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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 14, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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lies to investigators. wallen, pregnant, four months. tessier believed to be the father. the two talking about marriage, but tessier also recently engaged to another woman. texts on his phone indicating she may have found out. lying about ditching her car, and sending fake texts to her family. at wild lake high school, where wallen was a teacher last night, shattered students were in disbelief. >> how could you be possessed with so much hate to take a soul that means so much to people? like look around you. look around you. >> in this senseless tragedy with the murder of our daughter, i want to also speak to the beauty and kindness of humanity, and all the wonderful people that have lifted us up. >> reporter: tessier is suspected of luring laura to that farm, th
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he allegedly told others that he wanted to buy a lot, and build a home there for the family to be. that's how he got her it to go to the farm, instead, he allegedly killed her there, and that place became her gravesite. his cell phone records put him both at the farm where the body was found yesterday, and a location where her car was dumped. tessier said nothing in court today. the judge ordered him held without bail. reporting live in rockville, scott broom wusa9. >> we're thinking of her friends and family tonight. investigators found wallier's body in that shallow grave yesterday. they have not determined yet how she was killed. tessier's news conference has got a lot of you asking questions on our facebook page. so we brought in a body language expert
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we all saw. a uniform security guard shot a man after approaching him about two dogs that weren't on a leash. this happened outside the gum spring community center near richmond highway. investigators say the situation between the guard and the man escalated and that's when the guard fired one shot. the man then got into his car and drove off. police tracked him down, and found him less than a a mile away where he was laying outside. doctors are now treating him at the hospital. president trump getting a firsthand look today at the hurricane relief efforts underway in florida. the president joined by the first lady, and vice president pence as they served food to people in naples, florida. earlier, the president met with first responders in fort myers, and promised everything is being done to restore power to that area. >> way ahead of schedule. there are more electrical people in this state, i think than ever accumulated ever in
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before. >> another nursing home was evacuated in broward county, florida, comes after eight patients died in a nursing home that was without air conditioning in nearby hollywood, florida. a criminal investigation is underway. meanwhile, we've got a few storms popping up on doppler radar. a real weird weather day. raining one minute, drizzling the next. cloudy, sunny, we're all over the place. >> actually, all in all, not so bad. this is a little ghost of irma here. a couple of showers and storms we're following. one, this is the southwest of leesburg. this has weakened actually over the past 30 minutes, it was never severe, but had some heavy rain in it. poolsville, 5:33. maybe all the way to soccerplex if it holds together. this is growing a bit. this is moving off to the north and the west. it's moving away from nats park, which is actually good. so we'll keep a slight chance of a shower in for the game. 74l in all pretty nice.
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the braves and try to win a game. break our little streak here. so future cast goes like this. 6:00a.m., clouds, a little patchy fog, but a dry commute. 67 to start downtown. 65 in buoy. and 63 in fredericksburg. by 8:00, we're still in the 60s. more sun back to the west. by 9:30, we're up to 70 downtown, and 68 in la plata. we'll come back, and take you through tomorrow evening. and have the latest on jose. we're used to marches and rallies in d.c., but this weekend, it's going to be a little different. fans of the rap rock group the insane clown posse, juggalos, as they're known, will be demonstrating on the national mall. they're protesting the fbi for classifying them as a hybrid gang, and just to make things a little more interesting, there will also be an alt right gathering, called the mother of all railies, and a counterprotest to that. so who
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insane clown posse, and just what is a juggalo? we send sarah konsmo to find out. >> reporter: what is the insane clown posse? >> it's kind of weird. i don't understand the whole goal of it. >> i think it is a modern day clown revolution. they're tired of doing birthday parties. they want more respect. >> reporter: not exactly. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: it is a music group, and their fans are known as juggalos, and juggalettes. they expect crowds more than 3,000. here's a sampling of their music. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: more than just music, some say it's a subculture. the insane clown posse is known for huge, and annual rowdy gatherings with carnival themes. in this inspirational video for marchers, they're making it clear this is a serious marc
