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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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other. >> gary: and the 30 phase is the offensive line has to knock somebody off the ball. with all of the juice going side ways, that defensive line for alabama won. when you went to practice thursday, that's what i heard all day. i stood behind the defense. and jeremy pruitt was preaching to the inside linebackers and the defensive linemen: just do your job inside. the secondary will handle those whiplash and dash jet sweeps. >> brad: etling. plenty of time. fires long. incomplete. intended for dillion. >> gary: had a couple of opportunities in the second half. one was a bit overthrown. one a bit under thrown. can't come up with the big play. remember this? in the third quarter he had chark going down. just overthrew
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the outside. then chark again. just underthrew it by 5 yards. 2 opportunities and didn't get it. you don't get a lot of chances against alabama. >> brad: 3rd down and 7. have to worry about the 1st down and about only having 7 minutes left to go. etling. again. pocket start to collapse. he is going down. it's payne bringing it. the pain that is. dillon moses is there with him. >> gary: you could tell by the way eppinette was moving arorou that it must have been good coverage. wallace at the bottom. down the middle. can't throw it deep. there is a safety behind the guy in the middle of the field. etling has to go left. nobody to throw it to. >> brad: they picked up one 1st down. they wasted
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4 minutes, but they didn't get anywhere with scoring. down to 6 and a half. >> referee: false start offense. 5 yard penalty. 4th down. >> gary: it's never easy. it's just hard. etling made that great 3rd down throw to get a 1st down. nothing is easy against this alabama defense. you don't go 8 and 0 and the rest of the conference has only done it once, because you don't have talent and it's easy. it's never easy against these guys. >> brad: fair catch take by marks. at the 39 yardline. alabama with the ball back. 6:22 to go. that's all they have to burn right now. jalen hurts has been their star as he's been for to years. the defense pretty darn good too. taking the family up to the lake for the weekend. but without the white knuckles this time. 'cuz his new 2018 ford f-150 has blis with trailer coverage.
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+ white it won't let you down >> brad: offensive coordinator and the head coach in that huddle. >> gary: nick saban is telling them if we want to be national champions, there will be a game where we are having trouble
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with. with 6 minutes to go. we to put the game away. we didn't do that and it hurt us before. we can do that right now. you coach forward. the test is not easy. >> brad: 1st down at the 49. bo scarbrough. gets the call. trying to follow his blockers. >> gary: good defense. successful play. i admire this lsu football team. ed orgeron talking about it. playing a good football game. >> brad: y
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from them. >> gary: no. the only guys that believed, were the guys on the team. most lsu fans turned it off after they lost. >> brad: trying to tee off. scarbrough goes the other way. nice play by herron again. white and key. 2 of the key players. white, coach saban said if you go there, we will have to beat you every year. i play for the state of louisiana which is where he is from. almost was a crimson tide player. came in leading the conference in tackles. all over the field again tonight. >> gary: he called out his teammates after the troy loss. >> brad: you have to study more. >> gary: that's right. you can't mail it in. a lot of true freshman on this attempt and don't understand how tough it is to play a
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level. >> brad: 3rd and 9. tipped. >> gary: that was close. a half foot lower. a one handed stab. defended very nicely. >> brad: we talk about alabama's defense being so good. the 6th time lsu forced an alabama 3 and out. >> gary: still in the football game. they have 2 timeouts left. >> brad: scott, oh man. this is even higher than the other 7. back to around the 9 yardline. >> gary: all year. he hasn't had one punt even returned. it came close. but they had a penalty before. >> brad: 51 yard punt. buri
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new york. >> adam: a big one for the pac-12 south. the arizona punter can't handle it. trojans have a 7-0 lead and held tate to negative rushing yards so far. >> brad: halfway through the 1st quarter there. 4:39 remaining in the fourth quarter here. >> gary: nick saban has to go to defense. >> brad: win with defense. >> gary: there is always another message. >> brad: that's right. etling to gage. under 4 and a half on the block. >> gary: brennan in the game. got a lot of good vibes. they said he will be a gifted player when the time comes.
