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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:33pm EST

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. triplets, then twins, then kids-in-law. it's one full house and the story of how they got here is pretty incredible. >> customers complaining about what happened after they shelled out big bucks for highly trained service dogs. >> will coughing during a heart attack save your life? you asked. we'll verify. >> and new allegations about a judge and senate candidate and his relationships with young women. the news at 11:00 starts now. and that's the breaking news that starts us off tonight, new details about the past of judge roy moore. the, the republican nominee for the open senate seat in alabama. tonight the new yorker reports they talked with several people in judge moore's hometown who recalled at one point he was banned from the local malls because of his continued interactions with teenage girls. just today a fifth woman came forward and in graphic detail accused judge moore of
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>> mr. moore reached over and began groping me and putting his hands on my breasts. i tried to open my car door to leave, but he reached over and he locked it so i could not get out. >> this is absolutely false. i never did what she said i did. i don't even know the woman. i don't know anything about her. >> whether it's judge moore, harvey weinstein, kevin spacey or any of the list, powerful men accused of abusing young women, the statute of limitations could mean they won't face charges, but what are the rules about that in our area? here's pete muntean. >> here it is in a nutshell. maryland, virginia and d.c. all side with victims of child sex abuse more than alabama does. think back to big child sex abuse cases. it took decades for victims of penn state coach jerry sandusky to come forward. experts say delayed reporting should be expected d
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in maryland there is no time limit to bring forward a criminal case. child sex abuse victims have until age 25 to bring a civil case. it's almost the same in virginia, no time limit for criminal cases, for civil cases the limit at 20 years since the date of the crime and in the district the cap is at age 36 for first and second degree crimes, 31 for third and fourth degree crime. it's a 25 for civil case. all this is pretty tricky, though. we've poeed a fully of resources -- posted a full list of resources on our website so you can see yourself. pete pete muntean, -- pete muntean, wusa9. our special assignment unit learned of serious allegations of lack of training for service dogs that are shipped to our area. for months we have been looking into diabetic alert
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that it's not delivering what it promised to the parents of children struggling with a life threatening disease. families in all 50 states and across canada are paying thousands of dollars for a service dog that's supposed to help type 1 diabetics, but we've uncovered more than two dozen clients, dog trainers and veterinarians across north america with deep concerns about diabetic alert dogs of america, but we also spoke with a dozen satisfied customers, references provided to us by the company. >> >> reporter: fifteen dollars? >> this dog -- $15,000? >> this dog that barks in public, groups at people, has accidents in stores cost you $15,000? >> we honestly would have been better off training ourself with no experience. i sent it to my mom and her response was, "you paid $15,000 for this? ." >> reporter: how can you delivea
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trained service dog? they can't wash out on a flight. >> no. you'd be surprised. i believe that they can. i believe that some dogs get traumatically traumatized going through tsa security, getting on an airplane. >> no. >> reporter: what do you have to show for that $9,000 your family pulled together? >> absolutely nothing. >> reporter: these are just a few of the customers who trusted diabetic alert dogs of america to deliver a life saving service dog. they expected perfectly behaved animals like the ones shown on the company's youtube channel, service dogs to alert them to dangerously high and low blood sugar levels in type 1 diabetics, dogs that could prevent seizures or worse. >> this dog is supposed to prevent something could cost you your life. >> reporter: instead they spent up to $15,000 for this.
