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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  July 31, 2017 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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tonight, angelina jolie accused of taunting orphans. new backlash. now she is firing back. what she just told us as "e.t." investigates the beauty scam ripping off tvs a biggest starts and their fans. >> we're not going to stop until we find them. >> who is selling phony face creams to get your mown? >> i have nothing to do with this. nothing. >> plus -- >> shut the door! shut the door! >> plus halle berry's real life kidnap scare, and the exclusive dishing on dad life. >> which sounds great. >> j. lo reveals her nickname for a-rod. >> then -- how channing tatum freaked out his fans. [ screams ] now for july 31, 2017, this "eis ntertainment tonight." >> angelina jolie upset and fighting back after her "vanit
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fair" tell all ignites backlash. >> in that article, she opened up about brad and the kids, but now angelina's being accused of mistreating impoverished children onset. she is getting attacked on line and being called cruel and monstrous for a money game she used to audition orphans for her latest movie. here's how a "vanity fair" reporter described it in a new cover story. quote, "the casting directors set up a game, rather disturbing in its realism. they put money on the table and asked the child to think of something she needed the money for, and then to snatch it away. after the story went viral, one critic tweeted it was a kind of "oprhan hunger games." angelina fired back telling "e.t." in a statement, it was false and upsetting that people misinterpreted her description, and, quote, every measure was taken to ensure the safety, comfort and well-being of the children on the film. she said, i am upset that a pretend exercise and improvisaton from a scene in the film was talked about as a real
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meanwhile, "vanity fair" stands by its story. it's reporter says she clearly describes what happened during the casting process as a game, and she points out there was a therapist on the set every day. jolie's film, "first they killed my father" was shot in cambodia, where she adopted her son, maddox. >> maddox has been working on this since the beginning. he's in the production. he helped me with the script and it's not just because he's my son. it's because this film is through the eyes of a child. and we have all had to open up a little bit more and be like children. >> look at this project later this year on netflix. >> you know what else to watch? j. lo and a-rod's love. >> they are not holding back. it's crazy. >> it's all over social media. how do they make their relationship work? here's what's going on behind the scenes. >> new york. >> old school new york. what you know about it? you don't know nothing. >> that smile, this loving head rub and lingering touch. yes. this is the look of a woman who
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is super into her #hotboyfriend and '80s music. >> a little '80s, too. look it. ♪ live it up ♪ >> in case you couldn't tell froms thiinstagram, j-rod is in love, and they are happy to flaunt their happiness all over social media. we found out her nickname for a-rod. it's bubby. >> in chicago. wheels up. bubby. >> after five months together, here's why it works between 48-year-old j. lo and 42-year-old a-rod. jennifer doesn't mind taking a backseat when it's his time to shine. she was a surprise guest, and she happily sat and watched as a-rod signed autographs. ♪ of course, the couple who sweats together stays together. both are super keeping their bodies in amazing shape, and they are the perfect snap of a blended family. have you seen how happy the kids w
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>> when you have kids, it becomes not about you. it becomes about them and what's going to make them happy. we just don't want to ever fail them. >> speaking of celebrity kids, check out michael jackson's daughter, paris. she shared this topless photo on a spiritual retreat, and she went on adventure with her hedfatr, mccully culkin and max. >> matching spoons on their arms, that's the ink in paris and macaulay got done in l.a. on saturday. sporting a clean cut look and that's the tattoo on his arm. paris has more than 50 all over her body. no explanation on what the spoon means to them, but they are said to represent a struggle with chronic illness. we know his godfather spends a lot of time with his god daughter, posting pedicures and just hanging out. next up, kevin hart is taking on the new york city marathon. >> running a full marathon in 2:25.
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after witnessing that type of greatness, it inspired me to get my own. >> he is talking about the kenyan marathoner, the hardcore actor made his announcement via instagram on saturday. >> i got little legs but a big heart. >> if he completes it, he'll join ryan reynolds, katie holmes, and shouldn't be too tough, right? >> 26 miles. you hear me? i'm about to eat it up. >> and finally, liam hemsworth and rebel wilson share a passionate lip lock. no, he is not leaving miley. lim kissing rebel on the set of their new m.ovie "isn't it romantic." the kiss in the rain. very romantic, except for that green screen. rebel who recently won a high profile defamation case in australia, said the only thing getting her through was knowing she would be onset with liam in new york getting serious face time. >> i'm just thinking about
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the stress. i've been thinking about pashing. >> no hugs and kisses in halle berry's new movie, but what you get is 95 minutes of nonstop scream after scream action as she lives through every parent's worst nightmare. here's the question. did the mama bear nearly have oherwn real-life scare? >> frankie! >> have you ever had that moment? >> yes. in a store. i was busy looking at a tag and nala was very little, and i looked around and she was not there. you have that moment where i was, like, shut the door! shut the door! i went right into, nobody's leaving until i find out where my daughter is, and it's just what happens. it's visceral. luckily she was, like, a foot away from me under the turnstile, but in that moment, she was gone. >> that real life scare is taken to the extreme in "kidnap" for sage correa, and there were play dates.
