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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  August 11, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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there's work to be done. it's not going to be easy but there's grit inside of you. and if you need extra motivation the grad fund at strayer university can help push you forward. because up to your last year of classes could be on us. that's right. on us. today is the day. strayer university. let's get it, america. local activists say there is a culture of violence among a unit within d.c.'s police department. they're demanding at least a dozen officers be disciplined. bruce leshan
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explain. >> reporter: hey, larry. it is the second time in a week activists say they have uncovered patches, banners, imagery they say betrays a culture of violence and racism in the metropolitan police department. last week it was a t-shirt that used a symbol that is used by white nationalists, worn by metropolitan police department officer in superior court that the activist took the picture of. now they've got a dozen complaints going into the office of complaints here today talking about another image that they're alarmed by. this is the image here. it is for the narcotics and special investigations division. i don't know how well you can see it, but it is a skull and cross bones. right in the middle of the skull is a gun shot hole. there are two guns here, handcuffs. down here it says best
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in the chamber. activists say this revels in the kind of violence that the police officers should not be reveling in. take a look also at the image of this t-shirt that was out last week. in the t-shirt that was worn by the police officer in court and that the chief called disgraceful. the officer ended up being suspended. there are the words power shift. inside the o in the words power shift, there is a cross. you probably can't see it well. but it is an archaic cross used often these days by white nationalists. that is what has -- one of the things that has the activists so alarmed. >> how can residents of the district of columbia which is an extremely diverse area feel safe knowing there are units that use racist imagery, that there are multiple units that are now celebrating
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of death, and what is going on? how is it possible people can feel any safety in a diverse city like district of columbia when we know we have police officers with these views? >> reporter: the officer who was wearing that t-shirt that potentially had the white nationalist symbolism, he has been suspended at this point. we are still waiting for reaction from the police department and from the police union on this latest image. the mayor's office says she feels this way just as she did last week in talking about the sterling case. the relationship between our officers and communities they serve is built on trust. that trust exists when we hold everyone accountable. we'll have more coming up. at metropolitan police department headquarters, bruce leshan, wusa
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alert day. here is wusa9 first alert weather. >> we have been talking about this a couple days, rise in thunderstorm chances for the weekend. i have now issued a yellow weather alert for this afternoon and evening in addition to the yellow weather alert we already had for saturday. here is why. we are going to see several waves of showers and storms. each wave can be interrupting evening plans, heading to nats park, evening commute. they will all contain locally heavier rainfall. we can see stronger wind gusts. these are more typical summer like thunderstorms, but it will be enough, and coming at that time where it will impact your plans. i have looped this in the last hour. we have a couple showers beginning to form. most of the activity is not on radar yet. it's going to be evolving over the afternoon. here is how it does so. we go through 12:30, 1:00, 2:00, we have one wave of showers
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metro mid afternoon. the rest of the evening, additional storms pop up in this high resolution model pinpointing heavy rainfall at 8:00, and that will be closing in on d.c., nats park into the later evening hours. these storms will contain locally heavy rainfall. that's why we've got this yellow weather alert. for nats park, it might be a struggle to get in the game without delays. i think there will be some delay during the game. we have more storms on the way for tomorrow. i will go through futurecast for saturday and talk about why i think you might like sunday's forecast more. of course i can get weather alerts sent straight to your phone with our wusa9 app. >> thank you. to the situation in north korea. president trump tweeted military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should north korea act
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unwisely. hopefully kim jong-un will find another path. this is the the latest in the back and forth between the white house and pyongyang. we have more on what china and russia are doing to cool things down. >> reporter: president trump issued a new warning to kim jong-un this morning. he tweeted military solutions are now fully in place, locked and loaded, should north korea act unwisely. hopefully kim jong-un will find another path. >> they've been doing this to our country for a long time, for many years. it is about time somebody stuck up for the people of this country and for the people of other countries. >> reporter: not to be out done, north korea issued its own warnings saying if u.s. launches attack on north, it will immediately reduce u.s. mainland into a field of nuclear war. president trump continues to push china to do more to stop its neighbor and close allies from taking any drastic steps. >> i think china can do a lot. and i think china will
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lot. >> china delivered a warning to north korea saying if it strikes u.s. first, china will stay neutral. beijing has also called on u.s. to not take steps to further escalate tensions in the region. russia's foreign minister has called on north korea to stop testing missiles in exchange for the u.s. canceling military exercises with south korea. the u.s. announced today it will carry out the annual joint exercises beginning august 21. north korea has always viewed the training as preparation for an invasion. wendy gillette for cbs news, the white house. general joseph done ford, chairman of joint chief of staff is headed to asia for talks with china, japan, south korea. this was scheduled prior to the latest tensions but this topic is sure to dominate discussion. response to the tweets this morning are mixed along party lines especially on social media. david tweed
