltre joins the exclusive 3,000 hits club. i honestly had no idea he was approaching on 3,000 until today, but hey, congratulations. beltre is the 31st player to hit three grand leading the rangers 10-6 in arlington. usually on sunday it's game day in the fall, but in july it's training camp. we'll see how they do in richmond and also big time tennis here in d.c. starts with the main draw at the city open. that will be beginning tomorrow at rock creek park. in fact, i was out there earlier today with my family for kids day. if you're a tennis junky, you'll like it. if you're a casual fan, you'll like it. even if you aren't a big fan, you'll still like it because they've got lots to do and a lot
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just walk around. they got free things for you, want to try a new bar. >> free stuff is awesome. now you know what you need to do. we'll have sunshine, low humidity carrying through the first part of the week, storms by the end of it, but we can handle it. look at next sunday, 83, looks like today. >> today was just perfect. thank you so much for watching! we'll see you back here at 11:00 and you can get updates any time on our wusa9 app. we'll see you tonight. thanks for joining us
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vo: the saudi's, the uae, israel correctly saying, qatar has been funding terrorist organizations. nikki haley: tell qatar, quit funding hamas, quit doing these things in gaza. trump: the nation of qatar has historically been a funder
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