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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 10, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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and thanks for joining us and responded to president donald trump's for threatening to
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paul explains, james mattis is responding to the military said it will be ready by mid-august, simultaneously and four mrs. flying over japan to land in the waters off the u.s. territory of guam. the plan is a pink skin's approval in the governor estimates chances of a strike at 1,000,001 and and officials said there is a plan in place just in case. >> made for my family to come out to defend this trip the military so the planets in response to president trump promised fire in fury administration if nation if it threatens america. the general in charge of the missile said some dialogue
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not possible and that only absolute force can work on him. promised and the words were his own but administration officials admitted that everyone is on the same page. >> speaking with one voice choked james mattis mattis issued wednesday, sang further action from the end of the regime and destruction of, cbs news in the past. and is one of the closest asian allies that responded to this threat outside any attack would threaten his own existence and would shoot down missiles flying over japanese airspace competing tensions as you can imagine have folks talking online chairman does north korea was filled with and not attack them? start this -- phot
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do so the president will become mf as president was to renovate and modernize the nuclear arsenal and it is no fire stronger in my defense i never will never have to use this power but they will never be not the most powerful nation in the world much of the improvements began under the obama administration in 2011 and cbs news reports the defense department and energy department spent billions on refurbishing the arsenal to bring weapons up to modern ability administration ordered the strategy and the presidency, presidency, but that's different from modernization and bringing systems to usable standards and credit lives with
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barack obama and us, and extract of trying to figure out group of rest the mets became physically reported severe hearing loss and this incident, such as to weather the incident caused by a possible type of acoustic device in or the home that embassy workers were and provided by the cuban government. they said in may, two cuban diplomats were expelled. new at noon, the family of a child sexually assaulted by a former montgomery county school teacher is going to announce a lawsuit against the district. was of sexually abusing children and was sentenced to four years in prison. details of the lawsuit will be outlined in a news a news conference later this afternoon. now, wusa9's first alert weather willth
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accurate forecast. sunshine into the lunch hour and there isn't going into into the and and guess what, not a perfect for that with return of chavez and thunderstorms. so i'm not today, but the forecast continues to be spectacular for this time of year is and why things so nice is because of the dewpoint of humidity is outside temperatures are in the 70s and low 80s and committed is sitting through 60 degrees and it is fairly comfortable and this weekend, is a miserable range and humid for the weekend and with this attitude will come thunderstorms with high- pressure meaning outside a minimum and maybe and later but
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it's next friend will bring an uptick in storm chances folder. let's talk about when it starts to arrive this afternoon, for the best, scattered storms and will be clear to the afternoon and evening today. into your father, drier on friday morning and noticed that friday afternoon, start to see some increasing clouds and track that for the weekend for the weekend so this afternoon, sunny and in the 80s with the futurecast tubing into your saturday afternoon and talk about what kind and which may be more dry with sun chance with clouds. conducted and forecast on the wusa9 app. was one of the hardest things i ever did in my life. planned attended a funeral for a son
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killed. what will happen? >> can sue the fathers and sat down with the family of terence's doing, and unarmed black man shot and killed last year and now know the officer that murdered him, brian trainer, will not face criminal charges point with attorney some of the charges and the mayor, mayor bowser, is asking for his registration. -- resignation >> terrence sterling was recklessly driving his motorcycle, the claims, in the way i was of the morning, taking place on a high-speed chase when he refused to pull over. he allegedly ran his motorcycle into cop cruisers and officer traynor then opened fire, killing sterling. we are learning about new evidence that may have played
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factor in the u.s. attorney's decision to let officer trainor off. sterling's toxicology report of the blood alcohol content twice the legal limit at the time of his death and he tested positive for pcp, and despite this new information, mayor bowser spoke with bruce johnson, telling us that she still believes d.c. police should be held accountable for his death. officer trainor failed to turn on his body camera until minutes after the shooting. >> he was having a good time laughing and talking and talking about how things were going for us. my daughter and my son, in their future lives, they were talking about laughing and rallying around each other to have a good time. the next week he was gone and we still don't have any answers as to what really happened with him. >> the u.s. attorney made the decision not to press charges against officer trainor on the third anniversy
