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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 30, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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tonight hollywood helping out houston. >> we just want to do our part. >> how they're taking their support next level. >> and a "bachelor" star tax
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action. >> we came across a man in cardiac arrest. >> and george clooney talking about the twins, why fatherhood is terrifying him. ♪ >> look what you made us do. then wedding bells for blake and gwen? and why they invited news their bedroom? >> did we get it? >> it was just a leittl awkward. >> now for august 29, 2017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> now in its fifth day, the consequences have only just begun. >> and as we're inundated with human suffering, some of our biggest stars are using their celebrity to help out their fellow, man. >> hello, everybody. we've been watching every going on down in
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hearts are just breaking. >> we're praying for all of you. >> j-lo and a-rod pledged $25,000 each and so did the rock. >> i want to seasoned a mend a the people of houston. you have to hang on and have faith. >> let's all donate, let's help and really, really try and save some lives. >> they set up this page this morning. "houston, we are praying for you. my mom, sisters and i will be donating $500,000. >> e.t. spoke with country music start clint black. >> being a houstonian, i want to give a shoutout to all the first responders. >> how is your family holding up? >> my family is doing well. we had a nervous night last night. the waters got close to coming in to a couple
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>> and check this out. that's former bachelor sean lowe in houston. he borrowed a boat to help flood victims. he said it was an experience he'll never forget. >> when you went down there, what surprised you the most? >> we came across a man who was in cardiac arrest yesterday. i don't know if he survived. and we had to pull him from a canoe that he was being drug in into our boat where firefighters were giving him cpr for about 15 or 20 minutes until we could get him into an ambulance. ♪ from miami, we are sending love to houston ♪ >> and last night cold play paid tribute to the victims and wrote and performed an original song called "houston." >> pastor
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escape a big controversy after such accused him of not doing enough. >> does this look flooded? >> it appeared to show the relatively dry surroundings of his church, a 16,000 seat venue in a city expected to be inundated with five feet of rain. >> the church tweeted it was inaccessible. and they were accused of closing their doors on those needing shelt shelter. >> god bless you, we welcome you all to lakewood. >> it's helped joel and his wife amass an estimated net worth of more than $50 million. >> we have great managers and we go the extra mile, not even to have something to appear the wrong way. and so, you
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back of our minds, you know, the faster you go up, you can come down even quicker. >> this is not flooded, folks. this is called i don't want to be inconvenienced. >> yesterday footage from outside the church made the rounds, but so did these photos. they appeared to show flooding inside. in a statement today, olsteen said, quote, we have never closed our doors. hours later the pastor tweeted we are receiving anyone who needs shelter. >> this isn't the first time joel opened the doors of lakewood. in 2005, they took in victims displaced by hurricane katrina. >> right now george clooney's priorities are his twins and working on his fitness. no dad bod here. the 56-year-old father of twins out today in lake comeau, looking fit
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no senate feat they have 12-week twins at home, calling amal an olympic athlete. "suddenly you're responsible for other people, which is terrifying." kevin was with clooney during the pregnancy when george was promoting his directorial film. and when george hits the venice film festival on friday, we predict the clooneys will make their red carpet debut . >> and then there's the fashion. we can't wait to see what she'll come up with. meanwhile george is a bit less refin refined saying, quote, i just have to
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tux. it used to be my barf but now it's the twins' barf. >> we expect to see jennifer lawrence and her director beau. >> it's been nearly two years since gwen stefanni and blake shelton started dating so what's the deal? >> they talk like they are going to be together forever. that's what sources tell us about the couple that will celebrate two years together in october. we're told they don't talk about getting married but they're more committed than ever. as for the kidkids, they love blake, too. the boys, quote, think blake is really cool and he's made such an effort to relate to them
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around. it's just blake to them. that's good, though. >> it's incredible to have a best friend like that guy. he's an amazing person. >> and they've been together for so long now. in the beginning i never would have put them together. >> on sitspposites attract. >> the news that has bachelor nation talking. >> we're all in to bachelor nation. backups to baby news. corin sounds off about the scandal in "paradiir radise"par" >> i did drink too much but i also was on a medication that blacks you out and messes with your balance so it caused a horrible, horrible blackout. >> she told gma she remembers nothing about the hookup in the paradise pool.
