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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 27, 2017 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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♪ tonight, kevin hart after the cheating scandal. >> no married man should come home after 12:00. shut it down. >> will his pregnant wife leave him? how she's coping behind closed doors. then, "fixer upper" over. >> this chapter of our lives is coming to an end. >> why chip and joanna gaines are stopping production on their
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insanely popular show. and then the stars of "this is us." how playing tv's most romantic characters is hurting their real love lives. >> jack's not real. plus, behind the scenes with michael weatherly having way too much fun on the set of "bull." and which of ryan gosling's roles got harrison ford's highest praise? >> it still isn't over. >> i really admire what he's done. >> do i get a copy of this? you've heard the rumors of chip and joanna gaines headed for divorce. is that why they're suddenly ending "fixer upper"? that story is just minutes away. first, kevin hart back to work on his new movie, "night school." what about his marriage? will it survive his cheating and extortion scandal? we have the new intel. >> all right, there we go. look. we're shooting a scene where my eyebrows got blown off. see that? >> that's kevin hart in atlanta today. upbeat and on the set of his new movie.
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>> hah. when i tell you the comedy just gets better, it gets better. >> reporter: hart was joking, smiling, and no doubt relieved. a source tells "e.t." he and his eight months' pregnant wife eniko are keeping a united front after hart was targeted by an unidentified extortionist. aiming to have a sexually incriminating video. still, that source says there is ree great because kevin embarrassed eniko at her most vulnerable time. >> i'm not perfect. i made a bad error in judgment and put myself in an environment where only bad things can happen. and they did. >> reporter: the source also says eniko's support for kevin should not be seen as a sign that she was not upset. about the sec scan -- sex scandal. of course she's mad, a source says. wouldn't you be? addiheng s let him have it. but she's not leaving. we also learned an extravagant baby shower is in the works. there's news about the other woman in all this. montia sabbag held a press conference last week. >> i am not an extortionist. i'm not a stripper. i'm a recording artist and an actor.
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>> reporter: she says she's a victim, as well. her attorney tells us they've been in touch with law enforcement and are preparing a statement for investigators. >> so the harts are going to be okay. and while eniko is justifiably upset, she is not going to let that stop her from living her life. there she is with her squad at a performance of "hamilton" in hollywood. that's love. >> that's girlfriend support. on to the big tv news today. chip and joanna gaines are pulling the plug on "fixer upper." even though it's still the number one show on hgtv. are their rumored marital troubles to blame? >> y'all have become a big part of our lives. you have invited us into your living room. >> jo jo, back here, babe. >> the last five years, this has been our life, this show, the crew here. um -- >> they've become like family. >> reporter: more than 3 million watch each week. and the show helped make chip and joanna worth an estimated
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but the big question is why end the "fixer upper" series? according to the couple, it's all about their four kids. >> we're a family. our beautiful children are growing up so quickly. drake is almost a teenager. i think the idea that we get to kind of step back, get some rest, but also just hunker down with our kiddos. >> reporter: holding hands in their waco, texas, home, chip and joanna made the announcement with tthhis ree-minute video and statement explaining their plan is to strengthen the spots that are weak, rest the places that are tired, and give lots of love and attention to both our family and our businesses. >> i think he's still the star of the show. i think that's -- whatever. >> yeah, right. don't be dumb. >> who is the star of the show? >> i say you both are. >> reporter: of course, many wonder if the couple's 14-year marriage is starting to crumble. >> the reality side of this business both strengthened our marriage and caused some real, you know, issues. >> reporter: the nre'so indication of a breakup. and as for the future, the gaineses still have more than
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seven furniture and decorating lines. two bed and breakfasts. a real estate agency and a successful store. chip also has a new book coming out in three weeks. >> our first priority before all of this was our children and our marriage. this is the most important. >> and we also can't forget, her "fixer upper" spin-off, "behind the design." you can look for that in the spring. cameron's with me after last night's "dancing with the stars." it was a tough night. >> it was. it does not take long to get hooked on the new cast. but yes, it's been a grueling week, by the way. stars not only trying to survive the judges but trying to make it through their injuries. ♪ >> it was like watching ava gardner at her sultriest with a little bit of jessica rabbitt. for good measure. ♪ >> reporter: dancing through the literal blood, sweat, and tears of her injured toe. >> oh, it hurts. >> reporter: in this week's marital danceoff, vanessa and maks came out on top.
