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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 12, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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plus hbo for one year and multi-room dvr service for two years, all with a two-year agreement. and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early termination fee. go to tonight -- is george clooney done with being a leading man? >> got co-keepti putng a softer lens onton the camera. >> oh, really? then, the jolie-pitt kids pick up for toronto. her plan to return to acting. plus, an in faris and chris pratt's weekend with their
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split. then, a-rod's dad dance moves at j. lo's concert? how kristen bell is helping hurricane victims. olivia newton-john's new interview. and victoria beckham's mother-son bond. >> i'm like, hey, gez what? i'm coming back. > now for september 11, 017, this is "entertainment tonight." >> george clooney, jennifer lawrence, angelina jolie. the stars are deskrending. cameron mathison is there. >> yeah, nancy. let's start with mr. clooney. he was without amal and the twins. they are never far from his mind. is the family here with you? >> no, i'm in l.a. i face-timed with them a few minutes ago. >> reporter: over 2,000 miles away, but never out of sight.
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george hit his toronto premier solo. one week after amal and their 3-month-old twins, ella and alexander, tagged along to venice. and while there's a definitive plus side -- >> no bar of. i cleaned out the barf before i came out. >> reporter: that doesn't make the 56-year-old first-time dad immune to working parent guilt. i bounce between feeling guilty as a dad and enjoying the night off. >> if i don't get up, i feel guilty. my wife is up nursing every three hours. it's a lot of work. but it's fun, man. >> reporter: in toronto, to promote his directorial thriller, "suburbicon" george made the most of his one night away. hitting the party circuit, clooney reunited with friend and former co-star nicole kidman. it was nearly 20 years ago in 1997 they premiered their action film, "the peacemaker." check them out then and now. and george says he's now looking beyond his quintessential leading man roles, telling "the hollywood reporter" quote, nobody wants to see me kiss the girl.
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career over a long period of time and figure out what's best to do. i'm looking for different kinds of roles now. >> reporter: okay, different roels, i get it. we keep wanting to see you. >> you have to keep putting a softer lens on the camera. >> really? >> yeah, right. mr. modesty. george is not the only movie star taking over toronto. as angelina jolie and 4 of her 6 kids made their first red carpet appearance since her split from brad. >> reporter: congratulations on both films here. >> thank you. >> reporter: angelina was simply beaming. in all white, arriving with the kids. the proud mom ensured they posed like pros before she snapped selfies for fans. it was all for a screening for the jolie-financed animated film, "the breadwinner," which is set in afghanistan. 11-year-old shiloh made sure to shake hands with the movie's young star. >> very important for afghanistan and the world. >> reporter: later, at another
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took pics. >> angelina. >> reporter: inside, she reflected on how she took a backseat from acting and wants to do more movies for her children. she and brad are still in the process of finalizing their divorce, which was slowed down for the sake of the kids. she'll likely return to the big screen in the "maleficent" sequel expected to shoot later this year. >> how are you doing these days? >> i'm very good. thank you. >> reporter: missing from this event? 13-year-old son pax, and 16-year-old maddox. he helped produce his mom's film, "first they killed my father." that screens tonight at the festival before hitting netflix on friday. >> and i will be speaking with angelina tonight at the red carpet premier and have that for you tomorrow. right now, let's talk chris pratt and anna faris, who are really showing a united front when it comes to their son jack. they announced their legal separation a month ago. they're as devoted as ever to their 5-year-old son. anna looking thinner than we're used to
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saturday with jack and friends at a local carnival in l.a. a source tells us jack looked very happy. how is she doing? >> she has so much love and support on the side of mom. she's a courageous, strong girl. very professional. >> reporter: meanwhile, chris spent sunday with jack, going to church and taking a stroll, complete are snax. anna's co-star and tv mom, n lisoeyjann gave me an update while at the premier of the new movie, i tanya. >> we love them both. it's sad when people you love have to go separate ways. we love them both and support them both. >> reporter: good to see how much love and support they're getting through this difficult time. meanwhile, it was all love and admiration for jennifer lawrence and her director/boyfriend darren
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>> his point of view is artistic. the uniqueness. heus's jt brilliant. he's incredibly instinctual. >> reporter: the 27-year-old beauty sparkling, gushing over her director boyfriend of one year. >> he has pictures of you in his luggage. >> what were you doing in her luggage? >> reporter: working with partner in the best of circumstances can be difficult. how were you able to navigate the work relationship? was it tricky? >> no, she's the character and between cuts, these jennifer lawrence again. she's a once in a genioeratn talent. reporter: she's been enjoys her press blitz with her man and her co-stars. she's hoping to get girl time with one of her a-list besties. emma stone is here. >> we have had a chance to say hi. we wereng
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together until we realized it would be a horrible idea. but -- i think we're going to hang out in new york tomorrow instead. >> reporter: well, emma a, by the way, was hanging out with billie jean king at the u.s. open. emma is playing her in the upcoming movie. we're sitting down the talk with emma later in the week. and i got a red carpet and a premier to get to. i have to get going. back to you guys. >> a little premier. >> that one with angelina. >> just a little one. >> okay. well, a very busy weekend. >> loving the mirror. we like it. we're starting at the premier of mother monster's new documentary, gaga 5'2". kicking off tonight's edition of know and tell. gaga is a custom blazer designed by her sister turned the street into a cat walk at the premier about her life.
