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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 3, 2017 6:00pm-6:29pm EDT

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transcripts post graduation. teachers alleged students were pushed through by administration. even if they missed classes for weeks or months the auditors wrote. despite the problems, the audit found quote no evidence of system wide intimidation by school leadership or evidence of system wide fraud. school ceo dr. kevin maxwell. >> i've never done that. i said i've never done that. my team has never done that. this report says we've never done that. >> a distant board of education member. >> we said hundreds of students graduated and the report said hundreds of students didn't meet requirements. across the system from top to bottom in almost every single high school. that's systemic to us. no doubt about it. >> the ceo blamed poor training and the failure by staff to follow policies. he suggested heads might roll. in upper marlborough, scott
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broom, wusa9. maryland governor larry hogan said the audit findings are extremely troubling and a betrayal of the community trust. he was stripped of his uniform. but bowe bergdahl is leaving fort bragg a free man. a military judge ruled the former army sergeant will not go to prison for leaving his afghanistan post and endangering those who searched for him. the judge ordered him to forfeit $1,000 of his monthly salary for ten months and dishonorably discharged him from the army. president trump tweeted the decision on sergeant bergdahl is a complete and total disgrace to our country and our military. president trump's inside principled effort to stoke a lynch mob atmosphere while seeking our nation's highest office cast a dark cloud over the case. >> the 31-year-old idaho native disappeared from his post in afghanistan in 2009 captured by
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the taliban. and bergdahl was tortured and held for five years until president obama negotiated a prisoner swap. military prosecutors were seeking 14 years behind bars. bergdahl apologized in courts. he attorneys argued he suffered enough and made significant contributions to military intelligence. there are a wide range of opinions about the sentence on facebook. though what he did was awful i believe this was the right choice. he says this young man should have never been in military service, mercy was shown. and robin calls the sentence pathetic and a slap in the face to those who serve now and who served in the past. tell us what you think. join the conversation on our wusa9 facebook page. in an hour, president trump will land in hawaii, the first stop on his trip to asia, in economic summits are the reason for
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but north korea's nuclear program is high on the list of concerns. >> north korea is a thing that i think we will solve. and if we don't solve it. it's not going to be very pleasant for them or anybody. >> the u.s. flew bombers over the korean peninsula yesterday. north korea called the flights a surprise and accused the u.s. of trying to start a nuclear war. there could be a meeting between president trump and russian leader vladimir putin during the economic summit in vietnam next week. the job security of high ranking members of trump's cabinet. secretary of state rex tillerson. and attorney general jeff sessions. in an interview with fox news the president raised doubt about tillerson's future as secretary of state. and he called the unfilled jobs in the state department a cost saving measure. >> rex is in there working hard. he's doing his best. >> is he going to be with you for the duration? >> we'll
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critical of secretary of state tillerson. the two haven't seen eye to eye on everything. the handling of the north korea nuclear threat most handedly. the president told fox news u.s. foreign policy starts and ends with him. >> is the president putting the heat on attorney general jeff sessions again. before getting on air force one this morning for hawaii, president trump called the justice department special council ischia investigation fake news. president trump criticized the justice department for not investigating hillary clinton and the democrats. >> all i can tell you is this. there was no collusion. there's nothing. it's a disgrace they continue. i'm not involved with the justice department. i'd like to let it run itself. but they should be looking at the democrats. they should be looking at a lot of things. and a lot of people are disappointed in the justice department. including me. >> now when pressed for whether
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[000:04:58;00] justice department doesn't investigate democrats, the president answered, i don't know. >> our weather is going to turn cool and damp over the next 24 hours. topper is out on the terrace with the forecast. it's pretty sweet now. a couple sprinkles. as you mentioned, saturday morning through -- saturday afternoon through sunday, that's the yellow weather alert. impacts, wet roads, that's high. leaves are on the road. slick spots saturday night. no late yard work tomorrow. need the umbrella. keep that handy the entire time. between tomorrow afternoon into sunday morning. this will take you through future cast, 6:00 a.m. on saturday. we have sun to start. this is a good day to start. it's cool. the clouds thicken up by 10:00. showers appear in cull pepper and fredericksburg. and they envelop the entire area. we'll come back and tell you what happens to sunday and you can plan some stuff sunday
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afternoon. the key to the ballet, orchestra, opera, and musical. but now the kennedy center has to share the stage with the music genera that's influenced pop culture as we know it. hip hop finally getting props at the kennedy center with its first ever hip hop division. [rapping] >> there has always been hip hop. [rapping] take dc and grammy nominated artist. but now hip hop will be a regular feature at the kennedy center. with the artistic director, the legendary rapper q tip. >> what does this mean for you? >> it's everything. i think i wake up every morning feeling grateful.