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not a time to party. >> don't give them what they want. don't be drunk, don't be belligerent. >> reporter: why did the fbi call them a gang? the group and their fans were labeled a hybrid gang in 2011. >> juggalos ain't any kind of criminal organization whatsoever. >> reporter: there was a string of crimes by fans with tatoos of the group's logo. but the music group says it never endorsed, or had any role to play in that violence. why should people care about the insane clown posse's problems? the group says it's a freedom of of speech issue. >> what if your band is next? what if all of a sudden, you're labeled an official gang member, because you you listen to that music you love? >> reporter: they call it discrimination based on musical taste, and even if you're musical tastes are different, it's something they're marching to change. at lincoln memorial, sarah konsmo, wusa9. >> particulate of that rally will include a concert at
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lincoln memorial. students and staff at francis c hammond middle school in alexandria are back at school this week, and the story we're going to bring you is one that you're not going to hear anywhere else. >> one of the kids in my home room said it best. how would you feel if you couldn't feed your kids? if your nieces and nephews, and your husband's wives couldn't eat. we need this. we need to be able to feed the kids, to feed the children, and we need to take care of each other, in whatever small way we can. >> 80% of the students at that middle school live at or below the poverty line. when the weekend comes, they don't always have enough food to get by. it's a huge problem. but you know what? it's one that we're going to take own together. we teamed up with the united way to help fund the school's meal program. here's a live look upstairs at wusa9. for just a few dollars, we
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send students home for the weekend with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. if you want to donate, or if you just have to more questions about the program, or maybe you want to get involved, here's the number. 212-895-5960. our phone bank is going to run until 8:00 tonight. you want to join us for impact, feeding our children tonight, from 7:00 to 8:00. throughout that hour, we're going to show you how to support these kids, and what the community is going to do to step up and make a difference, and how we want to be a part of impacting their lives for positive change. you can also watch the stories that we've been doing here throughout the week, at switching gears, what has four legs, a big ugly tail, and has thousands of people calling to complain about them? more on the rise of rats on the streets of d.c. >> has president trump made a deal with democrats to keep the dreamers
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maybe so, maybe not. >> and big rig times three. why i'm a lawyer, and i have clients, and i am proud to do what i do on behalf of my clients. narrator: the clients john adams and his team are so proud to work for? banks accused of money laundering. big corporations accused of defrauding taxpayers. and mortgage lenders accused of unfairly foreclosing on homes. now he wants to be attorney general. john adams: the best attorney general the powerful and well-connected can buy. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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president trump is denying he's reached a deal with democrats to preserve protections for young immigrants living illegally in america. that contradicts a statement from chuck schumer, and nancy pelosi. they say they've got assurances that the daca dinner was safe, during a dinner with the president yesterday. so deal or no deal? depends on who you talk to. >> it was a very, very positive step for the president to to commit to daca protections without insisting on the abclusion of, or even a debate
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the president and the chief of staff called me from air force one today to discuss what was discussed. and it was a discussion. not an agreement, or negotiation. >> the president stunned republicans when he made a deal with democrats last week on the debt ceiling. the president now has to convince conservatives who have wholeheartedly supported him so far, convince them that his goals have not changed. so d.c. has got a hairy, stinky, disgusting rat problem. >> is this news? more than 3200 people have called d.c.'s 311 hotline this fiscal year, complaining about rats. that's up 64% from 2015. this is all according to the health department reported by our partners at "the washington post." the post cites a number of factors for the rise in rodents. we've got more people. we've got more bars and restaurants. you know what that means. more tracker. plus more rats
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through the winter, due to milder temps. yuck. >> this is where we wish for a cold winter? >> maybe we should. >> kill them off. topper's tracking a few storms on live doppler radar. probably not tracking any blizzards just yet. we'll have a few more showers tomorrow, apparently, he'll break it down for us at the break. >> these tractor trailers driving way too close together today. why it's all part of a move towards driverless trucks. >> and for just a few dollars, you can help make sure students in our area have enough to eat. if you want to donate, here's the number. 202-895-5560.