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>> for this. >> reporter: she arrived in toronto with her boyfriend of nine months. >> offstage and ask your boyfriend how your performance was in a sweet, vulnerable way. >> it's not just about being my boyfriend. i ask that of many people in my life and my family. all the time. >> next up, vegas, where a-rod was front and center for ifjennoper lez's return to the stage. ♪ on the floor >> check him out. dancing. lip-syncing. and oh, that finger point. e showed off his dad moves alongside his daughters natasha and ella. who were also clearly having a blast. 9-year-old ella got an impromptu sing along backstage. ♪ oh and finally, selena and the
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relationship farther. the couple of nine months are now living together in greenwich village. selena is working on a film. we're told the move is not permanent and selena considers l.a. home. ♪ oh >> it's just for the weekend then, huh? >> that was corny. i loved it. >> well, coming up next, kristen bi bell rides out -- rides out the hurricane with 200 of her new bffs. how she saved the the day for her co-star's family. and olivia newton-john's new cancer revelations. >> the pain is the hardest thing. it's agonizing. i can walk. i can't go long distances.
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tronger* in just 3 minutes. so it's smoother every day. because strong is beautiful. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] all right. >> janet jackson breaking down while singing her song, "what about" in houston saturday night. a source tells us that she was so overcome with emotion after visiting the shelter for the victims of hurricane harvey the day before. can you imagine having to go perform right after you have seen all the destruction? >> we know it touched her. we saw the video. i can imagine how heartbreaking that was. for beyonce, as well. she returned to her hometown, as well. to help serve food along with her daughter. the stars joining forces and also in florida. where kristen bell is being given so much love. ♪
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forever ♪ >> reporter: talk about stepping up. kristen belted out "frozen" tunes to 020 evacuees holed up at a middle school in florida as irma approached. ♪ednessing through the night you better be dancing. >> reporter: kristen, who is in florida, to film a movie, is waiting out the storm in an orlando hotel. where she spent time with seniors. called a few games of bingo and tweeted to her hubby, i hope you understand, i'm powerless over man who serenades me. ♪ i like >> reporter: her charity was just beginning. when she heard the parents of her "frozen" co-star josh gad were stranded, she found help a room at her hotel. josh tweeted, thank you,
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you're an angel. another actress family in the path,,enfor carpenter. her grandmother and aunter we ready to ride out the storm? a closet until kristen stepped in. >> i thought, i'll call kristen, maybe they could sleep in the hallway. a few minutes later, after i reached out to her, she had a room for them. and, you help those that you can. you just have to do your best and -- i was just so grateful that she did her best for us. >> i have always loved her. now i will have her etch more. >> all those times i said, i didn't want to hear "let it go yts anymore. i take it back. still ahead, olivia newton-john's new breast cancer fears. how she's finding strength. what she says about her prognosis today. then, sinead o'connor in crisis. how dr. phil is helping the singer. >> my entire life is revolving nd
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>> i think this could have gone real bad, real soon. closed captioning provided by --
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beautiful. people and faces. they're so -- sweet. >> i find myself staring at them. i really -- >> we are, too. brooke shields, just like us. in all of the bevy of beauties at "harper's bazaar" party. all the people of new york are there for the fashion week. including our own keltie knight. >> i got a front row look
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perfection. this is vicker toy's tenth time bringing her collection to new york city. she got the support of her husband, david, and her first born, brooklyn, who now calls the big apple her e home. thank you for inviting us in. what sit like to have david and brooklyn here supporting you? mgts we like to supporth eac other. i'm proud of brooklyn. >> we saw the instagrams. you getting emotional with him heading off to college. are you okay? >> i'm still not okay. am i ever going to be okay? >> i don't think so. >> just when you think, finally, time on my own. i'm like, hey, guess what? i'm coming back. >> the beckham boys were front row. call it power dressing with a feminine touch. oversized blazers with pockets big enough to fit your clutch. and this red sparkly flat is a secret shoutout to daughter, harper. >> i said, you know
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look at this shoe that mummy's made for her show. she said, oh mirks goodness. i need that shoe. mummy, i really, really need that shoe. fashion should be fun. it's about finding new ways to wear things. >> she's extremely hands on with her line. looking back at her spice girls days, does she have regrets? >> i look at what i've worn this the past. it makes me smile. part of growing up is trying new things. some things work. some thing don't. >> and as for the future. you to think there's time for you the hop on to television like "american idol "? >> no. i couldn't. i love what i do. i can create fashion and makeup. i do not want to do what you do. i don't know how you do it. i don't know how you do it. i can't bear watching myself. i don't want to hear myself talking. no, not for me. >> i could watch her all day
