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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  November 14, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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is your child's cafeteria making the food safety grade? probably not, according to special assignment unit investigations. just two weeks after we first reported on an herbal supplement that helped end some o prgsioid addiction, the fda is making moves to crack down on it. why is the federal government looking at banning on the national mall? this viral video in your feed. >> throwing all of this food away. >> is it real? you asked. we'll verify. and this actress accused harvey weinstein of sexual assault. now, she has a court date. the news starts now. that woman is actress rose mcgowan. here is her mug shot from the county sheriff's office. she turned herself in there today and got booked on drug charges all because of some stuff she left behind at bull -- dulles international airport. >> either
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on the hit tv show charmed or for her social activism. she's been a major figure in the fight against sexual harassment and awe salt. she also attended the woman's march in january. . it was that trip which ultimately got her into trouble when she flew into dulles. she forgot her wallet on the plane. right here, you can see her tweet asking united airlines to look for her stuff. ultimate lu found that wallet but somewhere awe long the way decided to test her for narcotics. we're told that what they found was cocaine. >> the metropolitan washington airport authority police department issued a warrant for arrest. nine months later, she finally turned herself into authority. the offices of the commonwealth attorney tells us mcgowan is charged with felony possession of a controlled substance. if convicted, she could face anywhere from one to ten years behind bars. a jury could also decide to imprison her for up to a year and possibly fine her
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>> mcgowan is currently free on bond leading up to her thursday morning arraignment. we've reached out to her lawyer but haven't heard back. that said, she has tweeted twice since this news broke. one tweet says hashtag current mood and shows a woman standing next to something burning. the other is a picture of mcgowan herself standing in front of a podium that says hashtag rose army. now to a story that's news tonight. a grisly crime we reported on extensively here on the news at 11:00 leads to a guilty verdict. the jury in fairfax county convicted 22-year-old sanchez of murder. he's one of ten suspects charged in a torture and stabbing tied to the bloody ms-13 gang. the victim, 15-year-old, investigators found her remains in february near a springfield industrial park. her mother says the family left el salvador to escape the clutches of ms-13 only to see that fallen into the gang here.
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dress she never got to wear. our special assignment unit is looking at whether the food your kids are eating at school is safe. our investigation found that over 95% of school cafeterias in prince georges county and in washington dc were cited for some kind of health code violation just this past school year. hilary lane has been digging into this the past few months and has more in a report you'll see only on wusa 9. >> did your daughter eat the school cafeteria food? >> last year, she did. she loved it. >> found there were mouse droppings. >> wow. i didn't know that. >> saw mice droppings and some bugs. >> wow. really? i wasn't aware of that. >> when you give your kids money to buy food in the school cafeteria, you expect that that food is safe for them, right? well, it turns out that may not be the case. i
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cafeteria inspection reports and the results are pretty gross. >> in prince georges county, one in four schools cited last year for rodents, insects, and food kept at improper temperatures. that's according to online inspection reports. in dc, it's one in ten schools. >> here is a little taste at what our investigation uncovered. health inspectors were right here at the high school in october of 2016. they found mold in the ice maker, and they found the cheese was kept at an improper temperature. they came back a week later for a reinspection, and the problems were all still there. nothing was fixed. health inspectors haven't been back this school and kids continue to eat in the cafeteria here. and back in 2016, health inspectors came here to capital heights elementary in maryland. when they were here, they found
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they came back five months later and found rodents again. since then, they have not been back to recheck it. >> each school is required to be checked twice a school year but reinspections are not required. >> with rodents, oftentimes, we think about salmonella, kind of mixture of urine or feces that gets into the food, and that's just scratching the surface. >> if food isn't cooked at the right temperature or sitting out too long, what could happen to kids who eat that food. >> most people who get food poisoning, you get vomiting, diarrhea, but you get past it in a few days. one thing we always worry about in kids, it can happen in adults, also, but you can get diarrhea, but in some kids you can also get a syndrome in which you have kidney and liver failure and oftentimes can be severe. >> wow, that's scary stuff. >> it is. >> the health department we've spoke to say there has been no cases of local kids getting sick from cafeteria food over the
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the food policy experts say that can be misleading. parents don't always report the problem, and it's sometimes difficult to trace illnesses back to school cafeterias. experts point to staffing as another one of their concerns. our reports found that there was just one inspector for every 230 school cafeterias, restaurants, and bakeries that need to be inspected in dc and prince georges county. that's 40% less staff compared to other areas in our region where school cafeterias are in much better shape. >> i just started letting him eat the school lunch. wow. >> and you might not after that? >> yeah, i definitely won't. >> so who's in charge? that would be the department of health in each jurisdiction. >> there was an increased activity last year with rodents and -- and vermin in particular. >> the kids should be safe. >> but if you see droppings, that meanse
