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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  August 26, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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it is not fourth down territory. give the two-minute warning. >> dan: directly what sean mcvay is thinking. you don't go for it inside your own 10. >> ian: it would probably take the five seconds, the punt. and it is coons who is punting. he missed the 33-yard field goal which would have put the rams in front. mitchell paige. not the right call. mitchell paige gets pushed backwards. here's the two-minute warning. 1:55 left. 21-19, the battle for li. chargers in front.
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>> ian: 21-19, the chargers on top of the rams. 1:55 to go at the coliseum. at the will wrap up the preseason at green bay on thursday. they will play indianapolis. we will have it for you right here on cbs. bercovici. the bootleg. da'ron brown. the speed! a penalty marker at the 39-yard line. >> dan: good rollout. good throw. it will be an illegal block at the back, coming in right around there. >> referee: illegal block on the back. offense. number 80. 10-yard penalty. it remains first down. >> ian: sean culkin.
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situation, it's irrelevant now but don't go out-of-bounds. force them to use timeouts. good grab by brown. penalty. now at the 50-yard line, 17-yard catch. the 10-yard penalty. it gives the chargers first and three. the rams still have three timeouts remaining. give it to barner. slammed down. did not break away from casey sayles. there's one of the timeouts used with 1:31 to play. >>
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for the 2018 hall of fame class -- >> dan: he deserves it, too. he built a couple of franchises. also jerry kramer on that list, from the seniors division. robert brazil. a great linebacker for the houston oilers. but jerry kramer, you think about those great packers teams. he played on this field in the first super bowl ever. >> ian: 2nd & 4 after the timeout. 1:for three remaining. barner going in the wrong direction. casey sayles sifts it out again. of rookie from ohio. >> dan: back-to-back plays by casey sayles. last year he blocked a play from
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bercovici. he splits the double-team block with real power, no chance that they have. >> ian: antonio gates will have a chance to make nfl history emma one touchdown away from setting the record for the most in a career by a tight end, currently tied with tony gonzalez at 111. >> dan: big motivation for gates coming back this year. he is a great relationship on the field and off the field with a quarterback at rivers quite an accomplishment for tony gonzales and for antonio gates. >> ian: if you get a first down here, the game is over. ekeler. oh, he's right here. >> dan: that will do it. that's a first down. >> ian: a little zigzag moved by austin ekeler. they spotted at the
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it is a first down. >> dan: a little power draw play time. getting down the field in front of ekeler was matt weiser. >> ian: final timeout used by the rams. the rams were complaining that the spot should be reviewed but under 2 minutes, they cannot trigger it. those decisions are made upstairs. >> dan: in this preseason, too. the more please do run in preseason, more danger you have of players being hurt. >> ian: victory formation for the chargers.
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ekeler gets the call. across the 45-yard line. >> dan: go back to the previous play. we see exactly where ekeler with down. tough to see when his knee hit and when the ball hit. if it was simultaneous as the officials ruled. first down. >> ian: got to admit, the rams have no timeouts remaining. they don't have to run an actual play. >> dan: here is your victory formation. if you were just a little bit early. >> ian: i anticipated the victory formation. preseason for play-by-play announcers as well. don't anticipate. that's it. the chargers win their first preseason game. the rams lose their first preseason game. they are not quite rivals yet.
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but this preseason battle for l.a. belongs to the chargers. got off to a 21-0 lead, they hold on for a 21-19 19 win overe l.a. rams. the chargers will be in san francisco on thursday night. the rams will be in green bay. your final score at the coliseum, 21-19. the chargers defeat the rams. for hall of famer dan fouts and evan washburn, the rest of our nfl on cbs crew, i am ian eagle. so long from los angeles. you've been watching "the nfl on cbs" ." the chargers beat the rams.