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you know because this is a dream jo self proclaimed hip hop head is the staff director of hip hop culture and contemporary music. >> when you think about the amount of genius that went into creating the core elements the culture. and when you think about hip hop's broad impact. this didn't just happen over night. there was work being done over the course of decades to help prepare for this moment. >> we've been building up to this moment. there's always been hip hop performances. i've been here several times before. and i think it introduces the kennedy center to a different audience who wouldn't typically come to a ballet or an opera. >> yes. yes. and i would say, you know, i think the key thing that we want people to know is that this is your home. insure should be a place where you feel like the kennedy center is yours, because it is. at the kennedy center, wusa9.
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>> alike the sound of that. kennedy center home to the hip hop division kicks off with a free festival this weekend by dc nonprofit words beats and life. featuring break dancing competition and graffiti artists. check out the schedule on site or our wusa9 app. coming up, security being stepped up for this weekend's
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new york city marathon in the wake of the terror attack if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it.
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ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. just days after the deadly terror attack on a manhattan bike path, security is being stepped up ahead of this week's new york city marathon. 51,000 people will participate in sun's race. the course winds through the city's five boroughs and finishes in new york's central park. some 2.5 million spectatorsline the rout and police are taking extraordinary steps to protect them. >> we've added more sand trucks, more blocker vehicles. we more than doubled our observation teams. our of top observation post as well as our counter sniper teams. >> a lot of people put hours and hours and months and years in training for this event. it's an example to everyone else around you that you won't be stopped. crews are installing barriers to prevent vehicles from
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entering the bike path where an isis sympathizer drov truck into cyclists and pedestrians. eight people killed. the class president of a pennsylvania high school is apologizing tonight for the actions of his chases mates at a u.s. holocaust memorial museum. some students reported hi posted pictures of social media making light of some of the exhibits. according owe the class president, most students were respectful. but a small number made a mockery of what they saw. from a school 80 miles east of pittsburgh. up next, no heat, no air conditioning, no mold.
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a list of problem grows at a notorious se will have power over your health care. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged more for health care; premiums would go up. and adams supports giving employers the power to block birth control access for female employees. john adams: wrong on health care, wrong on birth control, wrong for virginia. disclaimer: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general,
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and i sponsored this ad. no heat, no air conditioning, now mold, elderly residents at the manchester lake senior living parts per millions in alexandria are at their wits end dealing with ongoing problems. >> she says even now many residents afraid to speak out. >> they're afraid to speak out because they're afraid of getting evicted.
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jrk holdings owns manchester ke tax credits in exchanges gives low rent to qualifying seniors. if seniors are are terrified of being kicked out because they'll have nowhere to go. >> this looks worse from the last time i saw it. that developed quickly. >> christine harris is trying to help her mother, who lives at manchester lakes. she can barely hear. but she knows what we're talking about. >> so as of today, we still have to heat. and we still have no ac. and this began in about the end of june i want to say. >> she pays full rent. $1,200 a month. qualifying low income residents pay much less. >> the battles are everyday. literally. i have called jrk management in california. can't get through to anyone there. i go to our rental office daily to try to find out when will the heat be fixed?
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when will the ac be i'm sorry. there's nothing we can tell you. >> we sent photos and a video of the broken system to steve nugent. he was very concerned about the mold. >> the moisture is not being dealt with correctly. we would want to deal with that problem very quickly. we wouldn't want anything to get worse in the environment. that will eventually hurt people. their health and things like that. it's a serious problem that needs to be addressed. >> she told christine that she was sending up a window ac for her mom and said a maintenance person from georgia would be coming in on monday to fix the heating system. >> are you optimistic? >> i'm always optimistic, but less so, it's decreasing. >> i left written and phone messages to jrk in los angeles but haven't heard back.
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peggy fox, wusa9. complained about water two years ago it was rats. but apparently these two problems appear to be fixed. well the city of houston has gone from a city under water to a town riding really high. all the water came in and flooded us out. but we are in recovery right now. but this makes the load a little lighter. >> a bit lighter. a thousand houston astros fans gathered to mark the team's first world series championship. a victory parade was held on the same streets that were flooded by hurricane harvey two months ago. classes of course were canceled. kids weren't going to show up any way. many people took the day off of work to witness the celebration. maybe you're thinking about taking in a movie this weekend, here's something to think about. is surge movie pricing coming to a theater near you? a lot of people are posting about this online.
