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tv   WUSA 9 News at 530pm  CBS  November 15, 2017 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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2016, the suit claims two children told counselors about sexual abuse and children forced to urinate on each other. one child was suspended -- and the principal allegedly lied when a family member brought in lewd picture on a child's cell phone, the principal did not call police. she misrepresented carolaway's employment stat house a form to child -- the family got police involved, carolaway was arrested the next day. in the words of this lawsuit, sylvania woods elementary had become a breeding ground for sexual abuse by careaway. scott broom. >> carolaway is serve g ing a 75 year sentence for sexually abusing children and recording most of it on his phone. a lawyer for t
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conference. that attorney is trying to discredit the molestion against more. in a news conference, tell nelson said she never saw moore -- nelson said she never saw moore after he tried to sexual assault after when she was 16. there was -- there was no mention of the accusations from moore's four other accusers. last night, moore claimed he was the victim of a political plot. the three ucla basketball players who allegedly shoplifted in china are suspended indefinitely and their coach made the announcements after ball and hill and riley apologized during a news conference. >> i feel terrible and i'm sorry to everybody who i have let down. with that being said, i take full responsibility for the mistake i have made. shoplifting.
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i know this is letting my school down, but i let the country down. >> this was stupid. i'm not that type of person. >> i like everyone to know this does not define who i am. my family raised me better than that. >> the players returned home came after president trump personally got involved. this morning the president trump tweeted, do you think the three ucla basketball players will say thank you president trump and they were headed for ten years in prison. they did thank trump during their statements today. police captured the man who escaped a psychiatric hospital. this is randy. he was acquitted of a gruesome 1979 murder by reason of insanity and he was committed to the hospital in 81. sito escapes that video. dash cam video shows him getting in a cab before
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plan to maui and he boarded a hawaii flight to san jose. police in hawaii got a tip he was headed to his brother's home in stockton, california. there's many questions in this case, like why did it take the hospital more than ten hours to report sito miss and how he got a phone and cash and how he booked those flights and how he made it through airport security using an alias. our partners in honolulu says documents show in 1993, sito had sexual relationships with three members of the hospital staff and received contraband. we made it clear that this is not a military take over of government. >> extraordinary statement from a zimbabwe military general. a night of unrest. he confirmed soldiers detained the president of zimbabwe at his home
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military was targeted criminals around him. so is this a coo. it looks like one. the military general said it wasn't a military take over, but the image of men in uniform on state tv in the middle of the night suggest otherwise. armor carriers are positioned through the capitol and the president is the commander-in-chief in zimbabwe but the president is limited in power. the u.s. embassy told americans to stay at home or in their hotels. here's what you need to know about zimbabwe's president, and he's been the only president since it gained independence in 1980. he's accused of human rights abuse. his vice-president was seen as a likely successor, but he was removed from office last week and that moved strengthened efforts for his wife to be the one who succeeds him and that's when things spiralled out of control. a lot of this
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we don't know if the family -- i think you can guess on that. the military has not made its long term plans clear. all right. a big shift here. still ahead, the new brew that will add a buzz to your morning routine. a big one. how the pot industry is cashing in on one of the most popular drinks in the world. and blake shelton, he's this year's sexiest man's alive. you'll see his reaction to that news. topper. we have shower s s we're tracking. showers headed toward morgantown and they'll be in western maryland
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let's go trending, the creators of a popular adult card game say they bought land along the u.s. mexico border. >> why? right. seems weird. here's why . they want to block president trump's long promised border wall or at least part of it. the company announced that move on its website and they tied it to a new card bundle which sold out online hours after it was released. the card maker say they're going
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the land so they can't build that portion of the border wall on the land they own. >> we'll see what happens. people's magazine, they're out with their pick for the sexiest man alive and the winner is blake shelton. maybe you've heard of him. here's just about everywhere. his response when he heard the news, you all must be running out of people. people on twitter had jokes too. susie, blake shelton is the sexiest man alive. snooky -- fortune says blake shelton gives me hope that i too could be people's magazine sexiest man alive. >> the first snooky reference i've heard in five years. people shopping at a target store in nashville got a surprise. taylor swift was rolling around. she was at the store buying her new album. it's a tradition she's had for years. shift and her fans documented the experience on social media. she took selfies with fans and face timed with people who
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pope francis has a new ride. the lamb bore guinea. it has been customized in gold and white, but the holy father couldn't want to ride in this, so he's going to auction it off and the proceeds are going to three charities that the pope supports. >> interesting. there's a new way to drink your favorite morning beverage, apparently. pot is transforming coffee. we're going to tell you how. earth 2.0. scientist support a new planet that could support life. see why this discovery is pretty
