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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 1, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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they said tomorrow morning at the earliest is when we will know for sure, who exactly was in that car. although, it seems very likely that those family members were indeed submerged in the creek behind us here. mike valerio, wusa9. it is just a heartbreaking story. that missing mom has family in virginia, but she actually lived near virginia beach. breaking right now at 5:00, an arrest in last week's double homicide that happened in lorden. we're just now learning that fairfax county police arrested this man. kelsey mccrimmen. he was charged with two counts of felony murder for last wednesday's killings that happened on dullcy grove drive. right now, police believe the victims were killed in a dispute over drugs. detectives
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investigation is still ongoing. killing his 15-month-old son, to collect life insurance money. he was convicted earlier this month in the 2012 death of his son prince. months before the little boy's death, rams took out a half million dollars policy on his son. do you see that face? prosecutors also believe rams is responsible for the death of his ex-girlfriend and his mother. so it's the first day of fall sports already, can you believe it? for fairfax county high schools. that's where athletics leaders are reporting a 40% drop in concussions over the past few years. so what are they doing right? a look at how concussions are being prevented and treated. >> reporter: it's tryouts for the south lakes football team. >> we've got30 kids out. more than we had last year, so i think we're headed in the right direction. >> reporter: the heightened interest, may be because the seahawks made it to the
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football interest is steady all over fairfax county, which has a rigorous concussion policy. it requires everyone involved in high school sports, including parents, and students, to receive training. seahawks coach trey taylor points to changes on and off the field. >> adopting a lot of rug by techniques that get the head out of the equation. >> the last few years we've seen significant declines. but concussions across multiple sports, football being one. >> football does receive the highest percentage of concussion, but it's also important to understand, we have more football players than we do in any other sport. we have more football players than in the nfl. baseline concussion testing serves as a data point that you use as a comparison at a later point in time. >> reporter: the baseline exam assesses balance, me
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skills, concentration, problem solving, and previous concussion symptoms. the cdc says children playing contact sports should be tested. it's best for kids 10 years old, and older. they should have the exam every year. the baseline exam should be given before the first practice. in fairfax county, peggy fox, wusa9. so a shoplifting suspect is dead tonight, shot to death by a police officer moonlighting as a security guard in baltimore county. the off duty officer was working at a giant supermarket in catonsville. investigators say the officer confronted the suspect, as the guy was getting into his vehicle, the situation escalated, then the officer got dragged more than 100 feet. the officer then reached for his gun and shot the suspect who died there at the scene. so far, we don't know any more details about the suspects or the officer. the white house pushed back again this afternoon against a washington post re
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statement about meeting with a russian lawyer. the story about the meeting from donald jr. changed several times, and ended with him releasing emails showing he was told a russian lawyer with connection to the russian government had dirt on hillary clinton and the russian government was behind it. >> the statement that don jr. issued is true. there's no inaccuracy in the statement. the president weighed in as any father would based on the limited information that he had. >> when you put out a misleading statement, it's going to be hard to convince people to stop looking into other things. >> multiple congressional committees, and special council robert mueller are digging into the meeting as part of their investigation into russian election meddling. last week, latest attempt to repeal obamacare died in the senate. but it could be president trump who sinks the
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act. the president is threatening to stop billions in government payments to insurance companies. the president is expected to make a decision any day now. if he does decide to stop payments, the insurance companies could have a solid case in court. we'll have to wait and see. expect to see a lot of your friends and neighbors, if you venture outside tonight. it's the annual national night out. a campaign aimed at building relationships between the police and you. d.c. police started their celebration about an hour ago in southwest. in prince george's county, police tweeted out this video from beltsville. they're asking people to join them for free food, and lots of fun. and fairfax county police shared this picture, asking everyone to come out and join them. it sounds like if you do venture out tonight, it's going to be sticky. >> a little on the sticky side. we have one storm essentially right over to
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your way towards baltimore. not much movement in these. most of you will not see anything tonight. we'll come back, and talk about how long the 90s will stick around, and we've changed the weekend forecast. coming up, an angry mom takes aim at her 5-year-old daughter's new school, accusing them of weight shaming. >> and the viral good deed from a police officer that is leading to an outpouring of good
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president trump says he has no intention to stop tweeting. he wrote only the fake news media, and trump enemies want me to stop using social media. 110million people. only way for me to get the truth out.