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i had a small squeeze trailer and i would go over there to see nala, and her trailer is big. there's a bedroom. >> don't be telling all my business. halle's other co-star is the minivan that helps her chase down her son's abductor. >> do you or would you drive a minivan? clearly, that's the best car. i have one. >> i do too. don't you love it? it has a vacuum cleaner. >> people don't understand. how great are minivans? >> it's the perfect family car. and i don't care what anybody says. i'm proud of it. >> yes! and in case you need proof, here's halle with her real minivan. i love a minivan. got to get you one. >> i don't have if we have to, but if i collect any more godbabies i need one for sure. maybe i should get one, and i would have room for these two. matthew mcconaughey. yeah, they can ride, for real.
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ladies, i know, and as good-looking as those faces are. >> wow. view from the back ain't bad, either. >> and that just got interest of rear of the year. it's a light-hearted recognition given annually in england. >> that morning when i got -- the announcement came out, i took a good look in the mirror, and i was like -- okay. fair enough. >> an english -- an international -- >> it's not international. it's england. i'm rear of the year in england. i have a shot. >> i will kill him. >> idris and matthew compete pretty fiercely in "the dark tower" as well. idris plays the gun slinger and matthew is the sorcerer. >> it's a bit of physical training. >> i didn't have to do the type of training he had to do. i could just go to sleep.
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these actors started at the 2014 golden globes. >> the golden globes. he shook hands, and i said, see you down the road. >> we washed our hands, but -- >> yeah. >> i'm glad you cleared that up. i was wondering by the way. he met his future co-star and won that year. matthew got a golden globe and then an a oscar. for "dallas buyers club." >> he did. is channing tatum becoming a delivery boy? >> thank you. >> why he is giving out booze to unsuspecting fans. [ screams ] plus stars in their 40s showing off their bikini esbodi. >> and an exclusive look at an
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our mariah carey exclusive. >> i don't usually show that. >> we're with
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there he is out for a walk yesterday. looking good. sharper than ever. >> absolutely. look at him there. he gained weight for his role in "war dogs" and he asked channing tatum how to slim down, and the advice, go to a trainer. eat less. >> keep it simple, everybody. just like that. exactly. >> we just sat down with mr. magic mike himself, and he has a new project he is doing. but "e.t." online had to ask about channing's side hustle with hard liquor that's really going viral. >> hi. >> hi. [ screams ] >> i love you were surprising people with your vodka. how much fun was that? >> it was actually pretty crazy.
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>> every woman's fantasy, open your front door and the delivery boy is channing tatum. >> this is yours. >> thank you. >> in this case, with a bottom of his brand of vodka, born and bred. >> i was never, like, a delivery boy, so you never know who is going to answer the door. >> you were never a delivery boy? >> i never was a delivery boy. my parents had a pizza place at one point, but i never delivered pizza. >> oh, my god, you're kidding. >> what's up, man? >> they are ordering booze at, like, 3:00 in the afternoon. either they are about to get wild, or they have been getting wild. >> vodka plays a role in channing and the new amazon series. "comrade detective." >> raise your fists. >> he was, like, you want something to drink? he was, like, i'm not drinking. then he goes, vodka then? he is, like, yes. >> it's a romanian detective show. channing and joseph step over the line in english. >> let me see them. >> one of the best things in this thing is when you are just
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bottle of vodka. not your vodka because it was in the '80s in romania. >> still ahead -- star bikini watch. gwen, heidi, kate. we're with the celebs making their 40s look like 20s. >>then ryan reynolds looking good at 40. his advice for new dads. and celebs fight back at an illegal beauty scam. >> we're coming for you. >> who is stealing their faces and fans' money? >> oh, really? i'm backing a skin cream? where's the check? closed captioning provided by:
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there is no dad bod for ryan reynolds who is all sorts of
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sexy on the cover of "men's health." although gotta confess, we do wish he was shirtless like he was in "the proposal." daughters james and ines have made the 40-year-old a family guy. but wife blake lively might not be too pleased when she hears she's not the person ryan would pick to take with him if he were stuck on a desert island. >> stanley tucci. stanley tucci is resourceful, funny and he can cook. >> the "deadpool" star is known for his sense of humor, and his hilarious tweets on fatherhood including, "my daughter's only 6 months old and already drawing. i'd hang it on frthe e idg but shon itly,abt's tesolu garbage." with that, it's no surprise we'd get a few laughs out of ryan's new q&a. first up, what's the weirdest request you got from a fan? >> weirdest? i mean i get lots of, will you officiate our wedding? i need to get ordained online then i can start saying yes to that one. >> what's the strangest rumor you've heard about yourself? >> i adopted a child from ghana once. yeah, which sounds great. >> and as fis
