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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  November 3, 2017 5:30pm-5:59pm EDT

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he then stepped out into traffic as he was trying to get away from the cops. some lanes were closed when the crash occurred. combine the delays with friday night rush hour traffic. keep it here on wusa9 and our website for updates. new information on a gruesome murder scene end thatted with two dead in frederick maryland. the victims, shondra and jermaine hill jr. the man accused of killing them, 24- year-old elijah joiner. deputies aren't sure of the relationship between the three but believe all of them arrived together at a home yesterday morning before the violence started. investigators say for some reason joiner attacked both victims in the roadway then got in his car and then ran over both of them repeatedly. joiner is behind bars charged with two counts of first-degree murder. police are sworn
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and serve. now our special assignment unit has uncovered once prince georges county officer accused of proking and serving himself -- protecting and serving himself. we're finally hearing what the officer has to say for himself. it's a story you'll see only on wusa9. >> his car kind of spun out. his back bumper hit me right here. >> troy bullock wasn't happy. but he wasn't worried when his lexus got hit on 495 in prince georges county. after all the driver side damage was fixable. and the other car, well, the other car was a prince georges county police cruiser. i'm thinking yes, i got into an accident, cool, but it's a police officer, so i'm good, right? >> yeah not so much. >> the first thing he said to me is what do you want to do? >> what did he mean? >> i
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>> he asked the officer to write a report. the officer handed him a small piece of notebook paper with the word accident scribbled on it and what looked to be some sort of a case number. he says he asked for the officer's name and badge number and his senses told him to take notes of his own. >> he probably thought i was a younger guy with not that much education. and i would just go along with whatever i said because he was the police. >> he's a graduate of georgetown university and the director of operations for a local nonprofit decided to do some investigating of his own moments after the officer drove away, bullock called the prince georges county police department to verify all that information the officer gave him. the case number. >> this was an old case number. >> old, all ready existed. wasn't
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number. he says no. that badge number doesn't exist. the name the officer gave him matthew thomas. >> thomas, thomas, thomas, the name you gave me, this is not in here. >> the dispatcher told bullock all of it was bogus. >> wow. like. man. i just -- i was at a loss for words. but then i remember i got that tag number. >> and that's when his ride took a 180 turn. he had secretly written down the officer's plate number and what he found out he never expected. >> it's a frustrating allegation. it's frustrating to get this type of call. no one is happy about this. >> that's prince georges county police spokesperson, jen. she says the department launched an internal investigation that same night and even they were stunned by what they dug up. >> do you guys kind of accept troy bullock's version
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>> yeah, absolutely. >> the license plate number was legit. but that cruiser wasn't being driven by anyone named matthew thomas. they say it was this guy. joel jr. a rookie ten months on the force. so proud of his position he posted all these photos of himself in uniform on facebook. but he's not in uniform any more. >> when we have an accusation one of our officers has been dishonest, my concern is that the public judges the entire agency based on the actions of an individual. that is not who we are. that's not what we tolerate. and we're taking action in this case. >> he was fired from the prince georges county police department. which is still deciding whether or not he broke any laws. bullock is stunned. >> it was a selfish action. as an law enforcement officer to protect and serve, he went agt
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so we sent him off trying to get joel's side of the story. and last night we finally heard back. he denied giving the driver a fake name or badge number but admitted to writing down a phony accident report number. he said i do agree my actions were wrong and i should have handled the situation by the book. but he said if the damage was worse, quote, it would have been handled by the book. you can read his full response on our website, by the way, prince georges county police say their criminal investigation is still going on. and any citation he would get however would likely only result in a fine. >> still ahead, what would you do with an extra thousand dollars? a waitress shares her answer after getting a big tip from celebrity, chrissie. plus one of the hottest toys this season comes from lego. how to get one of the women
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immediate metro area. the only shower headed toward fredericksburg will be there in 35 minutes. we'll come back and explain our yellow weather alert for saturday afternoon through sunday morning. and don't for get to vote in our pole question. would you ever camp out for a smart phone? or would you pay somebody to do it for you? vote now on vote on our wusa9 app as well. we'll check out the results in a few minutes.
