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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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another case of deadly domestic violence, a woman is dead, and police charge a coworker after she have tried to break off their relationship. a missing wheaton woman has been found dead. dania mendez de guerra was reported missing monday. last night, police found her body behind a dumpster in a shopping center. they say they know who killed her. >> reporter: she finished up her shift at the kfc, and never made it home. her husband reported her missing and now her coworker police say she was having an affair with is charged with her murder. the missin
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body of dania mendez de guerra behind a dumpster, and just feet from sanchez's home. >> i'm right on the corner of that building, so, say, maybe 50 yards maybe? that close. >> reporter: friday night, police had the whole area behind l street and university boulevard blocked off. >> it was pretty, pretty shocking. actually, that's what it was. because i never seen so many police like that, you know? especially -- i just live right there, you know? it's like in the back of my house. you know, and you got to be looking out and seeing what's going on. >> reporter: mendez was just 21 years old. police say she was having an affair with this man, elmer campos martinez. he was also her coworker. he admitted to police on sunday after they finished their shift they argued after she tried to end their relationship. he says he punched her and
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she hit her head and stopped moving. he took her purse and cell phone, and left in a cab. he's charged with second degree murder. he is being held without bond tonight wusa9. people who helped domestic violence survivors say the most dangerous time is when you try to leave. we report on these stories too often. every nine seconds a woman is physically abused by her intimate party, what that means? since i started talking, another woman has been abused. the hotline number: pass it on to someone who may need it. turning to our weather, today was one of the coldest days in nearly 8 months. what's in store tomorrow? let's get over
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bernstein. >> a cold one, but maybe not as cold at today. we only got to 39. this was the coldest day we've had since march, march 15 when we were 35, so way below average, average is still 60, so this was a very, like mid- winter day around here. tonight's still cold, with clouds around. i don't think it's going to be as cold as this morning when we had spots in the teens, and we had a record tieing 26. currently 34 in town, but menasasis down. you can see the clouds coming our way. they tend to insulate you the -- us a bit. the futurecast for us tomorrow, does show more clouds around. temperatures will be climbing more, potential lip in the low to possibly even mid-40s by lunchtime with a mix of sunshine in there, as well with the clouds. highs tomorrow upper 40s, with enough sun, we could get to 50, but right now we
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the winds will be that bad, if you're going to fedex, bundle up, but it would be worse. i'll be back to talk about a slight warming trend, and when we could see more rain. on this veterans day, 5 home in southeast dc gets a special makeover. and as stephanie shows us, it's all about honoring our veterans and giving back. >> today means a great deal to me. it is veterans day, and i'm so happy that i'm here with all the service people that came out, volunteers, to help with the sole already panels and my son and daughter and my husband all veterans, so this is a great day for me. >> reporter: a labor of love, courtesy of a nonprofit, grid alternatives. this installation is provid
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military and veterans. >> i think what's simple about it, it's someone's home. we can all relate to that, and they're just normal people with the same background i have, out of the military, and helping them be at their house makes you feel like you're just a friend helping out a neighbor. >> reporter: veterans helping veterans on veterans day. >> today, of course, means a lot to me. just as much as yesterday, which was my marine corps birthday. today is veterans day, i have a lot to celebrate, me and my family. >> my heart feels warm, because i have the wonderful people the. some veterans themselves, to took up the time to come out and do this when they didn't have to, they could be doing other things with their families. it's a wonderful feeling that i'm feeling. >> they are so thankful, the new system will save them a lot of money, about
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in southeast dc, wusa9. a heart-warming story. imagine running a marathon a day for a month, now, imagine you ran the marathons after you lost both of your legs, fighting for our country. sarah introduces us to rob jones on this veterans day. >> reporter: rob jones set out to do a full month of marathons. >> it takes a one in a million person to take on a challenge like this. >> reporter: that's 13 runs in 31 days --31 runs in 31 days. >> he's really strong, and a brave person. >> reporter: this is the last 26.2 miles of the more than 800- mile journey. >> went to
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afghanistan, lost my legs, but i was able to find my new way to stay in the fight, and contribute to my country. >> reporter: ied exploded while jones was in afghanistan 2010. >> i didn't know what to expect. devastating. i didn't expect him to take off and start doing stuff. >> reporter: a lot of stuff, including competing in the paralympics in london. that's where he met his wifement they got married last summer. >> it's nice to see someone you love achieve their goals, regardless of what they are, and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for veterans charities makes you feel pride. >> reporter: jones has been running with veterans day as his finish line. >> between monument towards two of our greatest presidents, i can't think of a better way to end the mission than today to help me prove no veteran is alone in this country. >>
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even close to finished. mike pence placed a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier and spoke to a crowd of hundreds. pence told them the trump administration supports veterans benefits including mental health services. he encouraged americans to thank a veteran for their service. >> this is the land of the free because it's still the home of the brave. my fellow americans, i say thank you for your service to a veteran. >> earlier, pence and his wife karen helped volunteers clean the vietnam veterans memorial on the national mall. president trump says he believes russia's president is sincere
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didn't medal in the presidential election. he told reporters he talked to vladimir putin about the subject newer an economic summit in vietnam. trump dismissed u.s. intelligence officials at political hacks, and accused democrats of trying to sabotage u.s./russia. roy moore said he won't drop out u.s. senate race. he also denied allegations of sexual misconduct. four women say they had inappropriate encounters with moore when they were teens. moore said those allegations are false. >> to be attacked for allegations of sexual misconduct contradicts my entire career in law. i want to make it clear to the media present and people present, i've not provided alcohol beverages, alcoholic birches, anything
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beverages, anything else to a minor. i've not end caged section -- engaged in sexual misconduct with anyone. larry hogan says moore is unfit for office, and called for him to step aside. he said they should ask, if they would be so quick to excuse him if the victim was their daughter, or if the offender was a democrat. hogan is a republican. when we come back, how a new bike share program is helping homeless kids in the district. holiday tradition. it's beginning to look a little bit like christmas. we'll show you why, and when.