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move over mars, there's a new planet in the neighborhood and it might be a rather nice place to live. scientist report the discovery of an earth-sized expo planet orbiting a star 11 light years away. to put that into perspective, the moon is a 1.3 light seconds away. nasa's expo planet archive included 3500 confirmed alien world. what makes this planet special? siren tiff believe a planet called ross 128b may have a similar service temperature to earth making it suitable to support life more than other words they have studied. a year on that planet would only be about ten days. that's how long it would take the planet to orbit its close star. the most consumed drinks in the whole world, coffee. fans of the beloved beverage can get a buzz with their caffein jolt as p
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states, the cannabis industry wants to cash in on pot infused coffee. danielle nottingham, reporting. >>reporter: you can't find these pods at the grocery store. >> he finds these out of this factory in las vegas. >> people are ritualistic and they can bring them together. >> recreation and medicinal marijuana in legal in more than two states and the district of columbia. a variety of companies are offering cannabis coffee or tea that fit into your traditional coffee make error kerig. >> will you get high drinking the tea or coffee? >> yes, you will. we have a ten milligram. it's a light dose. >>
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go -- they make k-cups and cold coffee and tea drinks. >> this would make one pot unintended of coffee. >> haze says the business has grown 600% in the last year. >> when you put the product into things that they're familiar with, you remove the smell. you remove the visual reputation of cannabis, it takes the fear out of using cannabis. >> he likes to drink the tea ask it has become apart of her nightly routine. >> it gives me focus at night if i'm going to sleep. settles my mind -- >> enjoying a cup is not cheap. the k-cup cost $7 a piece. danielle nottingham, cbs news, las vegas. >> a lot going on in one cup of coffee. you're up, you're down, you're side -- >> she gets buzzed before bed. >> now you're watching cartoons -- ma> the federal governor says
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only allowed in states where pot is legal. >> no more waking and baking, it's waking and drinking. >> but you still get baked. >> exactly. >> imagine the people who get to interact with you after that jolt and buzz at the same time. it is -- >> it's a social experiment. >> is it? >> no. >> it's interesting though, i will say. >> moving along, are you ready? >> i was supposed to say another cold front is moving in, but you buzzed in -- >> no pun intended. >> the flurries on sunday --. >> i'm not reading that. >> we took that out. >> it is going to snow west of the divide sunday if you're travelling passed cumberland, you're going to see a couple of inches. in the metro i don't see a flake or drop. it is tragic. i was looking forward to a can -- i was looking forward to a few flurries. winds southeast at 9 and we're looking at showers late tonight. more than likely
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quickly as this cold air come in, it leaves. 57 on friday. 60 on saturday. we raise -- we raised saturday because of sunshine. a pair of -- future cast. this is tonight. 8:30. cloudy, 40s. temperatures are pretty uniform, 45 in frederick and 49 downtown. here come the showers. by 9:00, 8:30, they're going to be knocking on cumberland's door through garrett county and into the canadian valley. we'll stop it. by 2:00 in the morning , most of us are sleeping, temperatures in the 40s. it doesn't hold together. nothing heavy is coming our way overnight. 44 at 2:00 a.m. in the morning at gaithersburg and 44 in fredericksburg. this clears out quickly. 6:00 a.m., sunny. and prince george county owe -- 41 in gaithersburg. 39 in manassas. notice the air owe s -- notice the arrows, av
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wind. winds turn southwest. 49 downtown. 47 in martinsburg and 46 in romney. but you jump the divide and you have 30s and rain and snow showers in oakland. by lunch time, notice the arrows getting wider. that indicates a stronger winds and they're westerly. that's a warm wind for us. already 57 at lunch time downtown. already 50 in hagerstown. 50 in wind chester. 56 in bowie. that's not bad. by the time we get to tomorrow evening about this time, temperatures turn. i mean, winds turn more northwesterly. back down to 49. 44 in martinsburg and yes, across the divide, 33 and still snowing in oakland, maryland. so tomorrow night, we're clear by 11:30. temperatures in the lower 30s, low 40s. a little colder tomorrow night, but nothing crazy. so tonight, mostly cloudy and chilly. late showers and by that we mean after midnight. 36 to 46, winds southwest. sunny and breezy tomorrow with
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time. and by the afternoon, mostly sunny, breezy and milder. 57 to 62. too bad it's going to be windy because the temperatures are nice. it will feel cooler than that because of the wind. day planner. many squalid to upper 40 -- mid to upper 40s to start. sunshine and windy by 1:00. friday, pleasant, 57, looks great for high school football. 60 saturday. more sunshine. showers loading off until late in the day. possibly even after sunday if we're lucky. sunday, colder. i took the sprinkle out and the flake out. 47 monday, but cold air retreats quickly. back to upper 60s tuesday and wednesday of next week. now, wusa9 sports with daren hanes brought to you by xfinity. >> all right, so there's 18 players on the redskins injury reports including
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most players have ankle and neo -- everett has this shiner. >> the first play that i got in, they threw the screen, and i tackle them and my face mask hit them and i tried to fix my helmet and i said -- i took it off and they said you're eye. it feels fine. what's wrong. and i kept the face mask as a souvenir. >> maybe you can twist one up against the saints this week. >> a hometown team, i would rather get an interception. >> i love looking at your instagram and the pictures of your son adorable. you spend a lot of time with him. what are you trying to instill in him.
