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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 9, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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partner broke police policy by not turn ongoing their body cameras. again, dc mayor, bowser is going to be here at 7:00. we expect to get more answers then. we have in depth reporting on this case. an effort led by -- we want to bring you the conversation she had of the parents of sterling. a raw emotional interview. the first since his death of september of last year. >> we spoke at the doorway and you said my priority is my wife and my daughter. >> right. >> [indiscernible] and being able to stay sane. because of what happened and the strain and the stress we were under as a family. we needed time. >> has some of that lift? >> some of that has lifted. not all of it. probably never be the same again and for the rest of our
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because apart of us is missing. [ crying ] >> i said i wasn't going to do this. but my son was a viable part of this family. he stayed in this house with us. i saw him everyday, morning and evening. we want to be able to move forward and move on, but we can't because we're stuck here wanting to know. what actually happened with him and what are the authorizes doing because we're not getting feedback as to what they're doing. i mean, there's been investigation, a grand jury, i mean, but we still don't have any answers to what happened with our son. we've been trying to be patient and asking god to give us patience and people are rallying around us and helping us to get through this situation, but your patience has a point to where they come to an end. and you want to know what's going on. >> she says this
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and we said yeah and said, he didn't make it. [ crying ] >> one of the hardest things i've ever did in my life was to sit down and have to plan a funeral for a son that was 31-year-old. we sat down as a family, had a dinner a week before my son died. having a good time, laughing and talking and talking about how things were going for us and what we're going to do -- as my daughter
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will be met with fire and fury if it threatens the u.s. within hours, north korea saidwa
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plans to launch an attack on guam. the u.s. territory, the small pacific island has two military -- some critic says the trump should tone count rhetoric and the state department says everyone in the trump administration is on the same page. >> what the president is doing is sending a strong message to north korea in language that jung un would understand. >> the recent escalation of threat comes after u.s. intelligence learned that north korea made a nuclear war head small enough to fit on top of a ballistic missile. the president -- shannon has been out talking to moms, dads and veterans. >> extremely concerned. i think we're on the verge of a nuclear war. >>reporter: prayers for peace and no one we could find who was fired up by the tough
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idiots and beating their chest. >> a new cbs news poll finds 3 quarters of us is uneasy about conflict. 35% of americans are confident of the president's ability to handle it. but that breaks down sharply along party lines. at the food trucks on fargat square -- >> we don't need or do we want a nuclear war. >> retired arm he'll corporate says he's alarmed. >> once you press that button, you have time to bury the dead. >> he served in korea. >> korea is not the place to fight another war. >> at turtle play ground in upper northwest -- >> i think it's a scary time. i have grand children. >> garcia is hoping her grand kids do not suffer through the fear she felt growing up. >> first you duck and then you'll cover. >> she was a young girl in miami during the cuban missile crisis. >> i can
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duck under my school desk and being very afraid at that time. >> another inexperienced president was in the white house then, about garcia says she had more confidence in jfk than in donald trump. bruce lashan, wusa9. >> there's no sign of the military build up that military experts say would be needed for a preemptive strike against north korea. we're learning the fbi raided the home of president trump's former campaign manager. agents showed up at the northern virginia resident of manafort in the early morning hours unannounced. they were armed with a search warrant. the washington post reports documents and other materials were seized in the july raid. manafort has been the subject of an ongoing investigation into his work in ukraine. he's part of speci
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robert mueller's -- manafort's lawyer says he's been cooperating with the investigation bringing over more than 400 pages of documents. more finger pointing over the failed attempt to replace obamacare. president trump took a shot at the senate majority leader mcconnel. the president said that mcconnel said i had -- i don't think so after hearing repeal and replace, why not done. mcconnel held a gathering in his home state of kentucky and the president's expectations is the reason the public believe congress has been unproductive. a republican senator is seemingly suggesting john mccain's brain tumor has something to do with him voting against the gop health care ron johnson told us -- >> i'm not going to speak to john mccain. you know, he has a brain tumor right now. that occurred at 1:30 in the morning. some may have
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>> you may remember, mccain returned to the senate for the critical health care vote. he dashed them by voting no. mccain's spokes woman says it's unfortunate johnson would question the judgment of a colleague and friend. senator mccain has been very open and clear about the reasons for his vote. 8 alleged drug dealers charged with murder after they were linked to 8 overdose deaths in maryland. larry hogan hopes the cases will show as a model to prosecutors stayed wide. there were over 500 overdose related cases in the state. that's nearly 150 more than the same period last year. st. mary's sheriff's says he never thought heroin would be threat to his quiet rural county. switching gears. it's going to be another night where you can turn off the ac. meteorologist howard bernstein on the weather terrace. i like that. >> low humidity levels and beaut
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maybe you're eating outside. low 80s. back in the 50s and 60s, but i'm tracking moisture and rain chances increasing as we head toward the weekend and also tracking newly upgraded hurricane franklin. it's coming up in a few minutes. coming up, everybody seems to be talking about the new name of the verizon center. that's the old name. we're going to see -- up next, the path of
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the fight over the president's proposed border wall -- 2,000 acres of santa ana wild life acres is maintained by the federal government and home to endangered species. dense brush makes it harder for smugglers to hide. the plans are not yet set in stone. we're in the primarily stations of conducting all the test and environmental assessments. all that, you know, may possibly change the final product. now we're told a rally will be held at the wild life refuge to protect construction in the area. caught on camera, a close call for a father and son when
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robbers walked into their arlington texas cell phone store. surveillance video shows two of them fight back when the suspect jumps over the counter. thinking the guns were fake, the owners don't back off. they chase the suspects out of the store dropping the weapon and police say it was a real gun and fully loaded. of course -- the father and son say they feel lucky but they add they would do the same thing if that happened again. coming up, reaction to the new name for dc verizon center. >> up next, the latest on the charges of the death of a 3-year-old boy
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choose your ride giveaway for a chance at your share of $350,000 in prizes and freeplay®. this is monumental. new information on the death of a young boy found in the back of daycare van. orlando's police chief says the driver of that van will face criminal charges. investigators say 3-year-old myles hill spent all day in the van outside the little miracles academy before police found his body. they believe he died from the heat. myles was supposed to be dropped off at another daycare but he was taken-
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month, the little miracles academy was cited for not complying with a state rule maintaining -- where they were supposed to be transports and what time they deported. >> this breaks your heart. a neighborhood fight to go keep their streets quiet. the battle has been heating up but it's about to come to a head. the happy nest childcare center has ten kids in its care. its owner pryor says it's a service to the neighborhood, but neighbors say it will make too much noise and pose a safety threat to area seniors. they posted lawn signs and -- >> i think almost everybody in this neighborhood is angry and very much against it. >> it's not really fair to the neighborhood to have to cope with that. >> montgomery county held a meeting last week which had to be discontinued to give everyone a chance to speak.
