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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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friends into southern maryland. a severe thunderstorm warning goes until 6:15 for st. mary's county. going down 5 toward valley lee, not advisable. another severe thunderstorm warning on the other side of the river. this goes until 6:15 as well. culpepper, falkear and staff order. don't see a lot of rain, wouldn't be surprised to see a flash flood warning. this is headed toward dogrun at about 7:28. they're moving very slowly. still very heavy rain across the river back into charles county. there's no warnings on those. rainfall, look at this. right around mechanicsville. 3.7inches. you're under a flash flood warning until 8:30. we'll come back, and talk about when the storms leave to the south, and talk about a pattern flip later in the week.
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americans are basking in the glow of the first coast to coast total eclipse of the sun in nearly 100 years. from oregon to south carolina and a 70-mile wide path in between. much of the u.s. stopped everything to get a look at that rare solar eclipse. >> this is just incredible. >> it's gone, we're in darkness. take off your glasses. oh, my goodness! >> that was the reaction in madris, oregon. one of the first areas to witness the eclipse in its totality. wyoming probably provided the most picturesque of the eclipse. it almost looks like sunset there as mountain city goes from light to dark and back to light again. a flock of flamingos had a bird's eye view of the eclipse, as the nashville zoo descended into darkness. the flamingo lagoon was one of
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wow, check that out. the birds were expected to get noisy when the sun darkened. the zoo also provided this spectacular sun burst, or basically a star effect as the sun emerged from the moon's shadow. in carbondale, illinois, had the distinction of being in the dark the longest during the eclipse. 2 minutes and 40 seconds worth, but it wasn't without a few tense moments. bill harwood explains. >> our viewing site for the great american eclipse. as the moon shadow came racing across the united states at supersonic velocity, the light suddenly started dying down in the most eerie way one can imagine. the sun disappeared behind some fairly thick clouds, but at the last minute, in a break in the clouds, there it was in all its glory. we could see the glossed
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sun. it is so distinctive. photographs just don't do it justice. then just like that, it was over, but it was worth it. that's what everybody came here to see. >> carbondale will also be in the path of totality. that eclipse is not going to be coast to coast. the solar eclipse didn't reach totality here in the washington region. but that didn't stop people from getting outside, to get a good view. one of the best spots to catch the eclipse in d.c.? where else? the washington monument. here's what our own mike valerio saw. >> it's a view to the heavens with a pinnacle poking through. very top of the washington monument. >> you're going to get trees. >> well, you can get a mountain. >> reporter: it's an incredibly difficult shot to get. ready with not one, but three cameras. >> you won't see anything. >> reporter: he and hundreds of others, thought this would be a little
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>> there are a lot of great monuments. but a lot of monuments, you'd be nowhere near the sun. >> reporter:we tracked the moon moving from atop the monument. >> are you happy with what you're capturing so far? >> i am. >> reporter: these are just apreview on what we'll see of postcards, for that matter, facebook feeds for years to come. >> while we're still waits for crowd estimates, it looks like the crowd gathering at the monument beat the number at the museum of air and space. president trump and melania watched the eclipse from the white house. they were joined by their son baron. jeff sessions, and for a few moments, the entire family could be seen st
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sky with their safety glasses at the same time. the eclipse was even more cool to share with maybe a thousand or so friends. hundreds of people came out for the wusa9 watch party at the historic college park airport. this was one of the few places where you could still get glasses. now, we may not have been able to see the totality here in the d.c. area, but a roar still went through the crowd when topper announced we hit that 81% maximum. >> from the right. >> can you see it? >> a little, yeah, i can. i can. >> this is amazing. i've been waiting for this for months. >> really. are you a budding astronomer? >> yeah, i want to go to college for astronomy. >> really. >> and aerospace engineering, yeah. >> this is history. this is so amazing. it doesn't happen all the time. >> eclipses here on the earth, only
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the relative distances because of the moon and the sun. one day, there will be no more total eclipses, but we've got another 600 million years or so to enjoy them. so make your plans. for more video, pictures and reaction from today's great american eclipse, just log onto our website,, or always, you can download our free wusa9 app. switching gears now, chaos at a prince george's county courtroom spilled outside today as the mother of a man suspected of killing three little girls lunged toward pursuing news photographers. the woman shouted in court as her son, antonio williams had to be restrained. he appeared to be shouting, saying i'm not the one you're looking for. deputies had to step in between family members enraged by these outbursts. >> this has to be, i tell you, one of the worst days we have ever
