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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  November 8, 2017 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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was a veteran that did this. she was a child of veterans. she's been around the military her whole life and i feel there have been failure the whole way down. this is a coward that took our child's life. and i say before he didn't deserve to breathe the air - looking at him today i feel the same way. he doesn't deserve to breathe the air she breathes at all because he's not worthy. i look at him and i see a person, i see a sick individual. and i don't mean emotionally sick. he's sick. he's angry, he's mean for no reo reason. >> we need to note that these are kidnapping charges, currently there is no murder charge. >> so sad. you know, it might be the best day politically for democrats since obama won reelection five years ago. the democratic election wins -- i
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republican candidates moving forward. one year after donald trump upset clinton to win the white house, northam says his victory is a rejection of the president and his policy. >> the politics that is tearing this country apart is not -- that's not the united states of america that people love. it's certainly not the commonwealth of virginia. >> voters seem to reject ed gillespie's trumpism. gillespie didn't ask the president to join him on the campaign trail. the vice-president did show up, but gillespie adopted trump's cultural positions and trump's tweet took a different approach. the president came the loss came because gillespie didn't embrace him or his policy. voters say the president's -- cbs exit poll shows health
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one issue for virginia voters. that doesn't bold well for -- >> don't take it -- virginia republican party chairman declared the results in his state a terrible night in our party. we want to take a look into why and for that we've asked scott broom for analysis. >>reporter: there are three ski statistics from virginia 2017. one, turn out was massive. it set a record 2.6 million. more than 30% of the voters who turned out said they did it specifically to send a message of opposition to president trump and buy association republicans in virginia and three candidate northam the democrat -- in a tweet the president blamed republican ed gillespie for failing to e
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stand for. but gillespie's ad demonizing sanctuary cities were out of the trump's play book. for democrats it was a big motivator to vote. look at the maps, those democrats are concentrated in heavily suburban and urban areas of the state. not big areas geographically, but enough votes to overwhelm all the rural areas of virginia. let's look at lowden county, 110,000 votes were cast. northam won by 20 points and the key demographics, college educated white women for northam and 57-42. married women for northam, 56 to 43. millennial, 32 to 62 -- the republican party, the chairman of the party in virginia pointed out that 70% of voters underage 45 broke for the democrats
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growing population of non white voters also broke for the democrats. john wick back wrote if we don't find a way to repeal to these two groups, the results will be grim. >> two incumbent mayors in indiana and frederick and -- larry hogan is next, even though the governor kept his distance from president trump. the winners are roem and hurst and roem is the first transgender woman to serve. chris hurst was a former -- his girlfriend allison and her photographer was shot to death on live television two years ago. hurst ran on -- he
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incumbent in the house. women plays huge roles in virginia. many women were -- >> northern virginia borough peggy fox is with one of those women who will represent springfield >>reporter: have you wanted to be a politician? >> no. never. i never thought i would -- >> ka baby when she plead vietnam with her parents. last year she was working in work force development policy and immigration advocacy. president trump was elected and she gave birth to her child. >> we named her elise and she was inspired -- and that was inspired by the liberty bell. so us her n
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bell of liberty and channel opportunity for all. when she was a month old i made a decision to run because i realized i couldn't give an aspirational name to a baby and sit on the side line. this moment is now and i need to stand up for my children's future. >> when kathy's parents fled vietnam, they were offered asylum, but they wanted to come to the united states. >> this country that embodies hope, opportunity and freedom. and you know, those values were under threat. i could see that. i had this baby daughter, you kd see these values under threat. and that's why i decided to run. >> now, kathy tran will be helping to lead the state of virginia as a member of the house of delegates. in springfield, peggy fold, wusa9. >> tran is one of 15 democrats who flipped the house of delegates. the democrats will
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republicans 51 we got the results of all the virginia races and the contents on our website at and our wusa9 app. get ready for the coldest air of the season thus far. topper tracking the falling temps. >> let's talk about windchill, bruce, because this is the key to the forecast. this is midnight friday. so late tomorrow night. late thursday night. windchill not too bad. 43 downtown. 39 in frederick. s to early morning friday, it feels like 30 downtown. 24 in hagerstown, 27 in culpepper and 27 in bowie. that's the beginning of the arctic air. we'll come back and take you through the weekend. we have a lot of football games and we'll tell you when it's going to be cold and if it's going to stay dry. coming up, a search for a man who jumped out of bushes and attacked a woman who was walking by. up next, vice-president
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we got new developments in that deadly church shooting in texas. vice-president pence will join a prayer vigil in sutherland springs to honor the 26 men, women and children who lost their lives. the vice-president arrived
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and families -- they're determined to get a gun control bill passed. >> it's easy to look back and say, well, none of the laws we have in place or none of the background checks could have stopped this. okay. what about the next one becauses going to happen. >> the shooter devin patrick ken duct discharge after accused of beating his wife and then son stepson. they failed to submit kelly-- kelley's -- services will be held at the church this sunday, a week after the church lost half its congregation in that massacre. prince william county police are looking for the man who attacked a woman early this morning according to police. the vick was walking along sick nor and walnut when a man jumped out the bushes and grabbed her. she was able to getaway. she
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called for help. >> i mean you can find stuff that happens anywhere, but being so close to home, that's very scary. >> police are stepping up their presence for the next few days. if you know anything that can help them catch this guy, give police a car. coming up, reaction to a new study that finds most people care more about their dogs than humans. up still get a refreshing any size soft drink for just one dollar at mcdonald's? with the days getting shorter and your to-do list getting longer, you'll enjoy this ice-cold deliciousness more than ever. hurry over to mcdonald's. ♪