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with him as i can. me being up here and him in louisiana is hard. i try to fly him up whenever he can take a break from school because i want to make sure he's making his good grades and i try to instill disciplinary things that i had growing up. you don't get things and not making good grades -- at this point that's his job right now. >> i saw you guys made a cake together. >> yeah, we -- that was like the first couple of nights we spent together because it has been a year since i started building this relationship with him. we baked the cake. that was his first time baking a cake. >> was is it good? >> it was good. i went back for multiple pieces. i'm kind of greedy. i'm not going to put that out there too much. >> you love seeing good fathers like that, but he's going home. they're going to play the saints in new orleans and you wonder how many people want to
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auntie this, uncle that. >> it would be fun for him to play at home. >> he can eat as much cake as he wants because he's going to burn it off. daren, thanks. up next, we're look going to look at a school where -- starting at 6:00, breaking news on the death of a mother and daughter in northern virginia. what appear to be a murder-suicide is being investigated as a double murder.
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dc scores i
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that helps kids -- low income kids. it's well-known for offering soccer programs. but it has another side. poetry and our evan went to meet the kids involved. >> i love my soccer team. i love it, i love it. >>reporter: in an elementary school library. >> i love the [indiscernible]. i love it. >> a lot of love to go around. >> i love video games. i love it, i love it, i love it. >> as young as 8, these kids at hd cook elementy at northwest are taking a crack at poetry. >> we get to speak out in front of a crowd, it's kind of scary. >> as you can see, jennifer who is just 9 is a bit shy in person, but on stage -- >> joy is around and we all enjoy the feeling of joy. look at the joy in dc scores. >> a home new jennifer and
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louise fernando is ten and just moved from the dominican republic. >> it is like -- it's like uh oh i stepped on dog poop and everyone said -- >> ew. >> nothing runs like a smelly pot on my shoes. >> omg. >> the program is in 59 schools across the district. >> awe. >> they offer soccer, service learning and of course, poetry to low income kids. >> it's the best part of my day everyday. >> kelly white is an english teacher by trade, but she'll admit this job as poetry coach makes her smile the most. >> especially in our climate where often times the student that's are margin allied this gives them an opportunity to seek what they want to seek. >> i see the wind blow my hair. >> writing these kids fut
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poem at a time. >> kid from all 59 schools in dc will be presenting their work at a poetry slam tonight and tomorrow night. tonight's event at roosevelt high school is underway, but they'll be another performance tomorrow at 5:00 at woodson. we begin tonight with breaking news out of fayette county. what had first looked like a murder-suicide to police may actually turn out to be a double murder. wusa9 has learned the crime scene in the upscale mcclain neighborhoods may have been altered by the suspect. northern virginia borough chief peggy fox has new details from the crime scene. >>reporter: on the night of july 14th, police were called to this home and they found the bodies of two women. a mother and daughter. 63-year-old pamela hargan was found in the laundry room. she had three daughters. the body of her young est 23-year-old telan was found in an upstairs bedroom and both woment
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at first glance, and based on a tip from a boy in texas, it looked like a murder-suicide. >> [indiscernible] said the girlfriend called that her sister held her mother [indiscernible] in dallas texas. >> on the night of the shooting, police filed this search warrant and seven days later, they filed this one and both are unsealed. in the second search warrant the detective writes the investigation revealed that the scene may have been altered and staged by the suspect. there were fraudulent wire transfers from an account belonging to the murdered victim and the wire transfer was done on the day before the murder and the day of the murder. the transfers were attempted by megan hargan who is another daughter -- megan has another daugh


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