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[ barking and growling ] >> knock it off. >> reporter: we showed these videos to debbie kay. she's a retired government scientist who set up the explosives detection program for the atf to train its first agents and instructors. kay has also bred and trained labrador retrievers since 1969 and has served as an expert witness in dog training cases. >> but for a dog to show that level of distress, you know, tells me that there's something very wrong. >> reporter: her expertise is training dogs in scent detection including diabetic alert dogs. >> i wouldn't have taken any of the dogs that you've shown me here and placed them already with clients as fully trained dogs. >> reporter: under the americans with disabilities act, a service dog is allowed public access, the right to accompany its handler inside stores and restaurants. >>
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these dogs are safe and under control and those were the two criteria of public access. >> how they can do this with a clear conscience is beyond me. >> reporter: tamie rivers brought chip to help her teenage daughter. >> she's very brave, but she doesn't know when she goes to sleep at night if she's going to wake up the next morning and i don't know that either. >> reporter: but watch how chip reacts when tamie's son walks into the room. >> [ barking ] >> reporter: keep in mind this is five months after the dog joined their family. [ barking and growling ] >> come on. it's just brad. >> a disaster, disgusting. >> reporter: a trained diabetic alert dog can often detect highs and lows before a continuous glucose monitor like this, but not chip. [ growling ] >> they ll
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fault. you're the one that needs to bring the dog back for training or retraining because you messed it up. >> reporter: she contacted the director of operations for diabetic alert dogs of america, ed peeples. >> ready to go? >> yeah. >> reporter: we tried to interview him in las vegas, but his plans changed. >> take the i-94 east ramp off silver spring. >> reporter: and he agreed to meet us at newark international airport between flights. hi, ed. thank you for coming. peeples was returning from canada after delivering the company's400th service dog. how can you deliver that kind of dog? >> what this client did over the year i have no idea what happened. >> reporter: so you're saying that dog was somehow traumatized between delivery and the vet appointment? >> she h
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i don't know what she did. [ barking. >> i'll be honest and say this right on camera. if they're willing to give me back the product, i'm willing to give them back 100% of their money without questions. >> reporter: but multiple families have asked for their money back. >> they refused a refund and said they were a nonprofit. >> he told me they were unable to do that because they were a nonprofit. >> ed said no, that they don't make any money from these dogs, they're nonprofit. >> what happens is sometimes they take my words out of context. we are nonprofit or no profit. we don't make any profit off of these dogs. >> reporter: we've confirmed diabetic alert dogs of america is not a nonprofit. i'm not trying to get you agitated. >> no, no, i'm not agitated, sorry. i get excited about this kind of stuff. i'm not agitated. i'm excited. >> reporter: we traced the company address to this four bedroom three bath home in las vegas owned by company founder and president dr. jennifer caldie, not a veterinarian but local chiropractor. >> the name of lucky i was ki
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they presented me with a dog, i figured it's kind of a sign. >> reporter: what in the paperwork caught your eye about him? >> it said that he was spayed. it definitely wasn't my lucky. >> reporter: you're sure he's a male. >> when he to borrow money from everybody in my family. >> i cashed in my 401k and patrick had to cash in some bonds. >> reporter: but they were convinced it was worth it to help break the cycle of frequent hospital stays. >> as soon as we came across another dog, his whole temperament changed. he would stand on his hind legs, be aggressive to the dog, start barking and it took all i had to control him. >> it was like baby-sitting a toddler. >> reporter: the family made a heart breaking decision to give lucky back. >> you can't give away a family member like that. >> reporter: you don't know what happened to lucky? >> no. they told me up front they were just going to resell him. >> reporter:
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>> reporter: kerri martin said her dog's behavior is so poor they can't take her out in public. >> we used a prong collar. they said you're not doing it hard enough, get a shock collar. >> reporter: tell me about her missing teeth. >> lucky has four missing incisors, something we discussed with the vet is very uncommon unless there's severe facial trauma. she also had scars on her face and one of her dew claws were knocked out. her dog is missing front teeth. >> sure. >> reporter: how did her dog lose the front teeth? >> i didn't know anything about it until she sent pictures. so if it happened under our watch, of course, that would be concerning to me. >> reporter: but we looked at the company's own website and saw these photos of lucky before she was delivered. should all your trainers be training service dogs? it's hard. you have to have a lot of patience. >> oh, no. i'll be the first one to say i've fired many, many trainers,
