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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  November 8, 2017 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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aw neighborhood underwent -- it drove out businesses that couldn't afford except -- the hair salon was the only shop out of 11 to make it back to shaw and we find out how she did it. >>reporter: back in 2004, business owners here on 7th street were given 30 to 60 days development was on the way and for lots of them it meant the end of their business, but henderson fought to stay in this very spot. a battle that took eight long years. >> i was afraid. i was terribly afraid, but the developers and myself were able to come to an agreement. >> you can go home but it will cost you. >> you have to build yourself up financially, emotionally because if you have to move out, you know, when you move out, you lose money, when you come back and start a new business, you're starting all over again. >> for henderson, reporting
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shaw took a whole team. >> you talk to your ac members and let them know you're serious about being why number neighborhood. >> wanda is on 7th -- she fought to stay not only for her business and clients, but for the history that was at-risk of being forgotten. >> this space right here is where duke ellington and nat king cole -- >> she says business couldn't be better. there's a spot where henderson sales hair for vip. >> from white house to the mayor's office, once gentrification comes in and everything changes, everything is much more senseless. >> is that a good thing or bad thing? >> it could be good because we want to grow. we want to make more money. change is great. we all have to be in the city t. >> so her secret to surviving the change, adapt, advocate and fight. in shaw,
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there's an effort underway to preserve the black owned businesses and those fear displacement with the developments coming their way. washington dc next monument could honor marianne berry, the dc council approved a plan this week to build an 8-foot tall bronze statute outside city hall. there's no opposition of the statute going up. it will likely be unveiled next year. berry died at 78. he was the district's second mayor serving three terms from 1979 until 1991. [indiscernible] frank meadows. russell [indiscernible]. >> today, continued the annual tradition of reading the names at the vietnam memorials. volunteers will read the names of the more than 58,000 service members on the wall. it will take 65 hours over four days to complete all the names
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a record number of people are signing up for obamacare in the first few days of enrollment. federal officials say more than 200,000 americans chose a plan on november 1st. that's more than double the number of consumers who signed up on the first day of enrollment last year. officials said the website is getting more traffic so far this year compared to last year. in light of the growing allegations of sexual miss contact aimed at weinstein and now spacey, oprah is speaking out about how hollywood could tackle this growing problem. entertainment tonight kevin frazier shows us how the queen of tv did not hold back. >>reporter: last night at the queen sugar season finale screening in hollywood, mighty o told us why now is the time for women to change the narrative. >> it's a real, really powerful time for everybody to get woke. not just about sexual harassment, but about the way you view somebody who has less power than you do. >> oprah telling our
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rise to power, and confront hollywood's big problem of sexual harassment >> this is a question about power and the misuse and abuse of power, so i think it's a time for those of us who do hold some to come together and to see what we can do to further this moment. >> we have a -- >> it was a meeting of powerful female minds as director ava echoed oprah's remarks adding -- >> i think we need to take the spotlight and turn it away from you know, what these very fowl, kind of misguided sexist, rapist and pedophiles have done. and turn it to the people who have been harmed and turn that pain into beauty. and i think art is one of the ways to do that. >> we have so much more on entertainment tonight. i'm kevin frazier, adam and leslie, back to you.