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>> announcer: cbssports thinks s
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tropical storm, but texas is taking a beating. one dead, more wild weather, anlud vonteers from the dmv head to help out. thanks so much for joining us, i'm debra alfarone. nowhere is destruction -- >> the water left behind on rock fort street, reflecting the signs of harvey's strength, a storm strong enough to level buildings, rip apart roofs, and sink sailboats to the bottom of this marina. the smell of natural gas leaking is in the air in this coastal town that will likely spend weeks without power. city leaders urging people to wait before returning. >> i'm ready to go, if i have to go. >> craig is now say he rode out what will be a historical hurricane. >> inside the boat. >> hunkered down in his sailboat. >> were you pretty scared? >> not really
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cats. >> this sailer certainly admits -- >> your time is called, it's called. >> and apparently august 25, 2017, wasn't his night to go. it's too ironic not to note the sailer hid from harvey in a sailboat named katrina. >> when we play this interview on tv, man, you're crazy. >> probably. i am a little bit nutsy at times. >> as harvey hit last night, and with buildings crashing down, emergency workers treated ten people inside the jail in rockport. tonight, we are still expecting the number of people injured in this storm to rise. to galveston, the streets are flooded for miles. the entire area under several inches of water. watch as this car drives along, showing all the flooding damage to homes, to stores, and to other buildings. as the storm raged
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texas, it flipped over boats, tossing some straight out of the water. some nearby homes were nearly swallowed up. and more devastating flooding in texas, where streets have been turned into raging rivers. the water so high in some places, it is coming up to the second floor of homes. tonight, even more to deal with. the aftermath of tornadoes. more than a dozen texas counties are still under a tornado watch. several tornadoes spawned by harvey caused damage in nearby houston and the surrounding areas. houses, cars, buildings, all damaged. check out this dramatic video of an approaching tornado in cyprus, texas, there are several reports of tornadoes touching down in that area and police say thr are several homes that have been damaged. no word of any injuries. and more stunning video. home surveillance video this time capturing the moment that a tornado moved through a neighborhood there in cyprus
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fence and sending it flying into a home. it's going to be a long recovery in texas and the worst may not be over. let's go to first alert meteorologist, howard bernstein. >> the winds from the hurricane strike, that's not a concern as much anymore. it's been downgraded, but the flooding rains and isolated tornadoes and the feeder bands, like this one here, which is coming right into houston. you get that and these bands quite often have super cell thunderstorms that cause tornadoes. a dozen and a half so far that have been reported in the houston area. there's the circulation. still going northwest of victoria. east of san antonio. barely moving. that's a big problem because we have a ban that is barely moving coming in west of galveston, right over houston. they have a flash flood emergency right now. some of the rain fall rates here have been 3, 4, 5 inches an hour. where these bands end up and go
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causing havoc. the rain, some of the heavy ones into louisiana, parts of south southwest louisiana had their an nualrain fall and it's late august. they don't have any room for anymore water. this rain fall, prolific. check out these numbers here. a lot of us had four, five, 10, 12, 17 inches of rain. it's off the chart here. i've been checking some of these numbers. between austin and houston. a foot and a half and those numbers could double. as far as harvey, 50-mile an hour winds right around the center. but the problem is, it's barely moving, east, northeast at 1 mile an hourment hour. i don't know how they measure that. and look at the forecast of this thing. it's going to drop south and then it's going to make a turn to the north. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, that's five or six days from now. you can imagine the problems you're going to have with all of the flooding rains. for us, there's a
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florida that might develop into something over the next few days that could give us rain on tuesday. we'll be back in a few minutes talking about that, debra. >> thank you, howard. a news crew drove along a huge line of rescue vehicles heading southbound toward the texas coast to start rebuilding. alex tells us their goal is to get people to safety. >> reporter: giant convoy rolled down interstate 37, headed toward tiny texas towns where harvey hit first. from the national guard to construction dozers to evacuation ambulances, even engineering vehicles from the texas panhandle to what seemed like hundreds of buses. >> there's about 20 ambulances, five gas tankers. i don't know how many state troopers. >> their destination, rockport, texas, where the category 4 monster slammed the popular beach town. >> this is the favorite part of