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the mother in the case of the defendant made comments that you really did incite further pain. >> the bond hearing was delayed. williams is accused of murdering his 6-year-old sister and two little cousins who were visiting. investigators say they have no idea what his motive might have been. a former prince george's county aide, who pled guilty to producing child porn is going away for a long time. today, a federal judge in greenbelt sentenced deonte carraway to 75 years in prison. he directed the youth choir at glenarden community center. prosecutors say he used his position to abuse multiple children and persuade them to have sex on camera. still ahead, president trump prepares to unveil a new military strategy for afghanistan. up next, a hunt for a
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beautiful place filled with adventure. take it in. visit lonely planet's best destination for 2017. and let the magic find you. asheville. discovery inside and out. a man wanted for last week's terror attack in spain has been killed. the 20-year-old has been the focus of an intense manhunt since driving a
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of people in barcelona last thursday. 13 people were killed. the police chief says all 12 terrorists believed to be involved in that attack are now either dead or under arrest. president trump will address the nation tonight to talk about the next steps for the u.s. military in afghanistan. we're now about 16 years into this war. during 2010, and 2011, we had a peak of about 100,000 u.s. troops there. president barack obama pulled most of them out. right now, the number is around 8400. u.s. commanders say they need more, and tonight president trump is expected to outline a plan to send in about 3900. he huddled up with key advisers last week at camp david. >> the president has made a decision as he said. he wants to be the one to announce it to the american people, so i'll stand silent. >> president trump will deliver his speech from fort myer in arlington. it starts at 9:00 tonight, and we'll carry
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on wusa9, and on the web at a search and rescue mission is underway in waters off southeast asia. that's where a u.s. navy warship collided with an oil tanker. the crash left a gaping hole in the side of the uss john s. mccain. 10 sailors are missing. jim matis says the navy will conduct a broad investigation. coming up, no one on earth had a better view of this eclipse than the lucky few aboard a special alaska airlines flight. we're going to take you onboard. up next, one of george's most popular
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a judge again refused to set bond for the man accused of driving into counterprotesters a the a white nationalist rally in charlottesville. james alex beale jr. appeared in court by video this morning. it was his first hearing on a second set of charges filed against him. the 20-year-old was already charged with second degree murder for the death of 32-year- old
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prosecutors say some of the others struck suffered permanent injuries. more than a dozen confederate monuments across the country have been taken down, following the violent protests in charlottesville. calls to remove one confederate memorial, is a bit more complicated. the carving of jefferson davis, robert e. lee, and stonewall jackson is larger than mount rushmore. it's georgia's most visited attraction that even includes a laser light show, and fireworks. the mountain is also considered the birth place of the ku klux klan, more than a century ago. and where white supremacists clashed with counterprotesters in 2015. the images, and monuments are representative of individuals that wanted to maintain, and keep a way of life, that treated african americans as noncitizens, and we want those removed from public spaceses. >> any changes to the park would
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state legislature and a change in the law. >> do you see that happening in the near future? >> no, i don't. >> the great, great grandson of jefferson davis says he believes they should be removed from public places, but he feels differently about stone mountain, because of the difference of the sculpture as a piece of art. it was one of the best, and earliest views of the great american eclipse. an invitation only flight unalaska airlines, allowed dozens of enthusiasts to witness this event above the clouds. danielle nottingham was onboard that flight over the pacific ocean. >> reporter: at 40,000 feet, it was a view like no other. nasa astronaut, dr. michael bare el
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plane full of scientists, and eclipse enthusiasts flew some 9,000 miles over the pacific ocean to intercept the path of the eclipse at the precise moment of totality. >> this is very "star wars"- ish, to be honest with you. >> reporter: joe has been chasing the moon shadow for decades. this was his 12theclipse. >> it never gets old. you never see these colors. you never see this dramatic change in the skylight. >> reporter: planes can't keep up with the speed of the moon shadow to follow the complete path of the eclipse. jasmine shepherd, and her brother joseph won a contest to snag two seats. >> what did you think of totality? >> breathtaking. i'm at a loss for words. >> how does this compare to space? >> you know, both are singular experiences, both are spectacular. they're different, but th