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from a big name. hamilton creator miranda is partnering with a nonprofit to give $2 million to those on the island. 58%, people in puerto rico are still without electricity. 15% without running water and miranda announced he's going to return to play alexander hamilton in his musical "hamilton" when it plays in puerto rico in january. >> that's awesome. >> this will mark the first time he played the role since he stepped away in 2016. the company who owns home goods and tj max and -- they're paying their workers in port uerto rico although they're closed and they believe -- still ahead, former president obama reports for jury duty. see how the crowd handled him in chicago. and it might be ade
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imagine the surprise in chicago when this person showed up for jury duty. oh look at that. i had to do the high pitch voice. spirit of adam. president obama showed up. he y duty and before heading in, he shook the hands of everybody in the room. >> look at this. did you know i was coming? oh. it must have leaked. he broughd everything. >> how are you? good to see you. >> how are you? nice to meet you. >> what's the chance they picked him for a jury, probably zero. >> you're sitting there and you're bored off your face in jury duty and the former president rolls in. >> one guy apparently brought an a
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the former president is a great candidate for jury. he has a harvard law school degree and he has experience teaching law, 8 years as commander-in-chief, but the judge dismissed him shortly after he arrived which that is a bummer. i have been trying for years to be picked for a jury and i don't get that picked. >> hear that montgomery county. you know where she lives. this story is like christmas morning. it's the greatest thing in hidden valley. >> show them how excited you are. >> what do you want me to do? >> go -- >> just in time for the holiday, hidden valley is out with -- are you ready for this -- it's a 5 liter keg of ranch dressing. you show up at the tailgate with this thing, that's a boss move. you're legend and the company is pitching it as a year supply of ranch dressing. anyone can pre-order online. the keg is going to ship in december, put that under
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price, 50 bucks. >> see, now i'm really stuck because first i was going to get you the holiday romper and that's $100, but this is half. i can get you the ranch keg for 50. you might be getting that for christmas. >> bring it all. meryl streep and tom hanks take on the government. here's their movie about the washington post and the pentagon paper. and homework could be a thing of the past. some schools are banning it. we'll take you into the debate dividing teachers and parents, but first we want to know what you think. vote in our poll. should homework be required in schools. vote right now and a lot of you are saying, uh, you
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meryl streep and tom hanks together at last in a new film based on the washington post. the two make a powerful pairing. >> the most highly classified documents in the world. >> the time says 7,000 pages detailing how the white house have been lying about the vietnam war for 30 years. >> the way think lied, it has to be over. >> people are concerned. >> not having a woman in charge. she doesn't have to resolve to make the tough choices. >> thank you for your [indiscernible]. >> let's do our jobs and find -- >> the film hits theaters september 6th and everywhere january 12th. >> should homework be required in school? tell us
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think by voting at and we'll look at the results in a couple of minutes and the debate over homework is not new, but we have seen school districts banning it especially for younger students. nikki battiste reports. >>reporter: when 4th grader jody gets home from school he doesn't have to hit the books like most kids. >> do you have homework today? >> nope. >> his new york city public school banned mandatory homework for grades kindergarten through 4th. his mother pushed for the policy after seeing how much her son pushed back on doing the work. >> it was something i spent a lot of time obsessing about and why i was -- >> dr. harris cooper of duke university has been studying homework for years. and said doing away with it is not a good idea. >> studies do show that even small amounts of homework help kids
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but they also help to begin shape a child's time management skills, their organization. >> dr. cooper also believes homework improves self-discipline and achievement, but he cautions moderation is key. >> teachers have a rule that they call the ten-minute rule. you take a child's grade and you multiply it by ten and that's how much time the student should be spending. >> for a 4th grade juda that's 40 minutes of homework a night -- >> there are people who want to do -- >> juda school does recommend students read 30 minutes a night something he doesen joe. nikki battiste, cbs news. >> experts suggest occasional short fun task that parents and children can do together. it's
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are talking about. middle schoolers and high schoolers are talking about it. how much homework is too much. it's different than when we were in school. >> once you get into a certain point, it's all day. when you get home from school, it's all day. >> it was athletics after school and homework until 10:00 or 11:00. >> where do you schedule the joy around the homework? >> i remember joy in my high school days. we're okay tomorrow and boom on friday, our first -- >> speaking of joy killer -- >> well, you know, this one likes [indiscernible]. she has been begging for it. 49. winds out of the north at 12 an. clouds are going to hang tough, dry and chilly. everybody stays chilly. bus stop temps 38