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gets the 1st down. >> gary: brennan is more of a bure passer. no doubt about it. etling took a big hit on the last series. i wonder if he is a little bit stunned. >> brad: under 4 to go. brennan. in trouble. going to the left. now he will keep it and slide for about 4. the clock continues to move. trying to get sullivan set up way down at the bottom of the screen. brennan throws to guice. crossing out. fighting for another 1st down. about a yard
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>> gary: alabama is willing to give up short yards to eat time off the clock. waiting for one big play. a sack to turn it around. >> brad: guice gets the 1st down. breaks out for 4 more. evans brought him down. under 3 minutes. the freshman trying to run a hurry up for a quick touchdown. not easy in tuscaloosa. >> [crowd noise]. >> brad: brennan in trouble. going down. >> gary: he plays soft zone and myles brennan might be a good corner back some day. that's not watson back there. evans
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>> brad: 24-10 alabama. danny etling. >> allie: there is nothing wrong with etling. it was a coach's decision that he missed too many assignments and shook it up. >> gary: he made his best throw of the night prior to the outside and gets benched. >> brad: it's myles brennan on the 2nd and 16. out of bounds. >> gary: throwing to the tighted tight is difficult. --
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difficult. the defensive backs close on the tight end. >> brad: 3rd down and a bunch. running out of time and running out of downs to make something happen. >> gary: if you told ed orgeron they will out-gain florida with 2 minutes and 30 seconds -- alabama, excuse me. they would be saying, we are winning. >> brad: throws this behind the intended receiver and that's 4th down. >> gary: you go against alabama here the way they have been throttled on offense the last couple of times. you have more yards and still only produce 10 points. most of that came on a wild cat play. >> brad: yes. one big play was a
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by darrell williams. >> gary: hard to believe it's a 2 touchdown game. that means it's a game and you change quarterbacks. >> brad: this is maybe his last chance. he won't get a chance. down he goes. dillon moses. alabama takes over. >> [cheers and applause] >> gary: that's how you feel when you have long yardage. you rush 4 guys and sit in zone. you understand you have a young quarterback. probably won't see the alleys that are necessary to stick the ball in. you finish out the football game. >> brad: lsu could only stop it one time. they are down to one time out. >> gary: alabama set a record if
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won by a total of 200 points. we were there for 150. >> brad: yeah, we were. >> gary: this was tighter but they still win. >> brad: if you like to play the compare son game if you are a georgia bulldogs fan, georgia beat tennessee by 86-14. alabama beat those 2 by 10-6-7. the bulldogs won by a 32 point average and alabama won by an average of 40. >> gary: even though georgia is in the sec championship, okay, they still play auburn, georgia tech and then whoever they play. if they lose a game, that means they have no margin of error. if they go into the sec championship undefeated they might lose and get in. >> b
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thompson. a flag down and he runs him down. >> gary: don't have anymore respect than anybody in the league for thompson. 2 years sat out with injuries. one of the better players on the field. >> referee: face mask. 23 defense. automatic 1st down. >> gary: grabs it and put his hands up like i didn't do anything. i still have to tackle you. >> brad: missed 2 complete seasons. when he started at lsu, some of the guys he is playing with were in 8th grade. >> gary: think i was in my third or fourth year. >> brad: [laughing] down to the final minute. 1st and goal at the 7. >> gary: they don't need to run the play again.
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>> brad: to daniel harris who got a yard or two. lsu will fall to 6 and 3 and 3 and 2 in the conference. alabama will remain perfect at 9 and 0 and 6 and 0. will they be number 1 or will georgia be number 1 next week when the rankings come out on tuesday. it doesn't matter until december 3rd. but it's fun to talk about for the fans. >> gary: ed orgeron got his team to finish a good football game. they will get arkansas at home and then at tennessee. they could have a successful season compared to where they were after the troy game. >> brad: no doubt about it. jalen hurts will keep that ball and head to the locker room. he is the guy that created enough offense tonight for alabama to win their 23rd straight conference game. their 32nd
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bryant-denny stadium. the 82 edition was a hard hitting battle. lsu didn't have enough offense. and the winning coach with allie laforce. >> allie: you said this come down to how the team handled them? >> coach: give lsu credit. office a tough game. i am proud of the way our players responded in the second half. a great win. >> allie: you suffered a lot of injuries on the leaders of your defense. how did they overcome it? >> player: the other guys stepped up and play lead. they made a mistake on the wild cat. we will get better. i hope we get some of these guys back. >> allie: how is your ankle doing? >> player: doing well. it got banged up.