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first place alongside victoria arlen and jordan fisher. nick lachey and peta, meanwhile, had the second lowest score of the night. a 19. hoping to avoid barbara corcoran's fate as there is another elimination tonight, nick told me fixing his posture is the number one priority. >> 43 years of walking like a caveman. and now i'm expected to just -- right it overnight. >> reporter: like vanessa, "property brother" drew scott showed no sign of strain from his own in.jury a pulled hamstring. they got a solid score of 20. >> i felt alive out there today. ♪ whatever it takes >> reporter: frankie muniz got 23 points. the second highest number of the night. he says that it takes seven hours a day to therapeutically heal from the pain of his broken back. >> i do yoga. i need to stretch. then i gocr to yo. then asi phythcal erapist. i go in the sauna when i get home. then i ice. then i take a bunch of sleeping pills. i want this more than anyone has ever wanted it. >> wow. >> frankie.
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he's in it, man. you gotta love that. listen. it will be interesting to see how his injury and all the injuries survive tonight. it's latin night. i'll be there. and i'll have that for you tomorrow. >> don't let anybody else get hurt. meanwhile, on "the voice" jennifer hudson made her debut as a coach. she's already formed quite the team. starting with the singing cashier from michigan, who brought shock and auto everybody. >> you don't get to see them. ♪ we should have done >> all you do is hear them. when you hear something, you feel something. ♪ >> reporter: oh, she was feeling lucas holiday, who stunned everybody. >> you're like the whitest dude. >> yeah. >> you remember that episode of "frazier" where -- >> reporter: maxwell himself tweeted his support. it was amongst the more than 10 million watching, including jennifer who was instagramming up
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♪ dreams of yesterday >> and tonight, this contestant turns all four chairs. >> kesha. >> kesha. >> reporter: see who she picks nonnbc. for now, this future coach and former "idol" is team j-hud. >> i had so much fun with her. we're not just artists trying to feed you crap because we're on a show. there's a difference being one of the contestants previously on a show like this. i think it carries weight. >> no doubt. idol supporting idol. i love that. >> yeah, you love that? >> yeah. >> i'm going to see your love and raise you an engagement. we're counting down to a royal one too. topping tonight's "know & tell" harry and meghan's next move. yesterday's royal pda is now fueling speculation that prince harry and meghan markle might be headed towards royal matrimony. breaking protocol in their first ever public outi a
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invictus games in toronto, the couple made a bold statement of affection. need more proof? meghan's top is called a husband shirt. fram an engagement we would love to see to a "game of thrones" union. kit harrington and rose leslie are tying the knot. >> such a special thing. >> the couple reportedly broke the news of their engagement to friends and family last week. no word on a wedding date. >> finally, an actual wedding. idina menzel says, i do. >> i'm superhappy. yes, very happy. ♪ let it go >> reporter: the "frozen" star and actor aaron moore were married over the weekend in the backyard of their home. >> i went through a lot of stuff. new beginnings. and, yeah. it's -- it feels good. >> oh, all that love talk almost makes me want to hug you. >> don't get crazy. don't get crazy. up next, who is tv's highest paid actress? it sure ain't you. we have the new list coming up. then, we'll talk to michael weatherly, why he's having more fun than anyone else on tv.
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♪ ooh. delicioso. >> the taste of success is sweet for mindy kaling. she made $13 million last year, tying with ellen pompeo. "big bang" star kaley cuoco also making big bucks.