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trooper is recovering after his patrol car was struck on the capitol beltway. trooper ortiz was responding to a crash on the outer look at allen town road where his cruiser was rear by another vehicle. he was taken to the hospital where
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release releaseed. a man was charged with dui in connection with the crash. starting today, a bike share program is mo-bike will help homeless kids. you may have seen some of the bikes around. this week, for every mo-bike taken, the company's going to give free rides to the covenant house. the covenant house focuses on helping homeless youth get back on their feet. >> that offers them the opportunity to get -- it offers the opportunity for exercise. if they can get that quick bike ride in in between their busy life schedule, i think that's excellent, but more importantly, it's affordable way to get around to get to work, school, or even errands in between, and i think mo-bike offers the flexibility to do that. >> the free rides will be donated to the covenant house until next sunday.
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memorial that is the center of controversy. the touring perform -- towering memorial has stood for 90 years. it honors 49 men who died in the war from prince george county. an appeals court ruled it is unconstitutional because it's maintained with public funds and it appears to endorse religion. supporters say the cross shape was actually modeled after grave markers from world war i that resembled a cross. >> as we speak, this memorial has been declared unconstitutional unless we get the full appeals court to reverse it, or for the u.s. supreme court to take this case. this war memorial will have to be removed or even demolished. >> he says the american legion is prepared to go all the way to the supreme court to prevent that from happening. all gh
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san francisco. every time we get this, we have to show stuff like this, boom! yeah, a demolition team implodes, there it goes, the last two piers of the old bay bridge. the east side of the new span, the process was delayed slightly this morning for a seal who won't leave, yes, a seal. once he decided he had to go somewhere, it came down. check this out, it first opened to traffic on november 12, 1936. so, i had to buy a coat. >> chilly. >> but you know what? the winds were nonexistent for the most part. >> i like your bright side attitude. >> refreshingly br
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call it brisk. >> we have some business to take care of. temperatures, because of the lack of wind, and the low -- it didn't mix up we underperform on days like today, and we did forecast below, we still missed it. only got to 39, and coldest day since march 15 when we hit 33. so it's been nearly 8 months since we had a day this cold, and even the coldest average in january is down to 43, so that would be below average for january. tomorrow, we're going to make the mid-to upper 40s, clouds, sunshine. not as cold, but still chilly. you'll still need the jackets. we have a big game tomorrow, vikings are in town from minnesota. 1:00. partly to mostly cloudy, mid- to upper 40s at fedex. winds still should be, you know, doable, right, southeast at 5. that's not going to make it that bad. not much of a windchill. tonight, there's no windchill, but still awfully cold. i
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degree in middle berg from the last time i looked. 28 in springfield, and even on the bay, we're below freezing once again with upper 20s in north beach, saint michael, so good thing we have no wind, because it's a cold night. the clouds are also helping a bit. they tend to act like a blanket. on a clear night, the heat, whatever we have, just radiates out to space. when we have clouds, it bounces back down. 34, dot in the low 20s -- dew point, in the low 20s. it's cold enough to support snow, going to see some slightly milder temperatures slowly build in the next few days. you can see how the clouds continue to stream in. high clouds around tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow, sometimes it might be overcast, other times decent
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in the 40s to maybe 50 if you're lucky. into tomorrow night, a disturbance will come across. could squeeze out some showers towards monday morning, but right now, it looks light, better chance to southeast virginia, north carolina. if we had a sprinkle monday it, could be below freezing briefly, so watch that. monday, see some sun, trying to develop in the away. defend near 50 -- afternoon. again near 50. a northeasterly wind, but that should keep things on the cool side. for tonight, it's going to be cold. not as cold, but pretty close, 20s and 30s. we had teens this morning with that record tieing 26 at national. tomorrow morning, 26 in the cold spots, 44 by lunchtime. light wind, and in the afternoon, southeast winds at 5. highs 45 to 50. 3-day forecast. a few isolated morning showers monday, 49. staying chilly tuesday, 52, mid- 50s in the