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>> sleep when you can. this too shall pass too quickly. >> yes. good advice. >> blake is opening up about what she has learned in their nearly five years of marriage. blake tells the magazine, quote, i have to learn to stop being defensive. no need to be in that outfit. gorgeous. in the red dress and boots. >> looking very good. we have a few stars showing off in a whole lot less in their 40s. let's start with gwen stefani's bikini bod. it has a lot eoof psaple ying, hollaback girl. ♪ >> lighting up the shores of her native o.c. ♪ gwen is clearly living her best life while also freezing time from her "no doubt" days more than 20 years ago. on sunday, gwen redefined what 47 and a bikini can look like. in newport beach, the mom of three paired a colorful
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top, with a vibrant flowery coverup, daisy dukes and a flannel. ♪ >> there was no blake shelton in sight. just those abs for days. recently gwen told us her boyfriend of two years is her "fit"stipiraon. >> bit'secause of him i worked out this morning. i wasn't going to work out, so --. >> that's awesome. >> he is my trainer. >> then there's heidi klum who 44at is every inch the ageless supermodel, who by the way, is llkiing it in the vacation game while rocking a floral bikini. >> i am very romantic and old fashioned, i guess. >> she's a simple girl really. just needs one yacht, an outdoor shower, and 31-year-old boyfriend vito schnabel paddling her down the italian coast. >> 41-year-old kate winslet gave a hint of an orange bikini with a coverup. the look was completed by the ultimate throwback arm accessory. "titanic" co-star leonardo dicaprio. they helped auction off a dinner with the duo for leo's charity. >> well, we have on
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impressive celeb body for you to check out. look at this, sofia vergara stripped down. does that get your attention? got mine. well, it's for "women's health" and we'reng goi behind-the-scenes of that photo shoot for you tomorrow. >> there is some freaking ad that's getting posted all over the internet which claims that you, a., are leaving "the view" to pursue your fashion for this b.s. skin care product. >> listen. joy is not leaving "the view." she is bun of the several stars who have been caught up in a scam which is ripping off stars and their fans to sell bogus face creams. "e.t." investigates how the stars are fighting back. >> it's not great to have fake news out there that i'm leaving the show, but there it was, and then it starts with the skin cream that they say i am behind. i would like a deal with skin cream. it's, like, oh, really? i'm backing a skin cream? where's the check? >> phony headlines grabbing
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skin care products. it's a scam so bold they even used photos of robin mcgraw to sell copy cat products. >> so far what we have found, there are at least eight websites that have used robin's name and image to promote multiple skin care products. >> what's your initial reaction? >> just complete -- just anger. i noticed now they put oprah's picture in thery sto. eva longoria. these these are women i highly respect, and i would never ask oprah to endorse a product of mine, and that's what it looks like in the story. >> it was annoying to me that someone would spend money on something i was not behind, and had nothing to do with, and they were being taken in by this. >> other victims include jo anna gaines, and her attorneys sent out 23 cease and desist letters
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bogus company addresses. making it almost impossible to stop the fake ads. >> there's a no cease and desist letter to this. it's like a note to santa claus in the north pole. you continue know if he'll get it. >> it's polly and my face and my face is not actually associated with all those false ads. >> "ncis" star says she didn't know she was a victim until she checked her twitter feed. >> the fake story that you are leaving "ncis". >> it was so extensive, and i have a skin care line with dr. oz, and that cbs, my network and "ncis," my show is all, like, mad at me because it was crazy. i'm, like, okay. this could affect my job and reputation. >> god bless him. i have never met dr. oz or spoken to him. >> this is what the website looks like. she says the true victims are her fans. these aren't regulated and
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in them, and that's a danger to consumers. >> what would you say to the scam artists out there who today are making a website and putting your picture on it or someone out there putting another celebrity's picture on it? what would you say to them? >> how dare you? you're a criminal and you deserve to be in jail. and we're coming for you. >> once again, if you are not shopping with an authorized retailer or one of the stars' official sites, then there's reason always to doubt the authenticity. >> if you're really looking flat, you know you can trust carol burnett. but coming up, why her return to tv comedy is a tough sell for netflix.
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travel consideration provided by -- tell me about yourself. >> i'm carol. burnett? >> i mean, doesn't everybody know carol burnett? i thought so. >> i'm going on the air right now. the iconic comedienne seems to be having a tough time selling herself to her netflix executive. >> it's part of a promo for her netflix comedy, and it features kids from 4 to 8 who gives celebs and everyday people some unfiltered advice. >> that will be great. we'll leave you with the advice carol got from that executive. good nigev
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>> don't you use your phone to make phone calls. use text. >> text? >> when you sit, slouch. you have an instagram? get one. >> so i have got the job? >> yes. >> thank you. >> stay woke. >> stay woke. i will.
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