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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  August 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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a look at harvey continuing to pound texas. one person died when he was trapped in his burning home at the height of the hurricane. but the question in texas at this hour, what will the destruction be from this now tropical storm? hello, i'm debra alfarone. a concern now the possibility of catastrophic flooding over the next several days. the massive storm is expected to park itself over the texas coast and rainfall, it could top 2 to 3 feet, maybe even more. michael crow from our sister station in corpus christi reports from one of the hardest areas hit, rock port. >> reporter: many parts of rock
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port were hit last night but parts closest to the waterfront were completely decimated and you can see the buildings here are just leveled. and i want to show you a little bit of what we're seeing on a walk here. some of the gift and jewelry stores here on the shore are just completely leveled taken to the ground by the incredible winds last night. as you walk down the main ground right here, a lot of ponding left over. and a lot of debris in the roadway. and that's really the situation we're dealing with. a lot of people are out coming to survey their properties and see what survived and what didn't. we've also seen some sailboats. it's tough to see from here that we're either pushed up against the dock or right over here, some that were run aground in that storm. so really some incredible conditions that tore through last night. and even though they have improved the winds have certainly calmed the damage. it's just incredible. as you can see from some of these buildings that did not survive. >> what i do, i'm a jeweler and artist, a painter, and i paint here
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i thought i'm going to do one more customer session and i got -- people and customers but i'm going to do one customer session with this old building before it goes down. and so now it has. >> reporter: from rock part, i'm michael -- port, i'm michael crow. >> a texas judge has confirmed one death and about a dozen injuries in rock port. one of the areas devastated by harvey, port arkansas, texas. harvey left the trail of debris and downed utility poles and crossroads entering the city. one trailer park there, it was declared a 100% loss according to the police chief. the city's mayor says no one should consider visiting or returning to that area until further notice. the small town of golead, texas a pounding from harvey in texas. a huge tree toppled over into a house here. no word of any injuries. the strong
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contributed to a rig being blown over in edna, texas. see the cab in the rig there on its sides and a texas state highway today. major flooding throughout the entire town of edna. and more flooding devastation in -- [ inaudible ] [ no audio ] and people in texas are not even close to being out of danger yet. let's goat right over to -- get right over to first alert meteorologist howard bernstein to tell us why, howard? >> yeah, well the storm may have weakened to a tropical storm, this is far from over. if the hurricane, sort of like one punch, two, going to be the extended period of heavy rains and when i say extended i'm talking days and days. here's where the storm is now, you can see it spinning about 60 miles east of san antonio at its bare it's -- and it's barely moving and that's a problem with the feeder bands off the gulf not only containing very heavy rains but tornadic thunderstorms in there. see the one tornado warning down northwest of houston. that's a
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there's a big storm. i meanyou've got rain in louisiana and you've got rain in central and east texas. and as far as the rain estimates this is only going back 48 hours. we're talking 3, 4, 5 inches of rain but when you get to the yellow and white, that's off the scale. in fact, i was looking at some of the numbers locally, 15 inches plus already between austin and houston. and this could go on for days and days. that's why we're thinking rain totals 15 to 235, locally 30 to 40. devastating catastrophic deadly flooding and could take a long time to recover in the areas. here's tropical storm harvey and the forecast track from the hurricane center. winds 65 gusting to 75 and just think about the tropical rains. remember when we have heavy rain you know? going to go on for days and days. we're talking it moves from here to here and little loop down, over the next six days. this thing is barely going anywhere. so this really is flooding of almost
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tropical satellite, focusing on florida. well, it doesn't look like there's anything organized. an area of low pressure may form off the florida area come northeast and all the models take it right up the coast. this thing develops, it could actually become a tropical system. irma is the next name. by tuesday everyone it will be pass -- afternoon it will be passing us off the mid-atlantic and a sad, sad situation in texas. debra? >> thank you so much howard. thousands of people are homeless, volunteers are now helping the. wusa9's sarah cosmos introduces us to one person from d.c. who's done it before and ready to do it again. >> reporter: as the worst hurricane to hit the u.s. in ten
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today marks an important day in history, the 97th anniversary of the ninth amendment, the right to vote for women. park rangers, a special program to celebrate. and it served as the headquarters of the national women's party. and tens of thousands receive three - - tens of thousands of kids received free backpacks with school supplies today. 150 students received free immunizations as well at the state fair today, and 200 people volunteered. and it was all to make sure the students had a happy and safe first day at school. so this is probably our fifth year participating. we come