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of bad movie language doesn't make you sound tougher and doesn't help the u.s. marty jones tweeted saying this picture of his family, supporters of dear real donald trump locked and loaded waiting for missiles from north korea. all new at noon, the former tulsa police officer who resigned after being acquitted of manslaughter and fatal shooting of 40 year old clutcher is now a deputy in a neighboring county. he was shot and killed last year and video was taken by dash board camera and helicopter showing him walking away from shelby to his suv with his hands held in the air. police have made an arrest in this double shooting that happened last night in northeast washington. investigators arrested 21 year old philip mcdaniel. he is chard
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intent to kill. a man and juvenile female were shot and are expected to survive survive. devon martin recovering after being hurt in a motorcycle crash. it happened on mlk highway when chief martin collided with a car. >> we are very pleased to say the initial reports of critical condition may have been over stated. right now he is recovering with his family. >> he is expected to make a full recovery. police are investigating whether anyone was at fault at the time of the crash. teens being charged in the deadly stabbing of a homeless man. a 47 year old was stabbed when he refused to give the teens money. his body was found in a wooded area near forest park drive. the 14 year d
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an adult. a 13 year old is being charged as a minor. we want to clarify a report on our noon newscast yesterday, brian trainer, the officer who shot and killed sterling in the line of duty last year will not face criminal charges. wusa9 apologizes for any confusion. safety groups say this technology saves lives. why isn't congress taking action? still ahead at noon, our this is the moment. action? still ahead at noon, our the moment you could put yourself in the driver's seat of a new mercedes-benz. come to mgm national harbor and enter the choose your ride giveaway. the more you play, the more chances you earn to win your share of $350,000 in prizes including a new mercedes-benz convertible, sedan or suv.
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the longer congress waits, the more people will die. that's the position of a leading auto safety group following regulations on tractor trail ares, changes they say can save hundreds of lives a year. why haven't lawmakers taken action? that's what the special assignment unit and investigator tim reporter is trying to find out. >> reporter:
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following this journey for months now as they go door to door on capitol hill. getting elected officials to talk face to face has been a challenge, for them and for us. >> we are talking about these trucks being guillotines on the road. >> reporter: can you imagine dying in a crash like this? an under ride accident with a tractor trailer. that's when the car slides underneath the rear or side of the tractor trailer because semis sit so high. why hasn't more been done to stop scenes like this? advocates for highway and auto safety in washington, dc says it's because department of transportation and national highway traffic safety administration are asleep at the wheel. >> we have an agency that is ignoring the problem and indifferent to finding
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solution which i consider bureaucratic incompetence. >> reporter: the group's president says much like other safety improvements like mandating air bags and back up cameras on vehicles, requiring stronger rear guards and side guards on tractor trailers will take congressional action. we reached out to more than a dozen members of congress to speak about this issue and none would agree to an on camera interview, although one of staffer told me media requests from the home district take priority. >> there is not a single senator or member of the house that doesn't have constituents in their state that have been need leslie killed or injured because of the under ride crashes. >> reporter: we did hear from one elected official. it was an important one, a senator from north dakota. he is chairman of the senate transportation committee that would have to approve under ride legislation before sending it to the full senate. in a statement he wrote he support the efforts to examine and strengthen requirements for truck trailer under ride
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that can prevent accidents and save lives. there is always room for improvement and our road safety regulators should continue to look at technology, improved equipment, crash data to improve road safety. new york senators also support stronger regulations after an accident in up state new york killed four last month. in fact, the office says they're working on a draft of a bill but they're not ready to introduce it yet. >> up to this point, we have just been begging over and over. they'll listen to us and talk to us but not act. >> reporter: they haven't had as much success as they have hoped for getting in front of senators and representatives. out of 36 meetings they have sat face to face with lawmakers ten times. both women lost children in under ride accidents with tractor trailer and have en
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sponsor under ride legislation they wrote. if that sounds farfetched, don't tell marianne and lois who on this day are meeting in the same room the moms hope to have congressional under ride hearings one day. >> you guys walk into a room like this and feel visions of what might be ahead? >> definitely. >> yes, we have been asking for a hearing. >> reporter: so far, no hearings, no legislation that's been introduced, and no real explanation from congressional leaders as to why. advocates for highway and auto safety hopes the bill requiring tougher under ride regulations that could be introduced as early as this fall. they have written their own under ride legislation but they're still looking for a law maker to sponsor it. if you want to read it, head to the special under rides section we have created on our website.