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hangs -- clouds hanging tough. temperature wise, saturday may be colder, but friday the windchills will be lower. 55 and i may lower that. 47 on friday. 44 on saturday. then we do get back into the 50n sunday and also on monday. all right, future cast, this is, let's see, i stop this tomorrow morning at 6:00, a few showers. temperatures 37. frederick, 40 and fairfax. 9:00, showers here and there. 46 downtown, but do not affect the commute and by lunch time, a couple of showers, future cast trying to keep them north of town. 48 frederick. 48 cumberland. 52 in la plata.p on i-95. 51 downtown and 50 in bowie. be began to
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much across the boards. even tomorrow night won't be crazy, crazy cold. it is friday night that is the cold one. so, partly to mostly cloudy tonight, chilly. temperatures 36 to 44. winds out of the northeast at 1e day planner, temperatures downtown around 40 to start. and 48 by 11:00. maybe a sprinkle and then 49 bys s light, in the, northeast. a dreary day and seasonably cool. we made 55. that's below average. arctic a. 47, windchills 20s and 30s all day. and then still cold on saturday. 44. dry. and not windy. so for the collz s, it will be just chilly and for veteran's day, chilly. better on sunday, we're looking at temperatures back in the low to mid 50s. maybe a shower sunday night, will not impact the game. a better chance for showers early monday and
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and wednesday with temps in the 50s. tops, the redskins coming back to earth after that big went against seattle. the vikings are going to be at fedex field. >> since it's wednesday, they started prepping for the vikings and that's where we find a diane roberts. hi, di. >>reporter: players are in filme got to shine the spotlight on brown. he's a state champion, a high school state champ in track and field which helps him on the football field. we learn more as we go inside the red zone. >> yeah, the speed comes naturally. you got to know where you're going with it. you have to realize your player recognition and you have to find the man with the ball. >> when did you know you could run fast, like faster than the average person? >> my junio
5:52 pm
school. my coach, coach perry taught me how to run and every since then it was uphill from there. >> here's the picture, we're going to show that. when you look at that, what's the first thing that come to your mind. >> he's about to get walked down. he think he's going inform win. i'm going to win this right here. i remember that win. that was a w. that's when i broke the record e think he's going to win. i got this. and you got to put my bubble. e doesn't know he's coming in second. >> this one, that's the picture i really like. >> we was voting for who was going to buy the drinks at alonzo's event -- hitting the middle arrow, okay, there we go, spare. i got to spare that frame. i remember that one. i lost. >> what do you say righ? >> oh, man. okay. after the [indiscernible], hey , no matter how we got the w, we got it.
5:53 pm
next game, the w matters, even though they had 400 and something yards, the w is all that matters. >> w, that's all that matters. in track and field going took that, his state champion track and field -- 7.6 seconds and he won -- state champion in maryland he went to wild lake high school in columbia. here i am in ashburn for our wusa9 sport, diane roberts. >> all right, di, coming up at 6:00, how the races were won. we break down democratic -- and what it means for republicans in 2018 and beyond. up next, pope francis tells
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stop me if you see this happen, you're sitting in your place of worship and the clergy ask the congregation to silence their cell phones. imagine that clergy member is the pope. that's right, pope francis reprimanding the facebook in -- he toad them to put down their cell phones and focus on god. >>reporter: pope francis knows how to draw a crowd and it's usually full of people snapping photos with their cell phones. the scene got his attention during a mass at the vatican wednesday. the pope chastised pilgrims and bishops saying it's an ugly thing to use phones during a sacred time and mass is not a show. francis said the faithful should be lifting up their hearts not
5:58 pm
shortly after his election in 2013, pope francis said it hurt him to see priest driving flashy cars and desperate to use the latest smartphones and the pope arrived in a ford focus and haven't been seen using a cell phone in public since becoming the world leader of the catholics. he's no stranger to social media, he tweets in nine languages to more than 40 million followers and he has called the text messages a gift from god if used wisely and he has urged those to swap their smartphones for pocket sized bibles. tara owe key that. >> the pope told kids to get ofe s during -- the death to face-to-face conversation have dyer consequences. we begin the news at 6:00, s about the
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he wasn't kidnapped from prince george-- prince owe-- he met her at the blimpie where she worked. witnesses say they saw brown at the restaurant flirting with billie and making a sexual comment to her. surveillance video shows billie behind the wheel of her vehicle as he entered the naval base, but someone else was driving the car as it left and billie's body was found close to brown's childhood home. investigator used dna evidence to arrest brown. ashanti's family reacted to the arrest a short time ago. >> it's an emotional roller coaster, but today i'm angry again. i was angry once before and
6:00 pm
was a veteran that did this. she was a child of veterans. she's been around the military her whole life and i feel there have been failure the whole way down. this is a coward that took our child's life. and i say before he didn't deserve to breathe the air - looking at him today i feel the same way. he doesn't deserve to breathe the air she breathes at all because he's not worthy. i look at him and i see a person, i see a sick individual. and i don't mean emotionally sick. he's sick. he's angry, he's mean for no reo reason. >> we need to note that these are kidnapping charges, currently there is no murder charge. >> so sad. you know, it might be the best day politically for democrats since obama won reelection five years ago. the democratic election wins -- i


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