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retired general john kelly takes over as the president's new chief of staff. yesterday, before communications director anthony scaramucci was ousted, the president tweeted no white house chaos. several white house officials appear to have fallen for pranks put on a jokester based in the uk. >> in one case, the guy emailed anthony scaramucci, pretending to be reince priebus. scaramucci is out over 10 days on the job. the fake priebus writes, in no stage have you acted in a way that is even remotely classy, yet that is what you believe everyone should behave towards you. a man would apologize. it turned out eric trump was one of the smart ones. he did not fall for an email supposedly sent by his brother, donald jr. an angry mother has a message for th
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georgia. her daughter's weight is none of their business. >> it's a story getting a lot of attention on our wusa9 facebook page. katie dickens' 5-year-old daughter is getting ready to start kindergarten. dickens got a letter saying her daughter's weight did not fall within the recommended range. >> one of the biggest things that you hear about in the news today is body shaming. you're body shaming a child you've never met. don't need her to have a stigma already, and the fact that she's already nervous about starting school. it's like a whole new world. you know that. we've all been to kindergarten. >> dickens says her child is one of the skinniest, and is doing just fine. the school calculated the a- year-old's bmi from information from a form her mom filled out. officials are looking at procedures. on our wusa9 facebo
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anna writes schools already have a requirement that you must have a yearly doctor's visit for your child. if your doctor chooses to address the weight at that appointment, that's on him. that's his job, not the school's job. overstepping boundaries. >> joe writes, didn't know the board of education was policing military standards on kids to enroll, all while they cut funds for pe and other programs. you can tell us what you think anytime on our wusa9 facebook page. it's a hot one out there tonight, and we've got storms out there for tomorrow. topper shutt is back after the break to tell us what we can expect. >> and inmates, they weren't hungry. instead they used peanut butter to escape from behind bars. how they pulled off the great pb and j caper after the break. >> and next, the kind deed toward
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d.c. mayor muriel bowser and others are showing off the new city buses. the mayor say these buses were specifically picked for their emission reducing technology. one good deed leads to another. >> that's what the police department in laurel, maryland is finding out. a lot of people are calling in to offer donations after a viral facebook post has touched hearts all around the country. >> wusa9 scott broom is in laurel to tell us what this is all about. >> reporter: if you haven't seep the facebook post, i'm about to show it to you. this is all about a brand new rookie police officer here in laurel named bennett johns. he was caught on camera doing something really inspiring. he was sent to a local giant store to arrest a woman for shoplifting. it turned out she was trying to get diaper
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he decided to buy the diapers for her. there is officer bennett johns reaching for the $15 in the july 22 facebook post. by laurel police, that really touched a nerve. >> i think it was absolutely tomorrow, and an amazing thing he did. >> reporter: since then, johns has been kept policing and the department has been hit with an avalanche of donation offers. both to support the desperate mom and to reimburse officer johns. people inspired. that's where this place comes in. a trusted local nonprofit called the laurel advocacy and referral services known as lars. >> the timing couldn't be any better, quite honestly. >> reporter: the director could tell you all about diapers. >> we have people come in every day that we're open, asking for diaper. as soon as they come in, they're going right back out. >> reporter: there
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moms facing that dilemmay here in laurel. so laurel police are encouraging all the folks asking for donations to make those donations to lars, and do it in officer johns' name. that will help hundreds of moms here in a city with a real big heart. reporting live at the laurel police department, scott broom, wusa9. >> let's hope a lot of people continue to turn out. this is fantastic. if you want to donate, we've got links for you to help out on our website. >> these are good deeds that just snowball. one person does once, and it catches on. >> it's contagious. good stuff. so what are we looking at for this week? >> it's going to be hot. we have a couple of thunderstorms out there right now. we'll get to that in a second. but in my
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gross out ms. foster, look what i saw this morning. look carefully. big moth. that's like 6 inches long. >> that doesn't really gross me out. >> it grossed out my daughter. >> did you go outside and say it's an antherea polythemus. >> exactly. it's a really big silk worm. they come in different colors too. 3-degree guarantee. i think we're okay today. we went 91 for a high. and i think we're going to be all right, even though the clouds have come in a little bit, and temps are falling around the airport, because it's raining a bit. live look outside, down to 87. feels like it's 89 out there. winds out of the south at13. here is the radar. by and
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weather was across i-81. there were some warnings out there. in the last hour or so, pretty good thunderstorms have popped up, just on the east side, and 95. might have noticed it was raining for scott broom out there in laurel. that's one little storm. college park up to laurel. this is another little storm right over town. it's pretty heavy. not severe, but big time rains through georgetown, ohio drive, the pentagon, if you're trying to get home, it's going to slow you down a bit. howard university. almost stationary over the last little bit. this is falling a little bit. it was over 30,000 feet. now it's about 25,000 feet. so it's a pretty hefty little storm. here's the storm from maryland stadium, to cherry hill. this is drifting off to the north and the east. slow you down toward baltimore. this has pretty good rains too, around 193. and also the washington, masonic national memorial. j