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today is a yellow weather alert day. here is wusa9's first alert weather. >> quite the turn. this morning we were talking about sunshine, didn't think it would be much of a big deal. boy, are we surprised. >> you may not have been paying attention to my forecast. the new model data this morning has suggested we will see one wave -- it happens in these scenarios. it's more of a now casting thing. it will come in this afternoon as opposed to this evening. now you are prepared and you know it's coming. download the app. we'll send you weather alerts if there is severe weather heading in your direction. more than anything, this will be typical summer like storms with local heavy rainfall and we are talking about potential for stronger wind gusts. 76 in town, it is muggy
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this is the weather system, the cold front we are waiting to pass through. what will end up happening is this is making its way into the area tonight and throughout tomorrow. by sunday it slides south of us. that will send rain and thunderstorm chances down. look at how the chances are going up from here and then will slide down by sunday. we'll keep scattered storms in the forecast this afternoon, tonight, tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. your saturday night, things look like they will clear. i am leaving a slim chance of a stray shower in the forecast for your sunday. we walked through futurecast earlier but i want to recap. we are likely going to see one wave that's beginning to form now push in mid afternoon. then we might get a break. but this is the round i am concerned for for heavy rainfall as we get passed sunset this evening at 7:00, 8:00. that's moving in with locally heavy rain. around 11:00, you are heading home from date night and you will probably need the umbrella because we
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heavy rain. this may clear, but i want to show you your saturday. even saturday morning we have the chance of showers and a few rumbles of thunder. saturday morning especially south of town we will see shower activity. there will be a second round of storms into tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow you may break out into sunshine midday but saturday afternoon, more storms are moving through. by sunday, they're clearing out and that's when we will bring back sunshine and slightly lower humidity. i am showing you one of many weather models to look at for a rainfall forecast. don't look at the numbers specifically. you see a little bit green where we don't see much rain and then you see this orange and red showing up. this means localized areas are going to get heavy rainfall. the heavy rain rates could end up being one to two inches per hour. some will end up with two inches of rain. others might see not much in the way of rain. this is scattered scenario. not everybody ge
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coming at a heavy rate, issues of ponding and standing water on the roads. at this point we don't need much more rain considering how wet this august has been so far. recapping the radars of the afternoon, right now we have a stray shower. we'll have scattered showers and storms moving in. you might get a break around dinner and then more move in at 8:00, 9:00, 10:00. those will contain locally heavy rain. tomorrow, a yellow weather alert as well because we will have scattered showers and storms in the morning and then again later in the afternoon. any storm that pops up, locally heavy rain primary threat. we can see gusty winds. then for sunday, that looks like a breath of fresh air. 85 and sunny in the afternoon. we'll be right back,
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welcome back. some parents near tampa, florida are upset over a letter sent from the children's school. it's a donation form that gives students the opportunity to skip their classmate in the lunch line for a price. the letter includes different prizes depending on the amount of the donation. for a $100 family or business sponsor the letter reads students get their last name or company logo on the website as well as ptsa events and front of the lunch line tasks. stevenson has a son in the 6th grade. >> it's 2017, not 1960s. we are not telling people to go to the back of the bus because you are poor. that's stupid. >> the principal says he learned about the le
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parents complained. ptsa is supposed to submit all letters to the principal before they're sent home. that didn't happen. ptsa says the letters were sent by mistake. one final look at
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so we do have much in the way of showers and thunderstorms heading this way, a yellow weather alert for this afternoon and evening, tonight, and tomorrow for scattered showers and thunderstorms. it's not a wash out but it will be a weekend where saturday's plans may need to be moved to sunday. sunday looks nice. >> umbrella on deck. >> yeah. >> that will do it for
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the news at noon. our next newscast is at 5:00. we are always on on our free wusa9 mobile app. have a great weekend everybody. we'll see you later. [ female announcer ] are you one of millions of women embarrassed by hair loss or suffering from thinning hair? you have a personalized, proven solution right here. welcome to hair club. i had my self-confidence back. my husband was like, "that's my wife." [ female announcer ] hair club offers a wide range of private, designed-for-you hair loss solutions, each of them proven and backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. call or go online for more details. do you realize how nice it is for someone to walk up to you and say, "my god, you have the most beautiful head of hair"? [ female announcer ] after 40 years and 500,000 happy clients,
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>> chelsea: for the trim in faith's room, do you think we should go with powder white or powder puff? i mean, it doesn't match the paint in the upstairs hallway, but i figure with the fabrics i chose... oh, that's a sweet picture. do you remember where that was taken? >> nick: i don't know. it's one of faith's favorites, though, or it would be packed away in a box by now. >> chelsea: because victor's in it? >> nick: the guy kicked me out of his life, and i still have pictures of him in my living room. >> chelsea: because you are a great dad and you love faith and you want her to be happy. that's why you're surprising her by re-decorating her room while she's at camp. >> nick: yeah, well, when she gets home, she's gonna want to spend time with her grandpa the way she always did. >> chelsea: yeah. how are you gonna handle that?


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