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but is it real? the verify team re regal cinemas. one of the largest chains in the united states. they say yes, they're about to begin an experiment. starting next year, some theaters will charge more for movies during peak times and less when the attendance tends to be lighter. think of it as uber style pricing for your movie. the new structure is in part in response to net flix, amazon, and hulu. more people are staying home. cable networks are are gone out and splurged on big budget shows and top actors and directors. there's a new service called movie pass that lets you see as many movies as you want for a monthly fee. put another way, net flix for movie theaters. now here's what we don't know, regal isn't saying how many theaters will be involved. whether it will use the model to charge different prices for  the hits or the duds. or when thisgo into effect. -- when this will go into effect. but movie surge pricing is in
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the future. if you have something you us to verify, send us an email. >> so if it rains, i can do weather surging price. >> absolutely. >> never too early. you can't say it enough. it's important to replace batteries, smoke detectors. here we duo. not tonight, but tomorrow night. when you go to bed. or wait until you're 2:00 in the morning. 2:00 becomes 1:00. we get an extra hour of sleep tomorrow night. okay. live look outside. a couple sprinkles. front is pretty much through. 74 degrees. winds turned to the north. they'll turn more out of the northeast by tomorrow morning. here's the radar. except for a few sprinkles. we're looking at this one shower. which has held together pretty well. it will duck south of fredericksburg. hit cross over 95 down toward
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lady smith in the next 15 minutes. cooler but pleasant tonight. yellow weather alert tomorrow afternoon through sunday morning. critical times 5:00 p.m. saturday to 8:00 a.m. sunday. if you're in cull pepper, it'll probably be raining as early as 1:00 or 2:00. nothing heavy. just light rain and drizzle. temperatures fall next week. we go back to 67 on sunday. 74 on monday. we plummet to the upper 50s on tuesday. only mid 50s by next wednesday. future cast. 10:00 tonight, generally partly cloudy skies. mild, 63 downtown. 60 in buoy at the o'clock, that's the average high. tomorrow morning, clouds roll in. dry in cull pepper, dry in loray. by 1:00, rain on the doorstep in cull pepper. still dry in the metro area. cut the grass tomorrow. by 4:00, rain envelopes most of
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the metro area. still a little of the county dry at 5:00. by 6:00, everything goes through. by 8:00 in the morning on sunday, showers are left over. but the good news is it's going to be warmer on sunday. you can do some stuff in the afternoon. 50s to start. 50s to finish tomorrow. only 55 with clouds thickening up by 1:00. but dry in the metro through 3:00. morning showers on sunday. afternoon showers monday. but 74. then the temps tank. election day, 59. rain possible. low 50s to mid 50s wednesday, thursday, friday. next friday, we'll be lucky to make it out of the 40s. >> it's certain to be a show. >> you know who's in town tonight? >> absolutely. the king. lebron james and cleveland. that's who. early season. but a big game for the wizards.
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we'll answer people ask you, how can ayou possibly do this?e, and we say, how can we not? if these kids go through what they go through, we can support them. dr. ralph northam has been our volunteer medical director for the last eighteen years. he's made such a difference in so many families' lives. ralph northam: these kids have given me more than i could ever give them. and i wanna make sure that every family in virginia
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can afford good healthcare when they need it. now, wusa9 sports with frank. brought to you by xfinity. one of these days, one of our local teams will win a title. the wizards are creeping towards being a candidate to do so. they get a chance to show they're truly that with cleveland and one of the greatest to ever play, lebron james is in town. the wizards have dropped games to lower tier competition. but that doesn't matter. you have to win. that's what you're paid to do. the bird have given away early season games. like phoenix the other night.
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a game they should but that doesn't matter. this is the nba. you don't play down to your competition. especially when you haven't played up. the champs a good mark for the wizards to see where they're at. the wizards and the caps tonight at 7:10. we have heard a lot about injuries this week. haven't we? with the redskins. 21 players with some sort of issue. 21. but again. no excuses. this is the nfl. you have to suit up. can't drop the ball. play the next game. who do you have this week? that's seattle on sunday for the redskins. this is on the road. redskins a long shot to win this one. the redskins left this afternoon for the west coast trip. get used to the time change. they got to set the clocks back. right? is that good for them. they talk on the seahawks. a team that's 5 and 2. redskins are 3 and 4. right now the redskins are about a touchdown
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under dog. that's actuay wanting to ask you about. >> here's the thing, even if they weren't injured, any time an east coast team goes west, the time difference does effect them. but we're not making excuses. we're going out to win. >> that's the goal. keep them healthy. maybe they should stockpile sleep now ahead of the game. yellow weather alert tomorrow afternoon through sunday morning. nothing heavy. light rain. much cooler tomorrow. for the heart walk, it'll be fine. mr. bernstein is the master of ceremonies. >> i'm so excited about cooler temperatures. it's finally going to feel like fall. we'll with back be back at 11:00.
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hope to sue you then. bye everybody. ralcandidate for'm governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding,
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and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. captioning sponsored by cbs .>> mason: the case against weinstein. new york detectives believe they have enough credible evidence to arrest the movie mogul for rape. also tonight, deserter bowe bergdahl gets a sentence the commander in chief calls a disgrace. fellow democrats accuse hillary clinton of stealing the nomination.


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