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help folks and get them to safety. >> reporter: the national guard refueled in mathis, a half an hour from the gulf of mexico. >> i stayed in a beach house and watched over the dogs and stuff. and right now, i'm riding around making sure everything is still in order out there. if you're looking at other people's pets. >> apparently, not bad enough to leave. however, that wasn't everybody's experience. >> i live in rockport, it's devastating. >> being texas and all, leave it to the texas roughnecks to tell the cows in a cat 4 hurricane how to chew. >> if it's my time to go, god is going to take me. >> reporter: for wusa from mathis texas, i'm alex. >> thousands of people across the texas coast are left homeless. volunteers from across the country are mobilizing to help. one of those, rebecca callahan from our area. as she has done seven times before, this red
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volunteer packed up today to hit the road to help out. >> there's always a need. you know, it's the more times you do this, the more qualified you get. the more qualified you get, the more they need you do it. that's why i have gone in over and over again. basic triage, we'll take care of as many people that require temporary sheltering. >> callahan is one of 13 red cross volunteers from our area headed to texas. switching gears now. in the district tonight, a show of support for a fellow classmate. sidnore was killed by a stray bullet two weeks ago. she was doing something most of us do every day. she was just driving. tonight, her classmates made sure her legacy lives on. here is marcella robertson. >> reporter: tonight is special for those closest to jamari. she just graduated a few months ago and tonight her classmates dedicated this first home
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her parents a special gift. cheerleading was everything. she was the captain of her team, stephanie baxter was her coach. >> she loves our home games, dedicating this game to her was everything she would love. >> reporter: tonight's game was more than the numbers on the score board, there was a moment to reflect on a young woman that was taken too soon. >> i presented her parents her uniform, and a couple tokens from her school. it meant everything to me, because jamahri was one of the best cheerleaders ever. >> she and the girls will work to keep jamahri's memory alive. >> she was amazing. she made everybody smile, and she was al
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and cheerleading was everything to her. so jamahri was an amazing spirit. >> reporter: in northwest, marcella robertson, wusa 9. >> police have made one arrest in jamahri's case. they are looking for the other people responsible for her death. it's 120 miles and it's called the march against white supremacy. a group of activists, students, and religious leaders will march from charlottesville to d.c. they say this march is in response to the president's failure to confront white supremacy on display at the recent unite the rally. they will stop at edconferate monuments. they start monday and they will march for ten days. former former sheriff, joe arpaio, plans to be very active in the political arena. those words after th
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learned friday night he had been parodied by president donald trump. arpaio had been convicted on charges extending from his refusal to stop conducting immigration patrols targeting latinos. celebrating women's right to vote. we're going to head to the museum for a look back and ahead. and a special day on one local college campus as summer vacation comes to an end. and, why it's a special day for all of our four legged friends.
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today marks the 97th anniversary of the amendment that gave women the right to vote. women celebrated today at the museum. and visitors were encouraged to make buttons and sashes as a reminder that while women can now cast their votes, they still have a long way to go toward equality. >> not everyone, not every woman won the right to vote back then. women of color couldn't vote until much later. so we are here to mark that day, it was a significant battle, e'
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to be done. women are under represented in elected office, in board rooms, corner suites across the country. >> according to cbs money watch, in a survey of 230 companies, women accounted for less than 20% of the executive team. college students are getting ready for class in our area and today was move in day for students living in the dorms at george washington university. gw's new president greeted many of them. >> this is a special year for my wife and i, because we are brand-new to the university. we arrived here in d.c. three weeks ago. we got settled in at the f street house and now we're welcoming faculty and students back to start the economic year. >> last year, remember how stressful it was, because i was one of the people who moved in before most people move in on saturday. and so there weren't a lot of people helping out. this year i thought it would be nice to help the new class and it's a good
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and give advice. a good way to start off the year. >> my move in was easy, and the person that helped me move in was super nice and gave me a lot of advice. i thought i wanted to do the same for a lot of freshman. >> good going, those two young ladies, love it. gw has 26 residence halls across mt. vernon campuses. tens and thousands of students in prince georges county received free backpacks filled with school supplies today. the give away was part of a back to school fair at the stadium. 150 students also received free immunizations at today's fair. and nearly 200 people came together to volunteer their time and make sure the students have a happy and safe first day of school. prince georges county school students all head back to school wednesday, september 6. >> always watching. always tracking. wusa9's first