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surroundings. your surroundings are a lot bigger than your planet, and this is a good reminder of that. >> reporter: these passengers are celebrating a spectacular view of a once in a lifetime celestial show. >> all evening, we've been asking how you would rate the eclipse. >> all right ready? so far, 29% said it was epic. 40% said it was meh. and 30% said they're waiting until 2024. april8, i believe. log onto, or use our app, and let us know what you think. i'm kind of in the meh phase. >> well you were there all day. >> we'd like to give a special shout out to our partners today. district trivia for all the fun and games. great time with nick and lindsey. wpgc, 99.5 fm. the children's science cent
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kids making the little boxes to see the eclipse. and of course, krispy kreme, and a huge thank you to the maryland national capitol park and planning commission and department of parks and recreation for prince george's county, who opened their doors for us at college park. also want to thank the department of parks and recreation park rangers and the prince george's county national park police. it was a team effort. >> it takes a village. >> well it does, you had to have crowd control. folks got there at 7:00, 8:00. >> you're popular. there to see you? >> well probably the eclipse. we did do a lot of selfies. we have some serious weather here. >> good news, they've calmed down a little bit, but still big thunderstorms south of town. let's start first with this picture that came in. this just came in a little while ago. so this was taken, you know
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about 5:00. 5:03. then you folks are under a warning in charles county, and st. mary's county. this is forecaster nicky. this is a great picture. we were on the air, covering the tornado warning. we showed you velocities closer to 5:00 as the storm was just entering and intensifying. where we saw, perhaps some sheer up to 100, 115 miles per hour. so we do have reports there are some trees down, and power outages. and that looks like a possible tornado on the ground. so the warning was in effect and hopefully, every took cover. live look inside. in town, it's great. it's 83, and feels like it's almost 90. all the storms have been well south of town. here are all the storms. now pulling out of charles county, head toward st. mary's county then just south of dale city. you folks are under a flash flood warning, and we've had reports and radar indicated rainfall of 4, 5 inches. this is going to come
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more heavy rain is on the way again. this is, again, headed toward bud's creek, and hillville at about 7:34. now we just have a new warning. this was not up two minutes ago. we have a new severe thunderstorm warning for this one toward culpepper, orange, and spotsylvania. perhaps a little small hail. there's not a warning on this, but this is a heavy storm. staff order, toward courthouse road. down 1, and down 95, slow going, if you can just wait a little while, that would be a good idea. so some early storms. some are heavy. bus stop temperatures,s back in school downtown. 68, 82, kind of muggy. very hot tomorrow with afternoon storms. then, wow. a welcome change by wednesday. i mean, a really welcome change. so we've got 80 degrees by 9:00. 91, 91 by 1:00. but wednesday, only 86. less humid. beautiful
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82. check this out. nats back in town on friday, just gorgeous through the weekend. washington plays cincinnati, at 4:30 on sunday. just about perfect. nats on 9 if you can't make it to the game on sunday. coming up, a partnership that will bring a restful night's sleep to this firefighter and his children. the ford summer sales event is in full swing. i'll jump out and guide you back. easy, son. this is gonna blow your mind. whoa. awesome. that is really cool. take on summer right with ford, america's best-selling brand. now with summer's hottest offer on ford f-150.
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sometimes you hear stories about professional sports teams helping the community. this next story shows the power of partnership between the redskins, the urban league, and a mattress company. our diane roberts was there for the meaningful moment
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d.c. firefighter. >> reporter: the gattis children frolicked in their front yard without really understanding what was about to happen to them and their firefighter father. >> to have safe property, save lives. >> reporter: bernard gattis is the one receiving help. >> we have tickets for you and your family. >> reporter: his favorite team, the burgundy and gold partnered with the urban league, and mattresses. >> it's a blessing, and it's beautiful. words can't describe how i feel. the kids, they're excited. something we definitely needed. >> reporter: gattis has been a firefighter in the district for nine years. he's also an emt, providing for his family hasn't always been easy. >> as well as the kids. >> reporter: he bought his northeast home two years ago, thanks to a program through the urban league. >> this is about a partnership of strengthening, and continuing to buil
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>> reporter: as the children played with gift bags, they tried to drink it all in. >> what do you think it's going to be like to sleep on that new mattress? >> comfy. >> reporter: the kids seemed to enjoy trying out the new bedding. their smiles had to be of comfort to their dad, still beaming about the burgundy and gold's park of the day. >> i'm a diehard redskins fan, just to have them here and they're presence and everything it's beautiful, just beautiful. >> the family will also get to attend next weekend's preseason game, complete with sideline passes. good stuff there, tops. big storms to the south early tonight. >> that's wusa9 ne
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