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first it was goat yoga. now we have puppy yoga. >> brilliant. trending today, a beagle puppy class at the animal welfare league of arlington. the class takes place november 9th. these are baby photos of the pups you'll get to play with during yoga. if it's meant to be calm and soothing, you can not get a beagle to sit down for longer
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yoga. maybe. >> if you're a cat person, don't worry. there will be some little kitties there too. >> register for the event online. it's $40. the money goes to the animal welfare league of arlington. >> basically it's go cuddle with beagle puppies and do two minutes of yoga. an ohio waitress got the biggest tip of her life when chrissie tegan dropped in last week. the server said tegan, her daughters, and several others came in last week to out back steakhouse of all places. >> best broccoli ever. >> tegan left a 1,000-dollar tip. her husband, john legend is from the area and they were in town for a high school football game. the waitress says she'll use the money to fix her family's car. and she shared some of it with her coworkers. >> that was nice. this week lego started selling the women of nasa play set. and it became number one the best selling to
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four women played a vital role in the u.s. space program. astronomer, nancy grace roman. computer scientist, margaret hamilton, and astronaut sally ride, and may jenison. the set sold an amazon and is being resold -- >> it sold out an amazon. >> oh it's gone. >> but you can find it on e bay for $200,000. it's going to be like the hot christmas toy. they'll have to make more. >> thank goodness they've done it. >> tonight we asked would you camp out for a smart phone? let's go back and hook at the pole results. >> i can see them at the bottom of the screen. the run away favorite is no way. no way would you ever stand in line for an iphone or any other kind of phone. maybe we could have modified the question to ask would you ever pay somebody to do it. >> i wa
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unless you paid somebody to do it. >> i don't know if the intrigue is that great that you have to have it on the very first day. >> some people just love the gadgets. they have to get it on day one. ivanka trump is addressing the harassment problems in the workplace. what the first daughter and advisor to the president said at a women's event in tokyo. what does the gop tax plan mean for homeowners. john joins us to discuss, up next. debbie: when you work at a children's hospice, people ask you, how can you possibly do this? and we say, how can we not? if these kids go through what they go through, we can support them. dr. ralph northam has been our volunteer medical director
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he's made such a difference in so many families' lives. ralph northam: these kids have given me more than i could ever give them. and i wanna make sure that every family in virginia can afford good healthcare when they need it.
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will have power over your health care. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged more for health care; premiums would go up. and adams supports giving employers the
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lock birth control access for female employees. john adams: wrong on health care, wrong on birth control, wrong for virginia. disclaimer: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. ivanka trump says harassment of women in the workplace cannot be tolerated. she made the comments at a women's empowerment symposium in tokyo. saying workplace culture is failing to treat women with appropriate respect. he her comment comes amide sexual harassment among women in hollywood and other industries across the united states. president trump will join his daughter in asia. he left this morning. economic summits are the reason for the trip. but north korea will be a co key focus of talks with asian leaders. joining us live, john dickerson, host of face the nation. and the political
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the president could hope for in his discussions with china and others about north korea? >> well, i think the best he could hope for is a unified front in terms of backing up the pressure he's been putting on north korea. none of the distance between his remarks and his statements from other world leaders who suggest a little more mellow approach. but just that sign and show of unity. and then, particularly, of course the most important relationship to watch is the president's relationship with china. the president essentially said all the other business the u.s. has with china on trade, with the south china sea. all the national security issues they have are secondary. the president has been hot and cold on china in terms of how much it's helping. recently he suggested that they're helping quite a lot. watch the body language. watch the way in which he
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the administration and the president in particular thinks china's pressure on north korea is paying off. and then it's just a waiting game after that to see if north korea comes to the table. >> this meeting will set the stage for relations. >> what to we know about president trump and vladimir putin? >> there's nothing on the schedule yet. we'll just have to be surprised. of course it comes amide continuing questions about the administration, the president and the relationship to russia, you are is that happening both with respect to the special council this week. and also google, facebook, and twitter testifying on three different committees about how the platforms were used by the russians. the wall street journal that the russians were identified as hacking into the democratic national committee. russia is a heated issue and topic the president's own indifference to those questions of ru
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any possible meeting but the president said they have bigger issues to take care of. we'll have tow so if they have the meeting. another issue the gop tax plan. this is something that would disproportionately effect people living in the metro area. anyone with a mortgage under a million can write off the mortgage interest. but this plan reduces the cap to 500,000-dollars. any indication the likelihood of this plan moving forward as it stands. >> they're getting heat in the house where it was released this week. finally details on this plan. they're getting heat from what you defined. state and local taxes no longer deductible under this plan. they're getting heat from within their own republican party. there will be changes to the bill. the problem is, every change they make, they have to pay for it. if they don't remove a deduction, they have to find a way to pay for it. it's all ready $1.5 trillion. additional debt happens if
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passes. getting the math to work has been tricky. every time you fix one problem you create a new one. >> it's a careful balance. people here will watch it closely. thank you. watch john sunday on face the nation on wusa9. guests include mark warner and kevin mccarthy. face the nation at 10:30 on sunday. hold on now. we'll be riding a weather roller coaster this weekend. >> by the time john's show starts the showers should be out of here. we have a yellow weather alert tomorrow afternoon through sunday morning. nothing heavy. nuisance stuff. a live look outside. a nice evening. a couple sprinkles here and there. it's still 76 degrees. winds have turned northwesterly at 10. they will switch and become northeasterly by tomorrow morning. that will drive in cooler air. around the metro area, a couple sprinkles. but this is the only shower of any note. moving south of cull pepper over toward orange.