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and we are giving them an idea of how to give back. >> the county school students are going back to school on wednesday, september 6th. >> always watching, always trucking, first alert weather, the most accurate in dc, starts right now. >> we are looking at the distraction, we are showing you pictures and video from earlier. it is spectacular here. >> a very comfortable stretch of august weather, it will be around for a few more days. and a number of folks are going to be going out for preseason tailgating. and it is going to be spectacular, just use caution and do not get sunburned. look at our weather camera outside. it is rg
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sunshine and lotion the. dewpoint in the 50s. seventies, 70s, 65 midnight. in town, it is several degrees cooler in the suburbs with wind out of the east around 5 miles per hour or so. tomorrow there is sunshine and some clouds. another nice day with high temperatures around 80 degrees in the afternoon and eastern wind around 10 miles per hour. it is going to be a very find it with dewpoint in the 50s and low 60s. it is very comfortable out here right now. this evening, 70s and 80s. 82 degrees downtown. only 75 degrees in cumberland. really, it is a fantastic and spectacular evening. and 78 degrees, it feels like 79 degrees. and talking about party, we spoke about harvey for a little bit. i have been your hurricanes before. i i was in new orleans when andrew came on sure. thispu
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it is not moving much right now. and the big story, the massive flooding, devastating and catastrophic flooding is going to occur. and tornadoes are also on the horizon with these level hurricanes, feeder bands will have thunderstorms with - - there will be thunderstorms and 20 activity. we are going to be watched - - we are going to be watching this over texas for the next five days. 20, 30, maybe more inches of rain. in florida, florida, a little bit of a spin. and we will see, some of these models keep it as an area of low pressure. the future cass, some easterly wind. a little cooler than we should be. i am not complaining. tonight i 50s and 60s. sunshine, isolated showers in the mountains. we will be in
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the 80s. on monday, i think we will see if you more clouds as the day wears on. we cannot rule out isolated showers on monday. and storms are developing between charleston and wilmington. it looks to be going this way, with moisture in north carolina, sneaking up to virginia. and if this trend continues, tuesday will be turning to the west. and the high temperatures with clouds and showers in the 70s. and our average high temperatures are in the middle 80s. we will watch that and get the computer forecast along the coast. it will stay inland, are sure it has a better chance of developing, and whatever it does, we have a good agreement that it will go northeast and away from us. will be watching this on tuesday out toward the shore. it could get a little
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tonight we do see 50s, 60s, comfortably cool again for your sunday morning. it looks very nice, 60s and 70s in the afternoon. 80 degrees, partly to mostly sunny, nice again, we are looking quite alright. showers are more likely on tuesday. it all depends on what happens with that system coming from a wednesday, you cannot rule out afternoon showers. 79 degrees. if 81 degrees on thursday. looking at friday and saturday, i do not know what we did to deserve this, but i am not complaining. i w i l l t a k e i t a n d y o u k n o w t h a t today is a very is a very important day. - - i am not complaining, i will take it. >> and murray, from my money to yours, happy national down to.
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now, game on sports. >> is this going to be a hit? are they ready to rumble!? getting in the ring against a five-time world champion, undefeated floyd mayweather tonight. much-anticipated, $100
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on pay-per-view. and out of ireland,facing mayweather. predicted knockouts, experts give them a fighters chance. through never - - floyd mayweather is professional boxer, but mcgregor is not. >> i will not go anywhere. we will see who can take it. he is over twitching away, i see i see a man who is afraid. >> i know what it takes when it is a fight of this magnitude. i have done a lot of this. he did a lot of this. tomorrow it comes down to the fighters. >> some high school football, a local power, and a and a national power as well. staggs rank sixth in the country. and bishop gorman in las vegas last night. they look to
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the 54 game winning streak. looking good early on. 30-yard touchdown from the defense. they were up 10 took five. and the defending national champions, coming back 35-17 for the final. action today, st. john's, hosting jones high school from orlando, all cadets early. twenty-sixth for st. john's, fighting bruce johnson ready to run away. and check out this effort. jones is finding the senior wide receiver to make the rest. tiptoe down the sidelines. and robinson is taking the hands-off right off the gut. they led 49 to 24
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the international championship game, pennsylvania fans closing out for mexico, 5- 0. and outscoring opponents 27- 1 in a tournament. a runner between texas and north carolina. let's look at sports, back to. >> exciting stuff. we have a football game tonight. preseason. you can watch that and you can get updates on our app. will see you back here tonight after the football i love you, couch. you give us comfort. and we give you bare feet, backsweat, and gordo's... everything. i love you, but sometimes you stink.
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