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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  August 8, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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bad. but you know, still sad to walk around and see people's houses and stuff that you've been around for a while, and now you know, their property is damaged. >> reporter: although we saw power lines down, the city says there were a few people without power. crews were here earlier from the national weather service disturbing the damage, where they were able to confirm the tornado. in the coming days, it's all about clean up, cleaning all of the debris and fixing up the property. now, again, people tell me that while all the fixing up, and cleaning up is going to be a headache, they're just lucky to be alive. michael quanderer, wusa9. still surveying an area in ocean city for possible more tornadoes. >> it was a very active day on delmarva. that tornado in salisbury was on the ground only about a mile and a half, and it
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about a hundred miles wide. we look at the enhanced fujita scale, this was changed and updated a few years ago. the ef-1 had winds estimated at 105 miles per hour, on the lower end of the fujita scale, the la plano tornado was an f4. they ended up reassessing the fujita scale. not sure where it would fit now. you would think it would be in the ef-5 range. today, much quieter, we're looking at the clouds which are slowly breaking. southern maryland, we have a lot more sun north and west. it's not operational yet, but when it goes online, for real, it's going to be spectacular. temps right now, near 80 degrees in town. owings, one of the warm spots
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at 84. dumfries is at 80. we have a beautiful afternoon now that we've cleared out. here's our michael and son camera. stepping outside this afternoon, enjoy it, not too much of a breeze and temperatures in the 70s. back with a look at the rest of your seven-day forecast in a few minutes. president trump has some strong words for north korea tonight. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury, like the world has never seen. >> the response comes after north korea crossed a major threshold in its efforts to develop nuclear weapons. our editorial partners at "the washington post" report the communist country has successfully produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead. the analysis from u.s.
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days after the latest test of a ballistic missile, which had the range to hit mainland america. the trump administration is banking on new u.n. sanctions to help resolve the situation. >> the north korean regime is going to have to make a choice. they're going to have to start making choices that they haven't had to choose before. >> president trump praised the sanctions on twitter this morning, but he has more work to convince the american people. only 35% of those surveyed in a new cbs poll say they're confident in the president's ability to handle the north korean situation. a prince george's county man is charged with attempting to provide material support for isis, and a federal murder. a grand jury handed down
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charges. he is allegedly planning to kill a worker in the name of isis. and there's another disturbing plot. isis is now posting personal information about u.s. military personnel in hopes supporters will carry out attacks against them. ordered to stop delivering babies, and order prenatal care in the next 90 days. the orlando came from the district's department on health. a spokesperson is declining to say exactly what prompted this suspension. other services at the hospital are unaffected by the move. they're stealing your money at gas pumps and atm's. janice park shows us how thieves are card skimming, keeping the financial crimes unit very busy. >> reporter: it's a crime that seems like it's everywhere. it's called card skimming, and it's
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fairfax county police on a weekly, if not daily basis. one of the latest victims was last week. it was a guy who simply went into the 7-eleven behind me to use the atm. alexandria is at the criminal heart, a fake card reader like what you see here. thanks to the nice folks at 7- eleven, they say this is the machine where the card skimming actually happened. employees tell me there was a camera set up here, also right here was a card reader, and this card reader was a fake one. this is also happening a the a lot of gas pumps -- at a lot of gas pumps. they show you inside of the gas pumps, there's cameras, and blue tooth technology. even in our morning immediating at wusa9, we had two coworkers were who the victims of card skimming out of 15. here's one of their stories. >> it's your personal information, and you wonder, can this trail
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the bank was texting me, did you just make a purchase here? did you make a purchase here? there's three different purchases for 30, 40, $50. the gas station seemed normal. >> reporter: what can you do to not be a victim? the police department says it's kind of hard to tell at first. but of course, shake the card reader as hard as you can, to see if it comes off. you can also look for glue residue. one other thing is be very vigilant, and look for cameras. but as we said, those cameras are very small, so they might be hard to see. >> i just don't want it to happen again. you know, enough is enough. >> reporter: we're in alexandria park, wusa9. >> police say it's best to use cash or credit cards when getting gas, because there's a greater chance of getting your money back with a credit card. an arrest tonight after police say a woman was upskirted at the columbia heights rest station last week. an anonymous tip led police to brandon williams of forestville. metro police believe there are several other victims. they were
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they were all wearing skirts. police say additional charges against williams are likely. prince george's county police are investigating at least one graphic threat made against a city council member at college park. they were supposed to vote tonight. action on the proposed charter change is likely to be delayed. this is coming according to the mayor patrick wozan. he says leaders have been hit with a flood of online insults, threats, and harassment. and they're going to delay this thing to decide whether to have it it put in front of voters in a referendum instead. police will be providing security at the meeting. we've gotten sad news out of nashville, where we've just learned glenn campbell has died. >> the man behind so many
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including rhinestone cowboy, during a career that spanned 6 decades. in 1968, he out-sold the beatles. campbell was 68 years old. details on a new project that starts tomorrow. >> plus the jogger you see right here is about to do something that could have killed a random woman. >> you're watching wusa9 at 5:00. we'll be right back after this.