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fredericksburg. it might go south of fredericksburg. for tonight. really nice. cooler. but pleasant. yellow weather alert tomorrow afternoon through sunday morning. critical times 5:00 p.m. saturday through 8:00 a.m. on sunday. tomorrow morning, rake the leaves before they're wet on sunday. but you can do stuff tomorrow morning or many the afternoon on sunday. nothing heavy. just light rain and or drizzle. it's going to get chill hi next week. 58 tomorrow. 67 on sunday. 74 on monday. 59 on tuesday. 54 for a high on wednesday. tonight, we're hooking at clouds decreasing and by tomorrow morning, sunshine, low 40s to around 50. then we get into the 1:00 hour, showers creeping into cull pepper. dry in the immediate metro area. by 4:00, showers take
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rockville, bethesda, gaithersburg, showers in the 50s. they continue over night into 10:00. then they move out by 8:00 on sunday. just left over showers. mild air wins the battle on sunday. temps around 50 to start. 53 at 11:00. clouds thicken up by 1:00. morning shower on sunday. 67. then afternoon showers but warmer on monday, 74. election day could be wet. we'll watch this storm. it may stay south. it'll be cool either way. chilly wednesday, thursday, friday. we'll call friday cold. highs struggle to get out of the 40s. now wusa9 sports with frank. brought to you by xfinity. >> seattle weather. it's the same all year round. just light rain all the time. we'll see if that's the case on sunday. do you think the redskins have any ch
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if you do, you're one of the few. not many folks give the redskins any shot whatsoever. especially with no many players not playing. but the seahawks and the rest of the nfl ain't feeling sorry for the redskins. the redskins did have enough abled bodies to run practice out of ash burn. the long trek out west of seattle. the redskins season still in the balance with a 3 and 4 record. >> we keep fighting. we keep fighting. and just fight. fight to win. and take the guys that you have. and just keep pounding. keep pounding and hope for the best. prepare for the worst. stay optimistic about everything. it's not over. it's not over. you can't think like that. you have to stay positive. it's tough. we've had the injury bug the past couple weeks. but kudos to the guys who stepped up in relief appearances. >> well, well, well, look who's in town. lebron james, aka,
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start this season. the wizards coming off a bad loss to the suns. the suns of phoenix the other night. the wizards have to play some defense. they held phoenix to 15 in the first quarter and gave up 122 for the game. if they're going to win, they have to play some defense against lebron james and company. >> back to the game last year where lebron james hit the shot out of bounds that sent it into over time. >> that was a crazy game. one of the better ones than we've seen in a long time. >> we are thinking they will at some point collide in the post season. maybe this is the year. >> maybe this is it. they have a hot of promise. on the way at 6:00, no heat, no air conditioning, no mold. the list of problems growing in a notorious senior living apartment complex in northern virginia. and the residents are afraid to speak out. first facebook is like an imaginary friend
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according to a new study, the site is replacing time with your real friends. why scientists say that's an issue. next. you have a story you want us to verify? tell us about it. email us, find me on twitter or facebook as well. hit us up. what do you want to know? is it real? is it legit or
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there's a study about how your child's smart phone could effect their mood. a study town a link between technology and depression. after looking at surveys for millions of teens and adults. how you can protect your child. >> a lot of us might admit we're spending too much time on our phones. but this study shows us a specific impact on young people. and now you'll hear how the author reacted with her own children. like an imaginary friend, it never leaves your side. >> the rumors are true. >> and unfortunately, that technology is replacing time with real friends according to a new study, dr. jean, the san diego university psychology professor looked at surveys from 11 million teens. >> it's cutting off face-to- face interaction that's so good
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>> it can lead to feelings of inadequacy or isolation. >> kids are telling us they're suffering. >> she took steps with her own children. >> i got up from my desk. and took their kindle fires and put them away in a desk drawer. she recommends parents encourage their children to spend time with their friends in person. and put off the purchase of a smart phone until high school. one mom launched a movement called the weight until eight. empowering parents to rally together to avoid giving children a smart phone until at least eighth grade. we have a closer look at test scores and grades at prince georges county high schools. it turns out a large number of students who recently graduated should nha
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the stage. the graduation rate is up 8%. and ceo kevin maxwell took over. that's the good news. but tonight a state audit cast doubts on all of that. it finds that 1/3 of the graduates may not have earned their diplomas. >> investigators found students who were handed diplomas despite not meeting minimum state standards. they fielded dozen of complaints about feeling pressure to change grades and ignore truancy to get kids through. 4.9% of students graduated did not meet state requirements for a diploma. the school system can't produce documentation for another 24.5% to explain why grades were changed or other irregularities occurred to allow them to pass. including graduating ineligible studts
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transcripts post graduation. teachers alleged students were pushed through by administration. even if they missed classes for weeks or months the auditors wrote. despite the problems, the audit found quote no evidence of system wide intimidation by school leadership or evidence of system wide fraud. school ceo dr. kevin maxwell. >> i've never done that. i said i've never done that. my team has never done that. this report says we've never done that. >> a distant board of education member. >> we said hundreds of students graduated and the report said hundreds of students didn't meet requirements. across the system from top to bottom in almost every single high school. that's systemic to us. no doubt about it. >> the ceo blamed poor training and the failure by staff to follow policies. he suggested heads might roll. in upper marlborough, scott


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