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her reported $1 million an episode paycheck put her second on the list. in the top spot for the sixth year in a row, "modern family's" sofia vergara. she banked $41.5 million this past year. most of that was from endorsement deals. >> you just get things done. >> she gets things done all right. only we're going the to be one on one with the fabulous sofia tomorrow to talk about her new lingerie line. and sexy doesn't even begin to describe it. you don't want to miss that. meanwhile, tonight on cbs, "bull" is back with michael weatherly. he has the most fun out of any star. we have the proof. >> reporter: michael was bouncing around at a premier party and dropping hints on the new season. >> if you think you know all the things that might happen in a law show on television, pour yourself a beverage, your choice. sit down. relax. and engage. with the surprises. can you say money in the bank? >> reporter: "bull" was the number one new show last season.
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>> i have to know. how was your hiatus? what was the highlight? >> the highlight was my family moved out from los angeles to new york. so we're new yorkers now. >> reporter: last year, he commuted across the country on the weekends to see his wife and their two kids. but now, they're always together. and this scene, he's trying to climb up a house to talk to an old girlfriend. it's something michael did for real back in the day. >> you know, her name was kelly o'donnell. it was 1982. i remember it really well. >> oh, boy. >> got caught by her dad. trying to get in the second story window. 14 years old. >> look how cute. >> i bet he appreciates that. you're welcome, michael. we're looking out for you. >> here's something else you may not know about michael. i love this. his niece is alexandra breckenridge, who plays on "this is us." she plays justin hartley's ex-wife. >> since we're going down that road, let's keep with the "this is us" theme. is there a "this is us" jack backlash?
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hurting the stars' love lives? then -- ♪ i don't want no scrubs >> yes, tlc's d-boz fighting for her life. her secret struggle with a brain tumor. how she ended up in a coma. >> i was rolled out of the hospital in a wheelchair to the stage. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ you're going to find out how jack dies. there will be a big piece of the puzzle revealed at the end of the first episode. >> oh, i don't know if i'm ready, y'all. season two of "this is us" returns tonight.
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aguilera was with the cast, starting with milo ventimiglia, who is feeling a little bit of this is jack backlash. >> jack is mr. perfect. you're making women swoon all over the country. does that help or hurt you in your real dating life? >> totally hurts. totally hurts, only because people are like, man, i wish my husband were more like jack. i wish my boyfriend would do the things that jack would do. i'm like, jack's not real. give your dude some love. >> how sexy you make me feel. they've moved in together. >> kate. >> no! >> on the show, toby is doing romantic gestures for you. does that have josh step up his game at all? >> i mean, i think toby has everybody stepping up their game. it doesn't hurt me. it helps me. >> kevin is one of the most romantic characters we have seen on tv. is your fiance expecting you to go above and beyond now? >> you can't get or keep a woman like that unless you go above and beyond.
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gentlemen, it's the way that you do it. trust me. i know what i'm talking about. >> randall has abs for days. does that help or hurt you in real life? >> i try to keep up. i take some days off. i look underneath the shirt. i'm like, it's looking a little soft right now. know one day, randall will have to show his stomach again. so sterling will get it together. >> sterling k. brown is a married man. i like his wife. so i'm going the leave that one alone, keltie knight. >> all right. speaking of abs, we know ryan gosling has them. "crazy stupid love" can i get an amen? >> it's very hot on the "e.t." set today. now ryan is joining forces with the original "blade runner" himself, harrison ford. as "e.t." online's lauren zima found out, it's another movie that made harrison a true gosling groupie. >> things were simpler then. >> what do you want? >> harrison, you said you wanted to work with ryan after seeing a lot of the work he has done. was there a role in particular? was it "the notebook"? >> no, it was -- >> he won't say it wasn't. it still isn't over.