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a man and a woman walk away from the wreck you're about to see, but take a watch. look at that. this is the surveillance camera in china. it captures the moment when a car flips over, trying to pass another vehicle. that driver claims she was not
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sensitive enough to feel the strength of the braking. the lesson here, don't drive without shoes. >> right. right. this next video, it just proves that some people are jerks. take a look at this jogger pushing a woman into oncoming traffic in london. a bus driver has to swerve at the last minute to avoid hitting the woman, and then stop for passengers. police are looking for anyone who might have witnessed this incident. we're still working to learn more about a construction worker injured in a pit. d.c. fire and ems brought this video. this is the crane lifting the man. the worker was hit by a piece of rebar. that's the steel rod used to reinforce concrete. welcome news for commuters in northern virginia. ellen i know you see this every day when you're in the morning on 395. >> even
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accident, there's delays there. so ground breaking, it begins tomorrow on the i395 express lane project. right now, they end near edsell road in alexandria. when the new project is done, the 395 express lanes will run all the way to the d.c. line, which is about an additional 8 miles. this project will also include improvements to the regular lanes on i-395, along with enhanced access to the pentagon. can't come soon enough. and just in time for the weekend, we're tracking some stms coming back into town. howard is back to hell us on what to expect, and when. >> it is among the least glamorous of vessels. but it was the boat that helped win the war. and now, she is coming home.
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coming out. [ laughing ] interpretive weather doing. guest host montel williams having a little fun it this morning. tomorrow, tune in for more montel. an unsung hero today. crews restored a d.c. landing craft inside what will soon be the national museum of the u.s. army. >> reporter: general gordon sullivan still remembers the day he brought a few surviving d.c. vets back out to sea. in one of the boats that was their bridge to the beach, they wept openly. >>
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reminder for them as what they did as young men for the country. >> reporter: the 36-foot landing craft is too big to install after the new national museum of the u.s. army is finished. so crews hoisted it carefully into place beforehand, and they're building the museum around it. >> it's very exciting to have it here. >> reporter: it is among the least glamorous of vessels. an 18-ton, squared off, flat bottomed, mass of of flywood, but it was also among the most important pieces of equipment in the war. it was the higgins boat you saw in saving private ryan. it helped land 160,000 troops at normandy on d day. >> they would jump over the side. they would do everything they could do
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because the shore was where they would go to work. >> reporter: it's been restored and curators were so worried about rain, they kept it under wraps. it could be another two years before we get a look at it. and a chance to remember the heros who bear it to war. >> our history by the men and women who dare today stand up and say look at us. >> reporter: wusa9. >> the army is the only branch of the service not to have its own national museum. but now it will. and it's slated to open late in 2019. tonight, president trump may have to rethink statements like this one. >> obama's talking about all of this with the global warming, and a lot of it's a hoax, it's a hoax. >> research
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show it's possible to -- especially greenhouse gases is a primary cause of recent climate change. scott pruitt is the head of the epa. he was forced to admit that climate change is not made up, but since then, pruitt has had his doubts about human involvement. >> i think that measuring with precision, human activity on the climate is something very challenging to do, and there's tremendous disagreement about the degree of impact. >> the report from the federal agency was leaked to the "new york times." the trump administration is now reviewing the draft report. and a flash flood watch is in effect after heavy rain swamped houston, texas, this morning. drivers made their way through high water before dawn. the city reported about two dozen water rescues by 6:30 a.m. overnight, thunderstorms dumped as much as 6 inches of rain on some parts of houston. so far, good news, there are no reports of any serious injury. >> and in a warming climate, we seuf
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warmer air holds more moisture. so we've seen an increase in these flooding rain events. i'm one of those who thinks, if we do enough, they're 7 billion of us, we'll have an impact. >> it's a lot of water. i know you were cringing when you saw people drive through it, because that is something you tell us not to do. but i suppose if it was happening pretty quickly, some of those folks may have gotten caught in it. >> it's been happening in a few spots. it only takes 1 or 2 feet of water to push your car. houston is a very flat area, but still not advisable. we have nothing like that going on. absolutely gorgeous tonight, tomorrow, and thursday. in fact, with the drier air moving in. look at the lows, west of i-95, in the 50s. it's going to be in the 40s again in the mountains. can you feel it's fall? not that