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up 895, a 92-year-old world war ii veteran murdered in his home has become the -- baltimore had a record setting number of homicides so far this year. and today, the city's mayor announced a new offensive. mola langie reports. >>reporter: she's trying to stop the violence in her city. she's revamping the way the city gathers crime data. >> everything we do, every single day is around making this city safe. >> her crack down follows the recent murder of a world war ii veteran that outraged the city. tate was beaten to death in his pajamas during a burglary on july 21st. he was 97-year-old. >> tragic stories like that only serve -- sharpen the focus we need to have to come together and work on solutions. >> residents says tho
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enough. >> this has been the worse years of my 63 in this city. i have never seen this in the days of my life. >> the number of homicides in baltimore passed the 200 mark making this a record setting year for violence on the city street. police say solving the problem will require everyone's help. >> we're at a community epidemic where we need to bond together. >> erica bridgeford led a 24 hour push for liberty. >> we have to figure out a way to be more connected when we hear about somebody getting killed. >> activist are planning 365 baltimore, a year round antiviolence campaign. mola -- >> the mayor's violence production plan is providing free tuition -- here's an excuse for road rage. a man arrested after being caught on camera waiving his gun
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so in self-defense. the texas man claimed he thought the cell phone being used to take the video was a weapon. the man who shot the video says the man tapped his brakes as if annoyed she was following too closely. she took out her cell phone and when she slowed down, that's when he rolled down the window and flashed the gun. >> everyday i wonder, why he did it. you know, what did i do to where he felt like he needed to pull a gun out and point it at me. >> the man works as a security guard. he'll lose his license over the incident. >> wow. switching gears. weather. i mean, it is -- >> stew penned us. >> another amazing day and less amazing today than today. >> amazing, light. >> exactly. >> by friday, the humidity comes back and we'll have storm concerns headed toward the wee.
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what could be oppressive weather. here's a look at the day planner. 50s in the suburbs. 81 by noon. sunshine, gives away to a few hh clouds in the afternoon with 82. i'm forecasting a high temperature 85 at national airport. today, we got to 86. right now, 82. upper 70s on the shenandoah val. 85 across the bay in cambridge. that's the warm spot but it's a pretty evening in washington with winds fairly comfortable. southeast at 8. humidity is down and temperatures of 82. i hope you can get outside and enjoy the evening, take a walk. whatever you can. dryer air in place tomorrow. there's a good deal of sunshine. comfortable humidity levels. that dry air starts to pull away as we head toward friday morning as the clouds thicken up. we're going to see showers into the mountains here in the morning. looks like the best chance of showers friday are storms will be west of us. notice the future c
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i-81 and west, we may see a few showers by friday night. as we head toward dark, the concern is saturday morning i have seen -- bringing the showers in friday afternoon. we're watching this. could be a slug of heavier rain for saturday before it drys saturday afternoon. that would keep temperatures cooler than what i'm about to show you. as far as the tropics, franklin became a hurricane of the went to 75 miles-an-hour. this is impressing looking. north of vera cruz -- 57 to 67 tonight. open the windows and enjoy. 60s and 70s tomorrow. in the afternoon, another nice one. low to mid 80s. a couple of more clouds. friday, scattered showers west of town. saturday, mainly a.m. storms and we may be upgrading saturday to a yellow weather alert. we seeda
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just one more thing. >> two passionate moms talk in a meeting -- both have lost daughters in truck underride crashes. crashes the moms say didn't need to happen if only there were stronger laws. who on the hill will listen? see what it takes to meet with lawmakers.
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the dc police officer who killed an unarmed motorist last year will not face charges. sterling was killed back in september, shot after his motorcycle collided with a police cruiser. the officer's name is trainer. dc mayor bowser has called for trainer's resignation and be here at wusa9 joining to talk off script. from the verizon center to the capital 1 arena. the home of the washington wizards and caps got a new name. wusa michael quanwe spoke to people to see how they feel about it. >>reporter: people have mixed opinions about the name change, they say from verizon to mci to now capital 1. the name is sentimental. >> coming and going to the gorge town basketball games during, i think it was the offseasoey
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>> it's not a big deal to me. it was the mci when i first came when it was a hole in the game and now it was verizon. >> i meant' is not corporate to me. i don't care. >> capital 1 bought the naming rights and it goes into effect right away dispute verizon's name being posted. they hope to have the signage and materials switched over to capital 1 by the fall. i asked you on my twitter page, what name you like best. a lot of you said verizon, but many of you said you don't care. reporting in downtown dc, i'm michael quander, wusa9. >> are we under the, i don't care. >> i just want the w's. >> i don't care. >> cbs is next.
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