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most of us won't see anything tonight. generally, just a big muggy. morning camp temps 68 to 82. hot and more humid tomorrow. a couple of afternoon storms. then hot the rest of the week. but cooler over the weekend, and we have some good news over the weekend, i think. saturday is now going to be dry. that's nice. but 92 tomorrow. 92 on thursday. 93 friday, 86 on saturday. and back in the mid-80s on sunday, and that's with sunshine. that's a pretty good first week of august. this is now june and july. so 2/3 of our meteorological summer. you take the max temps and average them, it's 15th hottest. 90-degree days. we've had 28. the 6th hottest when you average the minimum temps at night. we've had very low nights. you factor in these two, and end up with the 5th hottest, using the average temperature of the max, and also
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5:00tonight, a couple of sprinkles. by 10:00, we just have temperatures in the low 80s downtown. 70s in the burbs. 60s in gaithersburg. 68 in leesburg. a chance of a shower as early as lunchtime. a better chance about this time tomorrow. on the day planner, 70s to start. quickly 85 by 11:00. quickly, 88 with an afternoon storm by 1:00. thursday, afternoon storm. friday, afternoon storm. just isolated on friday. i'm a little more optimistic about some of your friday afternoon plans. saturday, look at this, from clouds to start. and nice. mid-80s. upper 80s on monday, and also tuesday. just an isolated storm early next week. this one might make you hungry, or you may just want to fly the coop. turns out it was peanut butter that helped 12 inmates escape in alabama. >> investigators say they used th
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numbers on an outside door, so a guard thought he was opening that door, leading to cells, but it was actually an exit to the outdoors. 11 of those escapees are back. the sheriff says he believes the final inmate, brady andrew killpatrick will be in custody by the end of the day. he was in jail on drug charges. another twist in the outer banks power outage debacle. business owners have filed a class action lawsuit against the construction company blamed for the outage. north carolina's governor says he believes they should pay up. 50,000 people were forced off the island when it went dark last week. a north carolina woman is in the hospital tonight after claiming she came into contact with a flash eating bacteria while visiting myrtle beach. >> yikes. we want to warn you, this picture of the aftermath is
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seen more than 50,000 times. the woman's daughter says her mom is in stable condition, but surgery may be bonita fedderman's option until the bacteria is completely cut away. the myrtle beach city government says they are aware of fedderman's claims on facebook, but they aren't able to confirm the incident, and they say the ocean water quality there is tested twice a week with excellent results. we're just three weeks away from the phenomenon being called the great american eclipse. august21, millions of people will witness this historic total eclipse. we made it pretty easy to find the information you need. the web address, we've got tips on taking great pictures. advice from neil degrass tyson, and we're going to talk about eclipse blindness too. that's a real thing. staring into the sun, not a good idea.
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in love, but he was in a scam. now he's out thousands of dollars. >> questions now for a d.c. family after they got their dog back from a doggy daycare, and it had rabies. >> facebook may have created robots to out-smart us. we'll tell you how they did it, up next. z2fwcz z16fz
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in today's consumer alert, netflix is reportedly billions of dollars in debt. "the l.a. times" reporting that the streaming company has racked up $20 billion in debt. the company has 100 million subscribers worldwide. netflix original content earned 91 emmy nominations this year. hbo says a script from their hit show game of thrones was stolen along with some episodes of the show ballers. the hackers claim there is more material to come. >> 1.5 terrabytes roughly to
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the length of about 500 films. >> c net says there is also a chance that a private, there's also a chance that a private hbo employee had their information stolen. this is the third time they've been hacked in the past few years. in the two other instances, game of thrones episodes were released early. creepy story here from the tech world. two robots created by facebook were shut down after they developed their own language. you see the company was experimenting with teaching two chat bots named alice and bob to talk with each other. somehow they developed their own computer language. none of the programmers could understand what the two were saying to each other, and the humans said enough, we think you're probably plotting against us, and they shut alice and bob down. a new study finds moms are the hardest working people, it says between jobs and parenting. working mothers log about 9800 ur
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that's probably on the low side. it adds up to more than 2 full time jobs. that's wusa9 news at 5:00. the news at 5:30 starts right now. a rabid dog is put down after leaving a doggy daycare facility in southeast d.c. the dog had all of his shots, and now reports the doctors owners have got questions. >> this is something that is very scary. my condolences to fred's family. >> reporter: a bulldog named fred was killed after going rabid, and biting his owner last month. >> very scary for his family, and now it's very scary for everyone else as well. >> reporter: fred stayed at dogma, a doggy daycare between july 14 through 17. the business said he had all of his paperwork at check in, including his rabies vaccine. >> he had no symptoms here. he didn't know symptoms until later, after
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>> reporter: the health department is working to figure out how the rabies was transmitted in the first place. but some believe it may be a manufacturing defect with the shot. >> there is some precautions that they need to take, just to make sure, and one of those is a quarantine. >> reporter: aside from keeping the pets separated, many of the dogs who may have come in contact with fred, also got booster shots. the bulldog family is also being checked out, but it's not clear how they're doing right now. >> they said as a measure of precaution, come and get a booster shot. so he's here getting a booster shot. >> reporter: while dogma's customers want to make sure something like this doesn't happen again, they say now is not the time to point a finger. >> mistakes happen. i think that human doctors leave sponges in people. things happen. it certainly wasn't anything intentional. >>


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