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tomorrow, more from my conversation with victoria beckham. includinging the the secret to her 18-year marriage to david beckham. >> i look forward to hearing that. thank you very much. and switching gears to olivia newton-john. after being diagnosed with cancer for the second time, the 68-year-old is facing the fears head on. >> i need to get through this. of course it's scary. i would be lying if i said it wasn't scary. it was. i felt very suret thai would get through it. >> olivia thought at first she had back pain. in may, she released this statement. the back pain has turned out the be breast cancer that has metastasized. in a new interview, she reveals just how hard it's been waging this second battle. >> the pain was the hardest thing. trying to do shows. it was pretty agonizing. ♪
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ep>> rorter: her life was turned upside down with the first diagnosis in 1992. after chemotherapy and a partial mastectomy, she thought she had beaten the disease. in her new interview, she says the disease has reduced her mobility. >> i want to play tennis again. i can walk. i kbt go long distances. i'll get there. i couldn't walk at all a month or so ago. >> reporter: she's using medical marijuana her husband, john, grows to combat her pain. when asked about her prognosis, she says she wants to focus on getting better. >> i will. and i'll be fine. there have been a lot of women that have had recurrences. and continue on with their lives to be old ladies. that's my -- that's my vision. >> and that is our hope for you, as well. now to kevin frazier on location at cbs 3 in
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phil interview. >> tomorrow, dr. phil will air a rare and emotional interview with sinead o'connor. she's attempted suicide on multiple occasions. it was sinead who went to dr. phil. >> my entire life is revolving around just not dying, and that's not living. >> i see this iconic talent alone in the middle of the night in a hotel room in new jersey. it's like hitting bottom. >> reporter: the 12 1/2 minute video made headline last month. it illustrated the singer's struggles with mental illness. >> she says she attempted suicide eight times in one year. >> i don't want to die. i want to stay alive. >> we were able in 24 hours to get her out of a motel room alone in the middle of the night crying to a
2:01 am
facility in the rolling hills of tennessee. >> now, she shares the details of her breakdown in an interview with dr. phil. >> i took an overdose. i wrote my suicide note on it. >> reporter: would she have died without your help? >> think this could have gone real bad, real soon. >> reporter: dr. phil said she's been in treatment for a little over a month. there are those days where, it gets rough. she will get combative. she'll leave treatment but he says, she always comes back. >> we certainly wish her the best. thank you, kevin. coming up, a "this is us" star's emotional words to his designing wife. next.
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♪ feez four lonely walls have changed the way i feel ♪ ♪ the way i feel i'm standing still ♪
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♪ running running running running running running running running for myself no more ♪ >> the new fragrance. promo considerations provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." how is stephen colbert opening the emmys? >> that's excitement. that will make some news. >> what he has planned to be the host with the most. >> tune in to see if i say something that gets me fired. >> tomorrow, on "e.t." all right, before we go, it was great night for jarmes corden. he won for car pool karaoke. >> it was a g
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melissa mccarthy. her second emmy, this time, for hosting "snl." >> listen, this got me. not a dry eye in the house after gerald mcraney took home his first emmy for guest actor in a drama series. the tear came from his wife, delta burke. she couldn't stop. >> i want to thank my sweet, blew-eyed inspiration. my darling delta. without whom i literally would not be here. i think it even surprised her just how much it meant to her. she's been pulling for me for 30 years now. so -- yeah. it was a lot. >> is this your first win? >> bye, everybody. >> bye.
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the neighborhood took a beating. >> we are, quite amazed at all of the, major trees that are down. been through a couple hurricanes before. nothing like this experience. >> almost all of the county's 300,000 residents are without power. downed trees and power lines, barricaded streets. and pose aid threat to homeowners anxious to see what is left. on marco island, the clean-up has begun. but the lack of electricity and water is slowing the process. farther east, the farming community, america's tomato capital turned into a flood zone. many residents like deborah estrada are migrant farmers who feel they have been left on their own. >> nobody is out here trying to help, water, anything. you know, they don't know if we need anything. >> most of the county has the dried out. just north here in bonita springs, that is a different case.


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