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there's no bad blood there. >> and there's no bad blood between nick and vanessa after their backup last week. a source tells us vanessa is back in montreal with her family. she talks about being broken. still the couple are still friends and the breakup was because, quote, they just weren't the best match for each other. and former bachelorette emily maynard is just weeks away from welcoming baby number four. she told us months ago she and hubby tyler johnson want a big family. the couple are already parents to a 2-year-old and 11-month-old. she doesn't plan to find out the sex of the baby. >> the boys are so sweet. but a little girl would be be fun, too. >> she's got
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>> me, too. >> congratulations to emily and congratulations to our boy michael phelps. he posted a shot of his wife nicole and their son boomer, and saying number two is on the way. >> and we are backstage with the back street boys and florida georgia line. plus -- ♪ i don't like your perfect crime ♪ >> taylor want the first. we are breaking down the stars who have thrown shade with song. who was ♪harry's meeting clients... ♪...from far away. but they only see his wrinkles.♪ ♪he's gotta play it cool to seal the deal.♪
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. here comes the bride. christian bell spotted in a wedding dress. it's for an upcoming movie but i thought for a moment maybe she and dak shepherd are renewing their vows. >> dax and kristen's goof-off funny videos have parodied everything from their love life to dressing up from characters from hbo's runaway hit. >> i'm game of thrones number one fan and i know none of their names. >> now he'
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video. >> the human male is a domestic creature but mafacing one of hi greatest survivals yet. >> this is really a public service announcement for prostate cancer awareness month, which is september. >> my father died of lung cancers in 2012 and my stepfather is currently battling prostate cancer. >> jackson lists rob rigle and dr. drew pinsky for the save the male campaign. >> this particular male thrives in his cave environment. >> i'm happy to lend this niche skill set i have, which is comedy, in helping something that is much more importahant tn that. >> still ahead -- taylor breaking records. she's
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from pink to gwen, we'll real ve -- reveal some of the greatest hits. >> we've been inspired. >>nd these bizarre foods. >> i'm about to dig into the rear end of a turkey. >> mm-hmm. >> closed captioning provided by:
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shatters the competition.
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it's been a rough 24 hours for justin bieber, but you know what? good news. he can smile today because his "despacito" collaboration has spent 16 weeks on the top 100 chart. it's tying mariah carey. nischelle turner has danced her way into position. justin not the only one breaking records today. >> look what you made taylor swift do. >> there's a bunch of people. >> good point. the video was the biggest debut of any video. 43.2 million views in only 24 hours, but is it the best clapback song of all time? let's break down music's best diss track. >> you won't see us complaining. we're having a good time. ♪ you were my sun you were my earth ♪ >> with the demise of his three-year relationship with britney, came the most iconic song of justin's career, 2002's "cry me a river." ♪ cry me a river >> from the silhou oettef the spears lookalike to putting alleged infidelity on blast. ♪ i already know, i found out from him ♪ >> justin left little for interpretation, despite never actually admitting publicly who the wsongas about. ♪ i heard that you were talking and you didn't think that i
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would hear it ♪ >> gwen stefani wrote her 2005 hit, "hollaback girl," after courtney love was quoted as saying, "being famous is just like being in high school, but i'm not interested in being the cheerleader. i'm not interested in being gwen stefani." >> well gwen flipped the script with an infectious high-school style chant giving her the last word. ♪ bananas >> its been a long road, and it's been up and down and all around. ♪ >> vma's vanguard winner, pink, unleashed a huge rebel yell with her 2006 grammy nominated hit, "stupid girls." ♪ stupid girl >> she parodied both jessica mpsis son'se"thets boo m areade folkr wain'" video and paris hilton's sex tape. the message? well it's pretty straight forward. ♪ i dont want to be a stupid girl ♪ >> it's open for your own interpretation. that's what i like to do with songs. ♪ why you so obsessed me