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isn't that a concern and the reason enough to follow up? >> yes. >> but it doesn't happen all the time? >> no, it doesn't. >> so tomorrow night, we'll continue the conversation and focus on how to make cafeterias safer for all kids. join us tomorrow night at 11:00. >> we also analyzed hundreds of health inspection reports in fairfax county and montgomery county. the schools there in better shape. and on our web site, you can check local schools' health reports. first thing, find that digital edition of hilary's report. at the bottom, you'll see a pair of dropdown menus. let me show you how this works. first, we'll pick a school system. for the demonstration, we'll say dc. then the second dropdown menu gives a full list of schools within that system, and we are going to pick elementary school, then the results come back, and there was just a minor violation, some carrots that were washed near a garbage disposal and the carrots were thrown out. it's easy. you are just a couple clicks
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results. that's available right now on here is a video that made its way to our verify inbox. it already has more than 7 million views. gary reported a facebook live video outside of a wal-mart after finding dozens of carts filled with groceries just sitting outside the store. >> look at all this food. look at that. look at this. good. still cold. 11/16/17. ten more days. look, you see? look at these hams. this is good until 2020. you see it? throwing it away. >> verify viewer elaine saw this video and hit me up on facebook. >> what i would like to know is if the video is real? is all this food truly being wasted? and if it is being wasted, isn't there a
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>> wal-mart said yes, the food was being thrown away but for good reason. you see that store was without power for 14 hours after a tornado hit earlier this month, meaning the food wasn't safe to sell or not safe to donate, as well. don't just take the store's words for it. the mercer county health department backed them up saying after four hours of 41 degrees, that food was unfit for anyone to eat. so i can verify that is a big old waste of food. that video is real. all those groceries headed for a landfill. right now, let's get you up to speed on what's happening across the nation this tuesday night. still no word on why a gunman stole cars and shot people at random in northern california. four people were hurt, ten others -- rather, four people were killed and ten others were hurt, including a student at an elementary school, and police ultimately shot and killed the suspect. in tampa, swat teams are searching for a possible serial killer. a person was gunned
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shot and killed during a ten-day spree in the city's seminole heights neighborhood. now, to the u.s. capitol where senate republicans are a repeal of the obamacare mandate in their tax overhaul. it will save big bucks, $300 billion to be exact, but there's a big downside, too. repealing the mandate means about 13 million people will lose their health insurance over the next ten years. the government is talking about more than just taxes. they are also speaking about banning sports on the national mall. and after our reporting on an herbal supplement that eases opioid withdrawal, the government is taking action to block it. we'll have more on both of those stories and your forecast. a chilly start tomorrow. temperatures by about 5:00, 6:00 will be in the low 30s, 34 in gaithursburg, 38 downtown. there will still be a few clouds downtown. a little patchy fog. temperatures
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downtown, 39 also in bethesda. we'll come back. we're tracking another blast of arctic air. >> it's all still ahead as we continue tonight. you're watching the news at 11:00 on wusa 9.
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it's become part of the district lifestyle, kickball games theer the washington monument, but last thursday, park rangers kicked players out. new rules by the national park service came out of left field. >> this is a big deal on lots of different levels. >> robert kinsler is the founder of dc. it's our largest social sports league. now, the park service is going further. it wants to restrict sports on the mall permanently. >> we've heard rumors that it was maybe possibly happening since they started the sod renovation a few years back, but never really thought it would get to such a drastic point. >> here is what would be off limits. no sports around the washington monument, but there is also this, an entire mile's worth of fields would have been reserved, no longer first come first serve. >> kinsler made
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opposing this. 6,000 people have now signed a petition. members of congress are also pushing the park service to reconsider. >> just going to have a huge ripple effect on what in a lot of ways has become an institution for the city. >> the parks service says it will take public comment, but those opposed to this think they have the home field advantage. wusa 9. >> the national mall coalition also opposes the idea that petition that pete mentioned is at we've got a link to that on this story on our web site, as well. we first told you about this two weeks ago, and today, the government stepped up with a warning. special assignment unit producer eric breaks it down for us. >> today's big news has to do with this plant. its leaves are dried up
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it's not an opioid but it acts like one. it tickles the opioid rescepters in your brain. in low doses, it stimulates you. in high doses, it sedates you. the users we spoke to swear by the product. they say it helps them kick their opioid addiction. >> it took all the pain away. it took all the feelings from the pills away. i fell like myself again. >> but the addiction and medical experts we spoke to say it's dangerous and addictive. so who's right? currently, it's legal in most of the country, but what about the federal agencies responsible for keeping dangerous drugs off the market? what do they have to say? the food and drug administration has been studying it for three years, trying to figure out if it's addictive, if it can be abused, and whether or not it should be banned. today, the fda racked up that study, and basically it said it does not help with opio