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suffered injuries. what did you tell your teammates? >> player: we had younger guys step up. that was the big thing for us. get them in there and play ball. >> allie: your team hasn't challenged a lot but tonight they were. >> player: these guy, were relentless. we played against a great team. we banned together and got the results. >> allie: congrats. >> brad: the defense of alabama does its job again tonight and win it to go to 9 and 0. the gmc game changer tonight. this guy is so smooth. he told us the last time we talked to him, you know what? you are only as strong as your ig
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♪we can get along just fine. ♪it's better when we get together.♪ ♪
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>> brad: 24-10. crimson tide undefeated with a win over lsu. we look at the play of the game. remember this one? jalen hurts got some pressure. rolls to his right and somehow that ball had as. -- eyes. to
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here's the other call. >> jalen hurts rolls right. throws to sims. he makes a 1st down grab. what a thread the needle strike that was to the 25 yardline. that was a beauty of a throw by jalen hurts. >> brad: great call. that led to the capping score in a 24-10 victory. alabama number 2 this week. will they be number 1? georgia number 1 this week. headed for a collision course on decembernd -- 2nd. a big double header next week. for gary and allie laforce. so long from bryant-denny stadium. alabama perfect at 9 and 0 with another win tonight at home.
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he was a d.c. police vetefo
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and hear from his family tonight after this off-duty officer was shot to death in baltimore. hello, i'm debra alfarone. d.c.'s police force grieving today. one of their own was gunned down early this morning while off-duty. and as wusa9's sarah cosmo reports, sergeant anthony mason had been giving his life to serving his community. >> he loved the city of washington, d.c.. and he enjoyed being a police officer and he appreciated life to the fullest. >> reporter: sergeant anthony mason grew up in northeast d.c.. he policed the city he loved for 17 years. before that, he was a marine. >> he wanted to go out and give back and do the things he thought that he should be doing as a young man. and he saw some of his friends in troubled times and he wanted to give them support and show they could do the right thing and there was some good young men trying to be police officers in d.c.. >> reporter: mason was off-duty early this morning. he was sitting in
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neighborhood of west baltimore when gunman opened fire. he died, the woman was shot in the leg and survived. mpd says mason was on administrative leave and the death is an extremely tragic situation. the d.c. police union also expressed sadness saying their thoughts and prayers are with tony's family and friends. he had three children, his youngest is just 3 years old. he recently celebrated his 40th birthday. >> yes he did. his birthday just -- was about last month. to see him reach 40 years of age and now he has lost his life. so -- that is a tragedy. for this family and people in the city that lose loved ones in this type of way. >> reporter: mason's death is now being investigated by baltimore police. community activists had called for a weekend cease fire after the annual
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surpassed 300. for the third year in a row. in washington, d.c., sarah konsmo, wusa9. >> it's been no word tonight yet about any funeral arrangements. a bar fight leaves a virginia man dead tonight. this happened just after 3:00 this morning outside the velocity five sports bar in centreville. fairfax county police say 27- year-old harold garnet was stabbed in his upper body. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition and where he later died. a 38-year-old suspect is being held without bond tonight in the fairfax county adult detention center. all right, let's turn to weather right now. we are under a yellow weather alert tonight. so when we're going to catch break from the rain? here's the man who knows, first alert meteorologist howard bernstein. >> a few more hours things will taper off. but we're not out of the woods yet. our 49 hour weekend thanks to jumping back to standard time. daylight saving time ends in just a couple of hours here. so we fall
11:30 pm
1:00. also the batteries, the c. o. detectors, by the way if they're like 7, 8 years old you want to change them. they have a life span. here's the rain we've been watching. heaviest stuff is now east of us. from pennsylvania down through virginia. we still have some light showers back behind the main line here in frederick and loudoun counties coming out of the winchester area over to montgomery counties. the heavier showers and some of these have been on the hefty side now across prince george's county from upper marlboro to bowie moving in toward anne arundel and farther off toward the south you see upper marlboro and queen anne there. going to have some of the fedex field on the beltway. yeah a wet night out there. here in prince frederick, calvert county, the showers are going across the bay to eastford and cambridge and oxford and lighter showers colonial beach and southern maryland. and you see the futurecast, much of the rain is gone by daybreak. sunrise tomorrow by the way at 6:40 setting at 5:03. a cloudy day with perhaps a little fog early and maybe a few peeks of