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dc's most accurate. >> howard bernstein joins me now and looking at all of the video, everything about texas and how terrible it is. >> let me put your appeal out now. the red cross, salvation army, they will need funds. >> and you have a lot of experience with hurricanes and you know that when you see something like that, i mean, no longer a hurricane, this flooding is going to be catastrophic. >> there will be people displaced for months due to this. months. >> so incredibly sad. our hearts go out to them. and here, talk about our weather here. >> our weather has been unbelievable. in fact, a 3-degree guarantee will take care of that real quickly. it was another beautiful day around here. temperatures should be in the mid 80s. forecast high was 81. debra, second day in a row, that's exactly what we did. 80 tomorrow for a 3-degree guarantee. let's show you what we're talking about, we're talking about sunshine, maybe a few clouds, a fairly nice day on
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the upper 70s to around the 80- degree mark. so it should be pretty nice there. as far as temperatures right now, we've cooled off into the 50s in the mountains, low 60s in spots outside of the district and the bay. in town, due to the warmer waters of the bay, a few spots, which are looking at temperatures in the upper 70s to around 80 degrees. looking at it right now, 72, mostly cloudy. those are high, thin clouds. no precipitation expected. dew points in the 50s. we'll take you down to texas and you can see what's happening there. here in texas, east of san antonio, south of austin, that is harvey. tropical storm now. these feeder bands, these guys are feeding rain fall rates in toward areas in houston right now. really tremendous rain. so you have a flood emergency going on. we're going to watch over here. that potentially may develop into a tropical system the next couple days. that's going to
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northeast. so, that could be a problem tuesday. we'll watch that. around here tonight, you notice the high clouds, that's all we're looking at coming in here, a fairly quiet night. it will be clear to partly cloudy. future cast, spread a couple showers. i don't think that will happen tonight. we'll see a few clouds there with this easterly flow and we may see an isolated shower on the mountains on sunday. for the most part, another good looking day. temperatures near the 80-degree mark. so, if you're headed out to nats park in the afternoon, by the way, we have the game, if you're not going, wusa 9, that's a 2:00 start on channel 9. and the burgundy and gold, they have a game. the weather looks great for both events. for anything you're doing the weather looks great tomorrow. we continue with that easterly push. maybe an isolated shower or two. but tuesday, it all depends on where this thing tracks and how much it
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latest future cast keeps itself east of us. potentially a tropical storm. this thing goes more to the west. it won't be a tropical storm, per se, but we have a better chance of rain. tuesday, up in the air right now. a better chance south and east for some showers here and there. as far as the computer models, the rain share from some of them that are going inland. some of them are going offshore. tropical storm more likely if it stays over the water as opposed to over land, which doesn't have the fuel and it has more friction. all right, for us tonight, it will be clear to partly cloudy. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. comfortably cool. once again, you can open the windows and enjoy it if you haven't already. nice start sunday morning. 50s in a few spots. mainly 60s and 70s. partly to mostly sunny. three-day forecast. isolated showers monday. possible yellow weather alert. 75 though,
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shower. we'll warm it up to 79. thursday, the warmest day of the week and looking good friday and saturday once again high temperatures close to the 80-degree mark. so, 85 is the average and anything above average for the next seven. >> wow. the 90s are gone. >> i think so. >> hey, frank is here. i have to tell you guys, it's a special day. i would like to share with you that it's a day dedicated to greet those that we have been gone for ten hours, even if we are gone for ten minutes. this is my friend's john dog. we ask people to send dogs, she always watches us. and of course, murray. you know that dog, right? this is cristie lopez's four dogs. she's also a viewer. look at these adorable guys. jamie sent me that on twitter and again, john's cute little dog there. i'm not sure if
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take that sweater off or put it on. hey, have a wonderful national dog day, everyone. there you have it. >> what do you think of these player weekend uniforms in major league baseball? have you seen them? >> i was there last night. >> nats 0-1 so far. could their fortunes turn saturday? the answer in those interesting uniforms. >> it was like spring training
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now, wusa 9 9 game on sports with frank hanrahan. >> remember bryce harper wanted to make baseball fun again? this is what he was talking about with the players weekend where teams are wearing wild uniforms and have nicknames on their jerseys. nats with the new look hosting the nats this afternoon. weather made it fun today, thanks, howard, picture perfect southeast. but gonzalez, look at that. i like them. he pitched well again. getting help from his defense. mikey t, this is his name in center field with the gun from ercent to get the runner at the plate. he is out of there. bottom ha


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