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deaths have been linked to it, and basically, it's addictive. what does all this mean? it's now in the hands of the drug enforcement administration, the dea. iterates the drug on a scale from one to five. five are really bad. things like heroin and lsd. the class 1 drug would be something like a cough medicine that maybe has a little codeine. when it's really bad, it could land on this scale. if they do that, it won't stay. the dea is aware of the fda's announcement, but nothing formal has come through yet. wusa 9. >> now, our other cleegs in the special assignment unit reached out to the american association today looking for a comment on the fda's move, but so far, no response. well, this might be our last hurrah for some warmer temperatures. >> it
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well, let's not go crazy. i have cut my grass in december, but you never know. 2015 to be precise. because of the clouds, i was a wee bit nervous today, for a high of 53, and it managed -- it managed to crawl up to 51 today. i'm going to go actually 52 tomorrow so we were okay today. go 52 tomorrow. clouds kind of give way to sunshine briefly then they return pretty quickly tomorrow afternoon. right now it's 44.30. that's why we're going lower tonight for temperatures. winds have calmed down, but the clouds are still hanging tough. mostly cloudy overnight. 32 to 46, maybe a little bit of patchy fog, drying issue. showers mainly overnight on wednesday, and then pleasant and milder thursday and friday. will be rather breezy on thursday, but temperature wise, warmer, and then mild saturday, that's the good news. the bad news, rain and showers on saturday. but look
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52 tomorrow, but then 58 thursday. 60 on friday. 59 on saturday, and then boom, here comes the arctic air. we go back into the mid 40s on sunday. future cast, 9 a.m. in the morning, notice the clouds already, high clouds. still lots of sunshine north and west. and then but 1:00, clouds begin to overspread all of the area, and actually, probably find temperatures a little higher up toward frederick because you'll get the clouds last. by 1:00, you're 51 in frederick. we're only 47 in gaithursburg. by 5:30, 6:00, a lot of clouds. couple sprinkles possible. watch what happens. by 9:30, couple of sprinkles up to 70, but this is where the showers are out in the mountains, and that's going to roll across essentially when we're sleepg tomorrow night. this is 2:30 in the morning on thursday morning overnight tomorrow. 43 in frederick. generally light showers but the good news is they skedadd
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we are sunny once again. the winds will pick up behind this front. upper 30s to start, 47 by 11:00 then clouds start to return by 1:00. we should be around 50 by 1:00. pretty good shape thursday, but, again, breezy. 58. beautiful on friday. 60 and less wind. all right. saturday showers were still mild and then briefly cold, mid 40s sunday, flurry or sprinkle, but then the cold air retreats quickly. we're back in the mid 50s on tuesday. the last couple of weeks, i've been going up to strangers and handing them hundred-dollar bills. it's an experiment to see if we can spread a little kindness around town. no doubt, we could all use a little more of that. here is what happened when i hand those bills to a couple of retirees at fair oaks mall. >> so i have this $100 bill that i would love to give to the both of you a
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kindness >> that's nice. >> now, what would you do with this $100 bill. >> i think maybe need it a little more. not that we're rich. >> what if i told you i have another $100 bill that you could give away randomly here? would that make you feel better? >> okay. >> is that something you'd be willing to do? >> okay. >> very kind. >> let's look around and see. should we walk? >> okay. >> we're walking anyway, right? >> can we walk? is that okay? >> sure. why not. >> all right. come on, let's do this. >> that would be good. >> yes. >> want to walk over to her? how are you? >> oh, boy. got to watch until the end. the acts of kindness didn't end there. you are going to see the rest of the story tomorrow morning on wake up washington at 6:45. do you ever wonder what the redskins cheer leaders keep in their lockers? wonder, dream,
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well, listen, wanted to know what they keep in there so we went to check it out. you'll see what he found next.
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now, wusa 9 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> so listen to this story. every tuesday, we feature a redskins player in our segment. a few weeks ago, the redskins cheer leaders approached me saying why don't you do a locker room cribs on us? i said all right then. i didn't need a press pass or vip. let's go inside the redskins cheer leaders locker room for this week's edition. >> hi, welcome inside my locker.
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>> the campaign for chantel. here are some of our beautiful uniforms. we have so many uniforms. we're so blessed to have them. usually have a couple of sentiments from my kids that i, you know, take and put in my locker so here is a couple of their pictures. the weather last game was really rough for us girls so we had to stick it out, and that's definitely a time when i take a look at those pictures and just remember them and tried to portray what a strong woman is. >> a couple years ago, we went on a bonding trip that was a horse ranch, and we got to ride the horses, the atvs. the owner of the ranch gave everyone this horseshoe, which is colored burgundy and gold. very nice. we also have one over the entrance to our bathroom, as well, and as you kno
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is -- for luck. i definite lyly keep it in my locker. >> the soldiers sometimes just give us the patches off their uniforms. just the dedication and the perseverance that they have overseas and that's basically, you know, us bringing a little piece of home to them. that was very special for me to get from all of the soldiers, as well. >> last but not least, every cheerleader needs extra lashes, and this is what happens when you're stomping like you need to be. you break your boots. we'll get some. thanks for coming inside my locker.
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you ready? >> yeah. >> tomorrow, just cool, but all the showers occur when we're sleeping tomorrow night and then a little milder. upper 50s thursday, near 60 friday. wet on saturday but then it's cold again on sunday. sorry about that. >> let's not even focus on sunday until saturday. >> plenty of time to change that whole thing. that's it for us. >> have a great night. colbert is next.
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