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in the 60s. we got some ups and downs coming in the seven day forecast. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. the debra? -- debra? president trump arrived in tokyo tonight. the first stop on his 13 day trip to asia. the president will meet with japanese prime minister shinzo abe. the two are expected to play a round of golf and have dinner before discussing mounting tensions with north korea. the president will also visit south korea and china before attending summits in vietnam and the philippines. so taking a flight can be a little trying but it can be even more challenging for passengers with special needs. today though, it may have gotten just a little bit easier and our nickpy trill low shows us why. >> now boarding group number one please. >> a lot of our traveling families may choose not to fly because they don't really know exactly how their adult or child on the autism spectrum might react to the airport envi
11:32 pm
boarding this plane, it's not where they're heading to, but more of what they are accomplishing. >> hello. how are you? come on in and have a seat. >> reporter: this event put together by the arc and the madison house autism foundation gives parents the opportunity to practice a flight simulation with their loved ones. >> all right. you're all set. thank you very much. >> reporter: go through the boarding process. step into the plane. not only is this important for families dealing with autism, but also for airline staff who are not quite sure how to handle autistic children and grown-ups. >> autism is a normal part of our community. and we all need to deal with one another fairly and with understanding. >> reporter: many of these parents are grateful for the simulation and hope that this will be the first of many trips to the airport. >> we don't have many experiences that are afforded to us where we can be comfort and be ourselves. and -- comfortable and be ourselves and i didn't think i would ever be able to fly with her because i don't know how
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>> reporter: at reagan national airport, nick petrillo, wusa9. so people who live in d.c. have three months to choose health insurance during open enroll. in northwest d -- enrollment. in northwest district of columbia they helped people do just that. it had free health screenings, zumba classes, children's activities and most importantly, help in choosing the right health coverage. >> we have 26 different health plans to choose from. to fit every budget. offered by kaiser and care first bluecross/blueshield. so people can choose. we have open enrollment from november 1st through january 31st. which is a full three months for d.c. residents to get enrolled. >> and if you couldn't make today's event, you can still get free in-person assistance in choosing health care. at one of the district's 11
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health care enrollment centers. just go to to find one. well, kentucky state police are investigating an assault on a senator rand paul. state troopers were center to paul's home -- sent to paul's home friday afternoon in bowling green, kentucky. they arrested his 59-year-old neighbor renee because offer. tonight -- boucher is charged with minor assault and he's being held at the warren county detention center on $5,000 bond. the republican senator wasn't seriously hurt. and police haven't released a motive for the assault. there will be massive security tomorrow for the new york city marathon. local, state and federal law enforcement will be out in force to keep more than 50,000 runners and as many as 2.5 million spectators safe. the increased security follows tuesday's terror attack that killed eight people and injured 11 others on a popular manhattan bicycle path. the nypd is deploying extra k-9
11:35 pm
snipers during the race that winds through all five of the city's boroughs. >> trains, tunnels, bridges, airports, you will all -- you'll see an increased presence of law enforcement at all those locations. >> for my wife. that's the most important thing is that when she's in the large crowds cheering that she's safe. >> i think everybody's got a pretty big handle on it. i trust our law enforcement and believe that everything is going to be just fine. >> organizers say there hasn't been a spike in cancellations for the race. there were still a few years out but the d.c. gymnast already has his sights set on the 2020 olympics. this week, at least traveling to bulgaria to compete rather for the world championships. his family and friends had a special sendoff for him tonight and marcella robertson has his story. >> reporter: by just looking at this building, you would never know the talent


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