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august to get through. i don't think we're done with 90s, but not going to hit 100 this summer. just not in the cards. it's turned out nice, and tomorrow's going to be just a great summer day. 60s early. 70s in the morning. a low to mid-80s. i'm going 85 for the high, which is still a little below average, and winds not that much in the way of winds either. northwest, to southeast during the day. 5 to maybe 10 miles per hour. dew points are dropping. this is so much better than humidity. humidity can change with the temperature. this is just strictly looking at how much moisture is in the air. higher numbers, mean wetter, damper. the high dew points are still down south. dew points in the 40s in the mountains. the drier air is moving in, so it's going to feel so much better, if it doesn't already where you are. 81 currently. fredericksburg is 80. 81 in frederick. a beautiful evening in western varyland, the shenandoah
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fire up the grill, and enjoy the backyard. 79 right now. on the hour, national reported mostly cloudy. but we're seeing a lot more sunshine. the dew points in the 50s, and the relative humidity is at 50%. the front went through with all the weather yesterday, the rain. the eastern shore, 4 to 5 inches. still checking near ocean city. all the rains well south, and this monster high south of chicago. this is going to build in. we'll enjoy being on the right side of the planet right now as far as the weather is concerned. by friday, we're going to see an increase in the humidity, and a threat for showers and storms. a lot of threats for showers and storms on the yucatan. this is franklin. once it gets back in the southern gulf, now it has a
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chance to strengthen. i haven't seen this. keeps it below hurricane strength. looks like thursday morning, maybe 6, 7:00 there. hopefully not doing too much, but a lot of rain in the mountains. north and east of mexico city. sun sets at 8:11. a great summer day. low humidity. we've been fortunate with the temperatures and we'll stay that way. nice again thursday, 85. after starting one more time, 50s and 60s. scattered storms. 84. the weekend, some storms. more so sunday than saturday. highs in the mid-80s. drying out, and still staying comfortable early next week. a former google engineer claims he was fired for political reasons, after he wrote a memo saying women do not work well in high st
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jobs. >> james da -- damore, saying there are fewer women at google because of anxiety. we know more about why it happened tonight, and there are still more questions. >> and a dad is upset after his son was given this for lunch at summer camp. now he wants to know why. >> up next, a warning if you love moscow mules. the problem isn't with the drink. it's the cup that it comes in.
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a stock and consumer news in and out. the u.s. has a record number of open jobs in june, or had, rather. the job opens jumped to 2.6 million, it's the highest since 2000. there is one problem. the number of people being highered, which means companies with job openings are struggling to find qualified workers. there's a surprising danger for some popular mugs. the fda says the copper mugs that are used for cocktails like moscow mules can give people food poisoning. apparently, the copper can link into a drink. moscow mules essentially contli
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happen, if you want that drink, use a normal glass, or make sure the interior lining of the copper cup is another metal. hackers who hit hbo have posted a new batch of stolen files online. the content includes what appears to be scripts from five game of thrones episodes. uh-oh. including one that hasn't aired yet. the hackers are demanding that hbo pay a multi-000,-- a multimillion dollar ransom to keep them from leaking more. papa johns just made a gluten free
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but it could be exposed to gluten during the pizza making process. dominoes says the same thing about their gluten free options. tech giant apple, in the last couple of years they opened accounts on twitter and snapchat. david letterman is returning to tv. the former late show host will have a 6 episode series on netflix. it will be released next year. doesn't have a title yet, but each episode will be about an hour long. netflix says the show will have letterman interviewing notable figures. that's wusa9 news at 5:00. the news at 5:30 starts now. many parents send their kids to camp. one dad hasdone that for years, but today, he's pretty upset over the sandwich you're going to see. >> reporter: calvin rg
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he's been sending his kids to the camp for years. one day last week, he forgot to pack their lunch, and asked if his kids could eat at camp? >> they told me yeah, but no one wants to eat it, it's just disgusting. a hamburger bun with five or six individually sliced slices of cheese, and that's it. the only thing it comes with is a really small thing of of mayonnaise. i was appalled that this is what they offer to kids. >> reporter: turns out the meals aren't included in the camp's tuition. they're part of the free and reduced lunch program. according to a parks and rec spokesman, the menu comes from the federal level, and is determined by a federal nutritionist. >> i like the camp, i just was very, very disappointed at this lunch option


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