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brown's death, another unarmed black man shot and killed by police officers. this happened in ferguson, missouri but the two cases are miles apart. hilary lane has more. >> reporter: the answer was they really don't know. it would be a personal decision for officer trainer to step down and then the d.c. police can make a decision after the disciplinary review is finished. let's look at the similar high profile cases across the country. three used for the day yesterday crowds rioted in ferguson, missouri after an unarmed black teenager, michael brown, was shot and killed by officer darren wilson. will's and was not criminally charged but did resign from the ferguson police department and in minnesota, jeronimo yanez was acquitted of murder after a shot and killed philando castile in 2016 at a routine traffic stop and who received a $40,000 payout as part of the severance package. according to this tracker, 2017, 605 people have been shot and killed by oer
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country including 132 people who are black. back to the terrence sterling case, no word onweather officer trainor will resign. hilary lane, wusa9. >> we are staying on top of every angle of the story with breaking information on air and on our wusa9 mobile app. download it and get updates on our website as well at higher-ups at walmart all apologizing for display at a store. this one is striking a sour note with parents as kids get ready for the new school year. these trucks are like a guillotine on the road. >> can you imagine dying in a crash like this? it's called an under ride accident. a car slides under a truck and experts said there are ways to prevent this, but cong
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in today's health alert, what you eat before and after a cancer diagnosis matters. the local caterer learned that after she battled breast cancer and now she is improving the health of clients with every meal she makes. here's andrea roane. >> reporter: she is making a crabmeat omelette. >> with spinach, very healthy. >> reporter: elaine robinson has been cooking since she was a teenager but her passion that became her profession, was in 2005. >> instead of cooking for family all the time, why not do this as a business?
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that's what i started doing in 2005 and here i am, catering. >> reporter: then, the recipes were not as healthy as they could be. this breast cancer survivor had a change of menu and a change of heart after she was diagnosed in 2016. >> i had to change my eating habits so i could feel better and look better and do better for myself. >> reporter: with 19 months of radiation, surgery and more radiation and chemotherapy behind her, she is a mission to get everyone else to follow her lead. healthy food is good medicine. >> people need to know that you can't eat what you want or do what you want and expect to live long. you have to be healthy and do healthy things and think of health and wellness when you think about yourself. >> reporter: speaking about herself, she is reworking the menu to include lean meats and fish, fruits and vegetables and fiber rich options. she cut out salt, cut down on fried food and cut back on sugar. >> when they asked me to cook food, i cook fo
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don't know they're getting the best of it. >> reporter: she is following social media for healthy eating with instagram post and she caught the attention of a local doctor. he is the ceo of an integrated medicine company in maryland and was so impressed he hired her to be his food manager and a chronic care assistant. she will work with dietitians to treat patients with food as medicine. >> a person may want to eat healthy but the problem is, they don't like the way healthy food tastes. left back you may not like the way healthy food tastes and then you have problems for where to go and how to put it together. elaine brings that for us. >> it's a humbling and powerful feeling that people are actually watching what i'm doing, how i am doing on the want to be a part of it. >> healthy and delicious. looks good. >> tastes good, too. walmart is apologizing
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indiana where there was a problem that a back-to-school ad was at was placed on top of a gun display and it was retreated 16,000 times. walmart was quick to reply and we will show you what the tweet looked like. you can see the display with the ad on it. on the school year like a hero. the guy who posted it asked walmart to explain and they were applied within 20 minutes, saying that absolutely, we agree this is horrible and we have since removed the sign from display. as you can imagine, some said the damage was already done. this says, i'm sure if you lost a child or relative because of a shooting, this wouldn't be funny and michelle said it wasn't okay because of sandy hook, columbine and all the other school shootings. this isn't the first pr problem for walmart. they had a coca-cola box
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resembled the twin towers and in 2014, people were outraged after that was a quote-unquote fat girl costume on the website. we've all seen this before. the passenger relaxing with their feet up on the dashboard. it might be comfortable for some but annoying for others and possibly gross, if you ask me. more importantly, it is dangerous. the fire department in chattanooga, tennessee, posted a warning to remind you that putting your feet up on the dashboard is actually putting it on top of an airbag that could deploy between 100 and 200 miles per hour and that could send your knees through your eyesockets. now, wusa9 first alert weather rated d.c.'s most accurate forecast. i'm glad they put out that safety precaution. my teenage daughter does it and my husband sometimes does it. i say, get your feet down.