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it must have leaked. you brought my book and everything. >> how are you? >> good to see you? >> how are you? nice to meet you. >> he works the room. >> former president obama and first lady michelle obama still own a home in chicago. that's their legal place of residents, but they have a home in east west dc. president trump is in china for two days after meetings with chinese leaders. ping welcomed trump and first lady melania trump at the forbidden city in -- president trump addressed the south korean national assembly. the president urged jung-un to abandon his request-- his quest for nuclear weapons. >> the weapons you're acquiring is not making your safer. they're putting your regime in
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to the aggression of your regime and a stop to your ballistic missiles and complete, verifiable and total denuclearzation. >> earlier the president tried to make a surprise trip to the military zone -- fog forced his helicopter to turn away five minutes before landing. within hours of the president's speech, north korean's leader says the u.s. faces an abyss of doom unless it out what it calls the lunatic old man from the white house. members of the ucla men's basketball team have run into legal trouble in china. it has nothing to do with the president's visit. the team is there for a scheduled game. three freshman players have been arrested accused of shoplifting from a high end store. one of the players is ball, brother of los angeles laker's rooe
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>> according to china's entry and exit law, a case must be fully resolved before the suspects are allowed to go home. >> the dad says it's no big deal, but we'll see. shoplifting carries a three to ten year sentence in china. the players are out on bail, but confined to their hotel until the legal process is played out. they're not permitted to play in friday's game and it's unclear if they'll be able to return to the united states with the rest of the team. this may come as a surprise and then again maybe not, people care more about dogs than humans. researchers at north eastern university gave students fictitious news stories about dogs -- one story was about a puppy, a second about an adult dog, another about a 30-year-old person and finally one about a baby. the results show
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had the same empathy for the puppy and baby followed by the adult dog. the 30-year-old person came in dead last. results are getting a lot of reaction and attention on our facebook page. emanuel writes, it's ridiculous that this is a fact. dogs are loyal, appreciative and always want to have fun, they don't judge you, they protect you. name one human that does that without wanting anything in return. amanda says of course dogs are so much nicer than humans, all animals are nicer than humans. most people stuck in life, but -- if people were kind to other human beings as they are to dogs, it would be a better country. the fact that people on this post is saying that -- that's the problem. we can start by saying nice things about each other. tell us what you think, join the conversation on wusa9 facebook page. i know we love pets, but i
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we're good people, even you. >> even me. >> are redeemable topper. >> i think i'm the only person excited about cold weather. i'm the winter baby. >> it's good. and get ready because this is going to be like mid-december cold. a little ahead of schedule here. the arctic air drops to the u.s. canadian border as we go through thursday, and then the key to this is going to be actually a windchill. that is going to be the key to this forecast. windchills in the teens and 20s as we go through say the next 36 hours or 48 hours. that's the key. the arctic air won't get here until friday morning. don't worry about that. i want to take a walk here. it won't get here until friday morning. whether it does, it's going to feel like it's in the 20s and 30s all day friday. saturday is going to be cold for the football games and
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is there's no wind on saturday. so some good news. it drops south and gets through late thursday night it rolls through the metro area. that will drop temperatures and drop windchills. that's the key. that is just simply the key herd chills. windchills are going to be anywhere in the teens and 20s and 20s and 30s and temperatures on saturday will be in the teens and 20s across the board. a live look outside. 49, winds northerly at 9. cloudy, a dreary if you will. clouds hang tough. chilly. bus stop temperature, d s hang tough tomorrow, a couple of passing showers and cold friday and also on saturday with temperatures only in the 40s both of those days. we'll come back in a little bit and show you the 7-day. can't get to that yet. here's the day planner. 40s acw . we may not make 50 tomorrow. and then we get into friday, arctic air, still cold saturday, but dry for the games a
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shower possible, but not until sunday night and showers on monday. >> okay. quarterback speaking -- >> they're on that high from the win over the weekend, right, di. >>reporter: you guys know that commercial, we must protect this house. that is what josh norman is
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roberts brought to you by xfinity. >> we are heading into week 9 of the nfl and the home team here. they're in the middle of a four and four, baton -- they want to go above that. to do that they have to beat the minnesota vikings this weekend at fedex field. it won't be an easy task. the vikings lead their division at 6-2, but washington will be the host playing at fedex field. they have a 2 and 2 record at home. norman wants to change that and give the fans their money's worth. >> when you come here, the crowd is our friend. that's what we're here to do, play for them and give them the strength to go on and cheer hard for us because i look at it as, man, i'm back at home, i'm coming out here and giving these guys something to cheer for. i'm going to give them a show. >> as veteran's day nears, we have formerki
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give service members a show. the fun filled event we're talking about is apart of the team's charitable foundation salute the -- santa that moss and cornerback fred battled military men and women in madden 18 at fort meyer in arlington. this was a tournament with a winner receiving x-box. there was a lot of trash talking by -- all in all, there was plenty of competition and commodity making for a fun experience. >> they see us as heroes and for us to come and serve a day or share a day with them, to show them they are our heroes, i'm most definitely willing to show my gratitude and appreciation for what they do. fans mean everything to me. i planned to go to the military after football, but they didn't want to take this raggedy body to the military. we appreciate what they do. they give us a chance
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our day-to-day in the united states of america. >> so much is said about the military, and freedoms and freedoms of speech, but honestly this week leading up to veteran's day, we're all for the military. we all are in support of those guys who give us our freedom. here from ashburn, at redskins park, i'm diane roberts, back to you guys. >> diane, thanks a lot. we echo that. we salute the military. >> to the men and women and the families who give of their loved ones so that we can do what we do today. >> right, big sacrifices for the family. we're looking at -- not so bad tomorrow, 50, cool. but boom, 40s friday and saturday. windchills -- dry for the games saturday. when are you going out to see the bisons play? >> it's looking good, the forecast is looking good.
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