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he's our pediatrician, dr. ralph northam. born and raised in rural virginia
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trained at johns hopkins. an army doctor who treated soldiers seriously wounded in the gulf war. eighteen years as volunteer medical director of a children's hospice. as lt. governor, he's fighting to expand healthcare in virginia. he'll get it done as governor. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, and we need to provide access to affordable healthcare for all virginians, not take it away.
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c1 so maybe you ran into this, a platoon of three huge trucks today, they were traveling close to each other. these big rigs are part of a transportation experiment, and you may soon see more of them driving on roads across the country. bruce leshan has the latest on the short road to driverless trucks. >> reporter: it is called platooning. lashing two, three,
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trucks together electronically, and then sending them down the road, one right after the other. >> i like it. >> you like it. >> i like it. >> lets you follow a lot closer. >> it's less stuff i've got to do. just sit back and drive. >> i've never been in a truck like this before, but one thing that is super cool about being a reporter, is you get to go for rides. even if the truck is somewhat under the control of the vehicle in front of it. crazy. >> reporter: under police escort, and the help of the federal highway administration, the three big rigs zoomed up route 28 in centreville, with most other drivers probably unaware of what was going on. >> especially if two of them aren't like being manually driven. yikes. >> reporter: the truck platooning system relies on radar, something called cooperative adaptive cruise control, as well as vehicle
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vehicle electronic communication. it is not steering the truck yet. but if someone cuts into the convoy, it will apply the brakes. >> you could really feel it, it gives you a little jar. >> reporter: and they say truck platooning will allow big rigs to drive so close together, it could double road capacity. >> opposed to building bigger highways. >> reporter: save fuel, reduce pollution, and all they say while improving safety. >> there's still a lot that needs to be done to educate motorists. >> reporter: on the road in centreville, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> federal highway administration officials say we may every day truck platooning. yeah, on our roads in as little as a year. >> we may see a driver just in bee lead truck, and the trucks
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>> interesting. we told you all this week about this project we're doing called impact. >> we want to make sure no child goes to bed, or to school hungry. we set up a phone bank to help raise awareness and money for francis c. hammond middle school. >> reporter: hi there. you know, 80% of the children at francis c. hammond live at or below the poverty line, so many of them experience what's called food insecurity. so they may not know where they're next meal is coming from. it's my belief that when one child goes hungry, we all ought to feel that, because we all belong to each other. so we've got a responsibility to do our part. we want these phones to ring off the hook. the number is 202-895-5560 to help raise money for these weekend backpack meals. i'm going to tell you how much we've done so far, $8,212. that's 2466 meals which is fantastic. but we want to
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hey, why don't we get to 10,000 by the end of the 5:00 newscast. erica, you've been here all day, listening to calls, and you've got someone who donated more than just money to our weekend backpack effort. >> absolutely, we had a family call in, and the woman not only want today make a donation for today, but her and her husband wanted to commit to providing a child a sponsorship for the entire year. >> reporter: fantastic. don't let me keep you from that phone. he we want r -- we want to take all of your phone calls. these are the bags we assembled over the summer. there's oatmeal. they had ramen, some tuna, some rice, fruit snacks. all kinds of interesting things. and then of course juice boxes. the whole idea is to make sure these are things the kids can prepare for themselves, because many of their parents are working. this needed to be easy for them. and these are really crucial lifelines for a lot of these kids, because it helps to provide meals on the week
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have access to them. so everything you give, whether it's $5, $10, we've gotten two $500 donationses. we'd love to do more than that. every donation we've had today, whether it's been big or small is going to make an impact. so, let's keep them working. 202-895-5560. and i'm going to send it back down to you adam and deb. thank you, leslie. that's a great project. i was just up there doing an instagram. a live look outside. we're looking at a little bit of sunshine. not a bad evening really, 79, dew points back in the 60s. there are a couple of showers out there. we've been watching this. watch how this dies. it's western loudoun county, and then just dies out completely. we have this one developing a little stronger near fedex, in between fedex and nationals park. these showers popped up too just in the last 30 minutes around woodstock, headed toward front royal, and we'll zoom into this