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if i ever found out any of my trainers ever did any of that, they'd not only be fired, they'd be in jail because i would report them, 100%. >> reporter: so your trainers never used physical force? >> absolutely not and if i ever find out about it, they're fired and in jail. >> no, knock it off. [ barking ] >> reporter: you consider yourself a top notch dog trainer? >> the best. i consider myself one of the best in the country, absolutely. >> we did call every one of the 27 references provided by diabetic alert dogs of america, clients the company said were happy. 12 of the 27 returned our calls and confirmed they were satisfied customers and their dogs did alert to high and low blood sugar levels. andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> diabetic alert dogs of america delivers about 100 service dogs a year and it says it is proud of its better business bureau's a plus rating. could a cough save your life if you're having a
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we'll verify. >> and talk about managing logistics, we're going to introduce you to a family balancing the needs of seven kids. that's a lot. top? >> that's mind boggling. a little patchy fog tomorrow morning at 6 a.m., 40 downtown, 30s in the burbs and by 8:00 41 downtown, 38 gaithersburg, 39 in bowie and leesburg. we'll come back, tell you if the clouds give way to full sun, talk about a warm-up and when the next arctic air blasts through here all ahead as the news at 11:00 continues live from
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chain e-mails, usually the biggest waste of time ever. here's one that landed in the inbox of jenny hawkins. i'd like to verify can you stop yourself from having a heart attack by coughing? jenny, our verify researchers tracked this chain e-mail back to the mid-'90s. a polish scientist said coughing delivers oxygen to the
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to carry oxygen to the heart. >> coughing won't do anything for someone having a heart attack. >> the more anxious you get, your heart rate gets higher. so you don't want to do things that's going to elevate the patient's heart rate. >> jenny, this is one you won't want to pass along or somebody might end up with a big old emergency room whamo. it's false. if you're alone and any you're having a heart attack, call 911, chew a baby aspirin and unlock your front door so the paramedics can get in doctors say. the definition of family gets broader and more inclusive all the time. tonight john henry has proof of that. he's introducing us to a group he's coined the superfamily. >> reporter: jessica and john always knew they wanted to have a lot of children, but the story of huff they got there, well, neither -- how they got there, well, neither one of them could have predicted that. >> it was kind of just an immediate family. >> reporter: shortly after they got married they had their
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>> we're lucky enough to have triplet boys. >> reporter: and then? >> within a year and a month later we had twins. >> reporter: three boys and another two girls. that instantly made for one full house. however, as the years went by, life would present yet another challenge. >> he went his way. i went my way. >> divorce amicably. >> reporter: hold up. this isn't some sad story, i assure you. this actually laid the groundwork for what would become some sort of superfamily. stay with me. jessica married matt and they would soon have one of their own completing -- >> a three-two-one. >> reporter: that's a woman who has triplets, twins and a single child. john remarried, too another woman also named jessica. >> he told me he had five kids and i was like oh, wow. i thought it through. i've always wanted a lot of kids. >> reporter: and that jessica, she already had a child of her own, too. so that made for seven children between two households. how did
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co-parenting. >> we now have a huge group that care and loh for these kids. >> reporter: it's rachal -- love for these kids. >> reporter: it's a challenge made much earlier given the couples only live a few miles from one another. they even take family vacations together. that said even with four loving parents, this takes a lot of work. >> we don't drive small vehicles. >> we all have kids in sports. >> the amount of food the children consume. >> reporter: and this is something no one would change. >> some people in the world don't have moms and dads. >> you have everybody to talk to if something is wrong. >> people have said to us better you than me and you just go yeah, it is. it is better me than you. >> reporter: from stevenson, virginia, john henry -- >> cheese! >> reporter: -- wusa9. >> a lot going on there, but everybody is smiling. >> one
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in family has a 3-year-old, twin 2-year-olds and now expect triplets. -- this family has a 3-year- old, twin 2-year-olds and now expect triplets. here's your chance how to help them when you asked. we'll be accepting diaper donations in all sizes friday on wusa9 from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. the addressous your screen, 40 -- address is on your screen, screen. >> we'll leave -- screen. >> we'll leave the light on for you. >> people show up and show out when we ask them to support, our family community. >> they always come through. did we come through on the 3-degree? >> you just gave it away. >> we went 50. it was 53 at national. 'r