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excuse from now on. >> you might want to do something like this today because you might want to kick back and relax with the weather today. [laughter] >> yes, looking nice. most of the weekend is not as perfect as today is but it won't be a washout and we will talk about that, coming up. 83 degrees with the humidity not bad because of the magic dew point below 60. it should be a pretty nice evening for us. the redskins at the ravens at m&t bank stadium what the 7:30 kickoff and we should be in the 70s and low 80s if you are doing tailgating and then temperatures slowly falling to the 70s with no rain. this is the next system, the next cold front, that will increase rain chances end bring back the muggies to the forecast. it will turn a lot more humid and there is new data over the
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morning where we are trying to figure out which weekend day will be the wetter of the two. i think saturday will be the wetter of the two weekend days but both saturday and sunday have chances of storms and you can see friday, saturday, sunday and monday, storm chances are isolated and today will remain dry for the remainder of the afternoon. on futurecast, your weekend may start early for some of you. by lunchtime, on friday, you will see isolated showers with storm chances picking up especially west of town by midafternoon. we could see a shower or storm just about anywhere and storms that pop up friday evening and on saturday have a threat for locally heavy rainfall. i'm not looking at a severe weather threat but any storm that pops up could put down tropical like downpours and could pick up over one inch of rain. by 8:00 on friday night, we will have showers and storms
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and not a completely safe forecast for the nats game tomorrow or saturday, either. saturday morning, isolated showers throughout the morning and into the lunch hour and we will see more of the same. it's not completely wet or dry this weekend, but a week and where you keep outdoor plants flexible with the timing. you may have locally heavy downpours and that is what the models are kind of predicting. saturday, one or two inches of rain and other places what the much of anything. keep your umbrella in the backseat and keep your wusa app on hand because it will send weather alerts when strong storms are heading in your direction or significant weather moving in. 85 on saturday was scattered showers and storms and sunday, it is hit or miss. less people will see those with a 40%
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afternoon versus sunday with 60% coverage of the storm. today, dry with increasing clouds and humidity in check. tomorrow, added humidity with storm chances and scattered showers and storms saturday and sunday and monday, with cooler and drier air coming th (vo) there's a freedom about asheville. an unspoken invitation to discover who you really are. here, the world is a big, beautiful place filled with adventure. take it in. visit lonely planet's best destination for 2017. and let the magic find you. asheville. discovery inside and out.
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z2e2bz z1a2z y2e2by y1a2y of virginia couple had been arrested because one was going to miss jury duty. there was no warrant for the rest that word
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the men who worked with at risk youth had been scammed and penny and mike whitehurst then stepped in. >> penny and i would like to present you with assistance to help you and your family carry on your day to day activities. >> thank you per expect god bless you. my family thanks you. >> what a blessing that was. the couple was so kind, that they honor the family with the community action certificate and a gift card. it looks like a good
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from fields and factories they came looking for opportunity. they worked hard. we helped them work harder. they are the students of strayer university. for 125 years, we've supported as they've rewritten the future. and to all who seek their true potential, as they've rewritten the we say, let's get it, america. fantastic weather today with storms
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the weekend. it is that we can, nonetheless and you can complain. that will do it for us here at noon. the next newscast is
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>> victor: so, when is this set to go live? >> abby: midnight. >> victor: tonight? >> abby: mm-hmm. >> victor: really? i'll be damned. >> abby: yeah. and, dad, it's not just a simple matchmaking platform. this is a think-outside-of-the-box game changer. >> victor: what i think would be a good idea for thinking out of the box would be to create an app that allows you to move on from people that you're done with. >> chelsea: so... will i see you later? >> nick: yeah, after my meeting. what? >> chelsea: the meeting. does it have something to do with victor? >> nick: [ chuckles ] are you reading the tone of my voice now? >> chelsea: no.


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