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upper 50s, maybe 60 on thursday. and then, we have a chance of showers friday, because of the light guidance, probably hold off until saturday. highs in the low 50s. >> do you have a favorite all- time movie? i do. >> god, there's a couple. i love princess bride. i'll watch it any time it's on. >> you know what mine is. breakfast at tiffany's? audrey hepburn did it, and the iconic store opened a cafe in their flagship store in new york. the character in the movie, she had to eat her breakfast outside, but you can dine inside at the blue box cafe. check this out. breakfast, yeah, it's beautiful. it's going to cost you 29 bucks for breakfast. it do include a croissant, fresh fruit, and choice of an entree and tea and coffee. they have a set price lunch at $39, and afternoon
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bucks. >> a bargain. >> in new york it is! another sign the holiday sees subpoena is here. -- season is here. the rockefeller christmas tree arrived. the norway spruce is about 50 feet in diameter, and arrived from pennsylvania. soon will be decorated with 50,000 lights, and topped with a star. the annual tree lighting is set to take place november 29th. >> nice. >> we should go there. let's go. >> road trip! >> get on the bolt, or whatever the buses are cold. >> i don't know about that. >> you never heard of the bolt bus? >> yeah. >> are you ready for the redskins to make a run? vikings in town tomorrow. what's it going to
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as we honor those that served on this veterans day, what would it be like for military members to go head to head against former redskins stars smoot and moss in madden football? several got to
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the redskins absolute, pros versus gi joe's battle. smoot and moss have family in the military so it was personal to them. >> i might have to compete, i'm going to be very loud and animated with it. >> [ inaudible ] >> i might get kicked out. >> he needs to be fired! >> [ background noise ] >> i get that. [ laughter ] >> holding on you! >> you ain't crying as much
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>> give me a loser. >> come on! >> i just enjoy coming here and knowing the little time they do have for lunch or whatever they might have, we may cheer the day up, and give them something they can take with them when they're on the road and overseas fighting for this country. >> great stuff there. which redskins team will show up,? let's hope it's the winning one, right? redskins at the midway point, 4- 4 record. vikings come to town with a 6-2 mark. minnesota has won four straight, and redskins, they know they have to product the house at 1:00 at fedex field. the skins are a slight
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these guys something to cheer for. i'm going to give them a show, and that's what we try to come out here and do every time and give them something to go back home and talk about when they go to work on monday. let's hope so. not a good day for maryland football. slow start crushing the turtles. this pass that's just too easy as maryland was down 28-0. lone touchdown for the terps from the fourth quarterback the team has used. down to their fourth quarterback, brand hitting jacobs with the touchdown, terps fall though 35-10. 4-6 over all. contrast to navy -- congratulations to navy's 6th 6th straight season. now, check out the coach in celebration. looks like a new dance, right? congratulations to navy, and the victory.
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chance to take it to atlanta for the wizards who have not played their best ball, not yet, but starting to round into form. the wiz looking good. check him out. the good ball movement, for the jam as the wizards would take care of the atlanta hawks tonight, final count 113-94. i know you're watching your team. they are starting to look better. >> home cooking! >> they break my heart every once in a while,. >> they looked good tonight. >> they did. chilly overnight? but maybe not so cold tomorrow? yeah, this gu did you know you can still get a refreshing any size soft drink for just one dollar at mcdonald's? with the days getting shorter and your to-do list getting longer, you'll enjoy this ice-cold deliciousness more than ever. hurry over to mcdonald's. ♪ ♪
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>> it will be cold, suck it up, butter cup! but on an extra -- put on extra coat or jacket. near 50 in the afternoon, that will be the same story on monday. shower threat's isolated monday. we get milder through the week. i think the showers friday night now look to hold off until saturday, with highs the rest of the week, 30 tuesday, in the 50s, slightly below average. it's trending upwards, everyone! i like it. tell the veterans thank you so much for your service. and thank you so much for joining us. have a good night.
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life looks good.
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[exciting music] ♪ [cheers and applause] - welcome to "sing like a star," the show where musical dreams come true. i'm your host, arthel neville. we're in tableau restaurant in jackson square. it is one of the most historic buildings in the french quarter, and in a city known for its restaurants, it's also one of new orleans' best. tonight, right here in new orleans, we will hear performances from a lawyer, a receptionist, and a cheerleading coach. that's right, all three have a similar dream: they want a professional singing career. the road to seeing that dream come true goes through our three judges. we have recording artist terrance simien. he is one of the most respected figures in american roots music. he has won two grammy awards. and you're still living the dream, right, terrance?


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