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3-degree on tuesday. a live look outside, it's 43 now, dew points in the upper 30s. temps aren't falling much lower than 38, 39 downtown and above freezing in the burbs. for the morning bus stop temps 34 to 45, dry, a little patchy fog, not a huge deal, cool put pleasant tomorrow and also wednesday, a little below our average of 59 but not bad for november. a shower is possible overnight wednesday. you'll be sleeping. don't worry about it and pleasant and milder on thursday and friday. we'll be approaching 60 one of those days, if not both days. 53 tomorrow, 54 on wednesday, 56 thursday and 60 on friday, back to 59 on saturday mainly because of showers and rain. if we had sun on saturday, we'd probably be 66, but the clouds will keep it in check. so early tomorrow morning 6:00, a few clouds. don't leave your shades at home, still going to need them, 40 downtown, 35 gaithersburg,
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by 9 a.m. 43 downtown, 41 in leesburg, manassas and bowie. at lunchtime full sun and spectacular, temps armed 50 with light wind. the winds are light even though it's cooler than average. by 6 p.m. we're still 47 downtown, low 40s in cumberland and romney for crng out loud, 45 in fredericksburg and we get into wednesday morning, temperatures are a little bit colder and a little below freezing in some of the northern and western suburbs. day planner tuesday, right around 40 to start, 47 by 11:00 and then 49 with full sun at 1:00. we get into wednesday. the day part's fine. clouds come in light, showers at night, 54 and we clear out quickly on thursday, 56, pretty good deal. next seven days friday is the winner, best in show as it were, 60 and then 59 on saturday with showers, rain, probably our next yellow weather alert day, then boom, another arctic blast, 46 on monday and the
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put up, flurries possible even in the metro on sunday. all right. for the last couple weeks i've been working on the best assignment in the world. i'm surprising people with $100 bills straight up no strings attached. when we went to fair oaks mall it was full of kids with a day off at school. so we stopped a dad and his 10- year-old daughter and they gave us a lesson in kindness. >> i think we could use a little more kindness in the world. >> i think she's right. there's a lot of kindness in the world. we could always use a little more. >> reporter: i this have $100 bill and i was thinking you might want $100 as a random act of kindness. >> i would always love $100. mom is working, so we decided to come and get a pretzel. >> reporter: i have this other $100 bill. >> okay. >> reporter: i was thinking maybe you could help us phoned someone randomly to give -- find someone randomly to give that to. could we go for
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>> sure. >> reporter: what keeps dad the busiest? >> he has work, fbi work. >> reporter: dad's an fbi agent. >> true enough, yes. >> reporter: you're saving us from the bad guys. >> we try, yeah. we try. >> that looks like a nice grandma over there sitting at a table, but there's nobody with her, so i was thinking i'd go up to her and say -- >> reporter: want to go now? >> yeah. >> so 10-year-old brogan had no problem picking out just the person she wanted to surprise. i can't wait for you to see the second part of this because she could teach us all a thing or two about kindness. the rest of the story is tomorrow morning on wake-up
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now wusa9 sports with darren haynes brought to you by xfinity. >> here's the best thing i saw today, wizards, kings, kelly oubre cross drive. six wizards scored in double figures including k.o. the wizards have won re
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they've lost three of their last four games and their next opponent may be their toughest yet. so here's my one word for sunday's game, sorry, you all. it's loss. listen, these stats, if you tell me if these stats don't look like nor loss for the redskins. -- another loss for the redskins. the saints have won seven straight, during that streak their defense first in the nfl for yards in the game, first in passing, their offense first in scoring touchdowns. the saints are coming off an offensive performance the nfl hasn't seen in decades. that's why my one word is loss. colin kaepernick was named gq magazine citizen of the year for his activism. kaepernick began kneeling during the national anthem last season to protest
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injustice. how do you feel about this? like our wusa9 sports facebook page, make a comment and i will respond. the maryland women's basketball team lost 94-86 against no. 4 in defending champion south carolina. however, we learned a lot about this team tonight. the terps trailed by as many as 26 point but found a way to rally -- points but found a way to rally back and cut the lead to only three. maryland may be young and in experienced with just two returning starters, but they never quit. i believe the secret of our success is that we never, never give up. that's what i saw tonight out of maryland. so i expect another successful season and maybe a fourth consecutive championship. fourth, i'm like gee, fourth consecutive championship possibly. >> they'll always be there. >> they're good this year. >> they got a lot of talent and they got brenda frese, who is amazing. >> they have an easy opponent
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we don't like what we see at the end of your seven-day. >> let's focus on the first four days. nice tomorrow, nice wednesday, nice thursday, 60 on friday. we won't talk about the weekend. >> we'll have time to update that. >> focus on the four-day forecast. have a great night! >> the late show with stephen colbert is next. good night.
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