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>> and in 2009, mariah denied rapper eminem's claims of a hookup in the most epic of ways. ♪ lyin' that you're sexin' me when everybody knows ♪ >> "obsessed" featured an eminem doppelganger, who is actually mariah, and mimi leaves him brokenhearted in front of her shrine. >> it could be about whoever whoever is obsessed with me. i don't know. >> those are all good, but i have to add a couple to the list. alanis morrisette, 'you ought to know," and they come from the world of hip-hop. it's nothing but love between the backstreet boys and florida georgia line, and only we were backstage with the guys before their cmt cross roads special in nashville. ♪ ♪ oh, my god we're back again >> we are family now, you know? >> and it's a heck of a party. it's a lot of fun. it's a lot of fun. ♪ everybody, yeah >> this isn't the first time these two groups have teamed up on stage. they performed their collaboration, "god, your mama, and me," at the acm awards in april. ♪ god, your mama and me
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>> that song earned the backstreet boys their first ever number one country hit. so how did these guys connect in the first place? >> it was my assistant at the time kind of got to know you and your team. next thing you know me and nick are on a telephone call and he's headed to nashville to come visit. >> yeah. >> these guys have become brothers in a lot of different ways and mentors and dance coaches at times. >> tomorrow's one-hour special will feature nine songs, including backstreet boys' "i want it that way" and "as long as you love me" and florida georgia line's "h.o.l.y." and "cruise." >> right now florida georgia's line is on tour while bareckstet boys is continuing their vegas residency and working on their tenth album which may include more of this pop-country partnership. >> i feel like a lot of the
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possibly. holler down the road. ♪ ♪ back street's back all right well, it works, so why not right? somebody else at a cross roads. for an entirely different reason, our own cameron mathison with a new "can cam" challenge. >> so i thought if andrew zimmern could try bizarre foods so could i? it sounded a lot better in my head. >> we're going to start here at the marketplace, and i know that i can handle everything that andrew is going to throw at me, but the big question is whether my stomach can. >> we're going to go over to the food hall and put you to the test. >> oh boy. >> the menu at the marketplace changes daily, so what we were about to w eatas a surprise even for andrew. >> time to order some chow. we're getting the fermented pork sausage. >> fun fact. fermented means practically rotten, which andrew admits even he found tough to take early in his career. >> i just -- i had trouble taking a bite or two and later on developed quite a taste f
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>> so it was time for me to take the first step in my culinary misadventure. >> is that too much? >> i wouldn't take that much. >> yeah, that was a little bit too much. i had a little bit too much spice for me. >> next course, a turkey tail. >> i am about to dig into the rear end of a turkey. >> it's fatty and gelatinous. >> i guess i am a butt man. >> so far so good. going in to our next stop, andrew's favorite place in minneapolis, the family owned quang restaurant, for the grand finale. >> this is a pig's foot, and everything on here is edible except for the bone. and i'm going in. wish me luck. >> proud of him. >> thank you very much. >> at this point, it's up to you really. was this a cam can or a cam can't? your call. >> it's a big cam can.
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>> yeah, you did it. how did you feel after? >> i was paying for it on the flight. i have to be honest. i'm careful with what i eat normally, and it was tasty, but it got to me. >> you won't be coming over to the house for tripe pig feet. >> not happening. >> that's why heo 's shealthy. coming up, demi lovato and britney spears strip down. we'll explain next.
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well, before we go, we all know what britney spears and demi lovato look like all dolled up, but guess what? they look even better without makeup. >> they're beautiful women. >> demi posting her natural look after receiving her blue belt in jujitsu. i see you, girl. >> impressive. >> then a pouty britney spears with her, quote, unglammed morning coffee at home look, and she adds that's if you don't count the left over mascara under my left eye. we all feel you, girl. >> when i have mascara on, it's a mess. >> good-bye, everyone.
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the supplies. number one, let me assure that it is going to be improved today. >> can you guarantee the supply chains of food, walter cots are going to get through off to the center in time for the folks. >> we made request on fema for 10,000 cots and additional supplies. we have said we need them to get here as soon as possible. >> city officials say they're aware of the needs here at the convention center, and plan to ease the pressure by sending hundreds of the people to other shelters. city officials told us they plan to open three more shelters, sometime today. but norah, so far, no word, where, or when, they'll start take in the people. the latest on the emergency response and rescue efforts on "cbs this morning."


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