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it's actually weakened a little bit, but it's spread out a bit. it's kind of drifting off to the north and to the east. we're going to keep a chance of a shower or a thunderstorm in early, maybe until 9:00 or so. do not anticipate anything severe. bus stop temps 62, to 74. a nice finish to the week. i only have an isolated shower in tomorrow. the weekend looks good. warm, just an isolated shower. right now, no day seems to be better than the other. about equal chances, and they're few and far between. 80s are setting up at the camp. 84 sunday, monday, and tuesday. our average high is dipping down to 80 degrees. so a little above average for a while, we'll take it. okay, 6:00 tonight. 6:30 tonight, some showers. in future cast, a little overdown here. over aggressive. by morning, boom, they're gone. leftover clouds, maybe a little patchy fog. 62 in gaithersburg. maybe 64, 65 in
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hours. lunchtime, some showers will fire out to the west of us, but i think we're going to be all right. you can walk to lunch tomorrow. i think even high school football will be all right, with temperatures in the upper 70s, to around 80. just a slight chance of a light passing shower. the day planner goes like this. upper 60s to start. 76 by 11:00, and 80 by 1:00. all right now saturday, isolated storm 85. sunday, isolated storm 84. both pretty good days. monday now, we're going to dry it out. dry monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. back to 86 on thursday. there could be some, if you're going to the beach, i know it's september, but some folks still go. could be rip currents from thunderstorm jose. thanks topper. the mother of a 2-year-old has now been charged in a shooting that injured a 4-year-old girl. the 2-year-old boy shot the 4- year-old girl with an unsecured gun in the backseat of a car at a truck stop in falkier county. the li
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okay. the big question was how did a 2-year-old get ahead of a gun? destiny beach is now charged with firearm neglect. still ahead, we will tell you about some world champion ice skaters, amend how a new type of training could earn them a spot in the olympics. >> equifax is facing more prob
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to tonight's consumer alert. apple is getting sued because their beats headphones are quote shoddy. that's what the lawsuit says. five plaintiffs say they don't resist sweat and water like they're marketed to do. so the lawsuit says the headphones are made too cheap. they cost around $1,-- $17 to make, but they retail at $200. shake shack has created two new milkshakes for the relaunch of the show will and grace. there's the jack and the karen, that's made with preseco, and strawberry custard. the will and grace
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marshmallow custard, with hot fudge. i'll take that too. oh, wait, they're $6. and only available in new york and los angeles. that is wrong. they should be available here too. i hope someone is watching. the proceeds go to charity. more than 100 celebrities holding a telethon to raise money for those affected by hurricane irma and harvey. we're starting to get an idea of how much they made. $44. it aired live on 15 networks and 150 radio stations nationwide. donations are still being taken on the phone, and online. if you want to give, that information is online and on our app. equifax is under pressure to explain how hackers stole information.
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on social media people started posting pictures of error messages from equifax's website. so many people are trying to freeze their accounts, their systems just can't support it. so today in a rare move, the federal trade comission said they were investigating. two states, massachusetts, and new york, are considering lawsuits against equifax. that's wusa9 news at 5:00. the news at 5:30 starts right now. we're used to telling you about problems in our community but this time, we're going to take it another step. we wanted to see what could happen if a group of journalists teamed up with the community. >> we can take care of kids in virginia, and i'm worried because, they need to eat. >> miss kb as the students like to call
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teachers there at francis c. hammond middle school. she calls the students her kids. it was pretty clear how much she and the other staff care about all those students. so imagine how they feel, knowing sometimes that those students don't have enough to eat. you see, at hammond, 80% of the students live at or below the poverty line. now the school is doing all it can to get its food in the hands of their students, but they just don't have enough resourceses to reach everyone. so when we asked for help to make an impact for these students, the community stepped up in ways we've never expected. here's more of our impact series from our own lesli foster and other members of our wusa9 team. ♪ [ music ] >> she'd like to say a couple of words to you guys. >> good afternoon, everyone. i first want to say thank you so much for being here with us this evening. the support that we've received is overwhelming where we have people just waiting to get


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