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>> everything i have seen him do, was -- a challenge well met. the discipline to learn all the dancing, all the dance routines, the singing, the keyboard, i love the keyboard in "la la land." i have been watching him for years. i really admire what he's done. >> can i get a copy of this? >> reporter: still, nailing the the choreography in "blade runner 2049" ryan unleashes a new layer of fierceness. who do you think trained harder before the movie? >> that would be me. >> because you got clocked. ryan gets his shot at harrison. catapulting the 75-year-old over a couch and totally loving it. the film is a sequel to the 1982 cult classic and hits theaters next week. during their international press tour, these two have been rocking some fall-inspired fashion. you guys have also beeniv
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quote, have invented autumnal red carpet dressing. >> yeah. i knew that. >> yeah. you knew that before i did. >> i knew that before you did. >> i saw it in his eyes. we came to get down and, seems like we have done that. >> they are getting down. p.s., ryan can wear a plastic bag and still look totally handsome, in my opinion. >> he's like a 7 in a dry cleaning bag. in a garbage bag, a 4. i'm just telling you. let's move on now to one of the biggest selling girl groups of all time. tlc. today, the band made big news. they postponed the european leg of the tour because tionne "t-boz" watkins is struggling with her health. we talked to her about her everyday struggles to stay alive and one of their biggest hits ever. tell me the story about "unpretty." writing it. >> oh, wow. unpretty. ♪ you can buy a hair that won't grow ♪ >> i watched ricki lake and men were downing women, calling them fat and all this stuff.
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society makes us feel like we're not good enough to fit in. so i'm going to write a poem that's called "unpretty." ♪ make me feel so damn unpretty ♪ >> so there came the song. went number one. >> reporter: t-boz is the "t" in tlc, delivering hit after hit. ♪ i don't want no scrubs ♪ don't go chasing waterfalls." >> reporter: behind the scenes, the singer struggles with the debilitating effects of sickle cell disease. the doctor told you you shouldn't be here right now. that you should have died a long time ago. you wouldn't make to it the age of 30. >> correct. i would never have kids. i would be disabled my whole life. >> reporter: at the height of her fame, she struggled with pain. >> it's a daily process for me. a lot of times, let's say for the pay-per-view hbo special we did, i was rolled out of the hospital in a wheelchair to the stage. and right back to the hospital after the show. i was on so much medication, they had security arouhe
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stage to make sure i didn't fall off. >> reporter: in her new book, "a sick life" she describes how she went on to defy the odds. in 2000, she gave birth to her daughter, chase. afterwards, she fell into a coma for three days. >> i just remember waking up and my mom telling the nurse to lay the baby on my heart. i remember her whispering, tionne, you have somebody to live for. that pushed me through the coma. >> reporter: that was followed up by another health crisis in 2006. a brain tumor. how hard was it to work your way back? >> oh, 3 1/2 years of physical therapy. i couldn't close my eyes. i couldn't form words. i lost my speech, my hearing, my sight. and they took my balance completely from the right side. >> reporter: what is it about you? you keep just pushing through. >> i have kids to live for. i have a fight in me. i want to live. you can either woe is me and, dwell on it and feel bad for yourself, or you get up and fight. so i'm going to fight.
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all the things she has survived. "a sick life" is out now. at your neighborhood bookstore. go check it out. >> she is strong. coming up, your exclusive first look at tonight's "ncis" premier. it's next.
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bank, so why is she only wearing underwear and a jacket? >> don't believe all the gossip. promo considerations provided by --
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season 15 of "ncis" kicks off tonight on cbs. at the end of last season, gibbs and mcgee went missing in paraguay. >> and you know what, things get a little testy tonight during the congressional hearing about that mission. >> with all due respect, your rules of conduct suck. >> this committee won't tolerate a rogue agency conducting rogue arrangements in a different country. >> great cast. including mark harmon. bye, everybody.
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during the anthem. >> you're not going to disrespect our country, you're not going to disrespect our flag. >> at this restaurant owned by retired steeler half of all famer, jerome bettis, 40 year steeler fan, allen everheart is upset with his team for caving to political correctness. >> i don't think it is a racial issue what is going on with the flag. okay. and i think it, i understand it is retaliation for what trump said, okay. that's probably what they're doing. but, you know, if you're an american you stand for the flag. >> you have some professional athletes saying it's not about disrespecting the flag. it's about articulating our sense of injustice. >> i think it's blown out of proportion. >> although this bar tells you everything about the divisions in this country. the kuls merz scustomer at the former army reserve nurse. >> that is their ri


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